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a breakthrough which. had threatened the crucial talks in brussels but now spain has reportedly reached a deal with britain over the contentious territory. also coming up. on. gay rights and. it could become the first place in asia to recognize same sex marriage. and in football. the final of south america's top
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competition. is the first time ever. teams have played against each other for the title. spain has reportedly reached a deal with the european union on gibraltar clearing the way for an on sunday to approve a briggs a deal with british prime minister may reuters news agency is citing a diplomatic source on the breakthrough to have become the latest sticking point final push to defend its agreement with the e.u. spanish prime minister had. received written assurances of the future of the british territory. i'm now joined from london in brussels by
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my colleagues baggett maas and math hoffmann respectively so max let's begin with you what can you tell us about this information that we've just received we know that the president of the european council that represents the e.u. member states was on the phone today with pitt or son just the prime minister of spain and ever since we've been hearing positive noises out of the e.u. council but we need to be careful about this we only have so far one source saying that we are much closer to the summit tomorrow on sunday and one source claiming there has been a deal the deal was struck between going to seoul the president of the council and pedro sanchez we don't know where the brits stand on that as at least as far as i know no official confirmation from the u.k. so far we don't even know if they're in the loop yet still i knew max timmy's a may do to meet e.u. commission chief. today is gibraltar the main issue gibraltar
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is probably the biggest chunk of that but it's not the only issue we also know that there were a couple of other more or less contentious issues for example unfair competition also on fisheries and we do know now from a couple of sources that a separate document will be produced so a third document we already have the withdrawal agreement we have the political agreement on the future relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. and apparently now a third document that will address these contentious issues as far as we know as of yet gibraltar is not in there because they haven't been and they dream and yet maybe that will be solved until tomorrow all right back it was in london let me come to you now how sensitive an issue is gibraltar for the u k. well it's actually interesting it hasn't been debated that much in the u.k. i think this if assumption was that it could be something that could be sold off. very very small chunk of the of the u.k.
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territory but reason may has made clear that she wants to reach an agreement for the whole u.k. family and so that also includes you brolga and she has said through has been expressing that the u.k. government is working on this with the spanish government to reason me is concentrating is focusing really on the entitle position that she has here in the u.k. we have today the do you peer which is the northern irish party that's helping to raise a maize government we have them having that party conference and they are very very critical they have invited boris johnson to speak somebody who is really antagonistic to its reason may when it comes to the brics a deal i think it's fair to say we have a lot of opposition that she's dealing with in the u.k. so do you broad so she will hope will not but this disagreement. and max what is the view from brussels on means chances to get it through the house of commons in the u.k.
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a probably not much different from the assessment of her that is over there in london her chances are seen as slim at the moment but of course you never know what's going to happen in a take it or leave it situation where you know that the only alternative if you don't take it will or probably will be a hard bragg's it so unclear but really what is the you to do is her that's the only person really they could talk to they have to talk to the u.k. government of course they can't really take into account the internal divisions in the tory party at the moment so you does what it does best it just goes one step further with the procedure all right good let me toss the question back to you that max asked is a heartbreak that still possible. it's really to reason i'm a strong card is the one leverage that you have when it comes to talking to all these people that are at the moment opposed to the opposition the labor party the scottish nationalists and all these pricks it is in your own party that feel that
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they will be when it comes to the withdrawal agreement they might be tied to closely to the e.u. in the future and for an indefinite period of time this is what people are all objecting to but if the reason may manages to persuade them and to persuade them to say well otherwise there will be an absolute cliff edge and we have absolute uncertainty what happens after the end of march next year she hopes that this is the way she can get her agreement through she also has another tactic she wants to now focus also on the british public because a lot of people here don't really want to hail fracs it every day of their knowledge that's keen and they really want her to to move on and she has come up with the issue of migration where she tries to persuade the public that this is in the interests of the people that we've been less migration now with this deal and she hopes to be via the public also to be able to reign all these m.p.'s and thank you miles in london and max hoffman from brussels thank you.
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time now for some of the other stories making news around the world police in paris have fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse demonstrations against rising fuel costs a lot of our other parts of the french capital have been brought to a standstill by so-called yellow vest protesters who oppose the president's economic policies two people have been killed since the protests began last week. pakistani authorities have arrested a radical islamist cleric who's followers staged major protests demanding strict blasphemy laws hussein his views supporters brought citizen pakistan to a standstill this month with street protests over the acquittal of. a christian woman on death row for blasphemy. spanish police say they have arrested seventy nine people suspected of producing and distributing child pornography on the internet in raids across spain police confiscated computers phones and hundreds of d.v.d.'s described as extremely graphic police say that the operation is one of the
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largest ever in spain. a new study in brazil says the destruction of the amazon rain forest has reached its highest level in a decade the government calls illegal logging a major cause of deforestation which in turn leads to global warming the rain forest plays a key role in regulating the temperature. voters in taiwan have been deciding on the fate of same sex marriage legislation on their island long lines were everywhere people turned out to vote in a series of referenda on give rights including marriage the island is deeply divided on the issue last year its top court ruled same sex couples should be allowed to wed by me twenty nineteen today's referendum which come alongside local elections are now throwing a certainty on what a marriage equality law could look like. and they are joined by phoebe kong from
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east asia bureau thanks for joining us so today taiwan as you said is holding three referenda on how same sex marriage could be one of people one of the choices on the ballot basically this is not about what not to legalize same sex marriage is about how to implemented it how to make it happen so the voters in taiwan they were asked about or whether the same sex marriage should be legalized by either amending the assisting civil code or other new special law where same sex couples will be around to different rights compared with heterosexual couples this is considered to be another kind of the scrim the nation according to respect. amend the existing civil coke that means they will have equal rights compared to heterosexual couples but phoebe last year taiwan's supreme court ruled that banning gay marriage was unconstitutional so why is this issue back on the vote i mean this is the question
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and the. most money another ruling last year the government to growth in last within two years but since then the government they haven't put forward any proposal or bill to the society or to the parliament so there's blaming that because there is no. consensus the entire society so in this referendum different groups they are like raising motions to put pressure on governments in order to like call for the method to implement same sex marriage in the way they want so that the religious group they want to throw in a more conservative way and really perhaps they want to adopt a more progressive method or eight looking at taiwan it obviously has a very vibrant gay community but how are people feeling about this do they think that supporting same sex marriage is the way to go this is actually
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a very polarizing issue in taiwan society and the opinions from general public is the way they find this well so we can see the support from the conservative groups mainly from religious organizations churches parental groups generation and they have a strong ability to mobilize voters but at the same time on the other hand we can see that. marriage equality for women supports amount to a younger generation so the question comes down to whether the young both over when they get overweight opposition cam but either of the results come out though so if both of the contradictory random past at the same time so it may trigger and other constitutional ruling in taiwan so that the court have to go to clarify the interpretation of the law and to give advice to the government and i don't no matter what the result it will be another about a month ruling party one oh well well phoebe can we wait to see what they'll do
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from east asia bureau thank you. in the bundesliga last night struggling labor coups and hosted the league's worst team stuttgart and the home side prevailed two nil bringing the match to life in the second half thanks to a brace by a damn man up front and took advantage of took guts leakey do. fence from the corner i have yet found kevin fall and with the bolt and the striker finished with a brilliant header that's the germans first go at home this season seven minutes later the ball found fall and again who added his second goal snapping neighbor closings to game losing skid in the food. on for have announced rather plans to replace their current sports director as of december first. and players will take over the sport directing role the thirty
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six year old ex captain has been the club's head of youth and development since the start of the season. have secured the permanent signing of a third from. the striker rived in germany at the start of the season initially on loan on a deal but after scoring nine goals in eight games including this match winner against windows media rivals by munich. and have decided to splash the cash twenty three million euros to secure his services the twenty five year old has signed a contract and two twenty twenty three. for the first time ever the. south america's most prestigious all continent final will be contested between two iconic argentinian teams ira's clubs river plate and boca juniors faceoff in the second leg of the final on saturday now the first leg ended to all it's a high octane match up stoking huge emotions among fans and not just doing games
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but also a team practices. fifty thousand for an addict football fans is this a must win match no it's just a training session the famous la bamba naris stadium was packed with boca juniors fans cheering on their heroes in preparation for the copa libertadores final clearly this isn't a run of the mill clash facing off against a bitter rivals river plate it's the first time they've come up against each other in a copa libertadores final focus supporters saw their team drop two two in the first leg but won't be allowed to watch the return game at river plate stadium away fans are banned from derby matches in argentina. for their part river fans are nervous about the match. and that he has to be honest i'm a bit tense yesterday i went to sleep and dreamt about the match as you know i want
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to be here soon but at the same time i'm nervous because i don't know if this game will ever happen again but it river supporters spaced lengthy queues to secure tickets both sets of fans will be hoping for a historic win over their cross-town rivals. this is the news life thank you for watching. which a bit. surely news from africa. or link to exceptional stories and discussion from the news as easy as i want with safety deputed comes to join us on facebook doubling for.


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