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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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i'm ready. to. start over trying to tito. this is news live from berlin the protests in paris turned violent police fired tear gas and water cannon off to demonstrations spiral out of control thousands have turned out to demand president quote rollback fuel tax hikes we'll go live to the french capital for the latest also coming up. a breakthrough on drugs it's a scream reaches a deal with britain over gibraltar or all over the contentious territory had
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threatened to sunday's crucial talks. and shellcode to get back on the winning track when they host up studds in nuremberg later today shaka suffered a huge loss in its previous mockers. laura. welcome police in paris have fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters demonstrating against rising fuel costs parts of the french capital have been brought to a standstill by so-called yellow vest protest as who oppose president emmanuel mccall and his economic policies thousands of police officers have been deployed to stop them from reaching the presidential palace two people have been killed and hundreds injured since the nationwide protests began last week. well if he
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correspondent pierre donahue is in paris and he joins us now so pierre what's the situation in paris at the moment. well there are definitely some incidents on the show there is a we some people are grabbing some rocks some security fences lightening some fires in this very iconic as new but on the other side police firing tear gas and water cannons it last for hours now to this morning and of course this is very impressive images but it's also just a small part of the movement even in paris there are other demonstrations we speak for people and went in and. now science b.l.v.d. is no stranger to protests but this kind of all violent demonstrations of people burning barricades and police firing firing tear gas is this usual well it has happened before ever here it's maybe more shocking because it's on show there is a which is one of the most famous streets of paris in the world and usually demonstrations in france are more organized it's political party though unions with their own services of security their own organizations and groups walking from
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point a to point b. to relations of police today it's more out of control but we have to keep in mind that it's just a few hundreds of people who are fighting until the levy buries and for all these not burning today and i know you did say that there is a group of people who are demonstrating peacefully but who exactly are these demonstrators well behind the big demonstration it's a disease you know vested french people from different political backgrounds social background who have a common complaint they're angry against taxes against price of gas and against their lack of public services in france they have no political party no union behind them and they organize themselves through facebook and social networks so today according to government it's not the majority of you know vest who are there are many peaceful movements in the rest of france and if i was the government is saying what does this unrest mean for president mark was reform agenda and his popularity. well you have to keep in mind that this really ruined movement is
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popular among the french population according to polls it's like seventy percent of french who are supporting it and only open it in a crowd for clarity's quite low right now during the demonstrations there are local calls for him to resign or to change if you please but even so far it doesn't render the changes measure it's a strong hand to transform the free visually for the critical transition between that so far the rise of dr and be the end patrol won't be stopped but he also promised to give some precision on tuesday and say that we are doing girlfriend. right here donna do you joining us from france thank you thank you i'll spin has reached a deal with the u.k. and the rest of the european union and gibraltar clearing the way for an summit on sunday to approve a bag that framework with prime with british prime minister to resign may now gibraltar had become the latest sticking point in may's final push on how briggs it
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agreement with the e.u. spanish prime minister pedro such as had threatened to boycott the summit but sanchez says he will support the deal. i'm joined now from brussels by my colleague band of. band what has the spanish prime minister been saying. he joined a little bit history magic moment he said he informed the king of spain that now the dealer can go on and that all issues around gibraltar solved he said spain believed his veto and vote for breaks it and this is something that actually everybody has expected here in brussels because nobody could think about that only this one minor issue would block the whole view of the britain so this is not resolved this is maken talk to commission president hugo now and some of the go ahead as scheduled tomorrow and the invitations have been issued now by donald tusk the e.u. council president so everything should run smoothly and what are we hearing from
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sources in brussels well the deal such. as quite easy it's just a letter that the united kingdom issued basically saying that they accept the spanish. the position that everything around gibraltar should to ship detected between these two countries this will take place in the future as it has been in the past also during the destroy all agreement negotiations spain and the united kingdom talked about gibraltar separately so this issue has been solved and there's also another document that says that fisheries will be resolved through very quickly that was something that france wanted so now everybody has what he wanted and the summit can go as planned now band service is due to meet a new commission she feel that they. what else do they need to clear up before tomorrow's leadership summit. actually nothing. but everything is resolved all the
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documents i can place it should be a very relaxed maybe early dinner that they will have they can talk of course about the common thread that refutes relations they will have and also donatist that the concert president this is not been not be a joyful breck's it is of course a sad moment for the you that britain believe it's only damage control and this is only the first step after this comes the vote in the house of commons in london and this is another story and he got it in brussels thank you andy. let's now look at some of the other stories making news around the world pakistani authorities have arrested a radical islamist cleric whose followers staged major protests demanding strict blasphemy laws who's seen his supporters brought cities in pakistan to a standstill earlier this month with street protests over the acquittal of. a christian woman on death row for blasphemy. thousands of protesters have
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clashed with police in the haiti's capital intensifying their call for haiti's president. to resign east eleven people have died in six days of unrest six were killed wednesday when a government car lost control and plowed into pedestrians. spanish police say they've arrested seventy nine people suspected of producing and distributing child pornography on the internet in raids across spain police confiscated computers forms and hundreds of d.v.d.'s described as extremely graphic police say the operation is one of the largest ever in spain. a new study says climate change will cost the united states hundreds of billions of dollars annually by the end of the century the congressionally mandated report warns that public health and access to water will be threatened the trumpet ministration has called the report in accurate. now people across taiwan have voted in five
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separate referenda excuse me on gay rights on on a major day of voting that coincide with mid-term elections last year taiwan's top court ruled same sex marriage should be legalized within two years but the issue remains deeply divisive as became clear at some polling stations. long lines at polling stations across taiwan. coaches old and young turned out to have their say on an issue that has laid bare political and social divisions. here. personally i'm in favor of marriage equality because everyone is this has to have taiwan and should not be treated differently. meaningless politics in taiwan a true liberal there's no point in protesting about everything. on the ballot papers no fewer than three referendums on marriage equality conservative groups
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seeking to keep marriage the preserve of heterosexual couples in creation new office same sex unions rights groups want equal marriage rights to same sex couples this issue has come to the people as the government has been dragging its feet last year it was ordered by the constitutional court to legalize same sex marriage by may twenty one thousand but it hasn't yet done so. also costing her vote president syene when she campaigned on a platform of marriage equality in taiwan's last elections but with her government suffering in the polls she's since distanced herself from the policy a stance on changed on saturday. i think this shows how a democratic society should be people can express their opinions on various issues that the outcome of these referendums will be advisory rather than binding observers say they may help president side decide how to interpret and implement
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last year's court ruling that could set a precedent for the rights of same sex couples across asia. in the windows legal last night struggle hosted the league's a worst team ship got at the home side and the home side rather prevailed to new bring the match to life in the second half thanks to a brace by their man up front and took advantage of to defense from the color of it found kevin fall and with the ball in the strike of finished with a brilliant. kenda as a german's first goal at home this season seven minutes later the ball found fall and again added his second goal secondly because in stooping was unscathed in the process. chuck a host nuremberg in the bundesliga on saturday evening looking to finally kick start their season again the royal blues finished second last season and have
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struggled to replicate that form. shanker coach to many code to disco use the international break to work on his side's tactics despite a poor start to the season he still boasts the trust of fans and players so much as long as the team believes in us believe themselves and fight hard will win games of course we can expect to win every game because they've been asleep that is loaded with a very good team actually one of those teams are in talks frankfurt trouts the royal blue three nil in their last match it was a setback after earning ten points from five matches still shall carry convinced of their own capabilities. big big game and big club and we will go up on the table and we don't feel pressure i know a little quiz a behind us and how many points syria are from the bottom of the table looking only . but to move up they'll need goals which have been in short supply shockers
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muscly struck some level with last place stuttgart and scoring won't be any easier with two of their leading attack is out injured mark and brill and below. if you lot of strikers are out it really hurts us but we'll try to compensate as best we can and perhaps i can help kill line up against his former club nuremberg on saturday dollars twenty one goals across almost two years represents the best record in the shaka squad but even he's only scored once this season. formula one now and this season's last grand prix racing is hamilton of my status has won the qualifying to take position for the abu dhabi grand prix the world champion who's already wrapped up the title two weeks ago won in style setting a track record it's his eleventh pull of the season and overall and here's how the starting grid looks for sunday's race sharing first row is hamilton. in the second
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row is another full team with farah ferrari's sebastian fettle and can and three the red. and. now it's a challenge reserved. for the extreme the desert. runners from all corners of the globe tested themselves on the one hundred sixty five kilometer course in the big diet. more of an adventure than a flat outside race runners had to carry their own equipment like sleeping bags food and of course walked to the six stage mountain to chronos into the night left only with flashlights guiding their way at daybreak and with the men extending beyond the horizon. she had. finished first with a time of fourteen hours twenty three minutes and forty two seconds and his compatriot. won the women's event.
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not sure why anyone would want to do that but watching the news live from berlin we'll have more coming for you at the top of the hour. first car. journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. returns home.


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