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tv   Doc Film - Ben- Gurion - Epilogue  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 2:15am-3:00am CET

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recording the. interview and state. twenty two fifty six the bindle beyond david ben-gurion it was he who proclaimed the establishment of the state of israel in one nine hundred forty eight and lead the country for thirteen years at the age of eighty two five years after stepping down as prime minister he agreed to give an interview on film which was never shown on. the we found the material by chance and steven spielberg jewish film archive in jerusalem we had gone there to restore a feature film about ben-gurion produced in the late one nine hundred sixty s. to our surprise next to the reels of the feature film we found canisters with footage from the forgotten interview with ben-gurion. the interviewer was a thirty one year old american jew who had immigrated to israel like david
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ben-gurion he had settled in the desert the interview took place in april one thousand nine hundred sixty eight more months after the death of his wife paula and was living alone with his bodyguards at his home in the negev desert. mr graham just please what do you do with your time now they say. she. left the government in one thousand sixty trick or simply put. to write the history of the making of the jewish state. i've got to begin not to make one thousand forty eight. but eight hundred seventy along with i think you another six of eight years
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to have faith that you'd be able to do it it's possible but not. to matter to some accident in the united finished delgado almost every day i hear there's an accident people have been killed. but in general you don't fear death. little things i do feel measured if you don't want change and. how did you sign it and come to you a young man. if this was taken to a father and it all began in plants that didn't work that way. what did you expect when you came to actually caught palestine and the land. it depends on weapons a little unusual and he would do a little hue to a certain many can but only as the same pillar of the plate that they left it. then
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it wouldn't. be the first the first word of off it was completed in the county one village was fighting the daughter my deal was to work on the land and so every day thousands of out of focus on it going through the work. you do was stand near the synagogue for mccain and look to chant issued if you would these muscles. only choose one bucket. and took me ten days or two later to push they put a democrat miller. that night it was terrible it couldn't would you could need. to do that this was a slogan become true so should i know people but there are many people who might come and have a good can come dick and it took place by that point we've been here that you
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should never let it come back. so if you look at this i told her i think the military a book i've been is for you know i've limited this country. so it strikes me that in those early years of your us you were for a rebel you were not ready to accept the normal life to come form is life you were against it is not my. number i'm something of what you wanted to create a new life. not like egypt. i believe that you are able to discuss taking care of a from others but at least creating it so the bent de reached a deal to create it would include we can only fourteen years ago i once came back from the locked. in chimney to see
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a show me and people that you had. just make up i didn't count as to what i didn't you couldn't be worth taking the bush independents and split evenly so that did that in and begin to think in a decided although i was than pleased it means that the hills i decided to join did just that building up. in the desert but there's no sleep over look at this link. so you mean to tell me that only fourteen years ago beginning to see your name that's it that's it create britain turned to begin because until then it was impossible to. write. a letter that. seven shellacked been with you on point yet i want to be sure that in the shellacked call of living about here maybe you are right. that
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one. most important thing should live and learn by living here live in this life. and learn to live in the policeman now you know it my friend actually still give it to itself to be sure. you. know nobody planted. it please don't speak to me in another language can be. seen by my speculation part be sure and believe you so you seem hard to get from you haven't. got time and your telephone. will be on you but i see you tonight she would talk. you know. i'll share.
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beckett show but i generally for an american beckett cashed out that time got. so low you have to actually kill a lot i'll telephone shame about to let you try me shasha supervisor said i walk in there and none of us china russia have. fun. i'm at hogmanay end of a lot yet that got. my shot i managed hakeem a volume audience may not quite back peter i mean about answer made to luck to be a distinction which in my use against him is good he said not connected with deeds . absence and that's. not composed i told him my name to the meet and i've been good. everyone here can see but that we just assumes i'm going to do it. this
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is the purpose it considers an example of the people. going to get its purpose in a legitimate dissident but he's saying just through. the news said good to me good in his heart he didn't look too good nobody can put good but this was deep in. and he was a good statesman you understood politics more than the kinks but this was unpopular and this is a statesman who's not considered in it think. that these people are not then he's a dangerous man if you don't people. but you had many decisions to make which were unpopular at the time you decided to accept german reparations for example that was very unpopular. but that didn't work and cute
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paul didn't just and this is. i'm just letting you i couldn't say that i have no reason that he does not do my suit violent demonstration for our israel people. might feel one thing but. from the bottom of the other separate the storm of the negotiations between israel and western germany on reparations to compensate the survivors the papers concentration camps the survivors in the six genocide has no price yet i'm on your show and you know. enacted a man you should meet there you have a man yeah sure yeah. i know now. why i should tell you then you'll find a blemish and then i'm going to. shut up because you. did. it why didn't you cry for. your money. i could not remember believe me good morning. and go i've got. your number. you
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got me. i'm obviously young. it was a very emotional problem people have lost relatives they've lost family yes and therefore the people of the living in. that i don't discuss this question i know i can deal with i don't expect them to understand so i open them open discussion and schools don't need people. but my this and it isn't just is not jewish. because but gentlemen you said simpson should use it. but i mean have him little worked up a lot of people bush has been it been into canada how enough to get those who are criminals they will suffer but not that should not have had this with.
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him doing this today it's not so and let it be something from the country different five it's really good they're playing nicely sitting grim but this is a muddled this is not moving. the. book up a half or two i think that if. you look. really really my pleasure can be forgiven you've been good we are quite happy to see every beat. you. and the wouldn't of our so i pass on so much stuff for many don't i dish the council up every success in your empire the white jadwin name in the path of democracy and international cooperation thank you very much. for all for.
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you thank you for the nazi event. we could have saved more if you had to come and save people who didn't know what to do to take those so if you did use the didn't defend themselves or to sort of. put unleash the new children with people with conditions and. more than a million mothers and people couldn't. never underestimate the call to stay here. with a little bulletin about the term interest. but are there others could put it on to allow them to comprehend that this is what they didn't know that could churchill have presented a good. can to try. to defeat. churchill was a good friend. but he was right in thinking that the main task not.
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but they could just manage to ask to one. they could do it they can but when your reactions when you saw the jews in europe after world war two what were you doing in germany at that time. when the war was a lesson to good to see jews in germany did the peace. you moved when you saw these did you actually see the camps themselves it was no one can. deny the luggage on. doesn't stop. i'm not. that it will be doing people who made palestine that was palestine and make the jewish people know what is an obligation. to and.
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that is placing. real magician aggression which will result in a plain and democratic a jewish commonwealth in power point. so . many jews there think of israel as a place of refuge for unfortunate jews why should the jews come back to zion look had a mission. we had a great group it's about three thousand three hundred years ago. he was the greatest juvie ever had. his name was machete he said attend him you had to call on me when i look i'm so glad i'm so good luck to be translated
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as a nation of higher virtues this is this is one of the meanings this is one of the meanings what would be our virtues that the virtues that we should aspire to. but the virtue of we should never ask where our prophet was to be just political hoping all those who need help in a lot of other men like yourself this or that which you think israel is carrying out that mission not yet when you were head of the movement or prime minister of this country did you also tell the people or tried to tell the people to be in arms to go into. the sooner the war was over as long as the war was going down i thought security this god meant business. and the result of this was the beginning of general out in one thousand
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fortunate. i called together at a basement you have yet to be. here who could better graham and others they said today why up until now they had to fight. he said against a lethal feat but this journey impose it on us no less futile keep increase bishop with us i don't further will be able to achieve a deal to assure you and there for you. lucas is a very big it's mr been very ill for the whole family this children and grandchildren . together with many lifelong friends among them is the president of the state of israel nancy it's not been the first number one for his congratulations to his
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longtime colleague and associate. the president's you must be clean and this is been going on thanks carol. that was on the phone think back. to not playing your game last night your man at the mike if we can i found that long you'll probably not actually helpful shop. he doesn't come out on you have something going might have been a man i'll have to meet the young nation lawyer. and shed more than. any ideas from main beef and. machine c. of e. and i have a life span and on the act like i'm wrong about. something
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good and i like i told you then this could put you or todd that is a. structural. yes how is it going to stick can i. as. a liberal snorkelling. i use. those writings say i did plants i love those things more than the. ones that mean when you say i'm not as valid. ship and i became as i used. i thought yes i just need to see them but then so did the call themselves i was just i was so many of her i knew so not very nice so your name socialism is no mean national service or just causes of a socialist you can a little national socialist and stalin stones or socialism the thing with a sense of history again you are not of sadness you are not
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a fishless consistency what are you. and the jew who runs to live in a world where there is peace i mean all nations you learn that is no last occasion but you see help from the cuban people. been good you only me said that he told me how good i was that everybody on he'll be able to get a lobby i used to make stuff up. my yard even. your life must have changed considerably since your wife passed away yet you go on working you not a crashed man. on the issue because many people many
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first and last night i lost my last. and i'm seeing now with a still to influence a good look at computed if you expected that he shouldn't have to think for me. trace to say this with me. this can be changed i read many of the letters that you don't follow in the early years of your marriage if you have a great day they love a great tenderness. she will not believe she was not is a nice she has very little jewish shouldn't she be militant she was none of the said time all the progress if you will of the peace know little world but none of
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you doing good work you stood the greatest machine you know interest in you that you didn't know what forward i'm a little wonder though you do need to learn the views of. but then we decided to marry each other i think that if you have you will have to do that and i told about julie's done and should be. negotiated really left later came november of nineteen nineteen she came to shed then suddenly fifty years ago i told her and granted. the time design of the girl that counted in the machine she followed me many moons to do that. she was living most of it and this is beating another man on the computer. and not happening today and
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a little taken. like to ask you a question about yourself you can work almost under any circumstances i once spoke to felton price and he was disparaging will power i think or it has willpower. and he said no and their definition was this willpower is something you need to do what you don't want to do and going doesn't work and willpower. he loves what he does. but you agree with that that's true to life but they do that to put you to need me to put
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a good glimpse into that what type of exercise they do with helping hands. quarter of america hated. you know israel. before discerning. again was a little bigger you know them coming to an ottoman remember. dr sharon remember. really he no longer was marching in the silk it's all the good lip as they move on the scene. in the book the moral is one of our holy mother would say i warn. them to shock. but. whom million of them who are you calling.
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to morrow he comes for they do not. allow i might get them off. i was an image in the being of them but at the. tap tap on the floor he began to call will. presumably to close the persistent blues worked out but only up to that little one will be sure you. may have to leave all of the. business to sell for them when. we know it's just mostly the ones who should leave. the dog should just toss it about the lowest of the lot where love model or. is it a man or dot com of the ocean with the lip syncing at the scene the likeness shoots
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him over the course. shalmaneser. president gloria firstly vast. i like to ask you a question i've got connection to jewish history and jewish history and it's this the prophets in the bible. had a vision for the future. and they connected that vision with a faith in god the presence of god is in the prophets wish. they needed strength and they turn to god do you also turn to god when you need strength how do you put it through god. let you mean by shit
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clinic that they found god living someplace you turned in. they could pray to god i didn't. but you think they turned to you didn't turn into a goodish thinking deeply about chanting when they're going to get the chips edition good thinking deeply about something if meditating minted. do you think as you just didn't do that. well that imbalance have got doesn't talk it's not i'm jim i'm being. you think there's a lot of room in judaism for meditation this meditation a theme in judaism. only if you wish knowing food you can use the word meditation to but just. in the distinct sense you would think a little. meditation is not that meaning for sure there are plenty. of buddhism there is a context for meditation and buddhism yes if you find that in buddhism when you are
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interested and good is no issue that people will be doing your meditation if either meditation is helpful. no the limited there's meditation the stinking thinking getting this and yes it's other other things in buddhism that interest you or there are many it was a very good it. would
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also believe in the non-self i'm not the east teaching goes to jingle fluff human love he said she hated those in season two hit it on the baby isn't democratic issue. in this the set price when it is for cursed and it's also that you find in the torah very deep all human model to be after mary how come. you should love that tell a man like yourself. the german the gist of bible they interpreted it means only jews but different got it in the same chapter not chapter nineteen give it to us they said a little later if a stranger belief among you should do you like a citizen they should love you like yourself because you were strangers and. so i mean only jews and so on do you think this is going to have to fight the arabs
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again. and if so can we not what i did say today maybe after him several times but incident it most likely. just take the professional use our goal go ahead a billion dollars how much they should lowden more intimate issue and spend their money in debt than we did people they don't want for preparing for war but if a country has to defend itself as in the war of independence it in this is the new christian he's through the world certainly enough time that a new state can same day when it was proclaimed it was pin state was attacked but all the neighbors i don't know them for any other case could this complaint us to the land based you. in the midst bridge to security. but you know that won't you declared a state the community here wasn't danger there were people united states for
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example which council a delay of the declaration and yet you went ahead with it. i want a person has to make big decisions involving countries lives there must always be the fear of making mistakes how do you get over the fear right. and one can you can never know if you're not make it stick because if you know making sure you don't make it you do something because you think it's right and i never assume to know i can make it stick but i think from what i couldn't this isn't a thought it ought to be. but little several thinks the government should limit or didn't but not occasion to except you know that most of the countries that have been established in the second world war have failed at the mark recy. can israel's democracy survive i hope it will some time
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democracy can make mistakes but submitted to make them stick that marcus's than me could i tell. them when you are here do you miss. some of the people that you've been associated with for many years to and out of the clearly needed from oh they are part of the media followed you you met them people that you were accustomed to so don't mention i am slowly did their doing the writing it was over. i was told i was in so they stayed they took the whole side i could push impossible to. get your sign it at least ten times as we could all just. try to get a little drunk executive and i said a little too much she said. i mean to find some of the government thought that i've been to china is it but is it and i was asked this question billion next china if
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you catch it or should new plan intention is to go to china is to ensure freedom in a lot. this is nuts and this was going to be close to sixty. but even this the bad day of the middle east war has shown convincing proof of israel's militia get out of the israeli armored columns continue their sweep to the south west be on the gaza strip and to the south in sinai how did it happen and more importantly what happens now when going to design to protect all over again no one is alleged and it is better than to think that people must make. you think you are making real progress today where would you like to stop i'm going to occupy the whole of jerusalem no subject. you wish to increase the land area of israel. as. you wish to increase the land size of israel with. peace and make the states but.
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i was in london when the world insufficient. to after the war to i was in business and then the foreigners and sing and he's quoting and then mr english and. and he urged me to come at once and i said i want to come this is my country and i want to come but i would choose a time for coming and this kind of coming. he did and i saw him in i came out with suggestions the saddest saddest and was going and i said we think that a piece of understand should be presented by the palestinians and since. we don't have the means we don't have the possibility that we are kind of a big god what i mean. of course i know and it's been good for more than forty yes
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i see them on stage and through like very much mr been good young because of his frankness his frankness was sometimes frightening. when he when he would express his views about the destiny and the future of that it was we disagreed that we always wanted to try and find a common. but i'm afraid that he's out there but if you've. got an hour in the flesh of your lot victories. on the streets of being defeated and being downtrodden and all the rest of it and so both of us i mean abnormal condition i consider you just as much abnormal as me because you are not considering the future you have when you consider in the press and we are not considering the distance should we are considering our presence or forty i do believe that this country has been making. a country of peace.
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and one hundred fifty six in the sinai campaign israel withdrew under some pressure do you think there is any hope for a permanent peace here or is this a kind of a state that's going to go on for another century i can give you my own personal view here you know i don't belong to any party i don't speak on behalf of anybody here if i would have a choice bring peace in all the territories which you could just see it. i would prefer peace because i know that in the bunker research your god before decide to do this will you could settle as many jews like you to cope with tkinter next twenty or forty years. the west bank of jordan occupied by israel during the six day war at the scene of some of the most brutal guerrilla fighting ever since and now the center of
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a new political storm but the american proposal of any peace settlement with. the handing back of this territory we've really come out in order to be fair like i know that even though you may be come to be muddled your ticker for good luck you're lucky to. have. mr bangs going on as well as once again faced with an historical chalons that is the negotiation of a peace treaties recognizing secure boundaries do you think that the government's policy is one that can achieve peace in the middle east you mean the design to go yes they may go live in the state like it is made to secretary of state they didn't accept it entirely they did not accept not only under conditions it accepted it i myself think it's a mistake i knew that you have all of this is that this is our country it was never the country that was never seen people was that the senior state and they never
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gave up hope to come back but can't and zaf can't but if i have to choose entire country of peace i think this is about. the ones you used if you can at least you should give up all the tempters you can get into acceptance islam and its withdrawal. issue value wrong. reformation now laugh hard yet you don't you have a lot. going on well you know. whether some of. whatever happened is that whether she. can assist.
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you saw it last at most she sat down and she. looked at. that insurance like they multiply their bad side. and of course have seen my study on bras had a half. yet. she done so i'm not as i doubt that did not that america proud one it's all absolutely yeah she won't she don't missionaries internationally where she. got mama dental and you can buy laura linney washburn one hundred you could have all gone lawyers are they going to not slate. they have now or how much solution is a little young to loan me back to my slow you with him come
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a selling clay do but i am rush out yes one you southern must be ground in yes the whole town only a scrap. when you think of your own captive usin the fulfillment of the reception of the state. what are the main areas of happy. if i would be alone i would be able to do much. wouldn't be able to energy. is such a matter which doesn't depend on a sinking push. this is a mistake gender menaces research all this for the buried lead and by that we couldn't really. grouting has been done by a single man and the t.v. go to little it was created by god alone i suppose that i just read this book or feel that i said well the only scientist shrimp you thinking came to suit the new
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ideas about science. i still easy to believe it is partly true i myself didn't make all those experiments but i you do spins other may to night do from them certain conclusions but would without those experiment i wouldn't be able to smite you. but in history i don't believe that a single push can change things. on less it is done by the people or be a part of the people it can be done. and if you didn't have the pioneers to push in addition to little good. but you can't deny that you had a role and i was of course i was appointed prime minister said to do something you fear for your country. or owes it or that will and. that state does not yet exist to begin can thank you very much
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missing where the finish no not at nine out of ten minutes. it. became a plan to do it. now it's good to do so it's not just. a fairly quiet intelligent it's a good one and then it falls over. the be. going to. what do
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e.u. leaders meeting in brussels have cleared the way for brads a deal a last minute disagreement over the disputed territory of gibraltar had threatened to derail the whole process but spain has now agreed to back bags as an exchange for say in the future of gibraltar.


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