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tv   Arts.21 - Revolutionary and Hip as Ever Karl Marx  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 9:30am-10:00am CET

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the news to haunt those who fled from syria. the war on my phone our two part documentary starts december eighth on d w. welcome to arts twenty one. this time around we focus on a very famous man with a beard and a vision karl marx revolutionary thinker a hero of the working class and pop icon he was born two hundred years ago. it would without much says that unimaginable head of a completely different worst than our marx denounced the power of capital and lived in poverty he wanted to start
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a revolution wanted the workers of the world to free themselves from the chains of capitalism today he himself is a commodity mark sells so how relevant are his theories today. as over the hedge fund managers and captains of industry i've met are starting to read marx again. why is that why it's twenty one takes a look at what col marx can tell us today and how he became who he was. all revolutions that so far only proven one thing namely that much can be changed but not human nature and that goes for myself as well how exasperating. was karl marx this man of many contradictions he was born in eighteen eighteen in a small german town a trio the son of a lawyer his start in life was hardly proletarian the young coral soon stood out as
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a vain non-conformist and a broody outsider. while studying law in berlin he soon realized how much more exciting philosophy was he thinking fascinated him what if mankind could truly influence the core. of history and nothing was god given he joined rebellious student groups and became a foreign in the side of the prussians state in one thousand nine hundred eighty three he married his childhood sweetheart jennifer invest although she adored his revolutionary ideas marx was less of a genius when it came to handling money he was constantly broke and not terribly faithful either. in the same year the young couple had to leave their home as marx's works were censored here so they headed for paris here marx met up with. the wealthy son of an industrialist the two inspired one another his loyal admirer
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marx the shining light. how practical that angers had money to fund them both marx himself much preferred thinking to working. in eight hundred forty eight his great work the communist manifesto was published as an angry response to industrialization in the one nine hundred century it called for an end to the exploitation of workers who were being killed toiling in capitalist factories and included his rallying cry working men of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your chains. marks the trouble maker one year later he was expelled from france and moved to england the heart of capitalism marx analyzed and scrutinized the mechanisms of this system only he who knows his enemy can defeat him. in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven marx published a huge book. he recognized that the work of many benefits the profit of the few
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down with this evil system but what should take its place even marx had no definitive answer to that question. marks died in eight hundred eighty three a nineteenth century philosopher whose bold theories are today as exciting and contr. herschel as ever. the country that is more developed industrially only shows to the last developed the image of its own future. what would happen if karl marx rose from the dead and woke up in modern day london would he recognize the city where he lived in exile it may be a dream destination for well heeled tourists but with all its luxury sharps and flats it's a nightmare for the working classes. could marks afford to live in the inner city
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absolutely not likely wind up sleeping in a phone booth so what would marx have to say today exploitation commodity fetishism and the power of money which of his theories are still relevant. at piccadilly circus i mean mark's research and. she came to london a decade ago to study marxist writings in the libraries where he once read and conducted research pradelle it takes us on a walking tour through soho the area where marx once lived off first stop the former red lion harbor birthplace of the communist manifesto today it's a cocktail lounge but must be shocked. surely he would be so grateful to see saw it today because i think it was really it was a very poor. lot of german and european that if you actually lived here but i don't think you would be surprised to see capitalism
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today i think of that actually he predicted many of the processes that we are witnessing today from you know the kind of globalization of production and. increasing migration and internationalizing issue and. not only of copy but those of the working class. comics himself has become a product marketed around the globe but even has some all in chinatown named after him well i guess even philosophers have to get a haircut sometimes. this is dean street where marx lived with his wife jenny and their children in a two room flat they barely had enough money for rent and food three of their children died during that time and so. marcus knew about the daily struggle for survival in his day people were literally worked to death in factories that still happens today in places like china and bangladesh but in europe too exploitation
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remains common and has gotten worse in the wake of the economic crisis the crisis has led to increasing exploitation because one of the effects of the kaiser's doesn't been just like cutting on social services lowering wages and so on but also lengthening of the working time working hours the number of people that work more than forty eight hours so we has increased by mean years after the crisis when we talk about exploitation with talk about working conditions of chinese workers in bangladesh seamstresses if we look at the struggles of workers. at the fox school and in china who protested against the new month conditions in the factories they actually. make these are relations that are behind our commodities musical but if we go to an opposite door here or above the people in that they are always saw no baby of their work so the awareness can actually link together people from
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different parts of the ward i don't think it's something that concerns counters in the south so i think it's a kind of globalized experience that actually might serve the. president believes. the communist ideal of international solidarity and the power of the collective but are we really ready to do without to consume less so others have more from life. i'm on my way to the south of london to meet enough power she's a renowned expert on moxie and a staunch feminist watch what marx have to say about the gender pay gap and gender inequality why are men still paid more than women for the same work. patriarchy and capitalism is a very happy fit they love each other and that she will have to listen does is to reinforce the differences between men and women and to treat women as property. on
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the basis of their capacity to reproduce. both singles most recognize this let's take a look into the future worlds where there's artificial intelligence doing good labor for us. could it be that there won't be such a thing as a working class anymore we're not yet at the point at which you would say that robots could have caused her up babies or that we should be like employing robots to take care of older people is low because you know they have to try out these things in parts of the world like so for in japan for example they might be a distraction but they're no replacement for here in kentucky on the one hand i'd be quite happy if women and men didn't have to so say if we could replace it with sex robots or something like that and if you could generate an ai did you know you did the job like that would be best in the sense that fewer people are being sued be straight. but at the same time i'm not sure this is like what we should be aiming for if it can help us be more together and more and more solidarity and help
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each other following but otherwise no interest. lies buried in highgate cemetery marks is dead long live mocks we need visionary thinkers like him more than ever as the problems of exp. taishan poverty and inequality remain unsolved kamarck outlined a vision of a better world but it's up to us to create it. vanity might be flattering but he who surrenders to fame and empty shell a mere shadow of himself. his ideas the revolutionary change society and altered the course of world history. but is that enough to make someone an icon. or a poster boy for communism
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a cult figure a cartoon character no for that you have to have something more than certain something to bush the main plus plenty of facial hair contests either. for all your marks this community spirit or i don't mean mobster mr barker. karl marx buddha hard to meet on bar tar going on that as. you noted not exist there is a. part of it and two peter hart was there on first was his looks became his trademark drug through circles draw santa change the code and try to have added dark moustache presto karl marx everyone knows him if not his works. night
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is indeed a unique occasion in the history of television we are very privileged and deeply honored to have with us in the studio karl marx founder of modern socialism and author of the communist manifesto. the development of the industrial politics and the out is conditioned by. what of the development. of the industry yes today's analyses have been degraded to catchy slogans and marx himself has become almost a comic figure both eccentric and unworldly brave mom kamaishi final question. who won the cup final in ninety four i. know it's has become the ultimate pop icon he's among the famous faces featured on the beatles' listen three album cover for sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band . and soon as there's any talk of revolution. men and white bits are sure to follow. lots has come to
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stand for rebellion and nonconformity. in the pop industry knows this and profits from it. last year the life of the young called came to the big screen the film depicts him as a firebrand who gave rousing speeches about the plight of the product area at different times what. jimmy type mysteries here doesn't mean i'm sure you don't need to be you know it's much. harder to go nuts and feverish and this to good friends to cool nineteenth century revolutionaries who aren't afraid of a run in with feel sorry she's mad sometimes in texas. social mission exact season. the advertising industry loves provocative people who stand out from the crowd like fidel castro visiting an old
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age home for revolutionaries people who fought against the power of money. darren cow monks are among those here who. are. people. now monks himself has been degraded to an instrument of capital. the means to sell us. much of what he stood for may be dead but part of mark's does live on in modern hipsters what they lack in manifestos they make up for with facial head his bit could be mugs as most loving. i don't want to hear any critique critique harms my spirits even if it sometimes is beneficial. it's time to celebrate come monks and where better to do it's than entry is best place monks can be found
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here on every street corner and in every shape and size several exhibitions are celebrating the town's most famous son. the avoid income mark we want to place karl marx in his era and his century as well as a bed him in the discussions of our times so he's not isolated up there on a lonely pedestal. take him down from his pedestal he is an invitation to get to know someone who was previously just been ideology. like this drawing up in public for the first time crazy young scene that's what friends are. not since muse does a projection screen searching for traces in the communist manifesto i have eleven two hundred editions translated into almost sixty languages and each has its own interpretation of. the manifesto in chinese. the country has a particular close relationship with its idol come up as the liberator the critic
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of come to listen this is how the communist party in china most likes to see him they send travel groups to train house where marx was born is a hot spot of red tourism b.s. is a very great cement. it's what. we were taught in school i think he's a very famous and excellent revolutionary. forces started. there with his female prime marks her comments expressed many important opinions and that's very important for china also for the revolution. which is why a modern interpretation is called for a marx rap anthem commissioned by chinese state television it's also for the. coolest people listening to hip beats rather than reading dr bokes how marx can appeal to the young chinese system the masses a lot in common with a generation that was born post ninety's. this is chinese quote that translates as
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marx is a post ninety's kid to kid the cool guy you can relate to and have stuff in common with that's what's behind this relaunch of his image of to. image grooming in a country which could not be further removed from the idea of a classless society a country where hardcore capitalism rules and censorship human rights violations is this the freedom mark street dot. com missed because the communist party of china has always officially referred to marx but not always this explicitly. basically china sees the financial crisis of two thousand and eight two thousand and nine as an opportunity to promote the chinese system or. this means if the communist party of china talks about marxism today it doesn't necessarily have a great deal to do with his works. in his anniversary year marks is also available
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in x x al created by an artist loyal to the party a stat she was a gift from china to the city of tria. you could dress excess the china is how he is a validation of marxism back preaching. the ideology of karl marx is correct and should be protected as the heritage of all of mankind are you happy he is in our hearts in a huge way point. this figure is also huge five and a half meters of hero worship for the city of korea except such a gift or does this mean the city is paying homage to a communist system there is a hefty criticism from dissidents. and she now in china millions and millions of people have been killed in the name of marxism. this regime this past instead of coming to terms with the past it is foisting such a huge outdated monstrosity onto the city of tree. leaves and whilst
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home that. the drums giant is a political issue and planted right in the heart of korea. that's what. caused this statue is not a work of art or a historical figure it's an instrument of propaganda from the chinese government you or. me as decided it is a welcome gift now can mark has been placed on the pedestal he was meant to come down from head to some of communist ideology. the thought that this means that the ideology is also being honored of course it's problematic but on the other hand it's part of what we have to go along with today. with. one more tourist attraction for chinese pilgrims. mark says not only been claimed by dubious state ideologies but is also a darling of the merchandising but has to wonder what the critical philosopher
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really have been flattered. the worker becomes all the poorer the more wealthy producers the devaluation of the world a man is in direct proportion to be increasing value of the world of things. in an age of timber capitalism high frequency trading and hedge funds some are wondering was called marx right after all the documentary system era looks at the state of the world and probes their obsession with unlimited economic growth. is a very good a difficult thing. to offer so how much is it to satisfy human appetites to learn is to do for as a whole is what to do how does. this work or. growth at any price is that the new religion directed florian or puts his film delves into
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the world of high finance meets global players and looks for the era in this system . required for a long and very i ask myself why politicians business people and even ordinary citizens are so obsessed with economic growth even though we've known for forty years that this growth is harmful in the end that infinite growth isn't possible on a finite planet. both its looks back to the time of germany's post-war economic miracle. back then no one was talking about a crisis of capitalism. if we look at the history of west germany it's clear that economic growth practically gave it to night density after the second world war a positive identity. because. then came the oil crisis of the seventy's and the boom times looked set to end financial controls were loose and the era of
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unfettered capitalism began so the so-called big bang. the city was all about financial deregulation let's go let the market decide where money now talks now money wins money rules the world opiates shows how the pressure to create growth keeps increasing and shows the insanity of the numbers involved. david folkenflik six hundred million. history instinct of getting what i want. to you don't know what the market is for testing i already seems a sign that. you might as the capital or the system committed to that system. if. everyone realizes that we've entered a new level of capitalism one that's pushing its own limits even stock market traders in new york even high frequency traders who deal in this heart of darkness
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every day say they don't understand it anymore. the first in the thread the number of those who don't understand it is growing along with the cost of this unlimited growth in china markets are expanding at a mind body of eight. every year in the range of ten or fifteen. so that's why when i look at that every time i'm asking about the prospect of the market i cannot the measures of die mation of this market when i have a reference of one point four billion which is even more important than the horror of europe. take much of it also brazil's third largest state the rain forest is being destroyed to make the state one of the world's biggest food produces. was advanced newsreels. that. goes for a song they say about our boys. they want.
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just don't believe. i just think you have implemented god's things. to understand the power of the markets fairly and traveled the world to talk with brokers and bank his many disturbing admissions. so there's this idea that. the markets are. somehow going to support. a very very large base of the population and kind of produce returns for them when in our space all we do is try to eliminate those returns i mean that's the job. and his way col knocks comes in.
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because in. the rideable number of the things he analyze it i highly topical today he predicted a lot of things happen for a while and even the hedge fund managers and captains of industry i've met are starting to read marx again to understand what's going on around them. i think what we've seen over the last few years is cracks in the in the shiny surface of capitalism and as you look more and more closely. and you see this you see that these cracks go right so the heart of the model. that says film is a cool to take a closer look at those cracks to search for the era inherent in the system just doesn't call monks once did.
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and that was all from arch twenty one hallmark special on his two hundredth birth. take the great thinkers ideas are being revived marx is omni present could he be the answer to turbo capitalism unlikely marx is simply what we make a family. law but.
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the be. the more. this is not the bank in the first part more is over but the worst is yet to come. the market j.r.c. poverty and instability. fertile hamas hamas and dictatorship. apocalypse never ending more. minutes.
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or or more. look closely. carefully and. soon. to be a good pick. discover them. subscribe to a. documentary on two. hundred small film use in life cuts. what i come from rajoy remains an important new self transmitting mules and form ish and when i was young my concert was in the
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drawer which conflicts the more throbbing of people most people would cause of entourage to see. if one's mind took two in one god just said it's so thought everyone in the town told me this and tones against me. letting cousin from insecure my known codea into a monster malta's on the role even if it's not like. i was a twit of. my choice in this card because given the way told translates to troops. when it's my gosh mom much and i will. get up.
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this is the news my from berlin you need to sign off on a briggs of do you have a special summit in brussels all the main stumbling blocks of belgium have been clear eyed the head of the use executive. says it's the best possible deal it's a tragedy the good news even the blog we get the latest from brussels and london also on the program.


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