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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin the e.u. leaders have endorsed of brecht's a deal at a special summit in brussels and this is the best deal which is the first to post a group for europe. use the. post. european commission president in his own code you can have marks what he said was a sad day for the european union. british prime minister theresa may says she does not share that sadness and is calling on her country to move on may now
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faces the challenge of pushing the deal through her own parliament the opposition labor labor party has already said it will vote against it. and women around the world take to the streets to call for a stop to domestic abuse and gender based violence. on nick spicer welcome to the program. the european union has officially agreed on a divorce deal for britain's departure from the bloc it took the heads of the e.u.'s twenty seven other nations just an hour at a special summit in brussels e.u. officials said they were sad at the u.k.'s withdrawal but stressed the block and britain would remain partners and friends u.k. prime minister theresa may urged britain's to support the deal but it won't be plain sailing britain's opposition labor party who say they will vote against the deal when it's put to parliament in just over two weeks time. she still has
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a seat at the table british prime minister to resign may today in brussels but after a long and arduous period of negotiations e.u. leaders have inched closer to britain's final departure many openly expressed their regret. this upward. christe the country leaving the e.u. does not make me want to raise from pain glass or applaud it's a sad day and everybody who i spoke with today expressed this sadness it was unanimously shared you don't need to move. a relief never the less for tourism may who's facing ever stronger headwinds at home the nearly six hundred page long withdrawal agreement covers citizens' rights the forty four billion euro divorce bill and the irish border issue it also sets out the basis of the future relationship i recognize some european leaders also out at this moment but also
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some people back home in the u.k. will be at this at this moment but the way i look at it is actually this is for us now to move on to the next stage to move on as i said i am full of optimism about the future of our country may now has to seek parliamentary approval at home which will be much more difficult amidst divisions even among her own party and e.u. leaders today made clear there will be no renegotiation of the agreement. this is a song and dance is an accomplished diplomatic feat i want to emphasize that this is an extremely difficult situation a situation without any precedent because we haven't had it before that a european country leaves the e.u. what they see agreement not consider is the interests of both sides and also looks into the future and also pick a new to come for. for theresa may the brics that drama continues in early december that's when the british parliament is expected to vote on the. deal but even if
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it's ratified that's only the beginning of many months possibly years of negotiations on the future relationship between britain and the e.u. . and we're joined now by political advisor john wirth thanks for joining us jon we've just been hearing about the british perspective the what is the u. perspective we heard about leaders of european nations speaking of sadness is this going to hurt the e.u. however in any way it's good that the e.u. economically to some extent due to the trading relationship between the u.k. and the rest of the european union but not so much ultimately the rest of the european union wants to move on it expresses sadness today but essentially most leaders are essentially looking at of the challenges the european union is facing and they want britain to leave in an orderly fashion just now the problems are now no longer on the e.u. side the problems are very much on the british side with this well on the british side can may get this divorce bill through part of it the first do middle of december it's almost certainly impossible the parliamentary arithmetic is solidly
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against them a because the research many hard core breaks that rebels in her own policy that would vote down any there into the deal what she's trying to do is appeal to some labor members of parliament to get those over on to her side but there's some starting to add up at the moment there are far fewer labor ones who'd be willing to join her backing the deal then there are conservative rebels who will vote down the deal so it looks at the moment she's something like forty or fifty members of parliament short in order to manage to get this deal through when that doesn't happen then what's going to come next we don't quite know is it possible that the u.k. could come back into the e.u. somehow that would be possible if members of parliament were to go for a second referendum which is an issue that many campaign is are advocating but at the moment it doesn't even look like that's has a majority support in parliament either and what's more likely to happen is some kind of short term political crisis of some sort to reason may have potentially facing a vote of no confidence from her own conservative members of parliament for example the labor leader he said labor will very to get. he would far prefer that to be
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a general election rather than the to be a referendum but again the mathematics to try to make that happen involves a difficult because the conservatives don't want and early election either so we face this period of uncertainty in the second half of december a new prime minister potentially a decision to go for a referendum maybe a general election or a period just kind of stay six where no one knows how to proceed is quite unprecedented in modern british political history and what chances are do you think for for. a new entry into the european union at this point or can you even speculate on that briefly i do think that if brits and what's actually managed to get out it's not going to be ready anytime soon to reapply to join there were some pro e.u. campaign is this a this be done with this break say it and start building a campaign for brits move to rejoin in a decade i don't think that's going to happen because britain's terms of membership would be different britain's not in the euro not in showing it to reapply to join it would have to comply with all of that as i see it he's making sure the brits and
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bills and leave by holding a second referendum or essentially pausing the breaks that process in some way which is still possible they don't leave all. of those are essentially the only two options just now ok thank you very much john or first getting some light on with remains a very complicated you know in the next fortnight how this is going to proceed ok thanks for that john wirth political advisor now to some of the other stories making news around the world ugandan divers have achieved thirty one bodies after a big boat capsized on lake victoria dozens more are feared dead the vessel was on a routine pleasure cruise and believed to be overcrowded with nearly one hundred mostly young revelers when it sank saturday evening at least twenty seven people were rescued. iran says it has deployed rescue teams to the country's western border with iraq following a magnitude six point three earthquake the epicenter was near the town of the hob
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where aid. powerful temblor killed over six hundred people last year authorities said more than one hundred seventy people were injured in sunday's quake. and california fire officials say the state's deadliest fire in history is now fully contained the camp fire burned much of the mountain town of paradise to the ground and killed at least eighty five people nearly two hundred fifty are still missing the blaze destroyed nearly fourteen thousand homes. today is the international day for the elimination of violence against women thousands of people have been attending demonstrations around the world calling for an end to all forms of violence against women and girls in barcelona protesters marching to the sound of drums and feminist chants in northern syria hundreds of kurdish women took to the streets and other rallies have been taking place all weekend with demonstrators young and old calling out sexism paris mint and assault.
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our reporter of eco rivers has been following this story and joins me now thank you for being here rebecca. this is the just first day of a sixteen day campaign to raise awareness so how's it going well it's going well yeah as you say it's it's just the launch today it's been this campaign is a u.n. campaign it's been going since ninety nine and the twenty fifth of november mox they pick up nearly a little over two weeks of campaigns and that this year is theme the hash tag is here me to. the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace and the u.n. women there they the u.n. women organization have launched this campaign under that hash tag trying to capitalize off the back of a very successful made two campaign but they want to take it even a bit further and try and build momentum on that encourage people not in the limelight to share their stories and experiences and then the other sort of specific issues it's highlighting well i mean my father's got some is a it's a really important topic when i was alarmed by the statistic. as i was researching
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this story one in three women across the world will experience violence in their lifetime regardless of age race where they live obviously certain demographics more affected the young the very old the poorer seconds of society but basically one in three matter where they come from will experience violence in their lifetime and most of the perpetrator is intimate partners or family members so it's pretty alarming it's pretty important issue absolutely is there any. early early days. day one of a sixteen day campaign any size of a catching on and on the internet. well there's already some high profile support the summit which all eyes are on the fact that summit today and the european parliament president he used that to highlight the campaign let's take a listen to what he had to say. it's not normal for these to be
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normal school. i would like to say something about the campaign on violence against women. we would like to endorse i mean the european parliament would like to introduce the international day on violence against women. i don't sure. ok thank you for that rebecca there on day one of the sixteen day campaign to end violence against women but beyond to sports now world champion lewis hamilton has wrapped up the formula one season with yet another victory the briton prevailed in an action packed race in abu dhabi which featured a big crash and fernando alonso saying goodbye to formula one. so will smith wave the flag to start off the abu dhabi grown grave and the f one season finale would offer some poli wood style drama albeit not with regards to world
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champion luis hamilton who led from poland yet to know the recession. the big action came when nico holcomb the landed upside down after a crash. concerned faces in the renault carriage. but the german emerged last the unscathed how milton of already secured a fifth will title last month showed his neverending hunger by stealing his eleven victory of a stunning season to miss a tease drive even treated the crowd to some donuts along with fernando alonso who is quitting at one of the three hundred twelve starts and two will titles there has been no pressure resting we were just champions and now you're not through very privileged. things but have a few things for me i want i will i will be always a fan of. but the day and the season belonged to hamilton the briton even showing off his tattoo to the adoring fans.
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and we turn now to the honestly go we're both mentioned glad back have continued their strong form with a comeback win over hanover glad backdrop for the one after handover had led in just the first minute in the other sunday game fed up have been scored in injury time to snatch a one one draw at freiburg in the pic of saturday's match is faltering champions buyer and again dropped points in a draw with dusseldorf while leaders dortmund gained ground with a win over mindsets turning to the bundesliga table after the end of match day twelve and we see that dortmund lead the way by four points from baba buyer and are nine points adrift of top spot in fifth at the bottom there's little movement was had over still third from bottom. and that's the bundesliga. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you e.u. leaders have signed off on a brics a deal paving the way for the u.k.
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to leave the bloc they say the e.u. and the u.k. will still remain friends partners and allies. don't forget you can always get your news on the go just download or out from google play or from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the new app just send us photos and videos. you're watching your news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour i know forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com and thanks for joining. me to. the.
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letter we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans or something and i was really experienced hardship listening. to.


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