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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CET

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says a d.w.i. news on live from berlin e.u. leaders have endorsed of brecht's the deal at a special summit in brussels. is to be posted with just the first the post you were just so you see a rudy. european commission president. marks what he said it was a sad day for the european union. but british prime minister theresa may says she does not share that sadness and is calling on her country to move on may now faces the challenge of pushing the deal through her own parliament the opposition labor
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labor party has already said it will vote against it. then women around the world take to the streets to call for a stop to domestic abuse and gender based violence. nick spicer welcome to the program. the european union has officially agreed on a divorce deal for britain's departure from the bloc it took the heads of the e.u. used twenty seven other nations just an hour at a special summit in brussels e.u. officials said they were sad at the u.k.'s withdrawal but stressed the walk and britain would remain partners and friends u.k. prime minister theresa may urged britons to support the deal but it won't be plain sailing britain's opposition labor party say they will vote against the deal when it's put to part of it in just over two weeks' time. she still has
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a seat at the table british prime minister to resign may today in brussels but after a long and arduous period of negotiations e.u. leaders have inched closer to britain's final departure many openly expressed their regret. thought you had. just the country leaving the e.u. does not make me want to raise from pain glass or applause it's a sad day and everybody us spoke with today expressed this sadness of it was unanimously shared we don't need to move. a relief nevertheless for tourism a who's facing ever stronger headwinds at home the nearly six hundred page long withdrawal agreement covers citizens' rights the forty four billion euro divorce bill and the irish border issue it also sets out the basis of the future relationship i recognise some european leaders also out at this moment but also some people back home in the u.k. will be at this at this moment but the way i look at it is actually this is for us
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now to move on to the next stage to move on as i said i am full of optimism about the future of our country may now has to seek parliamentary approval at home which will be much more difficult amidst divisions even among her own party and e.u. leaders today made clear there will be no renegotiation of the agreement. this is. this is an accomplished diplomatic feat i want to emphasize that this is an extremely difficult situation high situation without any precedent because we haven't had it before this a european country lose the e.u. this agreement not considers the interests of both sides and also looks into the future. for theresa may the drama continues in early december that's when the british parliament is expected to vote on the deal but even if it's ratified that's only the beginning of many months possibly years
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of negotiations on the future relationship between britain and the e.u. . and a look at the future relationship let's bring in correspondent bill gates's masts mass who is in london for us in new leaders are calling this a sad day but what are the reactions been in the u.k. so far. well that's not exactly a lot of champagne corks popping here in the heat that a lot of people have problems with the deal and that's been yes well today businesses pushes these food to for them it's the end of a lot of uncertainty say they don't except they're not exactly enthusiast because for many businesses they would much rather for britain to remain within the e.u. but it's these day they think if this deal comes through at least and it's not the cliff edge at the end of march next year however we've heard from many palam and herion from the opposition the labor party the biggest opposition party here in the
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u.k. that they're going to vote against the deal because they believe it's just not good enough and jeremy cool been the leader of the labor party has even said well if labor did take over he believes he can negotiate a better deal however we do know that brussels doesn't really think that well precisely let's listen now if you don't mind to. who was very clear saying there'll be no negotiations with that clip right now. i'm invited to go. to work if i just didn't feel the house of commons truth. this is the best thing for which this is the best course for europe this is the only course. now and when he says that is he trying to help theresa may get this through parliament in a way. i think he is you know i mean everyone knows how problematic it is for the reason made to find consensus in parliament and
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there will be pressure on each and every one of the conservative m.p.'s because we know that especially conservative m.p.'s are also very very critical a lot of them who have food for breakfast they think that the u.k. will be tied to the you much too closely and and possibly for. an indefinite period of time so they don't really want to go ahead with it then there are others who also injuries and bait parties think that the second referendum could be possible to reason a strong card is well if you don't help me then we'll be at the situation where we just crash out at the end of march it's going to be chaos for everyone chaos for business pays at the borders so we just need to get this deal through it's my deal or no deal. and then what happens if if the deal gets voted down from the from the day it gets voted down to the to the weeks after what kind of scenarios communication. well there was
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a discussion here in london in the u.k. that then parliamentarians would sense reason made back and ask her to just get something a little bit better from the e.u. but then you know we've had today that this is very unlikely to happen so who knows they might still try that or to resume could so it's a step down and she has tied himself very closely to this withdrawal agreement to this deal so she could say well if you don't support me then try it with someone else that would be one scenario then there are some people who would hope that if m.p.'s basically con can't get any agreement within themselves then it has to go back to the people in the us to get to a referendum on this deal they argue that when people vote for press that they didn't know what bracks it would mean but now we do know what it would be roughly what it means if these we have a sort of outside and that this is the people and they should decide whether they
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would really want it over they would want to stay within the e.u. say those are all possible scenarios but what actually is going to happen nobody knows at this stage thank you so much for shedding light on the situation for speaking mass reporting for us from london thank you. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world the ukraine. the navy says russia has seized three of its ships in the black sea after firing on the vessels to vote for damaged and two crew members were wounded off the courage straight near russian controlled crimea ukraine president petro poroshenko has called an emergency meeting of his top military brass. and ugandan divers have retrieved thirty one bodies after a boat capsized on lake victoria dozens more are feared dead the vessel was on a routine pleasure cruise and believed to be overcrowded with nearly one hundred mostly young revelers when it sank saturday evening at least twenty seven people
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were rescued. iran says it has deployed a rescue teams to the country's western border with iraq following a magnitude six point three earthquake the epicenter was near the town of sar paul is a hob where a powerful temblor killed over six hundred people last year authorities said around two hundred people were injured in sunday's quake. today is international women international day for the elimination of violence against women people around the world have been attending demonstrations calling for an end to all forms of violence against women and girls in istanbul brought police were deployed to block an unauthorized demonstration around one thousand protesters responded by chanting we will not be silent others rallies were held across the globe from syria to spain where demonstrators young and old took to the streets to call out sexism paris mint and assault. here in germany a woman is abused beaten or threatened every five minutes often in their own home
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the rate of domestic abuse has risen continually in recent years last year around one hundred fourteen thousand women were victims of violence by a partner or ex partner that number is only a fraction of the real violence that goes on behind closed doors according to the minister for families a staggering eighty percent of cases go unreported many women are too scared to report the abuse to the police detail you met one woman who is ready to open up about her experience. sandra doesn't want to show her face she's afraid of her husband who regularly be tour for years on and off north and start beating me and when i would get really afraid then one time he got a scarf and pulled it so tight that afterwards i called the police and then it was clear to me it was over i had to get out of there. sandra found
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refuge at the safe house for women three years ago she also went to a safe house but eventually went back to her husband like many women she says she let herself because jolt into returning she hoped for reconciliation not least because of their small child. if there's anyone out there who wants to leave they should just leave and never go back i can only it wise to do that because afterwards everything gets much much worse. the women's refuge has started a poster campaign to highlight the plight of women like sandra with the words the dignity of women is in buyable other women who found help at the safe house also have a clear message they want work times to make their experiences public and get help to other women out there don't be afraid to take a step forward you'll get support. if i didn't know where i could get help i was just at home waiting for someone to come and get me out of this hell. beaten in
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term mentored by their partner not exactly the image we normally associate with a modern and self-confident woman perhaps that's also why shame plays a big role in their silence but it is a problem that affects way to many women no matter what their cultural social background may be or their economic status due to lack of funding women's shelters don't have enough space for all the women who need help the german government says it has earmarked forty one million euros for women's shelters and advisory offices in the next two years it's a first step the critics say it doesn't go far enough. right now we have the situation where places are taken within a matter of hours we have to turn down a lot of women in two thousand seven hundred seven thousand four hundred women were turned away in this region because we didn't have enough space. for sandra securing a place in the shelter saved her life she says without the support here she may never have been able to break out of the cycle of abuse.
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her thing is that i let myself get involved with a man and the best thing is that i made to break away from him and can start my life anew. center is to move into her own apartment with her child soon she'll need time to get over what she's been through but she's focusing on the future now. sports now and world champion lewis hamilton has wrapped up the formula one season with yet another victory the briton prevailed in an action packed race in abu dhabi which featured a big crash and fernando alonso saying goodbye to formula one. actor will smith wave the flag to start off the abu dhabi chrome prix and the f one season finale would offer some hollywood style drama albeit not with regards to world champion louise hamilton who led from poland yet another recession. the thing that came when nico hokum berg landed upside down after
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a crash. concerned faces in the renault carriage. but the german emerged last three unscathed how milton of already secured a fifth world title last month push showed his neverending hunger by sealing his eleven victory of a stunning season the most cities drive even treated the crowd to some donuts along with fernando alonso who is quitting f one after three hundred twelve starts and two world titles there have been a personal wrestling week with this champions from now you know i feel very privileged we do. things but everything thanks for my want i will i will be always a part of this show but the day and the season belonged to hamilton the briton even showing off his tattoo to the adoring fans. and a reminder now the top story we're following for you e.u. leaders have signed off on a deal paving the way for the united kingdom to leave the bloc they say the e.u.
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and the u.k. will remain friends partners and allies. here watching the news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's neither of you dot com thanks for joining. us. i'm not laughing again well i guess sometimes i am but i stand laughing when we think of mistakes deep into german culture looking at the stereotypes class if you think the future of the country that i'm. here.


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