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tv   Special Program - Berlin Gala - The 2018 German Press Ball  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 9:15pm-9:31pm CET

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and a reminder now the top story we're following for you a new leaders have signed off on a deal paving the way for the united kingdom to leave the bloc they say the e.u. and the u.k. will remain friends partners and allies. here watching the news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's need dot com thanks for joining. the jim well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and with that research i have instincts deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes the question if you think you see from the country that i don't. need to take his grandmother
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down. it's all about ok. i my job join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. post every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word emerged in the. ricotta is in germany to learn german why not with him it's simple online on your mobile and free stuff d w z e learning course need to speak german from a to z. . it's a time for waltzing rather than debating german president. at the capital's most important social event the press fall. it's friday night's nov twenty third and some. thousand three hundred guests from
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the fields of politics media business and culture are arriving at berlin's adlon kempinski hotel while german chancellor angela merkel traditionally opts not to go to the ball her predecessor again much later is there for the first time in nineteen years with his new wife so young kim the federal press conference hosts the event it is germany's most important journalists association and. when you're active in politics which i'm not anymore these people from the federal press conference hound you all year long and are mean then there's one evening that you forget all that moment i think that's a good thing and should be retained so the bible. controversial political topics are taboo at the annual press ball the event is all about having fun. to be talking to the federal press conference embodies press freedom and the press ball celebrates press freedom because of for a moment there's so much going on politically at the moment that there's certainly
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enough to speculate about and discuss that the ball is about. especially in times like these where things are sometimes a bit more aggressive and debates heated but it's a wonderful opportunity for everyone to just have fun afterwards things are a lot less tense to have you with me we're not going to discuss politics. maybe we'll talk about the latest film releases. let's wait and see what. the man of the evening is trying to fall to shimei of the german president is the country's head of state a largely ceremonial position and by all away from the cut and thrust of daily politics where those reporting on politics and those they report on meet one another. i think that's something pretty unique to germany and it doesn't make you less critical for the rest of the year but this because. the president's wife is enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. lots of music dancing and having fun are essential for a successful evening i think those wonderful of course. the german president and his
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wife are heading for the first highlight of the evening. three hundred invited guests are served a three course gala dinner behind closed doors. elsewhere in the hotel and the other two thousand guests are also sampling various delicacies there are four thousand stories on offer for example the kitchen team has also prepared one hundred thirty kilos of salmon and half a ton of fresh vegetables. stefan everhart is in charge of the various buffets the avalon's head chef spent six months devising the dishes. i think i missed a heart how's it looking it's looking great everything's going to plan a few days before the ball stefan edberg meets up with head participate stephan
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holler to discuss final details he is dependent on his team on the night of the ball he'll be coordinating the work of one hundred chefs. on the night everything runs like clockwork when things are well planned and everyone is fully involved but during the planning stage you have to depend on your team a lot the pastry chefs are working together seamlessly on the desserts intended to depict the event's motto kaleidoscope so it has to be colorful the idea of mini chocolate cake with a mango saffron filling and specializing. determine if you buy the technique and it's well suited to the theme is the icing with the mirror glaze we have various colors and wipe techniques this makes the whole thing shine the way things look is very important. that many chocolate cakes make a dazzling appearance on the evening of the ball and it's not just the desserts
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that are colorful. the same goes for the trips to. a striking number of the female guests have chosen read this year. or opted for sparkly accents the dress code at the annual crest ball is strict it's a black tie event that means a tuxedo or tails for the gentleman and a long ball gown for the ladies as they dress on how to dress kate hasn't changed much over the years it stirred like tell i i really like that how often do you get the chance to dress up like this everyone makes an effort the women who buy new dresses the men buy tuxedoes of someone turns up in sneakers there's a chance they could get turned away with them so i would say i've been everywhere for. these guests have been lucky well actually some part of the fun involves deviating from the events dress code a little bit. too much so i thought i was on my life wearing things that i like and
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that look good on me some of them wouldn't the difference seen as revolutionary in twenty eighteen to wear a shaker jumpsuit and so be it. a source or clothes court you know they don't know what i think this passes for evening dress and like that it looks like a sketch a country in the world needs strong women so it's ok to wear trousers suitable to comment on avent was that. because. it had that in i'm sticking to the dress code to the letter i have a classic tuxedo. some are dying to make an impression with an unusual accessory for example. other guests use their clothes to make a political statement this dress adorned with jasmine flowers was made by a syrian fashion designer and refugee these are just far. to the show spitzer with syrian lace and lots of flowers as which on the one hand expressed the sorrow of his country and on the other symbolize the memories and
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a little bit of hope. this evening is about animated conversations seeing and being seen. but for many something else takes center stage. now but i mostly looking forward to dancing or meeting friends dancing having fun among the most when you work and have a partner who has lots of obligations then don't think of something very special and i'm looking forward to that tonight was a feisty thought that. this evening the entire adlon hotel has been reserved for the german press ball and has been transformed into a huge dance floor several deejays and seven live bands provide the musical entertainment over two floors and in several ball rooms. this is the fourth time that the annual press ball has been held in the upscale berlin hotel. great location great evening it's
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a must when you're in berlin this is how this lobby atmosphere is really relaxed here you can mingle freely it's a great event the best ball of the year is in the ad lot is very bound to tradition and so is the annual press ball which has existed since one nine hundred fifty one so with our proximity to the brandenburg gate and to the german parliament we are ideally located to host this event is an event also for. politicians and parliamentary correspondents have been taking to the dance floor together since one thousand nine hundred fifty one for many years the event took place in bonn when it. the german capital. today i was concentrating on pinning a red carnation on mr cole may. be false it's over this evening would have been an
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ideal time to discuss confidential political matters it was so noisy that no one would have been able to hear a word from city for a feed. the mix of politicians journalists and business leaders makes the ball one of germany's major social events to be invited you have to belong to the inner circle of makers and shakers shaping german society. how well you dance isn't so important though that wasn't true for chancellor helmut kohl and his first wife. he was my dance partner dancing school in one thousand forty eight i don't know how many down steps we've already done with one another but we both enjoy dancing. when the german government moved to berlin in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the press paul was moved to. but no matter whether in bonn or in berlin the annual purse ball has always been
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opened with a waltz. this year and it's the second time that president funk. has led the first dance. he doesn't dance with his wife elle could buton banda but what's on your minds the wife of the chair of the federal press conference association. this is a tradition at the ball. while the german president is dancing to t.v. journalists are enjoying the fact that they have received the federal press conference award garrity off him fun follow and erhard shefa they work for the t.v. station fer nix and reported around the clock on the difficult negotiations to form a new government after the german election in twenty seventeen. that's
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a special it's a huge mark of appreciation and without being arrogant we've heard that from politicians too with us they get a chance to air their views more fully they don't have to pack everything into one minute and thirty seconds. at the german press ball guests get the chance to chat for hours. but it's more about partying together i'm thinking just find anything to gust of wind to get on i think that it's good to meet at this level for a change i mean just got one thing or another and have fun at the same time for most of us the digitalization was the big topic what does the future hold for the media media and as a mind my highlight today i must say was seeing get much credit with his new wife i . was the twenty eight team german press ball many of the guests danced the night away continuing to party
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until the early hours of the morning. i. i i. i i i. i. i. i i. i . euro max highlights the. french why finnish fashion is. illuminated when moscow by night is magical. breathless
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what it means to film extreme sports. you're up next on the early. for sara willis. is a passion. to. join her on a journey of musical discovery this time she's in cuba and i'm spending all day hanging out with these fantastic. arguments on the. continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their
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visions successes and day to day business the difference. in history in the everyone is too small. pieces to a mathematician but i was trying to. digital africa starts december twelfth on d w. welcome to the euro max highlights of the week the best of european lifestyle and culture here's a quick look at what's coming up. extreme measure.


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