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tv   Reporter - The First Female Mayor of Tunis  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 5:02am-5:16am CET

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here's what's coming up for the good asleep so much movement aimed at the things to get this thing going to have plenty to talk about here one thing it's time to take a look at what all that means for the taking of course. the mundus legal every weekend here on t.w. . in tunisia there was still a patriarchal mentality especially in certain positions linked to power and if you want something. to add up there i came in as the mayor of tunis. and the first woman to become mayor of a capital city in the arab world this is caused
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a small sensation. there are many issues to tackle in tunis for example constant traffic jams and problems with waste collection. and it's not going to be easy for the new mayor but she's determined to prove that she can rise to the challenge. in the photo. is visiting a construction site in tunis is old city. she's come to make sure everything is going to plan. the goal is to give this heart of babs wake up a make over an attempt to alleviate the traffic jams a movie in america. the mayor has very clear ideas. on
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a path and no we said that we would create a sidewalk in the middle it was then lamps and that's what i remember. once the work is over the hope is that there will be less traffic congestion. to. eat. but traffic is not the only problem. and i have been skimming here i wanted to expand the surface but keep the old lamps that we can't exchange all of them i never know again as i don't want to go to into the plan they have to be exchanged for the balls. but. there are simply too many cars in tunis and not only in the old town the mayor hopes that these reconstruction measures will relieve at least some of the congestion. but it's going to add abdulrahim who is fifty four is married with two children she
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studied pharmacy now she has to focus on building sites and traffic flows but she's a politician. it's her job to delve into new subjects quickly she likes leaving the office and meeting the inhabitants of tunis. and then when i'm in may then you come to think that we stay in contact through this kind of visit we can see directly how a project is developing there is communication with people that was in our capital is the inhabitants the tunisian people we're speaking to them trying to solve their problems that's our duty it's not a favor that we're doing them. it's nice to walk through the city to see paths wake up. but but this is not just a relaxing walk she's meeting locals talking about their problems on the next corner a discussion breaks out with sanitation worker. there's nothing on the good that.
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we don't have equipment material all machines our colleague here knows it too we have. to do with it if it's the material and going to have enough garbage trucks and there isn't enough stock. in the bin why you would employ one hundred people straight away but i'm not allowed to i need permission you know that the waitress have tripled since the revolution there isn't any money we need projects that generate money and then we can employ more people and create better working conditions and. what we have so few rights coming up you have trade unions that defend your rights we sit down with them every day with all unions we met the trade unions and they got everything that they wanted it at the. waste management is also a major problem in tunis. the garbage just piles up and is not always collected
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left to fester. here sue out abderrahim continues her rounds with a visit to a garbage collection point she says that the city doesn't have enough money or employees to set up a more efficient waste collection service at the moment. and she knows that locals are at the end of their tether. from the from a miss but many are angry but they say there has been some improvement. they say that some places have become cleaner while others have become dirty or is this. the lack of staff and the law just sticks means that we can't serve every street in tunis well if you could home. so what's the solution she would like to introduce more recycling and work with private investors but before this is possible the last have to be amended and this could take. sometime. a bit
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further on some locals complained to her about electricity. there was a power cut recently announced. that she promises that she'll deal with the issue. the flawed infrastructure is the biggest challenge for tunis and the mayor. another traffic jam. to his town hall is located away from the hustle and bustle of the old town. over the past one hundred fifty years the mayor has always been nominated. souad abderrahim is the first person to be elected to the position. and the first woman mayor ever had the ma and won the cup the most even though we have relatively progressive laws and equal rights are anchored in law with equal opportunities for
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men and women still don't exist. there is still a patriarchal mentality especially in certain positions linked to power and feel as if men had a lease on power as if they had a lease on public administration. abderrahim is the first person into his to be called shaker the female equivalent of shake an honorific title in arabic. but the new mayor who ran on a ticket for the conservative muslim enough party has been the target of criticism from the very beginning. some say she is being instrumental lives by the islamist party. others have openly expressed their doubts that a woman can do the job. yet others have criticized the fact that she is an outsider not from one of the elite families of tunis who in the past filled the role. bomb that. we have reached
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some terribly bothered we've broken with traditions that had come along the mood. when i won the election people claimed false things about me. when i cut and what they said reflects profoundly about the psyche of these critics the hundred men and . women's rights activist leyla should be glad that there is a woman in tunis town hall. however she says that the end of the party is actually against equal rights for men and women she says they're only trying to give themselves a more modern image with abderrahim furthermore she says that she has yet to form an opinion because she has not seen anything concrete yet. to forthcoming has we want to see her do something for tunis the city is the face of the country
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but it's in a terrible state from all points of view cleanliness the environment there are many problems. we don't even want her to campaign more for women's rights we don't want to burden her first we'll see what she does an office which is why she was elected and then we'll hold her to account on equal opportunities. so far she hasn't done a thing. but here on avenue have be boarded the bus in the middle of the city opinion about the shake is largely positive even though nobody can say whether the situation has really improved since her election. we're proud that there is a female mayor a shake up people are saying that makes me proud my show. from what i understand in the news there hasn't been anything negative about her just doing her job like anyone else regardless of whether they're a man or woman when i got a human on the it would them as it was yes i think she hasn't been in power for
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long she's now entering the battle the big war tunisia's fragile the situation is very critical. yet another meeting here she is with various mayors from other tunisian towns. most of them are men of course. but there are a few female faces twenty percent of mares in tunisia are now women since the last elections in may. the shake thinks this is a sign of victory for tunisian women. may one who would insist doesn't what counts is performance whether someone is a man or woman but at the moment i'm giving a lot of support to female mayors so that they can achieve success in office and the. women in tunisia have more rights than those in other parts of the arab world
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after the twenty eleven revolution more laws were introduced to promote equal opportunities yet there is still plenty to be done. at the moment there is a huge debate about inheritance laws and ensuring that men and women are equal. after work the mare and her staff go for another walk on the square not far away is the prime minister's official residence abderrahim has been in politics since two thousand and eleven. she was originally planning to stand in next year's parliamentary elections but instead she ran for mayor and won. and there's speculation that she could become tunisia's first female president. that heather said when it's too early to say i'm not even thinking about that at the moment i've called a lot of responsibility for the next five years. hopefully we'll be able to
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implement projects that are appropriate for the capitol and for the woman going down in history as the capital's first female mayor at that time. but it's. so for abderrahim there's a lot at stake now she has to prove herself as mer whether she's done her job well the citizens will vote on this in five years time. more. than four. language courses. video audio.
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