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my folks were two part documentary starts december eighth on t w. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin a dangerous crisis x. school it's after russia seizes three ukrainian naval ships russia opens fire at it but the bessel is near its new bridge dominating the narrow straits to the annexed crimea peninsula moscow claims the bessel entered its waters illegally the move leads to angry protests in kiev where the ukraine government says it could
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introduce martial law. also on the program peaceful protests turned to a dash for the u.s. border near tokyo want to mexico makes dozens of arrests and promises to deport migrants who tried to enter the united states illegally. and on her return from brussels british prime minister theresa may faces the mammoth task of persuading u.k. lawmakers to back her brings a deal she'll tell them it's the only option on the table. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us the united nations security council has called an emergency meeting after russia fired on and seized three ukrainian ships off the coast of the crimean peninsula ukraine called the instant an act of aggression then has proposed introducing martial law to put the country on a war footing the clash happened in a narrow strait between russia and crimea
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a point of international tension since russia annexed the region four years ago. a confrontation at sea russia excuse the ukrainian navy of acting like bandits what followed says ukraine was an act of russian aggression. a russian coastguard ship opened fire on then seized three ukrainian vessels. it happened in the black sea off the coast of crimea after the russian ships blocked access to the sea of as of via the narrow carriage street which separates the crimean peninsula from the russian mainland although a bilateral treaty gives both russia and ukraine access tensions are very in the sea have escalated since russia's annexation of crimea in twenty fourteen and the opening of a bridge linking the two earlier this year this latest incident has led ukraine's
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president to ask parliament to consider drastic action janish time on itself which martial law would be introduced in order to strengthen ukraine's defense capabilities amid increasing aggression and according to international law a cold act of aggression by the russian federation martial law would not mean a refusal to resolve the issue of liberating ukrainian territory by political and diplomatic means. through right through through russian. side the russian embassy in kiev protesters shouting death to russia officials from both countries have accused the other of provocative behavior nato and the european union have called for restraint as fears grow that tensions in the region could escalate further. for more on this developing story i'm joined now by our correspondents david stern in kiev and nick calmly who's in our moscow studio good to see you both let's start with you david strong words from as we just heard in
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the report he is proposing martial law what more can you tell us about that. indeed strong words it remains to be seen what exactly this martial law entails now parliament the medical norada will have to vote on it later today it will be a closed session what we can say is that potentially this may involve a postponement of the presidential elections which are scheduled for march also a question is how much or whether any civil liberties will be curtailed now the president has said that there won't be any reduction of civil liberties but there is some speculation that there could be a form of censorship limitations on on public gatherings perhaps on freedom of movement but again as i said the president has said that there won't be any any curtailment of people's rights also this is going to be for sixty days and we'll
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see if indeed this is the case and then obviously at the end of sixty days if they extend it over to you nick in moscow ukraine says that russia has committed an act of aggression is considering imposing martial law as we just heard what is russia saying about all this. good morning terry well the line from moscow has been fairly consistent and yesterday a provocation from the ukrainian side is what the russian security service is a calling this they say that the strait was closed they had closed the straight to civilian and military shipping on sunday and that ukrainians had failed to heed this they obviously assert their rights to control transit through the strait given that they control the eastern side of the strait and crimea something obviously that kiev and the west doesn't see as legitimate following the annexation of crimea twenty fourteen but they have also been fairly consistent in stressing the fact
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they have provided medical support to three wounded ukrainians say listen trying to defuse the tone a bit there but really placing the blame with kiev for what they call a provocation david the russian navy recently escorted a ukrainian vessel through the carriage straight seeming to assert its dominance in the region is kiev worried that moscow may be trying to take control of these shared waters. well yes the ukrainians concerns are many one of each is that the russians are trying to control the see cut off money opel which is one of ukraine's main ports but obviously the ukrainians are concerned as well that this could be a another area of conflict between between kiev and moscow in addition to the fighting that's been going on in eastern ukraine between ukrainian forces and the russian backed and russian supported rebels back to you nic in moscow for
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a final question both sides have called for an emergency u.n. security council meeting today could that defuse this escalating situation. well there has been speculation we might see some kind of relatively rapid humanitarian solution maybe even some early release of those ukrainian sailors if not the ships but that doesn't take away the underlying problem that david mentioned there all of this conflict over control of the sea of as all of the russians de facto control access to the sea specially since they built the bridge over the strait and this is something that is wider than crimea this is also about eastern ukraine the ukrainian controlled part of don't bass is economically dependent on those ports in the sea of as over tens of thousands of jobs at risk if they see it as it becomes a military zone that is prone to these kind of conflicts so we could definitely be seeing tensions ratcheting up there and a knock on effect beyond crimea nick thank you so much for that was nick connelly
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in moscow and in kiev david stern thanks to both of you. has promised to beef up security at its border with the united states after a peaceful protest there devolved into chaos u.s. border guards fired tear gas at crowds in tijuana on the mexican side of the crossing and mexican police arrested dozens of migrants who tried to cross into the u.s. illegally. scenes of mayhem and panic at the border crossing between two wanna and son diego it began as a peaceful march by central american migrants to appeal to the u.s. to speed up asylum hearings but soon dissolved into chaos mexican riot police forced people back as they tried to sprint towards a new life. u.s.
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border agents fired tear gas across the barricades into the team in crowd with reports the children with choked by the fumes. now when we went over there it was when they started launching tear gas at as. there were many young children who fainted my daughter was also gassed. there were pregnant women there and many men who also fainted. some members of the press helped by throwing water over the children and there was a child who was hardly breathing and to paris and from the press grab ten men to come away. the mexican interior ministry said in a statement some migrants had violently under legally try to breach a fence separating the two countries and also make clear that those people involved would be immediately deported and security would be reinforced in the area thousands of migrants to come to in underground
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a sports stadium into juana waiting for a decision to be made on the individual asylum claims a process which could take months. now looking at other news making stories around the world ugandan divers have retrieved thirty one bodies after a boat capsized on lake victoria dozens more are feared dead bessel was on a routine pleasure cruise and believed to be overcrowded with nearly one hundred mostly young revelers when it sank saturday evening at least twenty seven people were rescued and. people have taken to the streets across the globe to mark the international day for the elimination of violence against women one of the largest rallies was in madrid where tens of thousands turned out to protest against domestic abuse the u.n. says one in three women worldwide will experience by loans in her lifetime. british prime minister theresa may is to warn lawmakers that her brags that deal is
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the best and only possible deal for the country may faces a difficult challenge convincing skeptical m.p.'s to back the plan before a likely december vote after twenty seven states approve the deal on sunday you chief. called it a sad moment and a tragedy but he urged u.k. lawmakers to back the accord. shortly after the deal was approved the e.u. side journalist asked the british prime minister whether she too felt it was a sad occasion well no but i recognise others do i think that's the the i recognise some european leaders at this moment but also some people back home in the u.k. will be side at this moment but the way i look at it is actually this is for us now to move on to the next stage to move on as i said i am full of optimism about the future of our country. our correspondent barbara bays will husband paul going to
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break that negotiations closely she joins us now from london barbara given the opposition that theresa may is facing in getting her brags a deal through parliament does she really have any reason to be all to mystic the way she sounded in some but. it's just a ted artificial there i mean of course she needs to know. and everybody agrees here in britain that it's going to be a hard sell threesome a at her at the best of times is not a great communicator now if she goes around and says i'm so optimistic at being all smiley on stage and trying to tell people you have to seize the chances that breaks it opens. at a moment when nobody really can see the chances and figure out what they could possibly be it is really very difficult that counted among her own party m.p.'s at the moment who would vote against her deal stands at ninety now if you commission
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president john claude young he made it clear that there would be no renegotiations of the break the deal let's have a listen. i'm invited to go. to work if i just do you know i was of come to think decision from should wish this is the best post for which i'm just the best to push a button for europe this. post. barbara you doing theresa may any favors making statements like we just heard there from the commission president. they're trying their best because they're trying to help her sell the deal in the way that she needs to say to everybody around here in britain listen this whole idea about going back and renegotiating as labor for instance constantly repeats it it's a dream it will not happen however nobody at home here in britain listens it seemed just a few hours yesterday after we've heard to jump to
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a joke or speak that everybody sort of just reiterate to the labor leadership and everybody around her just reiterated we know we have to go back and we have to somehow do something else in her own party in her own cabinet even if there is now a small group of remainders trying for rebellion after the deal has failed in parliament and they say they will and then to go for a much softer break that norway style so the story here isn't over far from it oh well it's not over indeed teresa mayes now back in the u.k. what lies ahead for her now in trying to get briggs finally done. difficult days and difficult two weeks she's not trying to tour the country going around wales or scotland island where the complaints really have been coming thick and fast that we haven't been heard people say our our problems haven't been considered and so on and so forth they left feel left behind by this whole breaks
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a deal and then she needs to go to argentina because there is the g twenty gathering and then when she comes back at the beginning of next week it leaves her just one more week to somehow make an inroad in this wall of position in parliament here that has risen and that is rising against her and whether she can do it it is extremely doubtful and bed news is also coming for instance from the economic forecasters the own her own national institute for economic research has just published a study that says everybody is going to be by a thousand pounds poorer after breaks that now that is i do welcome news for trees amazing theresa may indeed barbara thank you so much did obvious barbara basal there in london. well as we just heard from barbara people are crunching the numbers on bragg's it and it's looking like it might be more expensive that many thought that's right and barbara just measure a thousand pounds per year as another figure going around that is one hundred
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billion pounds a year that's what breaks it will cost the british people according to a new study commissioned by a group calling for second breaks that referendum it sees a number of economic blows in the u.k. is future if it goes ahead with a divorce from the e.u. they include drops in trade foreign direct investment and overall g.d.p. to the tune of around three percent the report comes on the heels of a tentative deal between london and brussels outlining the terms of their separation. now black friday may be over but cyber monday is just beginning that means you can skip the queues at the shops and school deals online retailers are promising online bargains on a whole range of products from clothing to electronics in the u.s. alone cyber monday is expected to bring in seven point eight billion dollars this year. if you didn't buy a new t.v.
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set or a laptop on black friday finish out you can make that good on cyber monday retailers by the dozen of pumping out offers and discounts online bunsen entice ing idea for many browsing the web to find the best deals from the comfort of one's own home i don't do malls that can't handle the traffic the lines of people others however clearly can some die hard bargain hunters even spent thanksgiving night camping outside stores to increase their chances of coming away with the best black friday buys we kind of like the route but according to data analyst adobe analytics this year's black friday crowds were down in america u.s. online sales on the other hand hit a record six point two billion dollars that day and nearly a third of the purchases were made on small phones convenience seems is everything when it comes to holiday shopping. the clock is ticking for embattled mitsubishi
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chairman collins goan in just over an hour's time the board of mitsubishi is said to sack going to have an emergency meeting going has been under fire over accusations he under-reported his salary to japanese authorities by forty four million dollars over several years and was arrested but has guests to be formally charged golan has denied all allegations last week mitsubishi problem isn't gone as chairman isn't holzer controlling thirty four percent stake in the division which means. in many countries across africa infant mortality is dropping that's good news but the battle against that often involves expensive western made medical devices now scientists in uganda created his own device to help save newborns with medical complications at a reasonable price for local hospitals is high tech incubator is still in trial but it's already showing promising results. so i don't want to see easy happy mother.
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one of her newborn twins is out of danger after having complications during delivery. and then double to run around i might babies were distressed at birth. the incubator has been detained because they're not as bad right now. christine somebody is the brain behind this lifesaving incubate or the team named jenius. that ugandan scientist is helping this public health facility in central uganda to manage your majesty's among the new borns. as of today we have managed to save over ninety two babies who looked into the eyes of the. and some of them passed out at some point so. there was there is and we have seen the worst there is. equipped with more than
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three hundred seventy since the incubator has over two hundred fail so features. from the atmosphere regulates temperature and monitors the baby's brain and somebody took six months to get two more years to stink it. and he's already working on another one with improved technology on that new incubator it's going to be able to carry four babies in different chambers. and each baby. is going to be monitored by an artificial intelligence. meaning the machine is a doctor it's a pediatric doctor. database so if the doctors are not to be seen. the building is able. to take necessary
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action on. hospitals in uganda imported mainly from the united states and europe but they have limited budgets and cannot meet that demand procuring medical supplies from abroad has been a center of controversy with some public or fishers often accused of fraud the government hopes that empowering the local innovator laking some could be solution and that buying from home could help to bring the cost of maybe core equipment down . by munich had another bonus legal weekend to forget the german champions were held three three at home by dissolute or cry as hear. from good obvious sports left stick or slap stick what is going on there what's wrong a bias well you know clearly other teams have kryptonite in their boots because
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byron munich just are not the superman we're used to seeing them be in the buddhist league you know they're there speak up front live and off he is not as productive as he's been in years past and at the back model and is not the invincible goalkeeper any longer jerome boateng glib shaking lots humbles love slow you know they're there i did bring it in nico called botch a man with me a sign me history is there he coaches hasn't really worked out it's not he's not translating you know whatever plan he has it's not been executed on the pitch the club president has always supported his guy koba until recently he's the one who called the match slap stick it gives dusseldorf and he actually hinted that they might have to move in another direction if things don't work out well you know with byron hosting been think in the champions league we have sound following their draw with dusseldorf. self who was expressing his discontent let's take a listen. to him and get loose we obviously can't be happy with this result there's
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definitely a need for internal discussions with with. absolutes and i'm very annoyed he consummate you know how angry i am in size and i could really fly off the handle them. so chris we got by and staying in fifth place then we've got dortmund still in the tops lot after their win on saturday but there's another interesting team in the title mix. sweet went on sunday's game yeah well here's a brief history of over the summer they made so they decided to make some tactical changes they changed their formation from a traditional one to a more dynamic attacking one and they had some great signings over the summer allison a player has been remarkable up front talking to zod is also a scoring threat for that side and completing the attacking trio is you want to hoffman you know that team has been you know proving dividends and plus at home they're simply unbeatable when they get behind they're quick to respond we have a match report on their latest victory let's take
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a look. you have to go back to two thousand and ten for handovers rostering invention glad back if you lost every single game here since something we immediately try to rectify but we would on target after just twenty two seconds the quick ace gold of the season so far. back shaken not stirred they needed just six minutes to equalise troops were going to. find finished with flowing move. there was no free cake for this foul we can line prophecy from the referee's advantage and some slack defending. his first goal for clad back he went into one up at the break. that i really feel the hosts hunger for more go with the third another example of some excellent team play as outs cross you probably believe how you buy last indo now will go on.
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telly security or rounded off the storing moments after coming on as a sub for one round back easily maintained a one hundred percent leak on records. ok so clearly we see victorious once again and as i mentioned there's a team that's unbeatable at home and one thing helping glad is there less on their plate they're not in the german cup they're not in europe so they can focus primarily on the bonus league their most recent opponent hand over the team i like to define is a rocky road team they have yet to pick up a win on the road so it wasn't a big shock that they lost once again glad bubble before have a difficult road schedule themselves they have to go out to live six they have to go to harvard and they have to go out to signal they do not park the home of the table leaders don't mean so it says you seem to see how things will play out with crash thank you so much pressure from that of a sports ok. you're watching d.w.
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news just recapping the top stories that we're following for you here today on it's a busy news day russia as sparked a diplomatic crisis after it fired upon and seized three ukrainian ships in that incident took place near russia's bridge through the next crimean peninsula. mexican police have arrested dozens of migrants at the u.s. border near to you want to now this after a protest turned into a dash to the wall at a crossing separating the united states and mexico mexico says it will do for migrants who tried to enter the united states illegally. also british prime minister theresa may is set to begin a final push to pass or breaks that deal she'll tell you k. lawmakers her deal is the only option on the table after it was approved by e.u.
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leaders on sunday. you're watching news from berlin we have more coming up for you at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's a d w dot com thanks for being. with . us.
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every year in the spanish times three hundred twenty five million euros changes hands. it's quick and easy money. goods trucks from iraq and. witness the mafia. the losers and the police and the local people. next
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on doubling. digital and lenses more transforming the world of music humanity ready for it this time on founders valley entrepreneur song a ghost takes a trip to korea where education is key people are driven to succeed bad any cost zero. can ed tech start ups help bring about a change. driven to succeed founders valley in sixty minutes d w. a continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers its true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals. talk about their
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visions successes and day to day business the difference. in history in the everyone. seems to. be pushing. digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin in southern spain which is one of the largest gateways for illegal drugs entering the european union every day traffickers smuggle tons of hashish across the mediterranean from morocco it's an uneven battle between the local police and
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