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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin a tense standoff between russia and ukraine on the disputed crimean peninsula russia finds on and seizes three ukrainian ships claiming they entered russian territory waters off the crimean coast illegally ukraine's president calls for martian goal or the coming up. british prime minister to resign me faces the
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challenge of persuading a hostile parliament to support the gregs the deal come message it's the only deal on offer. a landing on monster space craft inside to look beneath the martian surface to find out how the planets was formed billions of years ago. the russian city with a big problem but how can songs from the soviet era help. gus in the next sixty minutes the italian film director but i do a better lucci dies at the age of seventy seven he's been in poor health for many as one of his best known and most notorious firms was last tango in paris with modern brando we have an appreciation of his life and work. and in sport the highlights of formula one's action field abu dhabi gold tree. the longest race of
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the season and the most ever for two time while champion from now on the along so. kind of a very well must continue i'm on the. the united nation security council has called an emergency meeting after russia five on and seized three ukrainian ships off the crimean peninsula ukrainian president petro poroshenko has demanded that the crew and the vessels be released immediately and he wants bottom line to approve matia no the clash took place in a narrow strip of being russia and crimea a point of international tension since russia annexed the region four years ago. that this video has been circulating online since it was a released on sunday. taken from on board a russian military ship swearing and shouting could be heard as well as the command
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to stay the course directly towards ukrainian tugboat. in the russian ship rams the ukrainian boat head on. the incident escalated further a russian tanker blocked the tight underpass between the black sea and the sea of us off of vital trade route for ukraine it was later announced that the russian coast guard had shot at three ukrainian ships the ships were seized by russia with authorities saying the boats had illegally entered russian waters but the ukrainian navy says it had announced the ship's transit in advance. in kiev ukrainian president petro poroshenko called on parliament to introduce martial law. for you this doesn't mean we are declaring war. ukraine is not planning for a war with anyone it is implemented solely to protect ukrainian land our territory territorial integrity and sovereignty. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov accused ukraine of deliberate provocation. principles of the international law were
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violated including the united nations charter and other legal instruments that require all states to respect the sovereignty of another state. moscow views the water surrounding crimea as russian territory the united nations however views russian annexation of crimea as an illegal act. and for the very latest on this confrontation i'm joined by our correspondents emily sheldon in moscow and david still in kiev starting with you david and the ukrainian president poroshenko has just signed a decree to introduce martial law from monday in response to what he's called russia's act of aggression it's a boy to move but what does he hope to achieve with it. well the details about this degree or a decree are just coming out right now on this still a bit of confusion and we still have parliament that needs to vote on that and to approve it but according to reformist parliamentarians and local media it is a very restrictive decree in fact it is
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a louse for restrictions of civil liberties such as freedom of movement freedom of expression freedom of assembly and freedom of thought and perhaps also as the as the reformists interpreted it also. allows for the postponement of presidential elections which are supposed to take place in march next year no president pushing those ratings are very low and many people see this or as possibly this decree as a way to avoid a a a tough campaign or perhaps a loss so it remains to be seen exactly what will be the reaction in parliament and ultimately what will be the reaction of ukrainians who are known to be quite vocal when confronted with situations like this attending to you and me and we just heard the russian foreign minister say that its actions moscow's actions are but then international and you create and he blames ukraine for what it calls orchestrated provocations what are the prospects that the ukrainian ships and sailors will be released any time soon. well i think i'm rita that the
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prospects are not very good russia certainly insists that all its actions were legal and that ukraine really forced to hand in this in this whole incident and the russians commissioner for human rights has said that the crew have actually been brought now to russia to courage which is considered russia for questioning and medical treatment and judging from russia's reaction to this whole incident it's unlikely that they're going to budge on kind of releasing the crew any time soon they insist that it was this was a provocation as you say from the ukrainian side and preschools today the the kremlin spokesperson said that the this was actually an invasion from the ukrainian side they've also been talking about the fact that petro poroshenko was acting in his own national interest ahead of elections as we just heard david talking about
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the thing is that this is a bit complicated when it comes to the background in the sense that russia considers considered considers the as a sea to be russian territory which of course ukraine disputes but it seems likely that russia will stand its ground here and that the prospects for the crew in the vessels are not too good at the moment though given all of this david turning to you what is kiev's main concern is that moscow's trying to block access to water essentially considered shared waters between the two. well yes it has many concerns at the moment and they're also in addition to the domestic tensions that i just described but one of the main ones is that russia is trying to cut off all access to the sea which as you say there is an agreement between kiev and moscow for free movement in an. ultimate lee this is affects the eastern part of the country where the ongoing conflict between the koreans and the moscow backed
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rebels and supported rebels is is continuing alternately there is also the question of what will happen the mahdi ople the main port there if this were to be blocked this would be a very serious commercial blow but also there's a concern that this is an escalation in fact an intensification of the conflict in the east i many of the differences between the two sides i huge with both sides of course for an emergency u.n. security council meeting today that tells you is this standoff do you think well it seems rather unlikely after all these tensions in the eyes of sea aren't new they've been escalating escalating firth some months now with both sides deploying more vessels to the area and russia kind of inspecting all vessels that enter the sea which ukraine has been saying is aggression russia has been saying is a measure of self-defense they're worried that a bridge over the current strait could be attacked by ukrainian nationals as they
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say and it's likely that that standoff will continue today at the security council we've seen this before with ukraine and russia leveling accusations at each other and basically trying to convince the international community that they are the ones that are right so i think that's likely to be what we'll see tonight rise emily sheldon in moscow and david stern in kiev thank you both very much for sharing your perspectives with us. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the india has been marking the tenth anniversary of the bomb by terrorist attacks that killed more than one hundred sixty people events were held across the city at some of the sites of the treaty attack. the assault on a pakistani based terrorist group. mexico has vowed to step up security at its border with the united states after a peaceful protest descended into chaos u.s. guards fired tear gas into the mexican town of quanah to stop migrants trying to
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breach the border while mexican police arrested dozens of protesters. the united arab emirates pardoned a british academic jailed on spying charges this despite releasing a videotape of porting to show the researcher matthew hedges confessing to espionage authorities sentenced hedges to life imprisonment last week in a case that strained relations with the u.k. . british prime minister to resign may is back in the u.k. for the homestretch of britain's exit from the european union mean must now convince skeptical lawmakers to ratify how to draw a deal otherwise she says they will set the country back to square one the e.u. is twenty seven members indorse the deal in brussels on sunday after months of torturous discussions. a moment of relief for theresa may
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the british prime minister has delivered against the odds after nearly two years of negotiations may and the e.u. have agreed on the terms of their divorce she took the opportunity to remind critics of her conviction tell us what's really going through those research that reaching a brics agreement that works for both sides was an impossible task from the start i rejected that counsel of despair and says about negotiation a deal that works for the u.k. and the e.u. one that delivers on the result of the referendum on such as on calls for a prosperous future while maintaining a close relationship with our friends and neighbors. but her victory could be short lived may must now sell the plan to a divided british parliament so far she doesn't have a majority to pass it and some m.p.'s from her own party have vowed to vote against it the european union has warned rebellious lawmakers in westminster that there is
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no other alternative but i'm invited to go those who have to work you for this duty in the house of commons to think this inference through asia this is the best deal possible for britain this is the best to push a button for europe this is the only decent course the only. possible. may now faces a make or break vote that will again test her resilience she will tour the u.k. in a charm offensive aimed at getting support for her deal with brussels. staying the briggs's helena joins me now so the deal is on the table helena but the question is how is the business community taking it all the deals on the table emirates when they head this next number i don't think they're going to be very happy because we're talking about one hundred billion pounds a year by twenty thirty that's what breaks it will cost. the british people according to a new study commissioned by a group calling for a second briggs that referendum sees
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a number of economic blow to say the u.k.'s future if it goes ahead with its divorce from the e.u. and they include drops in trade foreign direct investment and overall g.d.p. to chew off around four percent. and of course a financial correspondent would be thoughts has got his eye on the numbers from frankfurt let's bring him in now really one billion pounds a year is steep we should point out that that survey was conducted by a group calling for a second a referendum how shocking or not would you say that assessment of damage to the british economy actually is i would say that's a shocking assessment i mean you still have to put the number and perspective if you're talking about one hundred billion pounds a year that's a huge sum but if you take the gross domestic product that is the total performance the volume that the british economy generates it's probably going to be a peron two trillion pounds this year so one hundred billion that's about five
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percent now that doesn't sound like all that much but if you have five percent less g.d.p. for example call that meets the definition of a major recession and that reverberates through the whole economy and costs jobs costs company profits creates turmoil in the market and ultimately is also likely to lead to political difficulties not least if this would be continuing for years so yes it is a shocking number but we don't really know how accurate that can be it's so hard to look into the future especially in a situation all right meanwhile i got news today that the chairman of mitsubishi called a school has been sacked they've accusations of not being transparent about his pay briefly is this becoming a trend are we seeing the end of towering salaries the caught items briefly. i don't think so you'll find that time and time again the people who are called in to rescue companies will be compensated with princely songs in the end if they are
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successful it's worth it to the shareholders and also alternately to the economies in the political system the people that the. business remains business off financial correspondent he bought thank you. black friday may be over but cyber monday is well underway now and that means you can skip the queues at the shops and score deals online and stay as promising online bargains on a whole range of products from clothing to electronics and if you know if states alone cyber monday is expected to bring in seven point eight billion dollars this year if you didn't buy a new t.v. says her laptop on black friday don't worry you can make up for the us on cyber monday retailers by the dozen are pumping and offers and discounts online an enticing idea for many pressing the web to find the best deals from the comfort of your own home i don't do malls that can't handle the traffic the lines the people
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but that didn't pose others also some die hard bargain hunters even spent thanksgiving night camping outside stores they wanted to be certain of coming away with the best black friday buys we kind of like the rush. but data analyst adobe analytics says black friday crowds are waning in america u.s. online sales on the other hand has a record six point two billion dollars in the sales bonanza nearly a third of the purchases were made on smartphones convenience appears to be everything in holiday shopping nowadays. well i've got more business news here a little later first it's back over to amrita and i'm rita a nervous moment for nasa very. cold it's seven minutes of terror a spacecraft hurtling towards mars will have to do excellent for you from almost twenty thousand kilometers per hour down to zero before it hopefully touches down
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safely later today the land court inside has been on a six month voyage to space on a mission costing a billion dollars and the scientists behind the project and the know obviously waiting to see if the landing is a success they hope inside will provide them with valuable data they've been hoping to get for decades from deep below the surface of mars. this latest mission to mars is designed to unlock the mysteries of the planet's deep interior researchers like tilman sean are awaiting the data with great anticipation. they hope it will give them a better understanding of how mars developed when it was formed some four and a half billion years ago. to get through. what we now are bringing to mars of a standardized methods with which we measure the earth's interior structure and energy. and we haven't done that on mars yet.
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nasa tested the mission step by step in its laps the spacecraft robotic arm is the quipped with cameras and will deploy to key instruments if all goes to plan the seismometer will be installed in december it's the mission's most important fact finder with the ability to measure even miniscule planetary tremors. it's hoped that it will record enough such mars quakes to produce a sonogram of the planet. the second instrument is set to start work in january developed by tilman sean and his team it's a probe the can sense the flow of the planet's heat like a mold the rock will borrow five meters below the surface. sensors along its tether will measure how the temperature changes with depth. a third instrument will
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track how much mars wobbles in its orbit around the sun then with. this mission is about more the mas. is actually a mission to a terrestrial of life planet earth mostest happens to be the easiest of earth like planets to get to know i'm full of. tilman spawn is convinced the data from mars will advance understanding of how all rocky planets formed and evolved including our own. and others out there orbiting alien suns and still be on the reach of human space travel. but first insight will have to parachute to a safe landing. the descent will take seven minutes the craft has to master the landing without human help performing many small maneuvers that exactly the right time and without any mistakes until touchdown.
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and joining me now in the studio is in risk from the dia on interest which conjugated huge thing to that inside a mission i welcome this how much excitement is there actually on student among scientists worldwide so close to touchdown excitement is extremely high i mean it's the first time that we get hardware on the surface of mars and now we have to wait whether everything works fine and the landing the seven minutes of terror as we call it because we have no influence on it but we are very confident that it will work there is going to giving varying estimates of success rates and failure obviously lots of jangled nerves among scientists as they wait for these seven minutes of terror to go. well space exploration is always something risky in a way because it's your spacecraft they are on the way and they are far away and we don't have much influence and if we don't be able to send someone to help but we're very confident the americans have so much experience in bringing down spacecraft
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for the atmosphere of mass and they will do so tonight now the h.p. three device that your in stude developed will be drilling five meters into the ground water a scientists hoping to find well as any other planets they seed rising from the center of a planet in this heat is the rest of when the planets formed and so we measure of this we get an idea how the planet evolves and not only marise also earth and in. state the core is is it molten iron is it solid iron it's solid iron and this gives us an idea how all these terrorists of planets from mercury venus earth and the moon and mars are they will and how important is this research for scientists it's extremely important because nobody has done this before on another planet earth and so we can compare it so it's really basic science this is true by the dollar using might be used on earth. does this mission take us one step closer to sending humans
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on to the red planet not really know how it's geophysics it's not telling us of the atmosphere and the radiation and why our men don't mass so it's sheer science and the thing with sending people to mars the people's business kit how can this possibly findings help people on earth directly or indirectly it's not helping people on earth but the device which is a robot so to say and is working totally ocean almost you can be used in polar area and the arctic in the arctic for drilling there holds true to get similar information or information on that so it's a technical innovation to right from the d.l.r. planetary research institute thank you very much for sharing your insights and expertise with us. you're very welcome. and back in our three
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turn to sport and one champion louis hamilton has wrapped up the formula one season with yet another victory that britain has already seized this is talk of prevailed in an action packed race in abu dhabi featuring a big crash and fernando alonso saying fair bit to formula one racing. so will smith wave the flag to start off the abu dhabi chrome parade and the f one season finale would offer some hollywood style drama albeit not with regards to world champion lewis hamilton who led from poland yet another procession. the thinkers came when nico holcomb bird landed upside down after a crash. concern faces in the renault carriage. but the german emerged largely unscathed how milton already secured a fifth world title last month push out his neverending hunger by sealing his eleventh victory of a stunning season the most cities driver even treated the crowd to some donuts
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along with a nod to a long so who is quitting f one after three hundred twelve starts and two world titles there has been a personal risk with this champions from you know who are very privileged we do this here thanks for everything thanks for one i will i will be always a fan of this show but the day and the season belong to hamilton the briton even showing off his tattoo to the adoring fans. assault america's biggest soccer showpiece featuring argentinian palaces river plate and boca juniors was council twice over the weekend after an attack on live updates team bus in bahrain aside as a potential rematch could be delayed further by the upcoming g twenty summit in the capital. clash of titans that couldn't have gone more wrong. fan trouble in argentina is nothing new many clubs
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a band from bringing supporters to away games that was also the case for this match but it didn't matter these attacks by river fans on the bokeh bus ahead of the deciding match in the copa live at a dog has left several book of players in need of medical assistance. the mayor of what osiris believes argentina has a deep rooted problem with hooliganism really much problem is we have nothing as a vulture funds it's not the first time we've seen this. campaign groups say more than forty people have died in football related violence in argentina since twenty thirteen ahead of this year's world cup the argentine government met with its russian counterparts to sign an accord aimed at preventing hooligans from traveling to the tournament. the upcoming g. twenty summit in buenos aires could delay a rematch for over ten days but with the club world cup due to start in mid december south america needs to determine a champion soon a final decision on the rematch is expected on tuesday.
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now to the industry again high flies mentioned back in second place and i'm the only team in the league to have won every home game this season had or will with their latest victims despite putting up a fight early on. you have to go back to two thousand and ten for hand-overs lost when he mentioned grad back they've lost every single game here since something we immediately tried to rectify but we would get up to just twenty two seconds the quickest goal of the season so far. back shaken not stirred they needed just six minutes to equalize to. find finished with flowing moves. there was no free kick for this foul because the land profited from the referee's advantage and some slack defending. his first goal for granted back
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he went into one up at the break. that certainly fueled the hosts hunger for more goals the third another example of some excellent team play as outs cross you probably believe how you'd buy last in though and i would go on. telly psychiatry rounded off the storing moments after coming on as a sub for rad back easily maintained a one hundred percent league home records. staying with have been destroyed and then the bream and avoided a fourth straight going to stake a defeat with a late equaliser in fribourg look up van schlitz penalty had put the hosts in front just before half time the damon piled on the pressure in the kills in stages and rescued a point swedish defender elude big out stevenson caught on to a loose boil off bobo after a corner in stoppage time. he
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was in the seven years coming up ahead the italian film director there's now the best the luci has died at the age of seventy seven one of the most influential filmmakers of his generation make the luci. had his greatest success with the last the last time for a rich one nine. eleven all that and more coming up short they do say they did every news if you kept. our digital producer. from women for internet activists one mission is. to go. against repression and filings into the social media. their messages are slim like model fire brand they are women and more to change the
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world to be digital more innocent inclusive minutes of the new. great yourself with g.w. spin interior design channel on. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with six people in a room that is very similar it was hard but as for that. i even got white hair. learning the german language and not all of this gets me to include the bunch neatly to the instructor would say you want to do their story the muslims are fighting and reliable information for margaret. fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women like me you have fake hair sometimes a hairstyle takes up to two days it's
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a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with others i must find at the salon i feel good quality here. when i see it and the good story when i hear. my name is elizabeth and i work at steve. you're watching the w.'s coming to you live from berlin she was a real pleasure to have you with us our top story this hour a confrontation near russia's new bridge to the annex crimea and princella has sparked a diplomatic crisis the russian coast guard fired upon and seized three ukrainian ships claiming they had illegally entered russian waters. and staying
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with russia while the number of new hiv infections is declining worldwide the deadly virus is still on the rise in russia the united nations estimates that at least two hundred and fifty people in russia and newly infected every day that up to an annual increase of more than ten percent nationwide women gay men and drug users are particularly affected affected now what the reasons for this according to experts is that the state blocks or even bans sexual education programs here's the full list in a series on the issue by did abuse chateau. several routes is a sleepy mining town with twenty six thousand residents. but it's not a species full as it seems behind the facades of these buildings and hiv epidemic
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has been ravaging the community for he has four percent of the population in several is infected with the deadly virus. here in the several roles of russia's age of the epidemic has been moving to new theories making a definitive transition from the so-called vulnerable groups to the main population . so what does it have to mean for the people here and how much they know about the virus. nature be a problem here at school still lots of people are infected people should really wash their hands that people should get vaccinated against hiv or something like that their arrival here in town there are many. is one of the biggest problems it was led to have hiv positive friend seclusion yes many they are all sick. with this lot of unemployment many young people simply have nothing to do as
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and yet many of them a drug addict. the people here are junkies astonished by a concerned system of course have a granddaughter who are scared for my children what will come next to god so. what are authorities in several routes doing to stop the spread of the virus. the town's hospital deals with the new infections and to treat patients but we're not allowed to film inside we need to try if she was in charge of the aids prevention strategy here until recently and is still an activist. she says authorities have finally acknowledged as the seriousness of the situation. and are responding to it with the free blood tests and the public information campaign. that has made several roles an example for the russian citizens. even if one of our methods is educating the population on how to protect themselves how
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to live a proper healthy and active life. and we talk a lot about the importance of restoring family values and not talking about the institution of sex but of marriage and romantic relationships. or mantic relationships instead of sex. we go to the town hall still flanked by a lincoln statue to find out how this age of the prevention mass that is supposed to work. was young people are performing community songs celebrating russia's suck it history and calling for a better future. it might seem like a relic of the past but this show is also meant to be a tool in the fight against aids. was. sunk so instead of
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trucks soviet style romance instead of casual sex was. revealed to you soon as we want to pass on the values of older generations to our young people and use we're helping them to understand what love is including love for our homeland that's what these communist songs are about and that's part of our hiv prevention plan but if you like to cook if of so an example of how to protect yourself. yes of course it's an example when you get older generations know how to live and love you bitch don't just see it. but it's not just. young people or so-called at risk groups who are affected by the hiv epidemic here. infection rates among older people are also rights sharply in. some things there are some of your values have been able to
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prevent the. over to helena now as china looks to increase its business ties with europe and the absolutely right of course all of that against the backdrop of an increasing trade dispute with the united states is why the with no prospect of a resolution there while china is looking to strengthen ties elsewhere including here in europe but that relationship hasn't been without its ups and downs either and right now the annual hamburg summit here in germany which is currently under way chinese and european leaders from the world of business and politics are hoping to smooth out some of the issues that have divided them in the past. china meets europe the focus of this annual gathering has always been on finding common ground but this year with the rise in u.s. protectionism looming over proceedings the hunt shakes taking place here appear that bit more urgent former german chancellor gerhard schroeder seen here on the
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left had this to say about how american policy was changing the shape of europe's economic ties with china. the go. to mind i think both sides need to cooperate for free and fair global trade and not to be influenced by what is currently coming out to us from america but one must fight for the foundations of an export nation that means free and open markets not to allow yourself to be told who you're allowed to trade with and who you're not in this very moment this tendency towards this kind of extreme nala see on the side of the americans is a big problem for an export nation like germany for an export you know she would be a good shot i mean in europe we need to take a common stance against you know what to do that we need partners and among them is china there's no question about asia's joy you're going to start with. europe turning to china in the fight against us protectionism a pretty remarkable pivot towards
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a country that's itself long been accused of not being open for business. and indeed a recent survey by the european union chamber of commerce in china found that around half of european companies operating there say it has become more difficult over the past year i spoke to professor cheng way way he's the director of the china institute at the fudan university in shanghai and i also get him what he made of that criticism. when the policy since four decades ago. more and more open yup. this is the long trend i do not deny maybe a certain point of particular problems but. we go to china for interesting growing . roughly fifteen percent a year for four decades a large they both imports and exports. similar teigne let me look at your investment we do talk about you know european investors say that there have
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been increasing barriers you often refer to as a key influence. i'm wondering when you go back to beijing where you perhaps be recommending that he remove some of these economic barriers which make it difficult for european business is operating actually each other just announced a number of new policy which are particularly good for foreign best including germany best that's why you have. to expend the investment in china and soon with the assurance they are yes they're going to set up a company in shanghai so they are responsive to these new changes of policies in china that is on one side and take a look for example at china in europe then we had today tale of ita you know be ousted as the as c.e.o. of the general bought excrete kuka less than two years off to the chinese company i mean day i acquired it he was very unhappy about that does that not indicate
3:40 pm
a holiday a chinese mine however towards european companies. done the exact that they could this case but the charge is really for europe income is strategic here is the world's largest consumer market the sky's the limit no limit so virtually have to be there and from all point of view of course china has its own concerns. and no one major reason for the european currency i guess arise from the fact that you know the early stage reform china needs for invests and china needs for whatever technology etc. at this time the chinese become more competitive so the challenge becomes more choosy more selective with better quality investment that's why we also talk about the national treatment for chinese companies for incumbents the saying so in other words many foreign come to enjoy
3:41 pm
a lot of privileges before if you have provision have you somehow always draw become national treatment that perhaps one reason but still. vest china choice isn't there because that's what you're saying is indicative somehow of a contradiction when china is saying that it is now the media in globalization at the same time we are seeing i mean it does seem that international cooperation is growing more challenging for all of us the trade is a growing investment from s.d.i. is growing in china this year is did case but do you anticipate resistance to common we saw concern for example from french president to money when michael german chancellor angela merkel has also said what about german tech interest i mean can you see that i may be some increasing difficulty from the european union it wants to draw up guidelines when it comes to chinese investment is more intrusive for us nor whether the income the difficulties on all introduce are always there both ways the point is those china and germany in china you engage
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in talks and negotiations and this is important it's much better the case between charlie nice states trump is wrong to choose trade war this is damaging for both the united states and china for the world you mention the fact that there have been and there probably will be increasingly with any relationship difficulties which need to be ironed out between europe and china of course the u.s. is well but how do we get the balance right is china nuking to strike a balance truly china prefer balanced trade you know that's why china held it's the world's largest the first ever import export in shanghai just last month i was present and you met a lot of german investors and traders this you want to invest in child then to trade with china because obviously the so many opportunities right professor john
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way way from fudan university in shanghai thank you for your resides thank you. a police car chasing a motorcycle at high speed on the streets of london no i'm not talking about a seed from an action movie it's really happening in britain's capital my social media colleague joins me from all welcome finity so give us the story what's behind this so to this week the london metropolitan police released footage on facebook showing how they're trying to reduce scooter and motorcycle crime in the capital they call it operation venice and the video is quite striking you can see that the officers are chasing the alleged offenders at high speed and then you can also see they don't shy away they ram the mopeds until the driver's fault of the ground and of course this may seem a little bit barbaric police stress that they have
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a number of tactics that they use to mitigate the risk both to the offenders and to the general public and their aim their aim here really is to demonstrate how far they're ready to go with the hope that with this will help deter would be offenders it looks pretty drastic how effective these chases so the london police they adopted this attack for approach after a huge spike in crime and over the past few years with criminals more and more criminals using stolen scooters and mounting pavements to snatch phones or handbags and they are now saying that since they started this operation crime rates crime rates have actually gone down and they registered thirty six percent fewer offenses this year compared to two thousand and seventeen they also registered a reduced reduction in the amount of vests of mopeds so according to them this
3:45 pm
method is working indeed and the physical home of the people of london reacting to the strong arm tactics for. so looking at the conversation online and this is also a little bit surprising racine that a lot of people are supporting this method they see it as an effort by the police to keep the city safe we have a comment here for example by our user who writes the numbers speak for themselves and this form of targeted measure is to be applauded but of course the method has also caused some raised eyebrows and another user here says there is no excuse for using a car as a weapon if you had a gun would you shoot them now as i mentioned police stress that they follow specific procedures when they carry out these operations but i think it is pretty ruthless approach that leaves room for a debate. from social media this thank you very much for bringing us that story. some would say did not many superheroes in the real was but they reckon they've got
3:46 pm
one in japan meet the mind manage to come on a full civil servant now fighting for truth justice and the japanese way just more . this hero festival in tokyo is simply teeming with superheroes so many that villains of wouldn't dare come near. but becoming a hero requires a transformation. pretty. full of the telephone will come back to. tokyo's northeastern sinitta area is so i guess stars battle ground but he doesn't chase bank robbers he addresses the nitty gritty with gusto and you he look at our new hero. oh that looks super and it is super real heroes don't shoot through the air no they stay down to earth
3:47 pm
and help to keep the city tidy. ideal personally i was doing my morning exercises and fell down like this oh i bruised myself here if i were strong like him that certainly wouldn't have happened everyone whether young or old like cyc a star everyone that is except this alien critter. site a star is twenty six year old nor is such a camarda he left his job at the district office and is now living his dream he was bullied as a child and wants to be a good role model for children. so that. when you're an official bears a lot you may not do now i can freely inflexibly decide what's necessary but i can't live for my job as a hero so i work on the side as a fortune teller. but he has no time for that now because seniors are afraid of pickpocket and scammers. in these seen a phone scam is taking place psycho start over he has
3:48 pm
a conversation and chases the evildoer way when he appears how fearless brave heroic it's like this it's not the first time i've encountered psycho star i'm. recently saw him at the train station and know it was at the park it was very hot but he was working hard. after his heroic act there is to your city and bemused meant in the school yard next door case of emergency he gives him his business card . a hero is a hero because he is in touch with the basics keeping things clean helping listening something local politicians and the police haven't managed to do for a while now. but that cycle star has much more influence on people than we do that's why we've asked him to help us out that's why he's here today. we need heroes like that not only in japan everywhere in the world. but he rose stage
3:49 pm
is always crowded in japan but psych a star out shines them all. however fame and glory are not his priority every day life is like that telephone receiver now that heroic. director ben out of the best dilute she has died at the age of seventy seven one of the most influential filmmakers of his generation better luci had his greatest success with the period epic the last emperor which won nine oscars including best film. not to talk about betty lucci his films his legacy is the wus a movie experts are welcome scott tell us more about who was not the better luci
3:50 pm
better i mean he's probably one of the last of this generation of directors that came out of europe in the one nine hundred sixty s. and they had sort of a radical combination of incredibly. image is so very radical left wing politics and a lot a lot of explicit on screen sex that combination proved very very successful very impactful better as well was a bit unique in that he was one of the only ones of that group of our house directors who managed to make it to hollywood and be big in hollywood and his influence was quite substantial i mean france for koppel martin scorsese steven spielberg they all cite the conformist one of his early films as a huge influence but as i said he also went to hollywood and he in one nine hundred four he made a and i think seven i should say he became the first western director to go to china and to shoot in china and the result was his biggest film it was
3:51 pm
a really true grand epic take a look. thank you. thirty three g.'s monumental in one thousand nine hundred seven film the last emperor told the story of china's last imperial ruler ascended the throne in one thousand zero eight when he was just three years of age. the director was given complete freedom by the chinese authorities and even allowed to shoot within the forbidden city. it was awarded a total of nine oscars including for best director. see. he's out to your majesty. salute she was a key figure in the italian new wave his directorial career took off in one thousand nine hundred seventy with the conformist about
3:52 pm
a weak willed man who becomes a fascist. the movie was informed by the directors left wing politics. his controversial nine hundred seventy two movie last tango in paris about an affair between a young french woman and an older american starring maria schneider and marlon brando and claim but also notoriety and a suspended jail sentence for indecency. there was a huge controversy about the film in twenty sixteen due to comments that suggested the actress had not consented to one of the movie's most infamous sex scenes. and bertolucci received numerous prizes and accolades including
3:53 pm
a lifetime achievement award at the cannes film festival in twenty. the director spent the last years of his life in the real. cesspool so the jury now one of the last giants chaldean cinema has passed away. now because he was also a controversial director scott evidence about the scandal surrounding his. ties to this fabulous lot of bad yeah yeah i mean that was in this language debut in one thousand nine hundred two and saw the film it's about sexual relationship between a older man marlon brown was forty eight and younger woman. at the time was nineteen. it was controversial from the get go because it's incredibly sexually explicit it's probably the most sexually explicit film in english that ever been made that that that at that time that was trying trying to be a serious movie and not a porn porn film and it became very controversial in particular for one seemed to
3:54 pm
know and to sue the asses the butter scene i don't think i can go into great detail about it and we definitely can't show it on t.v. but it's a very very explicit scene of its shows sexual violence and the scene was sacred with controversy at the time this film itself was banned in many countries a couple of years ago it became controversial again because interview that he had done a few years back resurfaced in which he said that he didn't tell the actress about the scene before before they shot him so that was then blown up to mean that she'd actually been assaulted on the set that wasn't the case but the. actress said that she felt the whole procedure and particularly this one seen as being humiliating is being degrading and i think it does show a bit. maybe some of the problems with their solution his generation of filmmakers because they saw themselves as being liberators as being sort of sexual liberating
3:55 pm
fighting against the sort of conservative star g. generation that came before them in the one nine hundred fifty s. but looking back a lot of that liberation looks pretty massage and a lot of his films can be viewed in that light and last tango in paris remains incredibly shocking to this day it's still quite a rough view and the sexual politics at play there are definitely problematic because this is what do you say his legacy is going to be well i think you could say that a lot you sort of if you can create it he definitely made famous this sort of i call sort of european mainstream cinema the sort of center but usually historic epics photography very sort of strong politics and a. lot of love sex. films from the godfather to the english patient a lot to death lucci but in his later years i think his style became kind of tired
3:56 pm
he had a film two thousand and three one of his last films the dreamers and that for me is just a rehash of all the stuff he had done he had done before as a at the time the ninety six is a look radical now it looks a little bit tired but his best movies are the last emperor conformists are still stunning cinema rights go across with thank you very much for your insights. you're watching the news fagin astounding might have more had the news for you in just a bit but back. to. some of the. move. the ball.
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