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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is big news live from ukraine's president accuses russia of launching a new phase of aggression following a skirmish in the sea off crimea russia seized three ukrainian ships the united nations security council has been holding an emergency session and ukraine's president has called for martial law also on the program british prime minister theresa may intensify her campaign to get a hostile parliament times divided nation to support her deal with the european union as they do to vote on the eleventh of december. the spacecraft inside will
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reach mars in just a couple of hours and scientists hope to dig beneath the planet's surface to find out how it was formed so a few years ago. also coming up in the next sixty minutes mountain gorillas numbers are on the increase much against the odds the species has been downgraded from critically endangered to endangered. to tell you enough film director but i don't personally she dies at the age of seventy seven after suffering poor health one of his most notorious films was last tango in paris starring brad. i'm phil gramm welcome to the program. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has accused russia of committing one. she called
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an outrageous violation of ukraine's sovereignty by seizing several ukrainian naval vessels they have disputed crimea region nikki haley also warned that the u.s. would retain crimea related sanctions against russia the u.n. security council has been debating the crisis in emergency session ukrainian president petro poroshenko is calling on parliament to impose martial law. this video has been circulating online since it was a released on sunday. taken from on board a russian military ship swearing and shouting to be heard as well as the command to stay the course directly towards ukrainian tugboat. in the russian ship rams the ukrainian boat head on. the incident escalated further a russian tanker blocked a tight underpass between the black sea and the sea of us off a vital trade route for ukraine it was later announced that the russian coastguard had shot at three ukrainian ships the ships were seized by russia with authorities saying that boats had illegally entered russian waters but the ukrainian navy says
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it had announced the ship's transit in advance. in kiev ukrainian president petro poroshenko called on parliament to introduce martial law. this doesn't mean we are declaring war. ukraine is not planning for a war with anyone it is implemented solely to protect ukrainian land our territory territorial integrity and sovereignty of. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov accused ukraine of deliberate provocation. principles of the international law were violated including the united nations charter and other legal instruments that require all states to respect the sovereignty of another state school moscow views the water surrounding crimea as russian territory the united nations however views russian annexation of crimea as an illegal act. the united nations security council has been meeting in emergency session over this issue and western countries have
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condemned russia's actions u.s. ambassador nikki haley accused russia of outrageous violation of ukrainian sovereignty hughes's of stoking conflict in an already deadly war in response russia says it's over the city has been violated by kiev accused ukrainian president petro poroshenko of provoking the incident to bolster support in forthcoming elections in brussels the nato secretary general against shoulder was called for ukrainian ships and crew to be released and warned moscow that its actions would have consequences. and let's get the german perspective on this with me in. a member of i'm going to governing the city utah and also chairs the german parliament a european affairs committee welcome to d.w. have a good evening what is germany going to do about this are we deeply concerned about the for the developments here and we can observe these temptations since
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a couple of moms especially in the region of the soft sea but what russia did knock can only strongly be condemned it is an aggression which does not help because we have these tensions and now mr poroshenko announced today a. lot of the. wall and this does not help when we come and we want to calm down the situation so we ask also to deescalate knol the situation and. is in the role they have to act and not in a military sense that's quite clear so. i hope that it will be possible if both sides are reasonable now and perhaps also with france and germany as an honest broker in this situation. to calm down the situation and. finally and this has to be emphasized once a gun the seed that s of c.
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can be used by both nations by ukraine and russia we have a treaty since two thousand and three and this was violated by russia ok so this all sounds very reasonable use you say that germany wants to see a deescalation of this issue and wants everybody to be to act to reasonably russia has demonstrated time and time again that it is not prepared to act reasonably so once germany has called for deescalation and been ignored what then well first it will be discussed now in the security council in un security council and that's the right place and it should not be excluded that also further sanctions can be no happen towards russia. i want to avoid it but that's exactly the point russia has to be reasonable because another war will not help for the whole region because we need stability and also ukraine needs stability. there's one
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point very very clear this crisis now was cost and reached by russia. has what is going to merkel be in touch with anyone on this issue. isn't close touch with the ukraine authorities and especially also with france because i think we have we have this framework of minsk which can no one cares about minsk at minsk it keeps getting ignored i think it is. there it's a life of contradiction from my point of view because it's necessary to continue this dialogue because a military option will not be helpful we have now the economic sanctions we have the pressure on russia and. russia cannot be interested in all these sanctions because they need to also the talking to. technology. they normally buy in western europe although in the western world because they don't have these innovation in
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their own country so that it's a really violating their own economy yet you say that except that what we keep seeing is russia says we want that the world including germany says no no no no to be reasonable russia says no it's ours russia takes it the world is let's be reasonable let's talk let's have a negotiating process russia says you know you talk you have you negotiate in process this is ours and it stays ours no because it's not up to russia. to calm down this situation but it won't what will the chaos they provoked it why did you do it when when when what we have seen clearly is that russia has decided this is our backyard this is what we want the world keep saying to russia you need to come down the world keeps imposing sanctions on russia and russia keeps say this is ours we don't care. in this case they can say it's our respect cause.
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of us off there we have to respect also international law and we have the sea board us that's all international rule and if so i think international pressure is needed and look on the. on the economic side of russia look on the economic development russia does not do a real and cannot have real interest at the moment because when you look on the internal situation now in moscow a lot of internal pressure in russia which is perhaps sometimes not seen so that's my point of view because then i say it cannot be in a interest in a deep interest of russia to get more international pressure to get more international sanctions but it is partially these sanctions will be the consequence if russia will not. will continue what they did. well that's also why i'm asking that they have to release also the three caption.
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better to say the man to say lost. because that's not acceptable let's hope that you are right and that cooler heads prevail thank you so much for joining us thank you thank you i think you know welcome. so now to some of the other stories making news around the world four turkish soldiers are dead another seriously injured after their helicopter crashed in a residential area of istanbul the aircraft struck a four story building before hitting the street but i thought you say there were no civilian casualties defense officials have launched an investigation. india has been marking the tenth anniversary of the moment by terrorist attacks that killed more than one hundred sixty people events were held across the city at some of the sites on three day delhi blames the assault on the pakistani based militant group lashkar e tayyiba. united arab emirates has pardoned a british academic who was jailed on spying charges despite releasing
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a video tape which claimed to show confessing authority sentenced matthew had just two life imprisonment last week any case that has strained relations with the united kingdom. britain's prime minister has urged lawmakers from all parties to support the bread deal she agreed with the european union on sunday speaking in parliament to resubmit ward skeptical lawmakers of the unknown consequences of not ratifying britain's withdrawal deal from the e.u. . we come back to this do you deliver on the vote of the referendum and move on to building a brighter future of opportunity and prosperity for all our people all this house can choose to reject this deal and go back to square one because no one knows what would happen if this deal doesn't pass it would open the door to more division and more uncertainty with all the risks that really tell you. the w. correspondent burger masters following this story for us in london to reason may
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know is that there is a lot of work still ahead of her she's talking to m.p.'s in parliament but she's also trying to persuade the public she's going on a road show true britain in order to persuade the public that this is the best deal in town and she's banking on the fact that a lot of people really want to get on with it they are bored of bricks and they don't want to hear every day in the news about bret's and they just want this to disappear but she also knows that for a lot of m.p.'s this goes really to the core of their believes and that they know it's a momentous decision that's going to shape the country for years and appropriately generations to come and that there's a lot of plotting going on in westminster some m.p.'s are trying to push for even sharper exits and they say even no deal is better than this deal and then there are those who are hoping that they can somehow reverse the decision and come to a referendum on this deal so there's
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a lot going on in westminster the vote is expected maybe a couple of weeks time to reason may has a lot of work to do till then. there's a big mass in london so what does the business community think of mrs may still a small one hundred billion pounds a year by the year two thousand and thirty that's what the breaks it will cost the british people according to a new study commissioned by a group calling for a second referendum nazis' a number of economic blows to the u.k. future if it goes ahead with its divorce from the european union they include drops in trade foreign direct investment and overall g.d.p. to the tune of four percent. it's divorced from the e.u. is going to get expensive for great britain analysis of the london based and i e.s.r. research institute is forecasting dramatic results trade with the e.u. could collapse by as much as forty percent foreign investment by
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a fifth the berlin based german research institute the d i w also forsee severe consequences. the loss for the british economy due to brics it will be substantial but it will not come in a one off so this will be a gradual process over a policy period of ten fifteen years the british economy growing maybe pie zero point two percent less every year so it may look small but if you cumulate it's over a period of ten fifteen years we're talking about easily five to ten percent of g.d.p. that's the size of the british economy will be smaller if the economy shrinks the queues in front of british job centers are shorter grow nevertheless some experts believe the e.u. u.k. negotiations could have had a worse outcome. this is a very hard deal struck and i don't know how you can make it even better but the right comparison would be what would happen to the u.k.
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if it were to go back to w.t. rules if it was a half no deal what we now know was the hardbacks it that would be the real comparison and if you compare the current numbers to that i think there's a pretty good on this now prime minister theresa may is travelling across britain to present a newly forged briggs' a deal to the people but members of parliament still have to give their approval in a vote set for the twelfth of december. to the united states and u.s. carmaker general motors announced massive restructuring on monday g.m. said it plans to layoff more than fourteen thousand factory and white collar workers in the united states and canada canada and put five plants up for possible possible closure g.m. said the move was a response to increased cost pressure and waning demand for traditional sedans instead it wants to ramp up resources dedicated to electric and soft driving vehicles the company also tears on imported steel imposed earlier this year by the trend of ministration have costed one billion dollars so far.
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so well with the prospect of a resolution in china's ongoing trade dispute with the u.s. beijing is seeking to strengthen ties elsewhere including here in europe but that relationship hasn't been without its ups and downs are there and right now at the annual summit in hamburg germany chinese and european leaders from the world of business and politics are hoping to smooth out some of the issues that have divided them in the past china and me europe the focus of this annual gathering has always been on finding common ground but this year with the rise of u.s. protectionism looming over proceedings the han trade taking place here appear that bit more urgent former german chancellor hutch luda here on the left have this to say about how american policy was changing the shape of europe's economic ties with china. they go. the mines i think we need to cooperate for
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free and fair global trade not saudi influenced by what's currently coming out shots from america. one must fight for the preservation of an export nation is and i think that means free and open market and not to allow yourself to be told who you're allowed to trade with answers or not this tendency towards this kind of extra analyse on the side of the americans is a big problem for an export nation like germany and europe we need to take a common stance against this enemy and to do that we need partners among them is china there's no question about it. sheena is kind of. europe turning to china in the fight against u.s. protectionism a pretty remarkable pivot towards a country that's itself been accused of not being open for business chinese industry leaders are presenting it as an opportunity. so based on the current trade
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situation i think china need to be closer to the european countries you are ripping companies into and to stand better apart the european market so this is a very good time for europe and china each odds are understanding each other they work together better. but however strategic the alliance may be old tensions remain foreign companies doing business in china still complain about the difficulty of competing with domestic firms backed by what critics see as market distorting government supports. while news came in today that still writer is to be also c.e.o. of the german robotics group kook less than two years after it was acquired by the chinese government via my colleague. asked top chinese government adviser way way if this indicates a tougher chinese line towards is your best. i've
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done the exact particular this case but the child is really for europe and come to this strategic area is the world's largest consumer market the sky's the limit no limit so virtually have to be there and from all point of view of course china has its own concerns no one major reason for the european currency i guess arise from the fact that you know the early stage of reform china needs for invest in china needs for in whatever technology. at this time the chinese become more competitive so china becomes more choosy in the more selective with better quality investment that's why we also talk about the national treatment for chinese companies for incumbents the saying so in other words many for income to enjoy the laws of privileges before. provision have been somehow always draw become national treatment that perhaps one reason. chinese government adviser speaking there and
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now it's back to phil and growing tensions at the u.s. mexican border and he thanks so much christoph yes mexico has said that it will step up security at his border with the united states after a peaceful protest by migrants descended into chaos u.s. border guards fired tear gas at the mexican town of tijuana to stop the migrants breaching the border police made dozens of arrests on both sides of the fence. this is the moment the situation escalated into your one hour migrants from central america storm to the border fence several dozen were able to make it across on the other side u.s. border guards reacted by shooting rubber bullets and firing tear gas the chaos lasted about an hour sending a shockwave through. their newsletter also i've been living and working here for more than twenty years and i've never seen anything like this it's as if this were a war zone. it all began with a peaceful protest with about
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a thousand migrants taking part including women and children. that was marching to put pressure on the authorities to see if maybe they were let a story to the u.s. . then eyewitnesses say a few hundred protesters broke away from the group unexpectedly the mexican police were not able to stop them the u.s. closed the border for several hours until the situation had calmed mexico's interior minister says the action has harmed the plight of all the migrants mexico has promised to deport those who stormed the border or anyone who attempts to enter the u.s. illegally. has got the latest on this from correspondent chris sherman who joins us from to you want to welcome chris this incident does seem to have taken the border guards completely by surprise did it. well for some weeks now the u.s. border officials have been reinforcing the areas around the port of entry and at
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the fence and in fact yesterday when the peaceful demonstration. did arrive to the border fence there were border patrol agents in maybe a dozen vehicles there waiting for them. and so how is t. want to coping with thousands of people arriving in town like this it's been tense the mayor made some comments last week went so far as to say that the migrants weren't welcome here and this is always been a city of migrants. but it it's a lot it's so many people to receive all at one time the shelter that they opened for them at a sports complex was planned for at most fifteen hundred people there are now more than five thousand people there you know they're practically sleeping on top of each other it's it's not good conditions and the how of u.s. authorities has responded to the criticism that has followed images of scat
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children running away from the u.s. border guards firing tear gas. yesterday the department of homeland security issued comments saying that their personnel were forced to act they feared for their own safety and that some librarians were breaching the the border and they had to respond and the president trump has has threatened to close the border poem that lee is not likely. it's seems unlikely it's hard to fathom the impact that that would have on both sides of the border just for the few hours that the sunny serial port of entry was closed here yesterday afternoon was tremendous this is the busiest u.s. border crossing. and it's it it causes big problems for the economy and for citizens who live on both sides of the border good talking to thanks for joining us
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chris sherman and to your. thought it mass will be receiving a new guest today the billion dollar spacecraft called insight is on its final approach to the five planets and should touchdown later it's taken six and a half months to get there scientists predict that once it lands inside will provide them with data they have been dreaming of for decades. this latest mission to mars is designed to unlock the mysteries of the planet's deep interior researchers like tilman spawn are awaiting the data with great anticipation. they hope it will give them a better understanding of how mars developed when it was formed some four and a half billion years ago. that's a good thought him. what we now bringing to monster of a standardized methods which we measure the earth's structure and energy. holes and we haven't done that hamas yet. nasa tested the
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mission step by step in its laps the spacecraft robotic arm is equipped with cameras and will deploy to key instruments if all goes to plan the seismometer will be installed in december it's the mission's most important fact finder with the ability to measure even miniscule planetary tremors. it's hoped that it will record enough such mars quakes to produce a sonogram of the planet. the second instrument is set to start work in january developed by tilman sean and his team it's a probe the can sense the flow of the planet's heat. like a mold the rock will borrow five meters below the surface. sensors along its tether will measure how the temperature changes with depth. a third instrument will track how much mars wobbles in its orbit around the sun then with. this
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mission is about more the mas. is actually a mission to a terrestrial earth like planet earth mostest happens to be the easiest of earth like planets to get to know i'm full of. tilman spawn is convinced the data from mars will advance understanding of how all rocky planets formed and evolved including our own. and others out there orbiting alien suns and still be on the reach of human space travel. but first insight will have to parachute to a safe landing. the descent will take seven long minutes the craft taskmaster the landing without human help performing many small maneuvers at exactly the right time and without any mistakes until touchdown. or watching news live from berlin still to come against all the also mountain
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gorilla numbers increase conservation say such a success story as the gorilla status is downgraded from critically dangerous to just endangered. italian told her to go back to the chance to seventy seven one of the most influential filmmakers of his generation he has his greatest success with the last emperor of which was not an oscar was. over get you could always get the w. news on the go just down no doubt from google play or from the apple store i'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as a push there because breaking news and also use it to send you some photos i'm videos. all. the way as well as sports business and culture that's all he'll need of.
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the mobility for a clean and modern society. but how green is production. and more about a reason the more demand for raw materials. and more mining means more destruction and exploitation. the true cost of electric cars. in forty five minutes on g.w. . history shows the story of the first with more different perspectives by peter craig from the eastern european perspective from the car for example space from the perspective of the arab world. e.w. dot com slash w w one. we make up oh but we watch as our
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faith and that's because we are the center services. they want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa charting. a continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business . history in everyone. now from the fish from the.
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digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . visited that we do is live from boston i'm phil gayle these are our top stories this hour the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has accused russia of committing outrageous violation of ukrainian sovereignty after russia seems to three ukrainian ships near the disputed crimean peninsula ukraine's president has called on parliament. imposing martial law. that when people outside the continent think of africa they often think of the animals there as antelopes and giraffes elephants and rhinos romping majestically across the plate but many subspecies of these animals are endangered six hundred and thirty six that's how many species of animals are critically endangered in sub-saharan africa and the black rhinoceros of the mongoose lemur the creatures you see here could soon disappear forever if nothing
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is done to help them but there is a glimmer of hope a story of survival the international unit for the conservation of nature informs us that the population of mountain gorillas is growing and that they have now scaled back the gorillas status from critically endangered to just endangered the success they say shows that extinction is not inevitable. it's a rare sight this rugged figure in the forest. but not as rare as before. thirty years ago the mountain gorilla which is darker and shaggier than its low and cousins was nearly extinct. now its population has risen to over one thousand. in rwanda to risp a large sums nearly one thousand five hundred euros to see these great apes the revenue goes toward protecting the animals.
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it's amazing. to see me here if you were here. it's pretty exciting. to be honest it's a lot of money family. only to be able to do this once in my life but. looking at the fact that i will have this memory for my life. the mountain gorilla lives almost exclusively at higher elevations and as humans have encroached on its habitat its population has dwindled. years of war and human conflict have also contributed to the decimation of the species population. these four gorillas were found dead allegedly killed by local charcoal traders angered that the forests protected status impedes their business. the mountain gorilla is still not thriving but conservationists hope that their efforts will continue to bring them back from the brink. a
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surge vishy is the great apes experts at the international union for conservation of nature this is the organization that updates the so-called red list of endangered animals he joins us from liverpool in the united kingdom welcome to you what's behind the mountain gorillas recovery well a lot of worry and troop liberation between governments civil society and companies there were. threats and grow and that's the i think that story but there that they are not extinct but you are still worried about a monster. yes the numbers are still very low in very limited area so a disease like evolution could still or is a potential risk or. species or such species so are there any other animals in
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africa that have bounced back from near extinction you know well from near into i mean there is animals that are doing better than it is oh is there a better fin whale important to remember will there several species of get all those. all those species are better at the end down wish that nobody i do see and so it's a clear sign that we can have success if we leave the everything together the conservation can work. when you talked about the government and private companies and all the rest of it working together for instance with the mountain gorillas what do they work together to do. well one of the things is is trying to stop the poaching so much on having patrol teams go into the area us through that you were seriously that if you're a terrorist. try to have
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a veterinary chain is. intervening when there's animals that need that and those are things that need good movement of people and the governments and. communities and by these are working together on and doing with only eco tourism and. a big part of a sand house sort of has to be getting government to actually take this seriously because we saw in the report those four gorillas laid out dead supposedly killed by people who by charcoal make because people have to make their living and if it's if it's a choice between some gorilla i mean putting food on the table how do you argue with that. well a lot of people are making money from degree and being there so it's always if you want to see it in the materials it's some people benefiting some people maybe
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not benefiting from there how do you get your trade off i do know they're all but they're also protected by law or even is that the problem for some people and i think at least they. the government shoot for instance not all species are lucky tell us about another species the conservation conservationists a particularly worried about well meaning in africa the western chimpanzee it's critically endangered it's forest is fragmented it's. incredibly over the last decade it's the numbers. there's a lot of earning anything there and that's a real concern for. fun to talk to you thank you for joining us this surge fish from the international union for the conservation of nature and you.
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to zimbabwe now my doctors and patients are struggling with the country's twenty lng stockpiles of medicines pharmacies in zimbabwe rely heavily on buying imported drugs because of a lack of foreign currency of they are having problems keeping the shelves stocked the situation has sent prices skyrocketing rocketing eating some patients to abandon their prescriptions in tiny. alice gin you could is hoping herbs will save her life the fifty year old suffers from high blood pressure for years she had taken the drug in a fed opinion to keep her situation stable but with zimbabwe's economic crisis deepening its price has pod rippled so she drinks herbal tea instead a traditional remedy she is not sure will work. when i did my. when i started taking pills in twenty thirteen everything was ok. the tablets were available and affordable well. i started experiencing problems when i went to the pharmacy on two
7:38 pm
separate occasions and found the drug i need was out of stock. through. the pharmacy eventually restart but the drug cost twenty four u.s. dollars instead of six as it had before doctors across the southern african country are struggling to treat their patients as medication disappears from their shelves over eighty five percent of zimbabwe's drugs are imported and national distributors can't make the payments fast enough. that instead of describing what is good for the patient to ending up being now what is in the right and what is there is changing every week every month by not medication for people what you can see is that we are killing our own people who already chain you can has been off her medication for two months she has no choice but to harvest her herbs and hope for the best zimbabwe's health where they say is
7:39 pm
obadiah moyo he told d.w. why he believes his government has not been able to ensure patients receive the medicines they need. this should be desired result will. really beautiful for. we need the. foreign currency to be able to replenish our stock so that's a big problem affecting the health. according to the health minister patients who need hiv or tb treatments are able to get their medicines from international aid organizations but he said zimbabwe was having difficulties ensuring treatment for other chronic diseases such as diabetes was trying to come up with solutions well we have to think outside the box. and be innovative and they had a vision. that if i included clients. we have in government the government is. failing time because
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we have to. feed. empty. we're going to nigeria now where u.s. model and access entertain a black china is facing a social media backlash she's in the country promoting a skin lightening cream called a white an issues the product calls itself a illuminating a brightening cream that likeness without bleaching skin out become producers one mischa says for conditions like hyperpigmentation people develop dark spots on their skin but nigerians on social media say simply are bleaching cream and accuse a black china of trying to trying a selling toxic message that black skin is inferior it's estimated that seventy seven percent of women in nigeria use some kind of skin bleaching product on a regular basis after black china a landed in lagos this user tweeted is black china saying africans are proud of
7:41 pm
their color is another user who wrote that but china endorsing a skin bleaching cream called white initials it's just very sad women of every single ethnicity should feel comfortable in their own skins and be proud of who they are maybe she's just doing this for the money and is laughing away to the back . of a celebrity i was also criticised for promoting such an expensive product itself for two hundred fifty dollars that's a fortune in a country that according to the u.n. has the largest number of people living in extreme poverty in the world is never treated my annoyance is not even the black china wants to sell bleaching cream in nigeria it's that she's selling it at two hundred fifty dollars that's about ninety k. equivalent in nairobi and guess what people attach it legally to buy it. some african countries like ivory coast and gonna have to actually ban certain skin lightening skin lightning products nigeria is not one of the. it was
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a star studded we're out weekend as musicians from across the continent for the africa music awards some of the continent's top talent posed on the red carpet for the cameras for the event to. only in its fifth year after a month a showcase for the african music industry has exploded over the past decade. and i have to be here because this is africa coming together the way you are an event like this beast such limited amount of superstars so i am very chilled if i were able to. change many things for me or for other winners to just spread african music and all over the world because we all know that africa is mother of the group the beat of the sound. the nigerian pop out to davido was named after my artist of the year well tanzania's that netty music when the african fan favorites of.
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the u.k. were police in london have been dealing with a spike in offenses carried out by criminals on motor scooters over the past two years a moped faceman pavements and surprised pedestrians by snatching their phones in a handbag and their driving off this is forced police and the british company to adopt tougher measures to tackle the issue. they are getting tough on the federal budget see the loses social media desk has
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moved a welcome fredricka so what all the police in london doing about. the london metropolitan police they have been running this operation called operation venice to tackle motorcycle crime and this week they've shared footage of this operation on social media for the first time so we can see what it looks like and it is quite striking part of what this operation involves is to have a unit of officers called scorpion drivers who are trained trained in chasing. in their cars and making the drivers full of the scooters in order to catch them this may seem a little bit barbaric if i may but police stress that officers the officers involved here have been extensively trained in order to be able to limits the risk of injuries for the offenders as well as for the public and it really is part of an effort for them to show how far they're ready to go and in the hope that this will
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help deter other potential criminals ok so how effective are these chases well the police as as mentioned before they have adopted this tougher measures in response to a spike in mopup crime in london and it seems they say that since they've introduced as a brace in the end of twenty seventeen the numbers of crimes have actually been going down this year they've registered thirty six percent fewer offenses compared to last year and they've also noticed every duction in the number of scooters being stolen in london so they say the method is working actually it's hard with that how are people reacting yeah looking at this conversation online it seems like most many people support the method they see it as part of a necessary effort by the police to keep the city safe we have a comment here by a user. for instance the numbers speak for themselves and this form of targeted
7:46 pm
measure is to be applauded but of course the method has also caused some raised eyebrows here's someone saying there is no excuse for using a car as a weapon if you had a gun would you shoot them. now as i mentioned police stress that they follow strict procedures when they carry out these operations to avoid injuries and so far that has worked out fine but it is quite brutal so scooter thief. you have been warned frederick about you thank you. they were high flyers a club back a back in second place the only bodies they get into have won every game this season however that latest victims despite putting up an early fight. you have to go back to two thousand and ten for hannover vast winning mention glad back at last every single came here since something we immediately tried to rectify but we would
7:47 pm
on target out to just twenty two seconds the quickest goal of the season so far. back shaken not stirred they needed just six minutes to equalize streets to. find finished with flowing moves. there was no free kick for this foul because the land prophesied in the referee's advantage and some slack defending. his first goal for granted back he went into one up at the break. that certainly fueled the host's hunger for more goals the third another example of some excellent team play as outs cross apparently volleyed held by last in joe and i will go on. telly sic area rounded off the storing moments after coming on as a sub forward grab back easily maintain a one hundred percent leak homewrecker was. well ahead of bremen avoided
7:48 pm
a full stride bundesliga defeat with a lady inside bourke. valid smith's penalty. piled on the pressure in the closing stages of the rescue the full. truth is different but the sting still caught on to a new spode quarter in stoppage time. film director of another personality has died aged seventy seven. and there was there was a wonderful filmmakers of his generation whose greatest success was the period after the last emperor which one also has including the not for best film. talk about but i don't buy some new to his films of these legacy t.v. you know movie sculpt rocks for welcome scott and i took us through this man that
7:49 pm
bernardo bertolucci yeah he was one of a generation probably one of the last members of this generation of filmmakers that came out of europe in the one nine hundred sixty s. the created what they called the new cinema and they were sort of reacting against very starkly conservatism. just after the war and what they did was they combined sort of incredibly lush visual imagery and music with really radical left wing politics a different way of storytelling breaking up stories and telling them a different way and then probably very important for their success a huge amount of online of on screen sex a lot of eroticism. bedell bertolucci though was a bit different from the other directors of his generation and that he was able to cross over and go to hollywood he had a huge impact on american directors i mean scorsese. steven spielberg even cite him
7:50 pm
as one of their main influences but i say he was able to cross over and in one thousand nine hundred particular he became the first western director to go to china to be able to shoot in china that's when he created his most successful film of all time the result when he went there shot the forbidden city was real a proper epic and i think we have a piece only take a look. thank. first rich is monumental nine hundred eighty seven film the last emperor told the story of china's last imperial ruler ascended the throne in one thousand zero eight when he was just three years of age. the director was given complete freedom by the chinese authorities and even allowed to shoot within the forbidden city. it was awarded a total of nine oscars including for best director. he
7:51 pm
cult following to your majesty. luci was a key figure in the italian new wave his directorial career took off in one thousand nine hundred seventy with the conformist about a weak willed man who becomes a fascist. the movie was informed by the directors left wing politics. his controversial nine hundred seventy two movie last tango in paris about an affair between a young french woman and an older american star in maria schneider and marlon brando claim but also notoriety and a suspended jail sentence for indecency. there was
7:52 pm
a huge controversy about the film in twenty sixteen due to comments that suggested the actress had not consented to one of the movies most infamous sex scenes. bertolucci received numerous prizes and accolades including a lifetime achievement award at the cannes film festival in. twenty eleven the director spent the last years of his life in a wheelchair after unsuccessful back surgery now one of the last giants of italian cinema has passed away. yeah i mean it's interesting watching that just a few minutes before coming on air i was able to talk on the phone to jeremy thomas who produced the last emperor and also produced about five or six other films and he was saying that that was the only time you saw him nervous was on the set of the last emperor of the scene that we saw the where the young boy comes out the young emperor comes out and everyone greets him and said they had thousands literally
7:53 pm
thousands of extras and they were given one day to shoot everything six thirty some set ups they looked over. to shake it shake it is this is it started to since he started rolling is it was all like an opera i was just sort of dancing core dating and i got it i got everything in and from then you know as we dove the film went on to win nine oscars still the only italian director to ever win win best picture and what we heard in the report about this controversy in last time going paris what was going on yeah that at the time incredibly controversial it's a credibly explicit sexual film about the relation between an older man played by marlon brando's forty at the time and maria schneider who was nineteen at the time . the controversy basically is around one very very infamous scene which we cannot show on t.v. so don't be watching for it but called the butter scene a very explicit violence sex act this patrol. and
7:54 pm
a couple of years ago. interview that you had done production t.v. turned up again in which he said that he never told a shot of the actress what they were going to do in that scene and that was then inflated a bit and people thought that that meant that the actress was actually physically assaulted on set that actually wasn't wasn't the case it was that she didn't know exactly what they want to use they use butter in the scene in a very explicit way and she did know that they didn't tell her before because she said he was. i get her a natural reaction afterwards the actress said that she felt it was humiliating and degrading. it's interesting it's a complicated issue particularly now in the sort of wake of the me two debates but i think it does show one thing is that better in them the directors of his generation which were mostly all men they saw themselves as being liberating
7:55 pm
sexually liberal ating very progressive but looking back now with how sexual politics has changed a lot of the stuff they did was was also pretty massager music so what you think his legacy will be i think he really creative type of cinema that is influential the sort of sweeping luscious storch dramas which are sort of politically left wing and and sort of very very very poignant i mean everything from the godfather to the english patient who owes a huge debt to the battle that you thank you very much for that scott wrote for the death just minutes of but not a better picture. that's it you know up today more at the top of the hour haven't done.
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russia is becoming a hotbed of any company by a lack of information and stigmatize ation in some cities a child to be spreading rapidly. here in the san diego involves russia's age at the epidemic has been moving to a new phase making a definitive transition from the so-called fall notable groups to the bane cultivation. and h.i.v. in russia today on t.w. news. this is v.w. news wire from berlin tonight an emergency un security council meeting on russia
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and ukraine the u.s. accusing russia of an outrageous violation of ukrainian sovereignty if all is russia the seizing of three ukrainian ships off the disputed crimean peninsula ukraine's president says it's a new phase of aggression and has called on parliament to impose martial wall in ukraine also coming up tonight british prime minister theresa may intensifies her campaign to get a hostile parliament and divide they.


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