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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin tonight what is happening inside ukraine lawmakers impose martial law at home pointing the finger at russia on sunday russia sees three ukrainian ships off the disputed crimean peninsula ukraine's president says this is a new phase of aggression tonight we ask how will marshall wall protect ukrainians from russia also coming up after six months and fifty five million kilometers the spacecraft inside and just landed on mars scientists hope to dig beneath the red
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planet's surface to find out how it was formed billions of years ago. and an attempt to rush the u.s. and mexico border by some migrants driven back by tear gas mexico's now saying it will step up security at the border. i bring it's good to have you with us after a day of escalating tensions the ukrainian parliament has now agreed to a demand by the nation's president to impose martial law all on sunday russian ships seized three ukrainian naval vessels the skirmish took place off the disputed crimean peninsula ukraine's president poroshenko accusing russia of acting like bandits while the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says that russia has committed an outrageous
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violation of ukraine's sovereignty. a clash at sea causing waves of international concern a russian military ship rams into a ukrainian tugboat off the coast of crimea. the vessel was then fired at and captured by the russians along with two other ships and dozens of ukrainian sailors several of whom were injured. the united nations security council held an emergency meeting where western countries accused russia of stoking the already deadly war with ukraine what we witnessed this weekend is yet another reckless russian escalation it is an arrogant act that the international community must condemn and will never accept in response russia's representative said the ukrainian ship had violated its territorial waters moscow says the vessel ignored warning shots to stop it claims the incident was
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a provocation by ukrainian president viktor to boost his support in upcoming elections there in kiev publishing co has declared a state of martial law for thirty days but insisted it would not interfere with the looming presidential vote. in brussels nato secretary general warned russia that its actions would have consequences which means there is no justification for the use of military force against ukrainian ships and naval personnel so we call on our show to release immediately their crane in sailors and ships it seized yesterday sea traffic is again flowing through the disputed waters after russia briefly blocked the crucial passage but moscow says it will continue to hold the ukrainian ships and sailors while it conducts its own investigation. and for the latest now i'm joined by our very own nicholas connelly he's in kiev good evening
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to you nicholas so what will the introduction of martial law mean in concrete terms and help us understand how will martial law protect ukrainians from aggression by russia good evening brant well this has been a very stormy day even by the relatively lively standards of ukraine's parliament the rada just in the last few the hour or so we've seen this martial law passed what exactly that will mean concrete terms that seems to all of confusion as the exact terms but we know it's going to be in place for thirty days and applied to ten regions along ukraine's borders especially those borders next to. russia and of the russian occupied crimea what this is about is about civil liberties about basically sacrificing potentially some civil liberties temporarily for the greater good of the country as the government would have it that means potentially employer imposing temporary censorship restricting freedom of assembly and also giving
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the police greater powers and even potentially mobilizing reserve it so that the president said he will only do that if there are further acts of russian intervention in ukraine as he puts it i think the really important thing to remember here is that. in the past few years that ukraine has seen a lot of conflicts crimea being an exploring donbass this has not been applied this is the first time that ukraine has seen this since the last modern evolution that saw ukraine slide into conflict with russia it's the first time we've seen a marshall wall imposed in ukraine does that mean the country the ukrainians do they fear that they are headed towards a full fledged war with russia i think it's not quite panic yet but there is a certain nervousness i just got back to kiev few hours ago at the airport one thing that really struck me was people listening to radio transmissions or watching on their smartphones the direct live coverage from parliament this is something you
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know people who maybe we wouldn't normally be in politics glued to their screens there's been lot of speculation on line that this could have a real serious impact on ukraine's economy which hasn't been doing well anyway you know this could scare off investors and could see the losing that job so i think we're not at the war stage yet but this is definitely something that has really. can people up and really does signal the beginning of the election campaign presidential elections to be held next year and people worried that this could get nasty and how does martial wall play into the fact that the election is is on the horizon in ukraine i mean is there an interplay there. well prison for sinkers biscoe potence would say that this is political on his part that he wants to position himself as commander in chief the father of the nation and perhaps even more sinister that lee use martial law to delay the elections he's
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been quite clear that he doesn't want to do this that's why most of the noise law now is going to thirty days which means it won't impact it won't push those elections back as had been expected today so he's quite clear that he's trying to get any suggestion of. point scoring for his own political side out the way but that is the suggestion coming from moscow and from sourcing because opponents here in kiev. article responded nicolas connelly on the story for us tonight in kiev in ukraine nick thank you. but here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world british prime minister to resume aide says the house of commons will vote on her plan to leave the european union on december eleventh it comes after she faced and hours long grilling from skeptical lawmakers over her proposal to the e.u. formally or approved the plan on sunday may says the deal is the best and the only one available. four turkish soldiers are dead another seriously injured after their
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helicopter crashed in a residential area in stamboul the aircraft struck a four story building before hitting the street but before you say there were no civilian casualties defense officials have watched an investigation. mexico says that it will step up security at its border with the united states after a peaceful protest by migrants descended into chaos u.s. guards fired tear gas at the mexican town of tear wanna the stop the migrants from breaching the border police made dozens of arrests on both sides of the fence. this is the moment the situation escalated into. migrants from central america storm to the border fence several dozen were able to make it across on the other side u.s. border guards reacted by shooting rubber bullets and firing tear gas at the chaos lasted about an hour sending a shockwave through t o on
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a. single most living things that often i've been living and working here for more than twenty years and i've never seen anything like this it's as if this were a war zone. i don't began with a peaceful protest with about a thousand migrants taking poss including women and children. that is they're not going to put pressure on the authorities to see if maybe they were less history to the u.s. . then eyewitnesses say a few hundred protesters broke away from the group unexpectedly the mexican police were not able to stop them the u.s. closed the border for several hours until the situation had calmed mexico's interior minister says the action has harmed the plight of all the migrants mexico has promised to deport those who stormed the border or anyone who attempts to enter the u.s. illegally. martin our correspondent stefan simone's is in one and he joins us live now good afternoon to you stefan the media if you look at the video it appears
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that the u.s. border guards were caught by surprise do we know was that the case. well first i am on the california that means the u.s. side of the border to. this way camera can show you this right there and as you pointed out in the piece you just ran about five hundred immigrants are all migrants central american migrants in this protest march yesterday broke off this peaceful demonstration which started over there in tijuana at the shelter main shelter which houses now five thousand. migrants from central america in this town they broke all five hundred broke off and made it. to the border right behind me here to this border crossing. so were the border guards or the customs and border patrol the u.s. customs border role on pit i would say actually no because there were fairly creek
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there in their tactical gear that means was shielded helmet and so on and off use of course as you pointed out they were shooting tear gas at people. the americans and there their chief patrol officer here at the border made the call to deploy tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd and he said on american television and that american networks that he did this because or that border patrol agents did this because they had to fear for their lives they were hit by rocks and assaulted by some of those migrants who tried to make it illegal in the united states and just lastly sixty nine of them made it illegally into into the u.s. and those are the ones who were arrested by border police by border patrol here and when you look at those pictures on it seems that they are they're doing the work for the u.s. president double trump when he says that there is an invasion taking place and these these images do not speak well to the peaceful intentions of the migrants who
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are approaching the u.s. border. yeah absolutely right a very good point and as you have it the president capitalized on this right away with the tweets saying mexico has to put more beef to the bone beef up their actions to port those people and warrants again from the hordes of criminals who make their way to the u.s. border now whatever the on sunday were again five hundred of thousands of migrants which are there cross over the border in shelters who made this dash for the border was that smart definitely not because you can bet on it that republicans and democrats in washington as well as the white house of course will dashed that alice and fight this out this will be highly politicized and electrifying the political debate in washington the political fight about immigration and this comes just at the right time for donald trump threats to shore. correspondent. joining us from
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the us mexico border and as he rightly pointed out on the u.s. side across the border from to your want stuff and thank you. for migration to alter makers christophe cober here now with business news talk about big changes general motors s red brand massive restructuring we're looking at here president trump said he was quote unhappy with the announcement u.s. carmaker general motors made earlier on monday g.m. said it plans to lay off more than fourteen thousand factory and white collar workers in the united states and canada and put five plants up for possible closure now g.m. said the move was a response to increased cost pressure and waning demand for traditional sedans now the company wants to ramp up resources dedicated to electric and self driving vehicles g.m. also said tariffs on imported steel imposed earlier this year by the trump
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administration have costed one billion dollars so far. with no prospect of a resolution and china's ongoing trade dispute with the united states beijing is seeking to strengthen ties elsewhere including here in europe but that relationship hasn't been without its ups and downs either and right now at the annual summit in germany chinese and european leaders from the world of business and politics hoping to smooth out some of the issues that have divided the past china meets europe the focus of this annual gathering has always been on finding common ground but this year with the rise of u.s. protectionism looming over proceedings the handshake taking place here appear that bit more urgent. former german chancellor gerhard schroeder see here on the left had this to say about how american policy was changing the shape of europe's economic ties with china. because. the mines i
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think we need to cooperate for free and fair global trade does not influenced by what is currently coming out shots from america. one must fight for the preservation of an export nation is and i think that means free and open markets i'm not to allow yourself to be told who you're allowed to trade with and whose are not this tendency towards this kind of extra analyse on the side of the americans is a big problem for an export nation like germany and europe we need to take a common stance against this and to do that we need partners among is china there's no question about it. sheena is kind of. europe turning to china in the fight against us protectionism a pretty remarkable pivot towards a country that itself been accused of not being open for business chinese industry leaders are presenting it as an opportunity. so based on the current trade
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situation as in china need to be closer to the european countries you ripping companies and to understand better about the european market so this is a very good card for europe and china do you charge or understand each other they work together better. but however strategic the alliance may be old tensions remain foreign companies doing business in china still complain about the difficulty of competing with domestic firms backed by what critics see as market distorting government support. and a solid one a day from siemens it's shoes executives are traveling to saudi arabia for a conference hosted by state owned oil company iran co the visit comes a few weeks after public pressure over the murder of journalists remark or shock she prompted seaman steve c. joe kayser to pull out of
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a saudi investment event. joe kainz that was noticeably absent the investment conference in riyadh in october and deliberate decision not to pay his respects to crown prince mohammed bin soundman whose role in the killing of journalists. was unclear instead siemens would leave business acquisition in saudi arabia to those with fewer scruples but now just a few weeks later joe kayser is indeed back in saudi arabia earlier in november he told d.w. how he saw things we did not a significant deal which was worth north of twenty billion that's true but obviously you know. things go as they go and i've always made it clear we had a very i have a partner competent partner of the kingdom of saudi arabia we have more than thirty million people mostly young people in the kingdom there's been
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a lot of reforms that have been initiated so i think we need to look at all factors on monday and tuesday kayser will meet representatives from a rum co the world's leading oil producer the saudi government wants to become less oil dependent it's titled its restructuring plan vision twenty thirty and is relying on siemens to help carry it through by twenty thirty the infrastructure giant can expect thirty billion dollars of business in saudi arabia. expected right now and who better to take in a trip to mars to strike down the martian that's right good news crews to off we are one step closer to unlocking the secrets of the red planet nasa scientists are celebrating after their insight spacecraft successfully touched down on mars just a short while ago catch. some happy science is this the moment there that scientists receive the confirmation that the lander had arrived after
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a six month voyage through space relieve all around after a nerve wracking wait the craft had to survive a perilous descent during which the diesel aerated from about twenty thousand kilometers per hour to just eight kilometers per hour before touching down the billion dollar mission hopes to collect data on quakes and tremors deep underground to explain how mars. for that with a bit of very expensive crash landing of had not turned out that well there where you miss your are science here you two are doing ok what you're good i mean this is a big relief for nasa right i mean it's not easy to land on mars is no it's not i mean the probe took a four hundred fifty million kilometer trip to get there starting with that and then slowing down from around twenty thousand kilometers an hour to a walking pace within the space of just six and a half to seven minutes is actually quite a feat and i mean they do it through it's
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a whole series of events has to happen and they have to happen in the right order and the timing has to be absolutely perfect it starts out there's this carrier craft that's underneath the lander went as it first enters the atmosphere and it heats up without well over a thousand degrees centigrade and it's and as it descends it heats up and heats up and heats up and at some point it has to decouple and it did decouples once the craft to slow down to around eight hundred fifty kilometers an hour and and it burns up in the atmosphere and at that point you have the supersonic parachute that deploys and it slows the craft down and slows the lander down even further it slows down to a break is slamming on the brakes the whole time and then eventually it decouples from that supersonic parachute and it's under the under the power of its own thrusters until eventually it's basically hovering slowly settles down onto the surface and so now it is on the ground it's going to be seeing something like this and what are we hoping it's going to tell us actually it won't see something like this because they've they've purposefully landed the lander in a space that's complete that's as flat and as free of rocks as they possibly can
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because all of that all of the research on this particular mission is about finding out not what's happening on the surface of mars but what's happening under the surface one is interior is an important well it's you can't say that it's important for for direct reasons it's going to help us understand we know a lot about what happens in the interior of our own planet but all the information that we have about mars so far has been just more or less guess work and so it's. doesn't have direct fundamental importance for creating products for example however it's basic fundamental research that's going to tell us a lot about how our solar system formed and answer some of those questions that we have about terrestrial planets in their formation and eventually obviously to every trip to mars is where we can land successfully is a big bonus that teaches us more about space travel because one day we want to go there well we have one step closer now in the last few minutes sending people to mars sending people to mars is kind of a completely different ball of wax and sending
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a probe to mars it's you're confronted with a whole different set of problems and obstacles when you're trying to send people that kind of distance level of work like you can't slam on the brakes like that for example but every single trip that we take will deliver information about a planet where we one day hope to go and that could in the long run turn out to be important information for the people when they do finally one day get there you know when they're going to be my guests in twenty thirty five all right when i want you to it is always good seeing you thank you. all right six hundred thirty six that is how many species of animals are critically endangered in sub-saharan africa right now from the black or nasir is to the mongoose lemur hundreds of the continent's unique creatures are likely to disappear forever if nothing is done to help them but among them one story of survival stands out the population of melton go where was is growing now that's according to the international union for the conservation of nature of the organization has now
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scaled back stead as from critically endangered to endangered. the success came through many years of population monitoring and habitat protection conservation is a series that extinction does not have to be inevitable. it's a rare sight this rugged figure in the forest. but not as rare as before. thirty years ago the mountain gorilla which is darker and shaggier than its low and cousins was nearly extinct. now its population has risen to over one thousand. in rwanda tourists pay large sums nearly one thousand five hundred euros to see these great apes the revenue goes toward protecting the animals.
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you see me. it's pretty exciting. to be honest it's a lot of money for me. only to be able to do this once in my life but. looking back that i will have this memory for my life. the mountain gorilla lives almost exclusively at higher elevations and as humans have encroached on its habitat its population has dwindled. years of war and human conflict have also contributed to the decimation of the species population. these four gorillas were found dead allegedly killed by local charcoal traders angered that the forests protected status impedes their business. the mountain gorilla is still not thriving but conservationists hope that their efforts will continue to bring them back from the brink. well you know sco has
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granted the ancient sport of korean wrestling world cultural heritage steps following meditation both so and filed a joint bid an unprecedented move it is the latest sign of cooperation on the korean peninsula and it comes months after north and south korea agreed to march under a unified united flag at the winter olympics. and the rules are clear wrestlers have to try and bring their opponents to the floor all the while holding on to a sash that's tied around their adversaries waist and saw. the anxious sport known as she is deeply rooted in both north and south korean society with competitions often drawing large crowds but if we do i most definitely would like to see championships held in north korea. and also north koreans coming to south korea to
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hold this festival together. with believe there is no better sport to unite our hearts. and give them. both careers have made several efforts in recent years to end hostilities their joint bid to unesco for the sport to be recognized is the latest step on the road to reconciliation on the korean peninsula. it is highly symbolic and it reminds us of the power of cultural heritage for that earth and for peace. sharon's inclusion on unesco's intangible cultural heritage list has been warmly welcomed on the korean peninsula and is a reminder of the power of sport and building relationships. well here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you ukraine's parliament has voted
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to impose martial wall after russia's seized three ukrainian ships off the disputed the in financial of ukraine's president poroshenko has said it's a new phase of aggression while the u.s. has accused russia of an outrageous and violation of ukraine's sovereignty. you're watching the w. news wire from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day and stick around for the.
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think the future of the country that i not. even see him taking his grandmother day out to eat it's all that. time rachel join me for me again from d.w. . post. russia annexed crimea from ukraine four years ago there has been no peace since reporters on the ground say that the events of the last twenty four hours have ripped a new front in a festering conflict tonight as the united nations holds an emergency meeting we ask who can prevent this from becoming a full fledged war golf in berlin this is the day.


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