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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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the u.k. . or. russia annexed crimea from ukraine four years ago there has been no peace since reporters on the ground say that the events of the last twenty four hours have ripped a new front in a festering conflict tonight as the united nations holds an emergency meeting we ask who can prevent this from becoming a full fledged war i bring golf in berlin this is the day. well this was definitely a provocation and the principles of international law were violates. the consumers russia violated all the basic fundamental norms of international law. this is
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a case of trespassing but this doesn't mean we are declaring war ukraine is not planning for a war with anyone. also coming up tonight she's convinced twenty seven european countries that her brags it is the best bricks that now she has to convince her own parliament british prime minister theresa may winning sells bitch that may now need a good dose of fear it would open the door to more efficient and more uncertainty with all the risks that uncertainty from new deal well uncertainty phone and training to control it and will to if anything could happen if this deal doesn't get three. we begin the day with a reminder of what hasn't gone away while europe was blinded by all the bricks on sunday evening british prime minister to resign may finally got what she's been working on getting for almost two years the twenty seven other european union
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members all gave their approval to mainz plan on how to divorce them moving britain a significant step closer to brics it at the same time britain and all of europe were dealt a reality check the risk of war between russia and ukraine has not gone away and it may be as real and as dangerous as ever on sunday russia fired on and seized three ukrainian ships. off the coast of the crimean peninsula now this footage allegedly shows a russian house guard ship ramming a ukrainian vessel ukrainian president petro poroshenko has demanded that the crew and the vessels be released immediately. and this happened in a narrow strait between russia and crimea russia annexed crimea from ukraine four years ago and overnight it walked much of ukraine's navy and its port city of mariupol in the sea of as of now the only access to the black sea is now the
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russian controlled waters a tender box along the coast mario poll is the only major city in southeastern ukraine still under sea of government control since pro russian separatists seized parts of the east. proof of how volatile this conflict remains less than twenty four hours in emergency session of the un security council was held with nato watching in the morning that is no justification for use so military force against ukrainian ships and naval personnel so we call on our show to release immediately their crane in sailors and ships it seized yesterday i'm all for call on restraint was totenberg speaking just moments after world powers met at the you would in new york the united states calling the russian
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move nothing but arrogance thunder's outrageous knowledge of sovereign ukrainian territory. is part of a pattern of russian behavior that includes the purported annexation of crimea and abuses against countless ukrainians in crimea as well as stoking conflict that has taken the lives of more than ten thousand people in eastern ukraine further escalation of the situation by the russian federation should not butyl. it golding to available intelligence data that is a clear threat for invasion and seizing. the dumbs. cations by the f.s.b. border guard service and russian navy to mainz it is least the possibility but what do you make what he of has been doing in coordination with the united states and others to promote a conflict line against russia is fraught with very dangerous consequences which is what we are going to curb any infringement of russian sovereignty and territorial
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integrity including the sea of us all and that area we do hope that is clear and the use of the pimp and all right promises and threats there well how do we understand what is going on my next guest served for six years as a u.s. diplomat at the american embassy in moscow he is co-author of the book roots of russia's war in ukraine and he's a senior fellow for europe and eurasia at the american foreign policy council i'm happy to welcome to the day wayne married mr perry joins us tonight from our studios in washington mr barry it's good to see you how realistic do you rank the claim that russia was provoked by ukraine that ukrainian ships provoked russia's navy. the term provocation is used in that part of the world a great deal i tend to not take it too seriously i'm not saying however that this
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incident is not serious and that it could not lead to an escalation that is certainly true unfortunately a confrontation something like this in the straits of cures has been some has been awaited by observers for many months the problem is that five years ago these straits were an international border between crimea you which was ukrainian and russia after russia season annexed ukraine russia claims that these straits are part of its own domestic internal sovereignty ukraine obviously disputes that it doesn't accept the seizure of crimea and in its view russia has no sovereign claim to these straits now the two countries russia and ukraine share the sea of us off and that's a rather important waterway a great deal of agricultural produce goes to the middle east for through the sea of
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us off and the straits but what we have now is simply a problem of rival claims of sovereignty it's simple on and on its face unfortunately what it means is that at whatever time ukraine chose to exercise its claim of sovereignty bait which is supported by almost all governments in the world of the russia by sending vessels through those straits it would almost certainly encounter a convent from taishan from the russians who claim that this is now part of their internal waters i want to draw your attention to what journal is on the ground or writing about what's happening a distributed journalist nolan peterson tweeted that this is the most dangerous moment that i had seen in ukraine in years tonight a war that many people in america can only imagine things to hollywood movies teeters on the reserves thin edge of becoming real. do you agree with him
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are we that close to a full fledged war that strikes me as a considerable exaggeration because a war has been ongoing in eastern ukraine in the donbass region for over four years now i was in the donbass in april of this year and i could tell you i could hear the artillery in the distance at night without difficulty and during the day the visits that i had in some of the areas along the line of fire required body armor and helmets and all that sort of thing the war in the dawn boss has not gone away it's not as violent and destructive as it was three or four years ago but the notion that there is not a war ongoing between russian supported separatists and often russian forces themselves in eastern ukraine against the sovereignty of the ukrainian government should not be forgotten it's not that we are in danger of war we are in danger that
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that war might move to a different location that the kurdish straits i want to join your attention to the statement that was issued by ukrainian president poroshenko today i mean this is part of the statement that was issued to justify imposing martial law mr poroshenko says that russia has been waging a hybrid more against our country for five years but within its hack on ukrainian military budgets it moved to a new stage of aggression no one will say now they are not there i mean this is a qualitatively different situation a qualitatively different threat. miss mary how is this so fundamentally different than what we have seen i mean there was no martial wall declared in ukraine in the last four or five years correct me if i'm wrong but we haven't seen martial law up until tonight. that is quite correct at the
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time that crimea was seized and annexed by russia there was no. declare martial law the war in the dog sit in lieu hunts which has been a very very violent war by far the most violent war in europe since the yugoslav wars and in some respects even more violent never provoked martial law in ukraine so far the confrontation at the kurds streets has not led to so far as we know a single casualty the notion that somehow that justifies martial law when a war that has been going on and involving human casualties human fatalities in the donbas going to hunt for over four years never justified martial law really does strain my credulity so what do you think the president poroshenko is drawing to do here by imposing martial law i mean is he expecting new head wind at all from
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europe in the west because of this. i don't know i don't know what he's expecting from europe and the united states what everyone in ukraine is expecting is that he is getting ready to run for reelection as president of ukraine in the spring and almost everyone who is not a supporter of president poroshenko has been making accusations that this martial law question as been raised either to inflame the political environment to help his reelection because he only gets about ten percent support in the polls or even more potentially dangerous that he might use martial law to seek either to delay or to cancel those elections at the moment it seems highly unlikely that poroshenko could be a credible winner in those elections but i think actually he probably would win the elections in some eventuality but his opponents are saying that this martial law
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issue is more about ukrainian domestic politics than it is about the security threat on the edge of the sea of us off and what about the role of germany in mediating between ukraine and russia we have heard many many times about the special role of uncle americal particularly leading up to the minsk agreement we now know that ms merkel is going to be leaving power so how much merkel is there left in any type of mediation role. well chancellor merkel is not going to be leaving the concert anytime soon so far as i know i mean the whole question of her future role as chancellor is an open one but it's both germany and france who've been playing the role of mediators in the dispute between ukraine and russia now they have not achieved a very great deal of substance but that's because the two main parties russia and
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ukraine have not been willing to compromise their objectives whether or not chancellor merkel will play now an important role on this current issue i don't know at the moment the locus of discussion is in new york at the u.n. security council under the charter and the provisions of concerning threats to international peace and security as a former american diplomat who worked in new york at the u.n. i think that's exactly the appropriate location for an incident of this kind. or misdemeanor we certainly appreciate you sharing your insights with us tonight is invaluable to the voice of experience especially from someone with the u.s. foreign service an experienced diplomat you can talk to us and it's in context into all of this thank you we appreciate but let me let me old let me also say that there is going to be an american issue here ok i think this is almost certainly
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going to lead to greater pressure in the american congress for enhanced and expanded sanctions against russia i think that's almost inevitable will we if we may will try to call you back later this week maybe we can talk about that in another show of this week thank you very much we appreciate your time. michael. december eleventh that is the day the british parliament will vote yes or no to prime minister teresa mayes briggs withdrawal plan now the other twenty seven members of the european union they gave their blessing to may's plan over the weekend now may has to sell her divorce architecture between the u.k. and the e.u. to her very own parliament. just this special european council in brussels i reached a deal with the leaders of the other twenty seven states on a withdrawal agreement that will ensure a smooth and orderly departure on the twenty ninth of march next year we combat
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this do you deliver on the vote of the referendum and move on to building a brighter future of opportunity and prosperity for all our people all this house can choose to reject this deal and go back to square one because no one knows what would happen if this deal doesn't pass it would open the door to more division and more uncertainty with all the risks that. are drawn here at the big table john worth one of the most watched briggs blogs and analysts here on the continent john it's good to see you again when i listen to the british prime minister of the earth i get the impression that it's either her brakes plan or the end of employer two point. three second apocalypse but it's in her interest to present it in such a such a public apocalyptic terms she wants to up the pressure on her conservative members of parliament to get them to back a deal she wants to talk tough but really believe do they believe her is there
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a note today it didn't sound like they were believing him today the public very thin take is very strongly against a reason may managing to get this deal through on the eleventh of december so he's going to have to cajole them bully them pressure them and try and hope that somehow or other she can cobble together a majority but be the arithmetic looks very bad for twenty some major labor opposition leader germany corbin's de simply why can't there be a plan b. take a look. mr speaker plowing on is not stoic it's an act of national self harm. instead of threatening this house with a no deal scenario or a no scenario the pli prime minister now leads three plan a plan b. something a previous says has failed to do. why can't there be a plan b. the time for brakes it is now very very tight theresa may has used up almost all of the two years for seeing for brakes it and we're now we're just sixteen weeks ahead
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of greg said john we finally got a plan germany were knew that you know eighteen months ago the clock was ticking right now but he has no plan beyond that which is the whole contradiction here so essentially they will a series of different breaks it's which are essentially available to the u.k. but ultimately to reason may has positive towards this very and she wants to control immigration into the u.k. above all else and that is why britain is ended up with this deal now it's a big contradiction from jeremy corbyn to say we need a plan b. because he doesn't have that plan b. now and also bear in mind the e.u. doesn't really want a plan b. themselves because of the chalk timeframe that is imposed on them for the bright side rather than just a second i mean. getting twenty seven countries to all give their blessing to your breadth of playing i mean theresa may she deserves some praise there does she deserve some praise that you deserve some praise the use negotiated this extremely well but bear in mind that that is very much the case plan which is on the table is
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beds all of the hallmarks of a plan made for a negotiated for to reason may the problem is is the pragmatists in the conservative party don't like it the brakes hard line is in her policy don't like it the northern irish do you peter like it so it's attacked from all sides but he hates that it has to be made to do something to the german chancellor she she likes it somewhat take a listen to what she had to say yesterday. and he probably should diplomatic work of art has been accomplished in an extremely difficult situation an unprecedented situation. something we have never had to face until now a country leaving the european union having to create a contractual exit agreement taking into account the different interests but also at the same time looking towards the future. i mean the diplomatic work of art i mean with the mughal america that's about as high as it gets. but there's just one
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thing that i'm thinking. the u.k. it maybe not getting everything it wants but isn't the e.u. getting everything even getting pretty much ever so what more is than of course medical would say this is brilliant this is an excellent deal as far as the e.u. is conserved and the e.u. has achieved all of its aims it's making sure there's no hard border an island it's got its financial settlement for contributions to the e.u. budget citizens' rights could have done a little bit more but it generally generally sorted and the integrity of the e.u. single market is assured this is an excellent deal as far as the european union side is concerned ok so what happens between now and december eleventh there's going to be a lot of noise and not very much light probably from the from the u.k. side essentially to reason may is trying to find a way a means of getting some kind of majority break to deal she's going to try to get as many conservative politicians to back her as possible but it looks extremely unlikely there are more the ninety conservative members of parliament who've already said that they're opposed to such a deal so the ultimately is going to be basically that deal everyone is counting on
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the deal being voted down on his own that december closer to the heart breaks it a new deal breaks and no breaks and without any deal now because the opposition labor party they've said hold on a minute that's not necessary you could stay in the negotiation here is something which puzzles also doesn't want and so essentially britain is in a period of kind of the calm before the storm just now only eleventh of december or shortly afterwards all kinds of hell will break loose to resume a could be ousted they could be called for a second referendum on to rerun that referendum about britain's e.u. membership so it's come just now but two weeks from now and there's going to be a major crisis on a i'm sure we'll be talking right here on the sure just before that hilberg so that you fruits of there john work is always good to have you on the show thanks for your insights thank you. thanks. in the italian film director bernardo bertolucci has died at the age of seventy
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seven and he was considered one of the greats of world cinema and the film maker not afraid to court controversy with radical left wing politics and explicit on screen sex the italian was also one of the few european arthouse directors to make it big in hollywood big name directors like scorsese francis ford coppola steven spielberg they all name him as a major influence and in the late eighty's he became the first western director to shoot in china resulting in his biggest cinematic success. first richie's monumental in one thousand nine hundred seven film the last emperor told the story of china as it lost imperial ruler ascended the throne in one thousand eight when he was just three years of age. the director was given complete freedom by the chinese authorities and david are now to shoot within the forbidden
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city. it was awarded a total of nine oscars including best director. i see. to your majesty. salute she was a key figure in the italian new way his directorial career took off in one thousand nine hundred seventy with the conformist about a weak willed man who becomes a fascist. the movie was informed by the directors left wing politics. his controversial nine hundred seventy two movie the last tango in paris about an affair between a young french woman and an older. starring maria schneider and marlon brando
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claim but also notoriety and a suspended jail sentence for indecency. there was a huge controversy about the film in twenty sixteen due to comments that suggested the actress had not consented to one of the movie's most infamous sex scenes. and bertolucci received numerous prizes and accolades including a lifetime achievement award at the cannes film festival in twenty eleven the director spent the last years of his life in a wheelchair after unsuccessful back surgery now one of the last giants of italian cinema has passed away. and finally tonight there is good news to report from mars now that it's inside successfully landed on the surface of the red planet just moments ago.
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this latest mission to mars is designed to unlock the mysteries of the planet's deep interior researchers like tilman sean are awaiting the data with great anticipation. they hope it will give them a better understanding of how mars developed when it was formed some four and a half billion years ago. to get thought here. what we now bring into mas of a standardized methods by which we measure the earth's unserious structure and energy. holes and we haven't done that on mars yet. i nasa tested the mission step by step in its laps the spacecraft robotic arm is the quipped with cameras and will deploy to key instruments if all goes to plan the seismometer will be installed in december it's the mission's most important fact finder. with the ability to measure even miniscule planetary tremors it's
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hoped that it will record enough such mars quakes to produce a sonogram of the planet. lissac an instrument is set to start work in january developed by tillman sean and his team it's a probe the can sense the flow of the planet's heat. like the rock will borrow five meters below the surface. sensors along its tether will measure how the temperature changes with depth. a third instrument will track how much mars wobbles in its orbit around the sun. and here on earth the conversation continues online you see right there on your screen how to get in touch with something you can use the hash tag the date and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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seemed to. miss markets in germany almost magical place. seems far too simple virgin issue street specialty. christmas tree.
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