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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 12  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2018 3:30am-4:00am CET

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printers and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business the difference. in history you know if one is to school. systems now think to fish and. i'll. get you to africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . winter is coming and it's time for some teams to pull this sucks up tight. when no
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one third through this season and if your team a not a well oiled machine by now with every cook fitting smoothly into the next you might find you have a spanner in the works. some sites were fired up this weekend others appear to be freezing up. buddhism is a certain urge you have to go into and so it's going to serve as a good knowledge of the total amount of every moment of activated potluck out there by out was so will he now remain a superstar albeit a prolific one and will the frankfurt triumvirate march on in relentless fashion even when things get chilly find out now on kick off.
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the stars have been lining up for the future recently he succeeded now foreign coach nico battleship in frankfurt in the summer and the team have been transformed the season in frankfurt have been crazily consistent of late winning eight of their last night before the weekend and irresistible up front only dortmund have scored more. antidotes for their coach had barely settled into his seat when the eagles took off a flooded pass from makoto has a way to sebastian out there who lifted the ball into the box for your time take to fire home after just fifty one seconds a lightning start for the visitors and the dutch defender's debut call in the bundesliga. and the other manifestation of the new frankfurt we're not just scoring goals go lower but doing it in style. the time is too weak to much of to the coach in the play is
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a hungry the lads have huge confidence in what we're doing and if he does and confidence in each other with all that go out there and are convinced they can win games but so does he should be giving him credit nothing is impossible including firing wide as rabbits managed to hear but for hooters still encouraging stuff meanwhile the hosts weren't slacking either michelle did i go over to equalise midway through the first half or thought he had he was offside when receiving the past shame about the lovely finish. but the photo wasn't rattled and neither were his players that confidence rippling through the team also means they continued to believe come what may. the boss has this amazingly calm presence even when we left ourselves opens a counterattacks in the first half he stayed calm on the touchline even after the nightmare start to the season he kept it's an attribute that's a huge help to us both. good to had been under immense pressure back in september
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after being dumped out of the cup by lowly whom and scraping just four points from five matches he then introduced a three striker frontline and they have been on the front foot ever since. on saturday they made it sunil early in the second half courtesy of. look at your bitch breaking right along the left touchline before threading the ball through to all their tucked away with ease. they now have nine goals in each of the most dynamic duo in the league. outsports had a few chances but nothing clinical. potential goes we managed to match one of the league's top signs for a relatively long time so that is something to take home the ship was mimicking become. frank bird are very fast on the break almost too fast for the camera to a collision between a deadly dull stuff and out sport goalie and i asked nugent left a rabbit's free to wrap up the game for frank for its first ever league of women
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who are. so plenty to celebrate for addie huzzah. we should be believing that we can win against any size and i reckon we've now earned the respect that means teams say we're not easy to play against and. not at all easy primarily due to that little front three house work said he'll go to work grabbed a goal in the dying seconds but it couldn't prevent frankford securing their ninth win in ten outings previously at the hotel had guided salzburg and baron to championship wins in austria and switzerland. now frankfurt are looking like genuine contenders in the bundesliga. did you know kick off is now when you cheat with the world of football. it was your next. to read we travel the world can really feel it. how high intentions are wrong i'm
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going to say no the stars make sense and never people quote and discuss football i am pretty serious to. make sure that this is going to go on. as a football kick off on you tube. it's a new. it's been an up and down past few weeks for the hurts a faithful. weeks ago the team inflicted by its first defeat of the campaign instilling fans with hopes of a season to remember. coach they've been unable to live up to with five games straight without a win since they couldn't handle the pressure. just a point against mites and freiburg respectively and not at all against like saying and on fancy just
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a little. not exactly kept its own performances from the side. and against hoffenheim who had won the last four in the lake the problem started straight from kick off shoddy to slapstick defending allowed the visitors to take the lead through kara demo by with just forty five seconds played. perhaps a quarter nothing so when they managed to wake up and get into the groove. the hardest responded in a petulant style trying caution to the wind in an effort to push up the field in the process leaving them back line in disarray right. up front forward from goalkeeper all of a bauman was all it took for. i drank from march to make it to nil with only nine
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minutes gone when i was just being too generous in the run up to christmas we have this right we gifted the first two goals and you can't do that in the bonus league or the team trying to fight back with passion and determination i'm with a good football game is true enough wolf was. finite did and those efforts paid off just five minutes later. that it means of each pulling one back to make it clear this game was far from over plus often i've had a pretty leaky defense this season coach union novels man didn't eat sleep to concern. trouble it's been a problem this season we create a lot of chances and score a lot of goals but we also concede far too many things out of his field in date off and i'm strength is definitely on the other end of the pitch as having been checked against demonstrated ten minutes after the restart with even the defenders getting
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goals it's little wonder and high in the fourth highest scoring team in the leak. called out by side with down by two again but not sound they say well there's a will there's a way. to substitute dummy self as cross to get a flexion. i'm not elect the forty times to make it three to. the last time how to recover from a two goal deficit have been in april. but equalize they did accept valentino lazaro's absolute sgrena with three minutes left on the clock. has had twenty three shots inside so and saved the best for last. because they're a good group of lads on the show the right attitude we have a good team spirit and it was good that they were able to implement not to. nobody
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let their heads drop and they all kept on fighting their game. so i was somewhat jumping for joy over securing not points i notice his team has the ingredients to achieve even more. answers rollercoaster ride continues next compact section. half. full of sport came into their clash with high flying life sig ready to fight. it take more than a good game plan to beat the third place team with the league's best offense but the wolves were willing to spill blood. it was a tense and tied up there with both sides cutting close and tensions ready to boil over. but the hosts battling through with a gentleman who see all stabbing home a rebound for his first goal in a full sport kit. it wasn't easy but they put one past the impenetrable lights and
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defense the wolves won it one male. kevin fall on the leverkusen to attack with fourteen goals last season he's also current top scorer but had just three goals handed into the match versus stuttgart . like fallen leverkusen have struggled for consistency this season. the skill is there but they often lack the finishing touch needed to see out results. until the seventy six minute one fall i finally broke through the still got back line. and he finished things off like see two nil. fallen launched his brace and delivered leverkusen the win but his inconsistency show you see they've still got work to do. shall
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co-hosting norbury could have guessed they'd be tied on points after eleven games the royal blues are miserably meek with the second lowest goal home in the league with mark goudeau and piled on blowout new signing steven scripts got his first start and his first goal. shockers attack was waking up i mean hardy to got his first of the season as well. but shall have a way of making things difficult for themselves too wide open new and their players led to the two one from frederico palacios. still everything seemed tilted shot his way they went to man up after all their power was thrown out. of decent ball movement for the first time in what feels like ages soggy to bush stalin deflects one home. shall kill coasting to victory not this year
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their defense put on a master class on how not to hold a lead three two with adam's relic cleaning up. but they weren't letting this one slip away daniel college to set up speed steve wonderfully to make a forward to well shall cause awaken to tackle one more pass norm back. by two from bass genosha got. a shot because our fans is finally firing. it wasn't easy and it was only new and bet they'll need to keep the some. brains usually have lanka and fry those alexander schul had quite the keeper jewel . it was a real head to head. public who was a beatable in the run of fly with his heroics frustrating. freiburg all night.
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saturday for him the freiburg penalty light in the first time from luke of ultimates was an unstoppable. wash roll offended also a brain inside desperate to return to early season form that saw them in third just a few weeks ago. he looked to have secured a massive three points until the last minute corner even pathlength it was up but it was live think al distance in the schools. and it all square between keepers one one. second place bloodbaths might be this season's biggest surprise their attack isn't just deadly they can pull off pure beauty. but even a home match against lowly hanover wasn't a walk in the park bobby would put the guests up after just twenty two seconds. while the evening was marred by
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a collision that saw mathias games and no was around when buzzy injured. but these were just minor setbacks for this season's rejuvenated lap one one from talking on the tough and the belgian bullets not the only one scoring defender miss hallam got his first win to sneak a goal. while our standards beauty made it three one. last refused to slow down. to ease up how do you kill things off just after coming off the bench the all hands on deck attack keeps gladbach rolling and is a big reason there in seconds. normally these kinds of buy and faces mean disappointment in the champions league semi but in this case the high. visitors were less illustrious opposition newly promoted.
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time's running out for the buy in coach. really angry i can barely find the words to express what i'm feeling inside. not least with the club's top brass looking on the how do so. it was a tough day. of course we can't be happy with that result which is why we need to discuss things internally. with what. we need to look into why things aren't working right now on the pitch just in be with us so if the. nico coach could hardly deny things aren't working as was again evident on saturday how did dodi looking back you know get this shot in one challenge in the very first minute. it would be the first of many tests for manual noir to catch you sunny with the next in the second minute. by a used to boxing games in the bundesliga but not this season they had to rely on
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a goal now scramble to open the scoring in the seventeenth minute abandoned the classroom love with the one with by and now begin six groups. did pass over the visitors defense and so must miller was gratefully received and converted the been the team ill and seemingly back to winning ways. we are showing commitment but that's not enough women making mistakes as well as. mistakes like this one in the final minutes of the first half but saying allow john simm a three attempts to cross palooka back you know the belgian left completely on months to smash the ball past neuer getting on the ball. even at two downs like we said we carry on playing the same play. for the chance to
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get looking back you know through he was so striking for the first time i was on the everyone else with defense molly so that we could be dangerous on the break if you're going to fall over i never expected it to work that well i'll be honest it was that waiting game so the businesses can see just that in the fifty seventh minute three one rather than dusty holding the ball up impressively before feeding thomas miller to his bryce led by and in the best of spirits but this was a party with crashes. another break away and again looking back here left in whitey much space three two with thirty minutes to play dissolute fans dead to jerry. with his defense still a headache to be on the safe side because that brought some regime yes i renounce i sanchez and led mass movements for miller by and now with six defenders so what could go wrong what could happen.
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you come back you know is what happens completing a hat trick in injury time and that was it three three bye and shocks just rolled off in ecstasy it's like a victory for us in the end made a. guy thing me when a disastrous point was of course we're all so so happy and everybody was screaming and shouting and they all went crazy. crazy the fine buses won by and have now gone four hundred games without a way. people it's a tough moment we're all really disappointed with our performance. and the players weren't the only ones by and do have a lot to talk about unlike their rivals at the top of the table. happy days for dortmund still sitting pretty and undefeated in the league should.
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placed mines will be an easy going proposition to see if offa stayed true to his game plan and kept hackle out has sat on the bench to unleash the spaniard later as required. and in the first half dortmund did look like they might need him. back of course went merrily wide with this header in the tenth minute. but otherwise not so much to show field we had a lot of possession but we're missing the final pass in the final movement minutes to go. and dortmund dominated opening proceedings but what they managed to wear down minds in the twenty first minute axel that still saw his effort tipped over by robin santana but minds also have their young guns eager and able to test the best such as one martini. five though remains patient never want to thoughtlessly throw everything forward we
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fight our way back and after a big win last round we need to be continuing to be be good also away and then we work to that what do dortmund do when they need to step up a gear that's right bring on paxil as set in the sixty fourth minute darkman recently activated their option to sign him permanently from barcelona and that twenty three million euros looks like money well spent. balco seven needed just two minutes to make his mark that's his ninth from just sixteen shots what's more in a paltry two hundred forty four minutes just league of record. jayden sound show with the defense splitting pass. and mark o'mara is with the selfless where ball. and al kut seven but that awesomely consistent finishing the super sub capping a superb counter-attack yeah that's that's maybe one of the strongest. as for
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mussina when we put in place you know for a real deal we have a producer comes in today i don't see many other teams and in europe for that with a bench like us to have been might have been unbeatable this season but not impenetrable as seen one mind set back three minutes later of the common case on the score profiting from some slow defending by dortmund and to deflect it through ball. a setback for the away side but dortmund have reveled in rising to the challenge this season. and a series of stellar performances have also seen superstars being linked to potential transfer offers like christian pulis a who doesn't fuss when the boss starts him on the bench. and this season every player seems to take a star turn six minutes after the equaliser look at these check got on the score card. at the polish defender have scored in his last forty games and now become
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stuart lindsey fifteenth goalscorer this season. monteith fish being we're going to carry on the same way and of course people will ask about the nine point gap some bias of the vagaries three three zero died i thought i would. not point to have formerly mighty byron but of course five zero won't yet have any talk about championships. dortmund are unbeaten after twelve matches for only the second time in their history and when everything is going so swimmingly why change a winning team. now to the results. with thirty six goals in total must take twelve was the highest in scoring so far this season from now on all the players on the pitch better be wide awake from the starting whistle hanover frankfurt and hoffenheim each scored in the first sixty seconds waking up for game time is at least easier than on mondays. who doesn't hate mondays. the bundesliga
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clubs heard their fans protest loud and clear starting twenty twenty one there won't be any more monday matches in the bundesliga they were recently introduced to bring in even more t.v. and that money. now but we don't want to go to the stadium on mondays when we all have to get up early and go to work the next day i don't do this he said i think it's a very good decision to listen to the fans because we don't want empty stands either significantly some said. last but everyone agrees monday will be a day off again for the boy in this league of the fans interests rightly trump the commercial ones. the. man. let's have a look at the table frankfurt made up the thirds and while it's still early days to women's nine points advantage of a buy in is nothing to be sneezed at let's see if coach nico coach will still be around next week and. not much movement in the lower half of the table but there
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are a few teams at the bottom who need points fast perhaps just a lure for find inspiration from their heroics of fire and from their hero look at the akio our match day moment. still stuck on the back of the picture keep it. lit kept him. thanks to that bridge. come back come. right. back. out it was such a cool finish but the ongoing one it's like. i cannot forget this it's rooster all my life. i was due to my feet on the ground and i will continue to have to change. any shambolic painting from the champions but if you. come back yet. the
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bullshit you observed during the fight back it's an abiding by shibo.
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