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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin it's just posturing or could ukraine and russia really be headed for open war the crane imposes martial law in parts of the country saying russia has entered a new phase of aggression this after the russian coast guard on sunday seized two ukrainian naval ships in a tugboat off the crimean peninsula. also with the program mexico says it's deporting dozens of migrants who tried to rush the border near san diego into the united states but it's demanded an investigation into the use of tear gas by u.s.
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police firing across the border. and sound compared to. not so subtle wright says it spacecraft inside lands on mars the probe will dig beneath the red servitude of the river planet's surface and send back by the old data that scientists have been dreaming about for decades. blowing terry martin welcome to the program ukraine has imposed martial law on parts of the country pulling russia's seizure of ukrainian warships on sunday the measures applied to mostly border regions to prevent what ukraine's president called an extremely serious threat of a russian invasion a number of western nations have condemned moscow but the kremlin insists that it was provoked in a moment we'll cross over to our correspondents in kiev and moscow but first
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a look back on how this latest escalation began. a clash at sea causing waves of international concern a russian military ship rams into a ukrainian tugboat off the coast of crimea. the vessel was then fired at and captured by the russians along with two other ships and dozens of ukrainian sailors several of whom were injured. the united nations security council held an emergency meeting where western countries accused russia of stoking the already deadly war with ukraine what we witnessed this weekend is yet another reckless russian escalation it is an arrogant act that the international community must condemn and will never accept in response russia's representative said the ukrainian ship had violated its territorial waters moscow says the vessel ignored warning shots to
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stop it claims the incident was a provocation by ukrainian president viktor to boost his support in upcoming elections there in kiev publishing co has declared a state of martial law for thirty days but insisted it would not interfere with the looming presidential vote. in brussels nato secretary-general warned russia that its actions would have consequences questions that is no justification for the use of military force against ukraine and ships and naval personnel so we call on our show to release immediately their crane and sailors and ships it seized yesterday sea traffic is again flowing through the disputed waters after russia briefly blocked the crucial passage but moscow says it will continue to hold the ukrainian ships and sailors while it conducts its own investigation. for more on this story we're joined now by our does this give ukrainian authorities and how will that help
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them solve this crisis. good morning terry well this is unprecedented in all the years of conflict we've seen here in ukraine off the annexation by russia of crimea and the conflict in the east this has never happened before this is. basically this gives the government the option to restrict civil liberties anything from freedom of speech to freedom of assembly giving the police more powers and also potentially allowing for the mobilization of army reservists having said that we still haven't seen much detail this was voted through late last night in pretty chaotic parliament tree assembly it wasn't clear for a long time if it would actually get the number the required number of votes it did . but whether this is just an option the government is giving itself for the case of escalation with russia or if we're going to see a direct impact on every day ukrainians lives we still don't know and this is what
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will come out of today really. emily in moscow western nations are calling on russia to release the ukrainian sailors and ships and his seized is that likely to happen. well sorry doesn't seem like there will be a concession on that issue from russia any time soon especially because russia considers that it captured those vessels and those sailors absolutely legally they absolutely here in russia see that they acted correctly and according to russian and international law in fact the russian side is very much been categorized grise in what happened as the ukrainian invasion you have to remember that russia considers the us of sea to be russian waters after the annexation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen which of course ukraine does not recognize and russia has also been categorizing ukraine as the aggressor in this situation yesterday we saw
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a statement from the f.s.b. the russian security services saying that actually it was the ukrainian vessels that pointed their guns at the russian vessels first and threatened them so rarely much russia categorizing ukraine as being in the wrong and ukraine as being the aggressor here so i don't think any concessions on the crew and the vessels that were captured and time soon terry. nic points out rush or regards were put in there as a ukrainian invasion explain to us how the disputed waterway we're talking about here is shared and why it's so important to you chris. well terry obviously before the russian accession crimea twenty fourteen you had ukrainian control crimea on the western side of the strait and then the russian main on the eastern side and they shared control over this waterway to the sea of
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us all of which then also see is shared by ukraine by. then the russian side since russia took over crimea basically they have also to have defected control over access the sea of as of something that ukraine in the west of the do not recognize but this is crucial not just for crimea this is not just something about sovereignty in an abstract sense this is also about don't boss about the other conflict that ukraine has with russia because tens of thousands of jobs depend on the ports on the sea of being able to get trade in and out if it's this sea turns into a military zone with no real access from outside that could really destabilize the situation in the east of ukraine where it had seemed in recent months that things had become calmer and more stable emily so we've got russia and ukraine blaming each other for this latest incident in the conflict between those countries whoever is responsible for this latest class do you get the sense from the russian
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side that they are interested in escalating the broader conflict with ukraine. well russia has been saying for many years now that ukraine is the one that is to blame for the you know the failure of the peace process essentially in the ukraine conflict and yesterday we also saw the russian representative in the security council leveling accusations at the west and at the u.s. for not doing enough to really end this conflict in ukraine when it comes to this specific incident in the eyes of see what is worrying is that the foreign ministry spokesperson yesterday monday as the hot of us said that russia very much expects more provocations from the ukrainian side that's worrying but russia overall has been downplaying this whole issue as more of a national ukrainian conflict one where poroshenko is trying to raise his.
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ratings up with what they say is a war ahead of the presidential elections only thank you so much for that was really sure one in moscow and in ukraine in kiev nick connelly of both d.w. correspondents thank you so so much to both i know it's catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. prosecutors say donald trump's former campaign chairman paul metaphor has violated the terms of a plea deal with the justice department they say metaphor lied to investigators about being in the program russian interference in the twenty six election despite the green to help them he's currently behind bars awaiting sentencing on conspiracy charges. in yemen the saudi led coalition has launched an assault on rebel held positions south of the city of tal yes' it comes as officials said
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fighting has again flared up around the port city of data humanitarian groups have warned the conflict has put up to fourteen million people at risk of starvation. and tunisian activists have protested a visit to the country by saudi crown prince mohammed bin. he's there as part of his first foreign trip since the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi saudi arabia has come under intense pressure over the killing and denied the crown prince was in . mexico says it's deporting scores of migrants who tried to illegally cross into the united states on sunday a peaceful protest by migrants descended into chaos after hundreds tried to force their way across the frontier interior want us guards fired tear gas at the group which included children with police making dozens of arrests on both sides of the fence and mexico says it's called on the u.s. to investigate the use of tear gas during the incident u.s.
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president threatened on twitter to permanently close the border with mexico. correspondent stefan simons is at the young sea dro border crossing on the u.s. side of the border there with mexico and he joins us now stefan what's the situation now has a calm down. significantly you can say that definitely. over the course of the day though on the mexican side as well as on the u.s. side of. security more. on the u.s. side and more. police on the mexican side trying to make this border more secure in terms to prevent something like what happened on sunday happens here again. and traffic is normal and that means on the other side behind me from. moving into the united states like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds
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remember all the people who. are working to come today and probably tomorrow to do their holiday shopping which they missed on on sunday now mexico is set to deport scores of migrants. managed to breach of security cordon and tried to cross into the u.s. yesterday are more deportations likely to fall. thirty nine that's the number today and all those thirty nine people will be deported. sixty nine people they made today actually to u.s. soil and of course they will be deported directly to now we have another number. up to two hundred people from sunday will be deported in the next few days. not allowed to re enter. the united states this is i think
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everybody. but also a sound. evaluation of the situation is that this is not going to stop anything that will be more central american migrants coming through. and they will be probably more attempts to jump the fence and cross the border people over there in the background. you have two nights. are in five thousand now three thousand just a few days ago and the situation there is not really great. thank you very much for bringing us up to date their stuff on the us mexico border. now one small step closer to unlocking the secrets of the red planet nasa scientists are celebrating after their inside spacecraft touchdown on mars the billion dollar mission expects to collect important data on martian quakes and tremors deep
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underground to explain how the red planet formed the scientists involved it's been a nail biting journey sixty meters fifty meters constant velocity tension almost impossible to be. touched down transparent threatened by an outpouring of relief this is the moment a nasa spacecraft completed its seven month long journey to months called the inside the unmanned land traveled four hundred eighty four million kilometers through space to reach the red planet well this is a very exciting day as you can imagine we've got a lot of scientists and engineers that have put many years of work into this particular mission and today is the moment of truth in the thirteen minutes between entering the planet's atmosphere and touchdown the craft traveled at almost twenty thousand kilometers per hour through temperatures of one thousand five hundred degrees celsius before shedding its heat shield opening its parachute and landing safely. the inside will measure seismic activity and the temperature at the
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planet's core over the next two years scientists want to find out more about the origins and the current state of the planet. mars was habitable planet about three billion years ago and then something happened and now it is desolate and we're trying to understand what caused. this is a collaborative effort the u.s. spacecraft is packed with equipment developed by european space agency's france spain and britain have provided senses and germany a robot mold that can borrow five meters into the ground the current mission is one of only successful landings on over half of the forty three attempts to reach the planet have failed nasa is goals remain ambitious the agency aims to send the first astronauts to mars within the next twenty years. libya has become a gateway for migrants hoping to reach europe by crossing the mediterranean sea
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european union has struggled to stem the tide of people moving through the country many of whom go on to land on the telly and soil is part of the reason why italy is supporting libyan efforts to curb the. rough seas strong winds and no migrant boats to be seen the libyan coast guard says that's not just because of the weather it's only has supplied libya with seven vessels and trained coast guards who have already intercepted thirteen thousand refugees bound for europe this year. again. because of back. bad news for what may be hundreds of thousands of migrants stranded in libya many of them arrived at this health center malnourished and week
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doc says that the center run by an aid organization treetop to three hundred people a day that number is rising and they're overstretched and frustrated sometimes i feel i don't know shy or she because i cannot help some some people sometimes they really need to know but sometimes i feel that my hands are tied the libyan coast guard takes a tougher approach its new high tech patrol boats are ready to stop the flow of migrants to europe. conservation workers have rescued six whales stranded on the beach in new zealand and returned them to the ocean around two hundred volunteers showed up to help keeping the pygmy killer whales cool with water for lifting them out into the sea ten whales were initially found beach but pork and later died
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volunteers are hoping the surviving animals swim away soon into deeper water. the un's cultural agency unesco has granted the sport of korean wrestling world cultural heritage status following mediation both seoul and pyongyang filed a joint bid an unprecedented move it's the latest sign of cooperation on the korean peninsula and comes months after north and south korea agreed to march under a united flag at the winter olympics. no the rules are clear wrestlers have to try and bring their opponents to the floor all the while holding onto a sash that's tied around their adversaries waist and saw. the ancient sport known as she is deeply rooted in both north and south korean society with competitions often drawing large crowds but we. definitely would like to see
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championships held in north korea. and also north koreans coming to south korea to hold this festival together. or believe there is no better sport to unite our hearts. with. those careers have made several efforts in recent years to end hostilities their joint bid to unesco for the sport to be recognized is the latest step on the road to reconciliation on the korean peninsula. it is highly symbolic and it reminds us of the power of cultural heritage for that earth and for peace sharon's inclusion on unesco's intangible cultural heritage list has been warmly welcomed on the korean peninsula and is a reminder of the power of sport in building relationships. the man who set out to
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become the first person to swim across the pacific ocean has been ports to abandon his attempt fifty one year old ben they call called off the vicious endeavor after a storm broke the main sail of his support ship he had swam almost three thousand kilometers about a third of the planned distance the frenchman was attempting to raise awareness of marine pollution by swimming through the so-called great pacific garbage patch. well here in germany the government plans to roll out latest generation of mobile phone technology across large parts of the country but it's not a very smooth operation it turns out you know it's not because the plan leaves ten percent of the country covered by the new ultra fast service five g. but critics say that's unacceptable to provide it should be forced to do better
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with high penalties mobile phone companies argue covering every nook and cranny of the company would be too expensive. autonomous driving it's just one example of the kind of technology that only functions with super speedy highly reactive wireless networks with funny g. is the name given to the cellular technology behind it the german government wants to introduce it to large parts of the country by twenty twenty two decision on that and that's why we've introduced regulations relating to how to bonds federal and state highways country roads waterways and railways this will lead to an improvement in coverage. despite those plans some ten percent of germany is set to remain without any coverage at all. and just need almost eight hundred thousand cell towers to roll out five g. across germany if that's not possible since it would cost over one hundred thirty billion euros that's a scale we can't afford. that's drawn criticism from german businesses setting
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their sights on digital innovation and people in rural areas with no coverage will not be able to use other carriers free of charge like they can when roaming abroad . well within the studio as a tech and it's an. hour and five g. is an important technological step why is there such a fuss about this well basically because five g. is really going to determine how many factions green self driving cars and all these bevy of technologies are constant talking about are ruled out to the german people the last generation of solar technology was introduced ten years ago and we're still living with the day we're going to have it for another four years so right now who gets the five g. writes and how they get them is really going to give them ten years of basically indefinite business that they can look forward to some sort of problem here in germany how are other companies doing in this respect with five looking at five g. well actually when it comes to digitalisation in general germany has been not necessarily keeping up with the other players if you look at it four g.
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the old technology is only available in sixty six percent of germany now that puts place seventy and seventy's position in the world you know with other insurgencies seven zero seventy exactly you know our our direct neighbors are albania and colombia and you know it's really industrial power houses and if you compare that to the asian markets or north america they're looking at ninety seven percent adoption so germany is really behind the curve on this. how is it possible the country famed for its engineering prowess lags behind of the when it comes to digitalisation germany has traditionally kind of neglected its infrastructure back in the eighty's and ninety's when every other country was adapting. so fiber optic cables germany was still betting on copper wires and of course that led the telecom and also the german government save a lot of money but now they're having to catch up they're having to build that infrastructure that every other country has enjoyed for a number of years so when it comes to adapting five g. and also four g.
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technology it really looks like they need to do their homework and up their game a little bit is this just an embarrassment for germany or is that real quantifiable damage to the german economy or i think it's hard to put a direct number on it but if you look at many regions especially more rule regions or even the east of the country don't really have the internet infrastructure they need and that's preventing things like universities and startups and also large corporations from moving their campuses to those parts of the country and a couple years ago i was actually at a tech conference where chancellor merkel actually lamented the fact that germany didn't have a homegrown google apple facebook or something like that but if you and they say she said it was actually part of the german business culture that encourages kind of start ups but really i also think digitalisation is playing a huge role because you know if you don't give those type of companies like the sandbox they need to play and develop their never even develop on their own so really if germany wants their own tech giant if they want a homegrown google or facebook they really need to give them the tools they need to
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succeed and part of that is five g. technology so the internet of things of course. needs this technology to work thank you very much. general motors plans to layoff up to fourteen thousand factory and white collar workers in the u.s. and canada put five plants up for also closure fifteen percent of gems and tie workforce are affected by the plans the comic only iconic brands like chevrolet and says it wants to focus more on the thomas and electric vehicles the decision. from washington. g.m. said waning demand for traditional sedans and rising costs prompted the massive cuts and the steel tariffs introduced by the u.s. this year haven't helped either president donald trump was quick to see g.m.'s decision to cut its american workforce well we don't like it i believe they'll be opening up they go wherever i was very job i spoke with her when i heard there were
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closing and i said you know this country's got a lot of general motors you better get back in there doing that so i owe a wreck i lived sentiments from canadian prime minister justin trudeau disappointed by g.m.'s decision regarding their clients in this part of the global restructuring our thoughts are with those those whose jobs will be affected and their families. but unhappiest of will are affected general motors stuff when you're twenty years i've been through a closure in scarborough i've been through a closure in london i moved my family twice for this company and they do this to me stir. the five g.m. plants will halt production next year laying off three thousand three hundred production workers in the u.s. and about three thousand in canada the company also plans to trim its white collar stuff by eight pounds and. that's all your business here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here on t.v. news ukraine's parliament has voted to impose martial law for russia seems three
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ukrainian ships near the disputed economy have been in so long something ukraine's president has called it a new phase of the. question while the u.s. has accused russia all the outrageous violation of ukraine's sovereignty. and scientists at nasa celebrating after their space craft insights successfully touched down on the craft how to survive a career in the us to send during which it decelerated from almost twenty thousand kilometers per hour the mission hopes to dig deep to find out how much full. washington wus from berlin more coming at the top of the kickoffs next to update tom foreman is full honestly about thanks for watching a. kickoff
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