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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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liz let. this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin is it posturing or could ukraine in russia be headed for open war ukraine imposes martial law on parts of the country saying russia has entered a new phase of aggression this after the russian coast guard on sunday seized two ukrainian naval ships and a tugboat called the crimean peninsula. also on the program mexico says it's too
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poor to dozens of migrants who tried to rush the border near san diego into the united states but it's demanded an investigation into the use of tear gas by u.s. police firing across that border. so celebrate says it spacecraft inside the lens on mars the probe has already sent back a selfie from the red planet its primary mission is to dig beneath the martian surface for data that scientists have been screaming about for decades it's. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us ukraine has imposed martial law on parts of the country following russia's seizure of ukrainian warships on sunday the measures applied to mostly border regions to prevent what ukraine's president called an extremely serious threat of a russian invasion
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a number of western nations have condemned moscow but the kremlin insists that it was provoked in a moment we'll cross store correspondents in kiev and moscow but first a look back on how this latest escalation began. the question see causing waves of international concern a russian military ship rams into a ukrainian tugboat off the coast of crimea the vessel was later fired at him captured by the russians along with two other ships and dozens of ukrainian seamen several of whom were injured. the united nations security council held an emergency meeting where western countries accused russia of stoking an already deadly war with ukraine. what we witnessed this weekend is yet another reckless russian escalation it is an arrogant act that the international community must condemn and
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will never accept. in response russia's representative said the ukrainian ship had violated its territorial waters with moscow says the incident was a provocation by ukrainian president petro poroshenko to boost his support and upcoming elections. because of them in kiev publishing co has declared a state of martial law for thirty days but insisted it would not interfere with the looming presidential vote. in brussels nato secretary-general warned russia that its actions would have consequences that is no justification for the use of military force against ukrainian ships and naval personnel so we call on our show to release immediately their crane and sailors and ships it seized yesterday sea traffic is again flowing through the disputed waters after russia briefly blocked the crucial passage. but moscow says it will continue to hold the ukrainian
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ships and while it conducts its own investigation. for more on this story we're joined now by our correspondent nick conley in kiev and emily short one in moscow good morning to you both nic ukraine has imposed martial law what kinds of power does this give ukrainian authorities and how will that help them solve this crisis good morning terry well this is unprecedented in all the years of conflict we've seen here in ukraine off the onyx ation by russia of crimea and the conflict in the east this has never happened before this is. basically this gives the government the option to restrict civil liberties anything from freedom of speech to freedom of assembly giving the police more powers and also potentially allowing for the mobilization of all me reservists having said that we still haven't seen much
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detail this was voted through late last night in pretty chaotic parliament tree assembly it wasn't clear for a long time if it would actually get the number the required number of votes it did . but whether this is just an option the government is giving itself for the case of escalation with russia or if we're going to see a direct impact on everyday ukrainians lives we still don't know and this is what will come out of today really. western nations are calling on russia to release the ukrainian sailors and ships that has seized is that likely to happen. well terry it doesn't seem like there will be a concession on that issue from russia any time soon especially because russia considers that it captured those vessels and those sailors absolutely legally they absolutely here in russia see that they acted correctly and according to russian and international law in fact the russian side is very much been categorized grise
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in what happened as the ukrainian invasion you have to remember that russia considers the azoff sea to be russian waters after the annexation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen which of course ukraine does not recognize and russia has also been categorizing ukraine as the aggressor in this situation yesterday we saw a statement from the f.s.b. the russian security services saying that actually it was the ukrainian vessels that pointed their guns at the russian vessels first and threatened them so much russia categorizing ukraine as being in the wrong and ukraine as being the aggressor here so i don't think any concessions on the crew and the vessels that were captured and time soon terry. point rusher regards been there as a ukrainian invasion explain to us how the disputed waterway we're talking about
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here is shared and why it's so important to you chris. well terry obviously before the russian accession crimea twenty fourteen you had ukrainian control crimea on the western side of the strait and then the russian mainland of the eastern side and they shared control over this waterway to the sea of us all of which then also see is shared by ukraine by. then the russian side since russia took over crimea basically they have also had defected control over access the sea of as of something that ukraine in the west of the do not recognize but this is crucial not just for crimea this is not just something about sovereignty in an abstract sense this is also about us about the other conflict that ukraine has with russia because tens of thousands of jobs depend on the pull. of being able to get trade in and out if it's the sea turns into a military zone with no real access from outside that could really destabilize the
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situation in the east of ukraine where it had seemed in recent months that things had become calmer and more stable and that was sure when they're speaking to me a short while ago. mexico says it's deporting scores of migrants who tried to illegally cross into the united states on sunday a peaceful protest by migrants descended into chaos after hundreds tried to force their way across the frontier in tijuana u.s. guards fired tear gas at the group which included children with police making dozens of arrests on both sides of the fence mexico says it's called on the u.s. to investigate the use of tear gas during the incident u.s. president threatened on twitter to permanently close the border with mexico. correspondent stefan the simons is. border crossing on the u.s. side of the border there with mexico and he joins us now stefan what's the
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situation now has a call now. significantly you can say that definitely. over the course of the day though on the mexican side as well as here on the u.s. side of. security more c.b.p. agency on the u.s. side and more border police. police on the mexican side trying to make this border more secure in terms of prevent something like what happened on sunday happens here again. and. that means on the other side behind me. moving into the united states hundreds and hundreds and hundreds remember all the people who. work day and probably tomorrow to do their holiday shopping which they missed on. now mexico is set to deport scores of migrants. managed to breach of security cordon and tried to cross into the u.s.
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yesterday are more deportations likely to fall. thirty nine that's the number it's a day and all those thirty nine people will be deported. sixty nine people they made today actually to u.s. soil and of course they will be deported directly to now we have another number. up to two hundred people from sunday will be deported in the next few days will then. lead up to the united states this is i think everybody. but also a sound. evaluation of the situation is that this is not going to stop anything that will be central american migrants coming to. and they will be probably more
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attempts to jump the fence and cross the border people over there in the background . you have to. are in five thousand three thousand just a few days ago and the situation there is not really great. seven thank you very much for bringing us up to date their stuff on symonds at the us mexico border. now to some of the other stories making news around the world today europe's top court is holding an urgent hearing today over whether the u.k. can unilaterally reverse its decision to leave the european union or group approach lawmakers launched the court challenge hoping the decision could ultimately stop breaks it but the british government says it has no intention of stopping divorce proceedings. tunisian activists have protested a visit to the country by saudi crown prince mohammed bin sun mon he's there as part of his first foreign trip since the murder of journalist to mark assaults the
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saudi arabia has come under intense pressure over the killing in denied that the crown prince was involved. and u.s. prosecutors say donald trump's former campaign chairman paul metaphor has violated the terms of a plea deal with the justice department and it's a metaphor to lie to investigators probing russian interference in the twenty six thousand election despite agreeing to help them he's currently behind bars awaiting sentencing on conspiracy charges for now one small step closer to unlocking the secrets of the red planet nasa's in sight spacecraft has touched down on mars this picture behind me a kind of selfie is one of the first images inside has sent back but it will do more it's expected to drill down into the martian soil to collect important data on how the planet formed for the scientists involved it's been
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a nail biting journey sixty meters sixty meters constant velocity tension almost impossible to be. touchdown transparent followed by an outpouring of relief this is the moment a nasa spacecraft completed its seven month long journey to months called the inside the unmanned landa troubled four hundred eighty four million kilometers through space to reach the red planet well this is a very exciting day as you can imagine we've got a lot of scientists and engineers that have put many years of work into this particular mission and today is the moment of truth. in the thirteen minutes between entering the planet's atmosphere and touchdown the craft traveled almost twenty thousand kilometers per hour through temperatures of one thousand five hundred degrees celsius before shedding its heat shield opening its parachute and landing safely. the inside seismic activity and the temperature at the planet's
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core over the next two years scientists want to find out more about the origins and the current state of the planet. mars was a habitable planet about three billion years ago and then something happened and now it is desolate and we're trying to understand what caused. this is a collaborative effort the u.s. spacecraft is packed with equipment developed by european space agency's france spain and britain have provided senses and germany a robot can borrow five meters into the ground the current mission is one of only eight successful landing zone a half of the forty three attempts to reach the planet a failed nasa is goals remain ambitious the agency aims to send the first astronauts to mars within the next twenty years. reminder of the top story we're following for you here today news ukraine's parliament has voted to impose martial law for russia sees three ukrainian ships
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near the disputed crimean peninsula. ukraine's president has called it a new phase of aggression the u.s. has accused russia. of ukraine's sovereignty. of course you can get all the latest news information. we have more news that. will be with you then thanks for watching. nico is in germany to learn german. polish benito why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to suffer from the w e learning course nicko speak.


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