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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2018 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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i work a double. this is the day of the news coming to you live from berlin tensions between ukraine and russia escalates ukraine imposes martial northern parts of the country saying russia has entered a new phase of aggression this off to the russian coast guard on sunday really seized two you create in neighbor ships on a tugboat off the crimean pedants into also coming up. mexico's ses is deporting
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dozens of migrants who try to rush the border near san diego into the united states and it's demanded an investigation into the use of tear gas by u.s. police firing across that border and. the town from paris. now still celebrates as its spacecraft inside lands on mas the probe has already sent a selfie from the red planet it's finally mission is to dig beneath the surface and send back vital details on the planet's composition the. plane. telling a woman continue on the. jimmy johnson and american has called for calm as tensions between ukraine and russia flare up she has spoken with presidents of both
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countries this off to ukraine impose martial law in parts of the country in response to russia's seizure of this warships on sunday the kremlin insists it was provoked but ukraine's president says there is an extremely serious threat of a russian invasion we'll talk to a military analysts in moscow shortly but first a look back at how this latest escalation began. question see causing waves of international concern a russian military ship rams into the ukrainian tugboat off the coast of crimea. the vessel was later fired at and captured by the russians along with two of the ships and dozens of ukrainian seamen several of whom were injured. the united nations security council held an emergency meeting where western countries accused russia of stoking an already deadly war with ukraine. what we
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witnessed this weekend is yet another reckless russian escalation it is an arrogant act that the international community must condemn and will never accept. in response russia's representative said the ukrainian ship had violated its territorial waters with moscow says the incident was a provocation by ukrainian president petro poroshenko to boost his support and upcoming elections. present them in kiev pushing co has declared a state of martial law for thirty days but insisted it would not interfere with the looming presidential vote. in brussels nato secretary-general warned russia that its actions would have consequences that is no justification for the use of military force against ukrainian ships naval personnel. so we call on our shop to release immediately their crane in sailors and ships it seized yesterday.
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see traffic is again flowing through the disputed waters after russia briefly blocked the crucial passage. but moscow says it will continue to hold the ukrainian ships in silence while it conducts its own investigation. only i spoke to russian military analyst pavane felgenhauer in moscow i asked him of russia's refusal to release the ukrainian vessels it's making the situation but these are very small ships only with a group of members each. actually you know these are. river guns but. be used against smugglers but they didn't really pose and they're going through the straits out into the r.c.s. of us all first of all they have the legal right to do that. and second of all they would not threaten themselves the russian total dominance military in air and sea
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in their reach but brush up that he's very very concerned that they trade with ukrainian plans to build a naval base in. their indianans on the sea of us all and they are actually afraid that nato ships may come to visit and overtake the sierras closing the route for russian say naval ships which right now move to the costly and to the black sea to the mediterranean back again ships carrying long break. and i could even better cruise missiles so that's actually be very bad and that would be a good use of if you're in so such a case most likely see it as a very very grave situation that development in moscow and naturally in the gradient pres that for russia talking about the mosque fighting a ground operation to take over. the us. take this
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ease up mario oh i bet. yeah and push your clothes they wear those r.c.t. agreeing entirely and exit and you get real he said why he was martial law preparing for such a possible and and that's the read it i think is a real there's a possibility of a big war maybe in the weeks or couple of months of winter war between russia and ukraine outward a sea of us oh right so you see this is a fairly serious situation of poverty a felgenhauer a russian military analyst in moscow thank you very much for sharing your perspective with us. today not to mexico would say it's deporting scores of central american migrants who try to illegally cross into the united states at the same time we just called on the u.s. to investigates its use of tear gas find across the border when many stormed a boundary war near san diego and the incident has left many of the five thousand
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people anxious about their options most have traveled housings of kilometers if you wanna in mexico. for many of these migrants their six week journey may soon have to be repeated returning to where they came from the u.s. president is standing firm. that i'm doing it because i mean it and i'll close it for a long time. on sunday he made that crystal clear when some migrants rushed the u.s. border a cio wanna only to retreat after u.s. border patrol agents responded with tear gas mexican authorities also increased security and will deport scores of migrants after arrests were made. now some believe their voyage here may have been in vain the u.s. is processing asylum requests but that can take many months. we have no hope of being here for many days. in the more distant it's looking more
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and more remote only god knows the time that we will have here what will happen we have to wait a bit. meanwhile the mexican government is offering some hope a job center has opened up for people considering working in the country not quite their dream though of the promised land. and here's a look at some other stories making news around the bond the french president a man in the cross says his country was shot down fourteen of its fifty eight nuclear reactors by the two thousand and thirty five he made the pledge in a speech laying out his roadmap for france's transition to clean energy blueprint comes amid on going to a test of a few tax hikes aimed at financing green initiatives. u.s. prosecutors say done and transform a campaign chairman full of manifolds has violated the terms of a plea deal with the justice department this is not
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a fault lines to investigate his probing of russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen election despite agreeing to have them he's currently behind bars awaiting sentencing on conspiracy charges. the trial has begun in thailand of a billionaire construction tycoon accused of poaching and endangered panther and other animals in a wildlife sanctuary frame chai the was arrested in june off to pop green just found in the sanctuary with guns and animal carcasses. one step closer to unlocking the secrets of the red planet nasa inside spacecraft has touched down on moscow now this picture is a kind of a selfie that is of the first images insight has sent back but it will do much more it's expected to drill down into the martian soil to collect important data on how
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the planet was formed for the scientists involved it's been a thrilling and nail biting journey sixty meters fifty meters constant barrage thirty suspense that's almost impossible to bear touchdown. followed by an outpouring of jubilation and relief this is the moment nasa scientists received confirmation that the inside spacecraft had landed safely on mars. the news was relayed by a pair of tiny satellites that had been trailing inside throughout its four hundred eighty two million kilometer journey because of the distance between earth and mars it took several tens minutes for confirmation to arrive. to think about working for seven years as many of the people here in the room have done to get to the point where you have seven more minutes to survive literally survive is it credibly hard to describe my heart was basically i think to stop beating for
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seven minutes i don't know if that's healthy or not the two satellites not only transmitted the good news they also sent back inside first a snapshot of mars with dark specks of debris still visible from the landing the inside will now spend the next two years studying mars core to learn more about the planet's origins but scientists say this will be a slow motion mission this entire process just getting the incidents to the ground takes approximately two to three months so it's going to take a little bit of time to get to that point and then another couple of months for them all to penetrate through the ground and to do the fine tuning of the seismometer and at that point we'll be sitting back and listening for those mars quakes and measuring the vital signs on mars getting all that great science return we're really looking forward to that. after transmitting the inside spacecraft dramatic landing sequence the twin satellites then took this final image roughly seven and a half thousand kilometers from mars
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a farewell to insight as it embarks on its mission. in sports champions league football is back tonight as the penultimate match of the group states sees sides from all over europe scrambling to see lead to get to the knockout stages but for by munich coach nico call that there's much more than qualification at stake his job is also on the line. or coach on thin ice on saturday by and were held to a home draw against the league's second was team. by and president only heard a spread of the performance slapstick refusing to comment on nico coverts his future beyond tuesday's champions league game on monday a prickly kovacs insisted he has the backing of his players. for example i've had conversations with several players and the ones i spoke to told me what i'm about to tell you this our relationship is exceptionally good not just
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with the players that i spoke to by the way they also amongst themselves. for the beleaguered by and side opponents been faecal may look an easy target having lost two of the last three league games in portugal but by and missing five key players through injury and their own mistakes have been their killie's heel this season. we analyze every game and we can see where we're making mistakes and unfortunately that mistakes that we keep repeating or. throwing everything out and starting from scratch isn't possible when you only have fourteen feet out their play is. by and have never before lost to benfica as the margin for error a. needs a win to breathe easy. and majesty and i have coach reveal is another man feeling the pressure ahead of this evening's matches and more in your
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side have struggled in the english premier league this season even though their champions league campaign has been notably better and united can see a qualification to the knockout stages if they beat young boys ben and results elsewhere go their way but martin you know has been criticised for his side specific lack of aggression have a listen we're probably. going to start. to play nice and easy. and wait to see what happens to be losing for them to react . as if i wanted to start strong i want to team to have a go immediately and is a bit frustrated. there was the. watching news coming up ahead being for job cuts and g.m. have factored workers are asking what happened to america first donald trump isn't very happy either. that and more coming up shortly with first in business news to
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stay with news if you get. russia is becoming a hotbed of. accompanied by a lack of information and stigmatize ancient in some cities a child is spreading rapidly. here. has been moving to a new phase making a definitive transition from the so-called groups to the baby. and child be in russia today.


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