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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is. russia right ukrainian cyclists. state television three cyclists all agreed with russian claims that they have violated its borders as ukraine imposes martial law world leaders called for. to care also on the program. scientists around the world condemned the chinese research and claims to have created the first genetically baby's. d.n.a. even his own university says the work violates ethical standards.
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i'm filled welcome to the program the crisis between russia and ukraine has intensified to russian t.v. broadcast statements from three of the twenty four ukrainian sailors detained on sunday a court in crimea today ordered one of them to be held in custody for two months the sailors were captured when russian vessels fired on board it in seized three ukrainian boats i say made very well as they were about to make their way through the castrates on sunday. reacted by demanding the return of that ship's crew and has introduced martial law in parts of the country there are now growing international calls for a deescalation of the most dangerous crisis between russia and ukraine for recent years. don't you correspondent nick conley joins us from the ukrainian capital kiev . welcome nick we heard the crimean court has ordered
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a ukrainian sailor to be held for two months. ukraine i will how will you crying react. good afternoon phil well the ukrainian position has and seems to be still that this is totally illegitimate that russia has no right to control access to the sea of us off through the straits or to prevent anyone with ukraine from accessing it these convictions these these order court orders in crimea come as no surprise what i think has provoked more of an emotional response with those videos you mentioned earlier with those seeming confessions on the part of the ukrainian sailor saying they recognized that what they've been doing was quote provocative that really has got a lot of people's backs up here in kiev and it's been seen as some kind of. disrespectful move towards ukrainians naval personnel there. and so now that ukraine has imposed martial law just explain to us if you would how this is supposed to help ukraine get it ships and sailors back and does this necessarily
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represent and escalation. well the short answer is it doesn't really help get the sips of the sailors back in the short term what this is about this is how president petro poroshenko explained his motivation yesterday when he announced martial law was coming to effect is that this gives the ukrainian government the means to react to further further intervention on the part of russia that's what he says that he has intelligence suggesting that russia is gathering its forces along ukraine's front isn't there is the potential for further escalation there but it doesn't in the direct sense help in any way bring these soldiers back these naval personnel rather who are in russian custody and look set to stay there for some time so as you talk to people on the streets of kiev what sense do you get a day worried about where this is going to end. i think confusion is the sort of common denominator that people were usually willing and interested
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in speaking people are really thinking about this a lot they don't quite understand yet what martial law will mean for them it's only coming to affect tomorrow and how exactly it's going to be interpreted remains open kiev is more than five hundred kilometers away from the front line so i think the moment is question disbelief and i think most people don't really imagine that they're going to see a direct. military conflict in ukraine and russia as opposed to the kind of proxy warfare we've seen over crimea. but it definitely is a very worrying time and people are usually interested in news people listening to the news listening to parliamentary debates in a way that you wouldn't otherwise see. thank you now there are some of the other stories making news around the world mexico says it has deported almost one hundred central american migrants who tried to cross illegally from t. he wanted to the united states on sunday it's also called on the u.s. to investigate how u.s. border agents came to fire tear gas across the border when migrants stormed the
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boundary wall near san diego. the president of france says his country will shut down fourteen of its fifty eight nuclear reactors by the year twenty thirty five manual macro made the pledge in a speech laying out his road map for france's transition to clean energy when it comes amid ongoing protests over a fuel tax increase aimed at financing green initiatives. scientists around the world have condemned a chinese doctor who claims to have created the world's first genetically edited baby's he says he altered the d.n.a. of twin girls born earlier this month to try to make them resistant to infection with hiv but his claims of prompted a backlash from the scientific community including in china with many casting doubt on the supposed breakthrough and questioning its ethics. his study is not yet been published but academics around the world say asian quake has crossed the line the geneticist is said to have changed the d.n.a.
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of two babies born earlier this month through regular in vitro fertilization. claims the father of the two babies is a child be positive and to be added to the genes while there were just embryos to make them resistant to the edge of the virus. i feel a strong response be to. that it's a lot of just to make a first but also make good. example there we have. done well first thing in this if it's not a you know someone else questions or no being asked about the credibility of his urine quiz claims along with his motivations did he simply want to further scientific research on the topic even though scientists worldwide have so far agreed not to test gene editing on embryos. that i made he wanted to play god i don't know i think doing these kinds of tests on humans is absolutely inexcusable we have no idea about what side effects there might be what might happen to these
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children in the next fifteen to twenty years doing these kinds of experiments on humans is beyond reason and ethically completely unacceptable the gene editing technology used in the experiment was initially developed to treat inherited diseases it involves changing the genetic makeup of plant life animals and humans. it's a special projects in that can be precisely programmed to take out entire snippets of d.n.a. . me take it genes which can cause diseases for example can be completely switched off. genes can not only because out but they can also be repaired or even replaced. the for. using the technology on human embryos however has so far been taboo not all research is feel bound by these ethical traditions for some it may be more important to prove they are at the forefront of gene therapy technology by an
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experimental and it is a false in my opinion this represents a reckless human experiment and neither the risks nor the benefits have been properly established society hasn't been consulted me it's medically not necessary the whole thing was announced a day before a major international summit on the topic as a provocation incest and for cats. the case has also caused an uproar in china more than one hundred scientists have signed an open letter denouncing it as risky and unjustified adding that it hummed the reputation and development of the by medical community in china. let's get more. data science welcome but terry let's start with the claim it's not been verified how sure can we believe it well that hasn't this particular research hasn't taken the proper channels generally
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there would've been a publication that would have been peer review that hasn't happened still evidence seems to be piling up that it did and that the research did indeed take place and the researcher himself certainly has the background and their credentials to have been able to perform it he says he has acted to present these babies really interesting that hiv sounds laudable what's what's wrong with that well the particular protein that he's talking about having cut out or the particular genetic sequence that codes for that particular protein does act as a gateway for hiv however genes don't really work that way we've come a long way away from saying that a particular gene does a only one particular thing and by actually excising this particular gene he might have caused. further damage to these babies farther down the road because we don't necessarily know every every single process that that particular gene is involved in and the human being he says somebody would have done this eventually even if it wasn't. right and yeah that's absolutely correct i mean this is been looming on the
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horizon for quite a while now and the technology is there chris because not which is the technology that used to edit you now it is a very is a very precise tool it's an extremely powerful tool but it isn't perfect and that's one of the problems with that is that there is there can be what are called off target effects that means that when you go in and you exercise a gene as you did for example it might cause damage in other parts of the genome as well and that's one of the biggest drawbacks do we really want to be experimenting basically with human beings in that way because that's really if this is true if this claim proves to be true that's really what this is but we are going to do that because that's what human beings do we are curious even when the rules say we must know it's the ultimate in any scientific endeavor must be to better human kinds or someone is going to sit there and go well it was it must needs to be regulated that's the whole point from from the very beginning this is something that needs to happen at a much slower pace we don't know many we know
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a lot about the genome but we there's much more that we don't know and that's why we need to regulate this kind of research and it needs to be more transparent it can't be happening in some places in the world and not happening and others there needs to be actually i think a global regulation of this kind of technology because in the end those children are going to grow up to have children of their own and that means that those edited genomes will enter the human gene pool it's a question it's a story that affects us all briefly we've heard of this this christmas technology. in much more glowing terms in the last few months is that when we talk about gene editing it's not all bad news is it no no it's not the crisper technology is actually for years i've been thinking that. it's deserved a nobel prize and so have many many other people it's allowed it's what allows us to also for example alter crops i mean every organism has genes and by engineering those genes in those organisms we can engineer certain characteristics that we want to have for example resistance to drought or or possibly resistance for example to
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a pesticide it's been used in that way before as well so we've also used it to to for example are enemies in certain ways to grow heavier or the things that we want to do the technology in and of itself is not a bad technology but it is a very powerful tool that can also be turned and used on human beings and that's where we need to be drawing the lines. that you. know man with dual german arms russian citizenship has been convicted of bombing the brucia dog and football team bus last year judges sentence him to fourteen years in prison for attempted murder adult and plant a police officer were amongst the injured in the attack prosecutors say the defendant identified only as a w because of german privacy laws left fake letters attempting to pass off the attack as islamic terrorism in reality he planned to profit financially i think battle of fold in the club stock market value.
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sons had already started gathering in this stadium for dortmund's champions league match against monaco but dortmund didn't make it there that night just as they left the hotel shortly after seven pm the team bus was rocked by several blasts class shouted don't defend a month and a police officer in judge. doctrove was taken to hospital for surgery on a fractured wrist. that buses reinforced windows prevented further injuries. police discovered three homemade explosive devices packed with shots of metal placed in bushes by the roadside. a shaken dortmund team lost against monaco when they played their reshaped match the next evening. the authorities first line of inquiry a terror plot letters left at the scene claimed the attack was retaliation for
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german military operations against so-called islamic state in iraq and syria. ten days later police arrested a twenty eight year old german russian national identified only as sergei wu the motive of the attack not terrorism but greed the suspect had taken out options on thousands of piracy of dortmund shares betting that an attack would send prices plummeting and net him millions. time equalling. a season ending event in hawaii. is the most successful. he's also four world titles short of. on the men's two. just times reminder of our top story at this hour russia has paraded ukrainian.
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television. with russian claims that. we make up we watch as a face. to. the surface of. the continents future. enjoying our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the same. platform for africa majority.


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