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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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our guest. managed by from. the city w. news a lot of from russia puts capture do you cranium silence on state television following sunday's clash of crimea today a russian court in the annex province ordered the detention of a number of them out of all the capture vessels the world leaders of calls for calm in the escalating confrontation also on the program libya's new patrol boats police
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the coast to stop migrants setting sail from europe despite the likelihood of being caught and detained migrants still arrive in the country where they often face mistreatment and despair. and scientists around the world condemned the chinese research in claims to have created the first genetically edited babies even his own university says the work violates ethical standards. and the champions league resumes with byron munich taking on the portuguese side benfica can't the parents continue their quest for european glory despite struggling in the bugs for. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program russian course in crimea has reminded several ukrainians same the same custody for two months escalating tensions between care of a moscow three cyclists were shown on by. t.v.
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the men were all captured on sunday russian vessels fired on board and seized three ukrainian boats as they were about to make their way through the catch straits between russia and the disputed crimea peninsula reacted by demanding the return of the chips and crew and has introduced martial law in parts of the country. is going tonight is far from the ukrainian capital d.w. correspondent nick conley is in camp welcome nic what reaction has there been from ukraine to this court sentence good evening fail well the ukrainian position has consistently been that this is completely illegitimate that russia has no right deciding who passes through the current straits crimea obviously internationally recognized as ukrainian territory and so they have been demanding they're immediately released. and tell us what the the sailor said when they appeared on russian t.v. was there any suspicion of coercion. well indeed they said
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that they recognized that what they'd been doing the cut straight was quote provocative and that they had ignored warnings from the russian side to desist now most people here in kiev say that the language used seemed very unnatural that they seem to be reading if they were reading off a page and that their whole body language suggested that this wasn't done on the basis of free will but this latest standoff between russia and ukraine clearly it's not the first why is it so dangerous. well what really makes this different feel is that unlike in eastern ukraine donbass where you have ukrainian government troops facing off against russian backed separatists here you have really the military might of both ukraine and russia facing off against each other directly potentially firing at each other that is something that is new that we haven't seen since the crimea which went off mostly without a shot being fired and going forward the really difficult thing is to see who if
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anyone is willing to step down ukraine insists that it has the right to pass through the straits to get to its ports on the sea of hours all of russia insists on its part that it has the right to manage passage through that waterway so for now it looks like no one is willing really to take a step back president calls for the imposition of martial law the parliament agreed how does that help to get the sailors all the ships back. when the first instance it doesn't they are in russian custody and looks set to be there for quite some time what it does do though it gives the government further powers and further. instruments to deal with any further incidents poroshenko yesterday when he was explaining his justification for seeking these extra powers said that he had intelligence to suggest that the russians were massing their forces along ukraine's borders he hasn't shared that intelligence but he says that the government needs these powers for instance to reduce the freedom of assembly or
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freedom of speech that those are essential to protect ukraine's sovereignty and that is the government reason for now. thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the united nations says humankind is falling further behind in the race against climate change the gap between current greenhouse gas emission levels and those needed to achieve temperature reduction goals is widening they say they're both countries to put forward more ambitious national targets to help meet the paris climate treaty agreement. mexico says it has deported almost one hundred central american migrants who try to cross illegally from t. you on to the united states on sunday has also called on the u.s. to investigate how u.s. border agents and came to fire tear gas across the border and migrants are stormed the boundary wall near san diego. meaning the president of france says his country
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will shut down fourteen of its fifty eight nuclear reactors by twenty thirty five emanuel micro made the pledge in a speech laying out his road map for france's transition to clean energy when it comes amid ongoing protests over a fuel tax increase aimed at financing green initiatives. u.s. prosecutors say donald trump's former campaign chairman told manifolds violated the terms of a plea deal with the justice department they say he lied to investigators looking into russian interference in the twenty six thousand election despite agreeing to help them is currently behind bars the very same sentence on conspiracy charges. now this weekend marks the thirtieth anniversary of world aids day as well as making great strides in combating the condition the world has also seen public awareness campaigns informing people about hiv aids and dispelling misinformation this by this people living with hiv hostile stigmatized and shunned in many places t w correspondent you're in recess or one young man doing his best to change
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attitudes. from the media. i don't like it when people point at me and say that i'm contagious. i hear the worst kinds of insults on the streets or. the positives from voting vitale has been h.l.v. positif oil energy as your choosing to function. i want to let everyone know that hiv is not a death sentence where people just like everyone else. the only thing that makes me different are the four pills that i take every day to keep me from dying that was new to me. but these pills that keep him from dying as a tonic also them are not a cure for a different problem but the stigmatization of people with h r. to fight the stigma it done has come up with an unusual idea. he wants to confront people with his
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illness by publicly outing himself as h. he posted. a used course on this team. this huge stigma surrounding a job the positive people in russia comes from fear. many still think that hiv can be transmitted by breathing the same air that h.l.v. people should just be rounded up denounced and sense away. to the moon somewhere to mars the rest to just disappear out of view is very hurtful and it. became. vitale wants to start his campaign in his home town here in burke he knows it could be dangerous he's aim is to break down the barrier that has existed between him and the build around him since he got his diagnosis. he's black are treats i'm of the positive. if you're not afraid. it's
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a proto. against loneliness and a challenge. just as all same one i told my mother eight years after i was infected in the first thing she said to me was that we had such high hopes for you for her it meant that i was through the holes in my mother's world hiv positive people are no longer human they're dead strong financial. and wanted to pass us by see. we're really not scared you know i'm a doctor with all the best of you what shall we hark if only if you're not scared. why should i be thank you so much gets into it we need your postings of course for
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more than six if you more people hug me then i'm just going to cry i'm overwhelms this makes me stronger and i'm beginning to realize that i didn't out myself for nothing no yes no you see beating. even on a cold november evening is the reaction still vitaly milonov skinned his openness about his age and he status have been surprisingly warm however vitale knows it to bill take many more activists like him before people we thought and i feel russia can be sure that they will be treated with respect. amounts been convicted of bombing the bersih dorman football team bus last year identified only as surrogate w because of german previously last german russian jewel national was sentenced to fourteen years in prison for attempted murder a dog unplanned the police officer were amongst the injured in the attack
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prosecutors say he left faked. letters attempting to pass off the attack as islamic terrorism in reality you plan to make money from a fall in the club stock market value. champions league football is back tonight as they put alternate much of the group stage seaside from all over europe are scrambling to sell their ticket to the knockout stages but for byron munich coach and eco kovacs there's more than just qualification at stake is jobs also. the. sons had already started gathering in the stadium for dortmund's champions league match against monaco but dortmund didn't make it there that night just as they left the hotel shortly after seven pm the team bus was rocked by several blasts class shattered dortmund defender mark bought truck and
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a police officer were injured. i was taken to hospital for surgery on a fractured wrist. that passes reinforced windows prevented further injuries. police discovered three homemade explosive devices packed with shots of metal plates than bushes by the roadside a shaken dortmund team lost against monaco when they played their reshaped match the next evening. the authorities first line of inquiry a terror plot letters left at the scene claimed the attack was retaliation for german military operations against so-called islamic state in iraq and syria. ten days later police arrested a twenty eight year old german russian national identified only as sergei wu the motive of the attack not terrorism but greed. the suspect had taken out options on
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thousands of piracy have bought one shares betting that an attack would send prices plummeting and net him millions. and champions league football returns tonight as the penultimate match of the group stage sees sides from all over europe scrambling to seal their tickets to the knockout stages but munich coach nick kovacs there's more than just qualification at stake his job is also on the line. or coach on thin ice on saturday brian were held to a home draw against the league's second worst team golf by and president only heard us branded the performance slapstick refusing to comment on nico co but his future beyond choose days champions league game on monday a prickly insisted he has the backing of his players. for example i've had conversations with several players and the ones i spoke to told me what i'm about to tell you this our relationship is exceptionally good it's also
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not just with the players that i spoke to by the way they all talk amongst themselves and. for the beleaguered by and side opponents been faecal may look an easy target having lost two of the last three league games in portugal but by and are missing five key players through injury and their own mistakes have been their killie's heel this season you're going to lose in yiddish beer and we analyze every game and we can see where we're making mistakes unfortunately their mistakes that we keep repeating. throwing everything out and starting from scratch isn't possible when you only have fourteen feet out there are players. by and they have never before lost to benfica as the margin for error shrinks kovacs needs a win to breathe easy. you're watching data news life from birth and still to campaign for job cuts at g.m.
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affected workers asking what happened to america first trump is unhappy i think. i don't have it well. how about for you in the business update which is up on the way more world news for you at the top of the hour can't wait for either of those and there's always the website the w dot com of the day. raring to read. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. d.w. literature list a hundred plus treat. russia is becoming
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a hotbed of aids accompanied by a lack of information and stigmatize ation in some cities a child being.


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