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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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this is d w news wife from berlin the united nations a morning that we are falling behind in the race against climate change the gap between current greenhouse gas emissions and target goals is widening the human report comes just days before the next round of you with environment talks is scheduled to open in poland also coming up russia has paraded ukrainian sailors captured in that clash off of crimea on state television their appearance came as a russian court ordered the detention of
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a number of the men on board the captured ships and one russian man's defiance in the face of each. in our special series will meet one behind who is determined to raise awareness and fight the stigma afflicting victims of russia's aids epidemic. good to have you with those of the united nations says that humankind is falling further behind in its race to limit climate change a un report released by the un's environment agency today finds that the greenhouse gas emissions have risen for the first time in four years the report urges countries to put forward more ambitious voluntary national targets the european union's climate chief meanwhile has called for the e.u. to aim for net. zero emissions by the year two thousand and fifty that means that
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the e.u. would not create any more emissions than it removes. are for more on this i'm joined now from boston by kelly levin she is a senior associate at the world resources institute and she is a co-author of that report released today it's good to have you on the program i've got to ask you when i when i read your report have we been sugar coating the situation i mean why are we still failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions thanks great to be with you so this is a report that's done annually and documents that gap as you said between where missions are headed and where they need to be to meet the temperature goals of the past agreement which is well below two degrees with efforts to meet one point five degrees and there has been a gap every year found this year it's found to be larger in part due to methodological changes and i think this is not necessarily new news
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because it really comes on the heels of a number of different reports that have found that action is really not commensurate with the impacts that we're seeing today and where they're going to be in the future in this report calls for voluntary national targets as a science is are you comfortable with that language or is it time considering what's happening around the world with the with climate is it time to make that language at least more formidable. yeah so it's an interesting evolution where we had under kioto protocol some are binding targets and then under the paris agreement every countries came for it's but they're what are known as nationally determined contributions so this is a voluntary pledge as to what they can do and it's really a result of consultations domestically a lot of people think that there is actually a lot of power and momentum behind these voluntary pledges i mean in the end
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because of a very weak ability to hold countries accountable internationally for example or not slapping sanctions on countries that don't necessarily meet their climate goals that the difference between binding involuntary is not as bright in the international law so the hope is that the paris agreement sets up a mechanism to increase ambition over time that's the vision and really this is the true test especially as negotiators step into poland where the next set of negotiations will start next week we were dealing with the effects of climate change already if if that does not pull why will they you were in an environment report make a difference i mean if you would try to convince the cynic in me here that this report could make a difference. yes so i think that. so many are waking up to the fact that the impacts that they're seeing unfold around them whether it's wildfires or
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intensified heat waves or storms are definitely a result in part by climate change and i think that will compel action because it's farming communities around the world but also i think that there are a lot of compelling and evidence right now that there are significant economic benefits and benefits to wellbeing in a low carbon future and there's a recent report showing from the new climate economy showing and billions of dollars of savings if we get on a different pathway this makes a lot of sense for human health for competitiveness for increased jobs and innovation so this is actually a real win if we actually start to transform our behavior you know that's a big if they're killing over joining us tonight from boston muslim we appreciate your insights thank you thank you very much. here's some of the other stories now
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that are making headlines around the world the president of france says that his country will shut down fourteen of its fifty eight nuclear reactors by the year twenty thirty five. made the pledge in his speech laying out his roadmap for france's transition to cleaner energy the announcement comes amid ongoing protests over a fuel tax increase aimed at financing green initiatives mexico says that it has deported almost one hundred central american migrants who tried to cross illegally from tijuana to the united states on sunday it has also called on the u.s. to investigate how u.s. border agents came to fire tear gas across the border when migrants stormed a boundary wall near san diego. of the u.n. is a very general antonio good terrorists has called for russia and ukraine to exercise maximum restraint in their confrontation over crimea russia seized three ukrainian
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naval vessels in a skirmish on sunday a russian court in crimea today ordered the number of captured ukrainian sailors to be detained pending trial. just passing through now here to stay ukrainian sailors captured by russia appear in court charged with unlawfully entering the country carrying weapons they face up to six years in jail if found guilty. early as some of the sailors were shown on russian state television saying they had deliberately entered russian waters as a provocation their confessions disputed by ukraine match the message of russia's leader moscow accuses kiev of sparking the sea skirmish to boost support ahead of an election. most probably this provocation took place in order to achieve certain political decisions which are beneficial for the current president of ukraine. if.
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ukraine accuses russia of illegally capturing its ships and sailors off the coast of crimea president petro poroshenko now claims moscow is preparing for an invasion together with the country's parliament he has imposed martial law in the regions bordering russia for thirty days fundamentally the whole martial law is in. getting the resources to get. it for everybody here to understand. he's a hero place whence the russians come frozen president poroshenko insisted the measures won't interfere with elections from march but his decree is causing concern and confusion in the capital kiev. this isn't going to help ordinary ukrainians this is about the politicians if we needed martial law at all
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they should have introduced it years ago. that have we need to react to the situation differently with diplomatic economic means martial law is just going to make people worry. but if the politicians should have explained what exactly this means for us how people's rights are going to be affected. for ukrainians it's unclear what changes martial law will bring after four years of war with russia peace seems a distant outcome. in the economy he joins us now from the ukrainian capital good evening to you nick the president of ukraine reportedly saying that russia is now concentrating troops along the border with ukraine is he saying that to justify martial wall or are we really looking at the brink of a war as he claims. good evening brant well present
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has presented some intelligence evidence to ukrainian journalists just in the last few hours which he says shows russia upping the numbers of tanks along ukraine's borders and that's a very difficult to verify independently and there are plenty of present person because internal critics in ukraine who accusing him of political of trying to change the sort of terms the public discourse had of next year's presidential elections with the polls looking pretty bad for him in recent weeks and trying to you know present himself as a sort of commander in chief in that way having said that this is different to the situation we've had in the last months and years this was ukrainian professional troops standing off gets russian professional troops whereas if the conflict in don't dast is via the proxy of russian backed separatists that is something new and is worrying development present said he tried to call that image putin on the weekend to discuss this but the kremlin wouldn't take his calls you know interesting they're calling it we know that
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a russian court today said several ukrainian sailors what are the claims against them and what's been the reaction in ukraine. well there is they stand accused of illegally crossing the border now some analysts say here that that that is one of the lesser charges that could have been leveled against them so in a way maybe that's a sign of rights restraint from moscow but at least they have now being sentenced to at least two months of arrest for that initially the ukrainian position is that this is totally illegitimate that ukraine as the sovereign international said sovereign nation of crimea has free access to those straits of catch and the any russian attempts to limits ukraine's freedom of access there is illegitimate it looks though that those those soldiers those naval officer going nowhere in a hurry and that their fate set to be part of a bigger more complicated political game and some of the sailors were basically paraded on russian television today was there any suspicion that they were cold
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worse i mean what what what did you see on television today what was telling there that the formulations they used the language did sound very forced some people have said that it looked as if they were reading off piece of paper they've been given a text to read out we've heard in ukraine from some of the people of the the offices family relatives they say they think it sounds unusual for them. again this is all part of a bigger media war of see russia very keen to present this as a ukrainian. attempt to discredit russia and something that's a provocation for this mess to consumption rather than a bigger political issue ukrainians to this would say that this is just an issue that the world hasn't been paying a lot of attention to russia putting the pressure on ukraine shipping in the sea as trying to turn that sea into a russian lake and it finally the key of the given position would be that the world is paying attention arnie connelly almost words in here tonight nic thank you.
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well this weekend marks the thirtieth anniversary of world aids day now as well as marking great strides in combating the condition the world has also seen public awareness campaigns informing people about each of the aids and dispelling misinformation and despite all of this people living with hiv the are still stigmatized in shunned in many places w.'s russia correspondent euro shadow met one young man doing his best to change attitudes. money and. i don't like it when people point at me and say that i'm contagious. i hear the worst kinds of insults on the streets we spoke up on the positives from voting vitale has been h.l.v. positif oil and yes doctors are you to function. i want to let everyone know that
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hiv is not a death sentence where people just like everyone else. can have insured but above the only thing that makes me different are the four pills that i take every day to keep me from dying that was going to be. but these pills that keep him from dying as a tonic also them are not a cure for a different problem but the stigmatization of people with h.l.v. . to fight the stigma of it done has come up with an unusual idea. he wants to confront people with his illness by publicly outing himself as h. positive. a used by misty my approach to this huge stigma surrounding a job the positive people in russia comes from fear now it's hard many still think that h.l.v. can be transmitted by breathing the same air that h.l.v. people should just be rounded up to now just and sense a way. to the mood or to mars for us to just disappear out of view it's very
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hurtful and it. became. vitale wants to start his campaign in his home town your criterion boruc he knows it could be dangerous he's a man is to break down the barrier as it has existed between him and the belt around him since he got his diagnosis. he's black are treats i'm h. of he post it if. me if you are not afraid. it's a protest against loneliness and a challenge. yes because all the same one i told my mother eight years after i was infected in the first thing she said to me was that we had such high hopes for you for her it meant that i was through in my mother's world hiv positive people are no longer human they're dead. financially. and told to deposit by sea.
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you're really not scared you know i'm a doctor with all the best of you know what shall we hock if the only if you're not scared. why should i be thank you so much gets into conclude a young person's applies for the north and see if you more people hug me then i'm just going to cry i'm overwhelmed. this makes me stronger and i'm beginning to realize that i didn't out myself for nothing you know yes and i was sitting. even on a cold and then the evening is the reaction still vitaly medical skin he's openness about his age at the status have been surprisingly warm however italian owes it to bill take many more activists like him before people we thought i feel russia can
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be sure that they will be treated with respect. that was your reporting on the body of an american missionary who was reportedly killed on a remote island is likely to stay there forever there have been appeals to leave the indigenous people there who are suspected of shooting him dead with arrows or to leave them in peace people on the remote north of the sentinel island in the bay of bengal and had no direct contact with the rest of the world now they are protected by indian law a law the american broke by visiting or trying to convert them to christianity it's thought that they killed him with arrows and buried his body on the beach. these are the people thought to have killed an american missionary. there the sentinel lease. their lives have been largely undisturbed by the outside world.
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but john allen chalo thought they were in the grasp of satan he told his parents he wanted to save their souls and that he would risk his own life to do that he paid a local fisherman to take him to the island he wanted to tell the people about jesus but he never came back. indian police won't go into the island it will be dangerous for everyone there i think are the very very precious citizens of our country and we should respect their you know their freedom which would affect their lives we should read the rest for their life was worth if i go there i mean i am a product of so many and so i'm getting so many deals with me it was one second with them i mean or drop of thousands and hundreds of because of them and they can david influence you also some who think their crew may kill them because they're
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not immune to anything so it is therefore very important that we have a very very controlled contact with cho's parents are unlikely to be able to bury their son but they say they've forgiven those who killed him and they've asked for those who took him to the island to be released from police custody. the sentinel east have a reputation for attacking anyone who goes to their island and they've largely been left alone even the gift giving visits like this one by the anthropological survey of india have been very rare for now the unlikely isolation of the sentinel east people seem set to continue. i'm for more i'm joined from london by jonathan mazower he is with survival international that's a group campaigning for indigenous peoples rights jenkins good to have you on the show this story it appears to be a needless tragedy how much do we know about the people who are living on north
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sentinel island i mean how long they've been isolated and. you know how many are there. well we know that they have almost been living on that silence for thousands of years that population is the best estimate saw somewhere between fifty and two hundred people. and we know a little about them from expeditions that the indian government used to organize to try and make contact with them which thankfully they stopped so clearly hunting gathering that fishing in the war which is around the island and from all the video evidence and photographic evidence they appear extremely healthy. and as we've heard in your report they want to be left alone and they've made that abundantly clear and the central thrust of survivals campaign and that's of concern people in the andaman islands themselves has been that that right to be left alone must be
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respected because. as one of the contributors in your report said they are there extremely vulnerable to outside diseases and could easily be completely wiped out if they're infected even by common diseases like flu in the common cold what would john do we know did john allen did he know that was he aware that simply coughing or sneezing around these people could be toxic and lethal to them did he know there. well it's hard to tell i have seen in news reports some extracts from his diary where he clearly knew that it was dangerous to try and approach them and the quickest google search would have told him that and it he should have known that it was an extremely foolhardy thing to do from the point of view of not only his own life but from putting the lives of the sentinel leads themselves at risk but for some reason he chose to continue and
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to try to make contact and it's really a tragedy all basically for him and his family. and potentially a tragedy for the sentinel east because there's no way of knowing yet whether they may have been infected already yeah yeah that's a very good point jonathan newshour with survival international joining us tonight from london jonathan thank you you thank. the chief economic advisor of european insurance giant allianz says scripter currencies are here to stay and according to a news agency bloomberg now aspect is moving ahead to list bitcoin futures as early as the first quarter next year now these news may come somewhat as a surprise as scripter currencies like bitcoin have done little but tumbling lately some say they are facing an existential crisis with only not the most hardened risk
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takers daring to touch them. this is how some on twitter have to pick to what's happening behind the scenes during the ongoing bitcoin crash although these images are not actually connected to bitcoin they nonetheless serve to illustrate how dramatic the mood is for some right now. across the board digital currencies are flailing big coin has lost seventy eight percent since the beginning of the year ripple has lost even more and to ferry amman bitcoin cash have dropped more than ninety percent each. a year ago big corn was the talk of the town people watched excitedly as the value skyrocketed to twenty thousand dollars banks started working feverishly to build a digital currency infrastructure. but the plunge in value seems to have hopes is it not game over for crypto currencies will they not be an accepted asset class
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after all some die hard crypto analysts remain confident they believe digital currencies will rise like phoenix from the ashes as they've done many times before others say their value has always been zero making them still overpriced. japanese messaging provider a lion is teaming up with one of the largest financial services company in japan the music hall financial group with assets of one point eight trillion dollars together they are launching a special bank for smartphone users the new bank won't have any physical outlets all transactions will be made via smartphone the line up has more than seventy million users in japan line wants to improve its ability to process payments via smartphone music hopes to acquire large base of young smartphone users both companies that offering financial services. jakarta is getting in gear with its own bike sharing trail transport experts hope the emission free
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service will have combat air pollution and traffic congestion in the indonesian capital the aim is to support the public transport system by solving the issue of the first and the last mile. to carr says national monument park in the heart of the indonesian capital is offering a new attraction bike sharing during the initial trial period one hundred bikes are available free of charge from seven stations dotted across the park. users install an out that shows them the position of the bikes they then scan the q.r. code on the bike to unlock this again using the app so far the response seems positive. and i don't believe this is good because it could motivate people to stop using private vehicles and become healthier by riding a bike. would be. to have. besides two cars at the company
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offers the service on the island of bali a popular tourist destination it's teamed up with hotels and local stores to offer the service for seventy cents an hour bus it says locals make up its main target group. prime real goal is to provide first and last mile transport and tourism use is only an additional benefits. but it's hoped the bikes will encourage people to use public transport by helping them move easily between their homes and the nearest bus or train stop air quality on a list are also likely to welcome the new arrivals after all jakarta is among the top ten most polluted cities in the world. and the manufacturing world of germany has just lost its first place position to japan when it comes to sales volume and profits in cars in the third quarter sales champion was japanese carmaker toyota
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the group sold almost three million cars between july and september but no one is investing as much in the future as the germans are currently doing for swag and recently slated thirty four billion euros for the development and manufacturing. and. the ranks could soon be shaken up again though as many in the automotive industry are bracing for a tougher time. you're watching news coming to your live from berlin after a short break we'll be back to take you through thick.
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to shape the continent's future. african youngsters i think share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent. platform for africa. today ukrainian sailors were paraded on russian television to say we provoked you now those soldiers most likely didn't believe what they said most of the world didn't believe it either tonight the fallout from sunday's clash russia's threat to ukraine growing by the day if you were vladimir putin why would you think of downsizing. golf in berlin this is the day.


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