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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin russia snaps back at threats from the international community over the crimea crisis the russian court jails twelve huge premiums suppose the sailors detained in a skirmish three others show up on state t.v. talking about the seizure of their ships why the russian coast guard cranes president says he's turned to berlin to mediate after hearing nothing from the kremlin. also coming up the u.n. warns that the gap on climate change between where we are and where we need to be is growing nations must triple their records and cutting carbon emissions if their
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ticket global. and the fight to save hong kong's media like the city's iconic signs are disappearing fast the campaigners say third or fourth that should be preserved. well i'm terry marsh and welcome to the program moscow has shrugged off suggestions by european officials that it could face fresh sanctions over the crimea crisis tensions have escalated between moscow and kiev after russia sees three ukrainian naval vessels in a skirmish on sunday at least a dozen sailors have been detained for trial ukraine's president has warned its neighbor is preparing for war and has turned to berlin for help. speaking on ukrainian state television president petro poroshenko said he turned to
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berlin after the kremlin failed to respond to his request for dialogue it was. immediately that i ordered a phone conversation with the president of russia vladimir putin. we did not receive any response and i had to turn to the german chancellor so that she could talk to put on the immediate release of ukrainian servicemen and ukrainian ships. poroshenko also said the authorities would take all necessary steps to release the ukrainian sailors detained on sunday when russia ceased three vessels off the crimean coast captured sailors the pit in a russian court and were charged with unlawfully entering the country carrying weapons they face up to six years in prison. earlier other sailors were shown on russian television saying they had deliberately entered russian waters as
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a provocation kiev denounced what it described as forced confessions moscow accuses kiev of sparking the sea skirmish to boost support ahead of an election. most probably this provocation took place in order to achieve certain political decisions which are beneficial for the current president of ukraine. ukraine accuses russia of illegally capturing its ships and sailors off the coast of crimea president petro poroshenko now claims moscow is preparing for an invasion together with the country's parliaments he has imposed martial law in the regions bordering russia for thirty days. fundamentally the whole martial law is. getting the resources together. for everybody here you create to understand. he's a place where. president poroshenko insisted the meshes won't
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interfere with elections old for march but his decree is causing concern and confusion in the capital kiev for ukrainians it's unclear what changes martial law will bring offer a four year sand off with russia peace seems the distant outcome. correspondent nick connelly joins us now from the ukraine ukrainian capital kiev first of all nic there seems to be some confusion about whether martial law is actually in effect in ukraine or not is ukraine under martial law good morning terry what we were expecting to wake up to have all of this some clarity off to all these days of confusion and yet the guessing goes on it seems like the law needed to put this into effect has still not been signed by the president nor by the chairman of ukraine's parliament who it seems isn't even in the country to do so so
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a lot of question marks even some confusion as to whether it might have been applied retroactively by order by the president so we're hoping to understand more today but even if it does come into effect we still don't know the actual real effects on every day ukrainians lives how this is going to affect people what civil liberties will be affected so a lot of question marks still open ok well let's look more closely now at the crisis itself president poroshenko there in ukraine he says he's going to use all means necessary to secure the release of those captured ukrainian sailors that we saw in our report what could that mean all means necessary. i think no one's suggesting that he's really proposing some kind of military pressure on russia given how clearly clearly russia has military superiority but i think this means everything from economic to diplomatic pressure using ukraine's links to its western partners trying to bring pressure to bear on russia so those
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sailors now in russian custody for at least two months on charges of illegally crossing the border ukraine's position has always been and still is that the seas illegitimate on the boss of russia that ukraine has the right to pass the straits of coach and that russia has no position to decide who has access to the sea of us of you mentioned western pressure nick poroshenko says he requested a dialogue with putin didn't get a response and has turned to berlin for help what more can you tell us about that. well quite extraordinary scenes as described by present poroshenko that cool that was rejected by the kremlin on the weekend we heard yesterday from the kremlin that they had rejected official offers of mediation from germany but it's clear that this is not going to be resolved at a bilateral level the sides just talking to each other what form that will take whether that be some kind of more formalized set up for now that seems to come in
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isn't interested but this communication is not going to happen between kiev and moscow it's going to have to involve ukraine's western partners and i think that's something that kiev is hoping for nic thank you very much for that update our correspondent nick conley there in kiev a new global report on climate change says the world's nations must triple their efforts to keep global warming within the target limits agreed by nearly every country a study by the u.n. environment program found that after three years of decline emissions of greenhouse gases rose in two thousand and seventeen the stark warning comes ahead of a key climate change meeting in poland starting this weekend. if we are serious about preventing climate change we need people paying a lot less of this into the atmosphere. that is the message of a new u.n. report. its authors one of a growing gap between rising emissions and the reductions needed to achieve the
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goals set out in the paris climate accords. emissions have to be cut by a quarter by twenty thirty to keep global warming at two degrees celsius and avoid drastic consequences says the report. and the biggest elephant in the room that we refuse to see is the risk that it poses to everything we like and appreciate in this planet where that you biodiversity is your thing or sustainable finance or you know the the health of the planet and the people but it be these are human moments i mean users pick up anything you like everything is at risk and the u.n. summit in the polish mining town of starting sunday telegraph will hammer out a plan to meet the powers accords a tough that now seems much harder than they first imagined and for more on that
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climate report that we heard about there is one of the reports lead author is it's doctor and all these head of the climate resilience program technical university of denmark and she joins us from paris good morning to all your report finds that the gap between greenhouse gas emissions and global targets to limit those emissions is wider than ever and now what does that tell you about our efforts to combat climate change. when it tells us that these efforts that are not big enough i'm not as yet is the at least and that tells us that action is not happening at the pace and and level that it should be your report reveals that greenhouse gas emissions have risen for the first time in four years it's not just that there's a huge gap that we're actually seeing more c o two coming out now can you tell us what's behind that rise. yes we saw an increase in c o two go at the
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global leveling twenty seven thousand following a period of three years where then stabilise station nice and of course that spot the hope that we might be seeing the beginning of the peak of global emissions and as some of the main drivers from this rice were actually stronger growth economic growth globally and also slow decline and its intensity and especially topping intensity now we're talking about emissions there but of course emissions imply also temperature rise and and that's what we're were afraid of is in a scientists like yourself tell us that on current trends temperatures could rise roughly four degrees celsius by the end of the century what sort of consequences would that have. the report says that if what is in the current and national climate plants is implemented we would be looking at three to three point two degrees global warming in towards the end of the century and it would have devastating effects and it's important to remember that these global and global
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averages they hide a lot of different this between continents and countries and also they imply a huge increase in the extreme events and the. climate change that we're already seeing it would have devastating consequences and especially on areas and put elations not already very well so it's really not know what we want to. pass on to on children and grandchildren talk to a whole thank you very much for talking with us that was dr hall for the lead author of the un emissions report thank you. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today a scientist who claims to have created the world's first genetically edited babies has defended his work at a genetics conference in hong kong hay junk said he was proud of the preserves and says he altered the d.n.a. of twin girls a claim which sparked outrage among other scientists. an explosion outside
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a chemical plant in china has killed at least twenty two people the blast occurred in the city of. some one hundred sixty kilometers northwest of beijing several dozen vehicles were destroyed in the blaze. and indonesian investigators say a lion airplane that crashed last month suffered technical problems the day before the accident and should have been grounded all one hundred eighty nine people on board the boeing seven thirty seven were killed when it crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from jakarta. now the bright lights of modern cities worldwide are a familiar sight but many buildings illuminated by flashing neon with with many buildings illuminated by flashing neon signs some people regard these signs as an art form admiring the brush day-glo colors and often futuristic designs in hong kong fans have launched
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a project to say the last of the territory's iconic sign three. if you want to experience a part of hong kong's history you have to wait until nightfall. card in chinese on the lookout for old neon signs munchies and i'm. going to an eighty's this is this is the kind of like street scenes i buy it was very familiar so this is closer to. the homecoming that used to hold the colorful neon signs became a symbol of the prosperity and strong business spirit in the former british. any local neon makers shaped them into chinese calligraphy nowadays a cheaper alternative to neon has become available. the future one year and a bit of blue and yellow one. after the l.e.d. and then one day i think you can notice that. you can actually.
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for china on a part of hong kong's identity is fading. hong kong deception to see. things . come close a day maybe. times it may not be. hong kong is a changing city beijing's influence is evident many hong kong knees fear a loss of political and cultural independence once a trend setter for pop culture on the entire continent hong kong is losing its crown the chinese mainland is taking a more important role nowadays. is one of the few remaining master craftsmen of neon signage he's been doing it since he was eighteen years old. clients present their ideas on paper and then he brings them to life. line by line the glass characters
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for. more complicated signs can mean several days of work. into. twenty years ago i worked full time on neon signs every day since but today it's maybe just four or five days per month. c.e.o. of the super karen. card in china wants to talk him and the work of me on makers the she's planning with the help of luci khan to hold workshops where interested people can learn how to make me on. the old like to actually keep the crops of life. so they would not she. totally die out and i could actually foresee new york would not actually die it would actually be transformed probably. more os korean's so.
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for now at least hong kong remains a living and working gallery of me on songs. we have some football for you now in the champions league by munich secure their place in the last sixteen after thrashing portuguese side been pick a five one a limo talkee from v.w. sports is here to talk us through the action higher limit a very convincing win there for by and how do they manage to win so easily the key here was focus i have not seen by an unique play with so much focus and so much confidence in a very long time and this was ninety minutes full concentration no mistakes no lapses and unlike on the weekend against isn't off where they blew a two goal the twice no repeat of that dutchman i and robin to trademark goals with his dead key i have to stress that they had the left foot live and off he also with
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a double but let's not get ahead of ourselves you know consistency is key and robin himself said post match that this is just one game if we don't win on saturday in the bundesliga we're in trouble again we are back to square one so they need to keep the sort of performance up so what does this mean now for the bye. and coach nico kovach because he's been under a lot of pressure he has a look this is exactly the kind of when he needed it's definitely a morale boost to him and the team but it also takes pressure off him and it's interesting because after the game by a sporting director i was asked what does he make of his future and he basically replied and said the game spoke for itself so he does seem to have the backing of the team again and a lot of the pay as well came out after the match you know jumping to his defense saying that we played for him he belongs to us we are in this together but like i said consistency is key ok biannual one of the seven teams to go through last night
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tell us who else is in the last sixteen so in by i'm screwed we also have dutch side i.x. that went through and it was a let's take a look at the table hold on it's about to yeah and i was also but it was a bit of a ending there you go so i accept through but it was a bit ending for hoffenheim they were eliminated after conceding a late goal in stoppage time also moving on to the last sixteen sixteen mantras the city and defending champions reality read as our roma despite losing and italian giant you ventas and last but not least relief from enters the united the premier league side has been struggling struggling domestically coach josie marino even calling out his players for not being able to cope with the pressure and they definitely once again fill a need with a last gasp goal in stoppage time and marino was so overcome with emotion at the end he basically took a pack of water bottles and slammed it against the ground let's take
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a look. to relieve the frustration before the. relief. through the roof i think. we didn't pay for this we didn't pay for a zero zero two they had to be in trouble. and threw the rest in the last minute so frustration. i was not going to have to the play is not at home. happy but frustrated who takes what he's really thinking who knows he can't ever be able to leave a talking from v.w. sport thank you so much well the champions league action keeps on coming tonight with buy ins great rivals brucey top and facing belgian side club booga in their own backyard but his legal leaders have been dominant at home this season and remain undefeated they only need a draw to advance to the knockout stages but given their recent run of success
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dortmund will certainly be gunning for victory. armed and dangerous it's the only way to describe the current form of the black and yellow their last match home was a thrilling come from behind victory over the league's defeating champions byron munich dortmund currently top the bundesliga table with a four point cushion in the champions league in a fiver and company are in pole position to win their group with a victory over their opponents way west. despite being back at home against a side that has never won in germany means coach isn't taking them lightly. in this we need a very good performance. the way remember in the first leg was very difficult for us. for a good drew one all at home against monaco and one for nearly in monaco that explains everything and so we have to have
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a very good performance. so far brucia dallman have blazed the pitch in their home matches in the champions league group stage scoring seven goals and can see the none no team in the competition has had more different goals scores this season you are one of the big news stories that we're following these days of course is brave decision a lot of people the business world are wondering whether british banks are ready for the possibility of a harbor exit that's right and we were supposed to find out today that the bank of england has delayed the publication of its latest stress test results for major u.k. banks they were set to be published at seven am this morning that's roughly two hours ago but they won't actually come out until four thirty london time that's this often in this stress test the bank of england wants to find out just how resilient the british banks banking sector really is if it comes to hard no deal breakers
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among the scenarios played through but analysts were plummet. real estate prices the interest rate iraq into for four percent unemployment hits in almost ten percent. now let's have a look at these scenarios and these stress test results you to come out later today and talk to for his once bitter book off he's an economist from the university of holes in stuttgart and. good morning mr. can we say what the what what do you read into the fact that the bank of england has delayed the publication of the stress test results like a row everybody else i can only guess and everybody's nervous because we think if you ask yourself what's behind it but the truth is i don't think they have some last minute calculation to make i think they're just asking for some self how to sell it and the problem is i think the real risk of the bracks it isn't yet in the data the british banks had very good times so there shouldn't be any surratt on
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their side they could present this result as no sorrow no trouble even if you've got a heart but on the other hand i think i want to be loyal to tory as i may and what she needs now is support and the one hand it would be nice to say well ok this is not a real problem british banks are well off so it's good for the economy on the other hand she needs pressure pressure to persuade people to agree to her deal with european union and that's act or situation she gets more pressure if the bank of england makes people aware of the risk of a harper exit and so i think this is what what is debated at the moment the bank of england you know let's see where the pressure will come from the ever mark carney the chief of the bank of england today what will the short term consequences consequences be if if that pressure comes if the buick takes a negative view on the brakes it situation no matter how hard or soft. well that's interesting aspect on the one hand i mean it's cheap talk there has been a stress test of the e.c.b.
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a few weeks ago where the british banks passed nicely and everybody knows it's not so bad but the bank of england wouldn't be credible if it would allow after such a negative verdict that british banks pay high dividends or have big. purchase programs where they give money back to their shareholders so they couldn't allow that and that's bad for the shareholders of elders are very nervous in this respect and that's why british shares bank shares will react very much to that. so what will be in store for british banks then is if this deal goes through parliament's mostly. still not positive i mean there's still a break between the european market and united kingdom we lose in europe we lose the access to the biggest financial market of the globe and his biggest financial model in the global lose importance so both sides it's a classic a lose lose situation as in many cases the break said so we can be very friendly loken even at a deal as it is at the moment. it's been
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a vocal thank you very much for this analysis of pleasure u.s. president donald trump has threatened to cut all government subsidies to general motors that's after the comicon said it was cutting files of u.s. jobs aimed his comments at g.m. c.e.o. mary barra saying that he was very disappointed trump wrote on twitter the us save general motors and this is the thanks we get we are now looking at cutting all g.m. subsidies including for electric costs they also make announced on monday that it will shut five plant plants and lay off more than fourteen thousand workers it's been hit by costs due to steel tariffs imports. and terrorists may figure heavily in b.m.w. is future to the car maker says it's considering building a second factory in the u.s. that's after threats from president all trump that he would impose duties from on imported cars from next week that's according to chief executive seen here on the
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ongoing los angeles auto show b.m.w. already has one plant in spartanburg south carolina where the new x seven is built through the adage that b.m.w. is considering changes in its u.s. operations as sales in the region are growing. hundreds of google employees have called on the company leadership to drop a plan for sense of a sense of search engine aimed at the chinese market in an open letter the employees claimed the initiative known as projects dragon-fly would make the company complicit in human rights abuses and set a dangerous precedent google said project dragon-fly was only in the exploratory stage and deny that was planning to release a sense of search engine in the future more than two hundred google as have so far signed the open letter. and also some market news from australia is bullish agricultural sector showing that size does indeed matzoh those.
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miniature cows surrounding one of their frizzy and friends this bovine behemoths nick has and lives near perth in western australia enormous steer ways in a massive one point four tons i mean it's bad business for a zone of because it's just too big and too heavy to go to the sort of vomited side of that niggas will see out his day in the paddock instead. what a lucky steer you're watching news from berlin there's more news coming at the top of the state university made in germany with the humphrey is up next don't forget you can always get the latest news never mentioned on the website w dot com thanks for joining us.
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