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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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so-called fallen noble groups to the bain capital. and in russia today on. this is news coming to you live from berlin russia snaps back at threats from the international community over the crimea crisis a russian court jails twelve ukrainian sailors detained in a skirmish three others show up on state t.v. talking about the seizure of their ships while the russian coast guard cranes president says he's turning to berlin to mediate after hearing nothing from the
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kremlin also coming up the u.n. warns that the gap on climate change between where we are and where we need to be is growing nations must tripled our efforts in cutting carbon dioxide emissions if they are to hit global. hello i'm terry larsen good to have you with us moscow has shrugged off suggestions by european officials that it could face fresh sanctions over the crimea crisis tensions have escalated between moscow and kiev after russia sees three ukrainian naval vessels in a skirmish on sunday at least a dozen sailors have been detained for trial ukraine's president has warned its neighbor is preparing for war and has turned up turned to berlin for help. speaking on ukrainian state television president petro poroshenko said he turned to
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berlin after the kremlin failed to respond to his request for dialogue it wasn't. immediately that night i ordered a phone conversation with the president of russia vladimir putin. we did not receive any response and i had to turn to the german chancellor so that she could talk to prudent on the immediate release of ukrainian servicemen and ukrainian ships. poroshenko also said the authorities would take all necessary steps to release the ukrainian sailors detained on sunday when russia ceased three vessels off the crimean coast captured sailors appeared in a russian court and were charged with unlawfully entering the country carrying weapons they face up to six years in prison. earlier other sailors were shown on russian television saying they had deliberately entered russian waters as a provocation kiev denounced what it described as forced confessions moscow accuses
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kiev of sparking the sea skirmish to boost support ahead of an election. most probably this provocation took place in order to achieve certain political decisions which are beneficial for the current president of ukraine. if. ukraine accuses russia of illegally capturing its ships and sailors off the coast of crimea president petro poroshenko now claims moscow is preparing for an invasion together with the country's parliament he has imposed martial law in the regions bordering russia for thirty days. fundamentally the whole martial law is. getting the resources together. for everybody here in ukraine to understand. he's our hero place whence the russians come for us president poroshenko insisted the meshes won't interfere with
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elections should yield for much but his decrees causing concern and confusion in the capital kiev for ukrainians it's unclear what changes martial law will bring offer a four year standoff with russia peace seems the distant outcome. over the latest on this developing story let's cross over to our correspondent nick conley in the ukrainian capital kiev nick there are reports that russia is deploying new surface to air missiles to the crimean peninsula and ukraine's president reportedly claims that russia is concentrating troops at the border is this conflict escalating good morning terry well these are obviously worrying developments but we have seen similar build ups in the past before during exercises russian military exercises so at the moment hard to tell whether or not this is more serious or if this is just posturing
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a expression of dissatisfaction from moscow what is worrying about this conflict in general is that this is the first time in the last four years that ukraine and russia have faced off so directly the rim of the conflict between the ukrainian government and russian backed separatists not the russian military per se at least . they don't operate openly as russian soldiers there so this is different you've saw them face off in the straits shots being fired and this could potentially escalate very quickly and after that confrontation nic of course russia finds itself holding several ukrainian sailors what's going to happen to them. well yesterday they were sentenced so they were given two months in detention for illegally crossing the border there were suggestions that they might have faced more charges with potentially longer sentences than illegally crossing the border i
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think the legal details less important now if some kind of solution or resolution is found we might see a humanitarian solution that resolution to this issue that brings them home earlier than that they are now essentially hostages of a much bigger political game and when they get back to their families is anyone's guess well nic it's in everyone's interest of course to be resolved what about the diplomatic front what's being done to resolve this crisis peacefully. well as we heard in the report there the extraordinary scenes on the weekend of president poroshenko at least saying he had trim a deaf it's to call the kremlin and that call not being returned yesterday we heard from the foreign ministers of germany france offering official mediation that was turned down by moscow but i think it's very difficult to see any resolution to this that doesn't happen via some kind of international mediation because on a bilateral level kiev and moscow just aren't talking to each other nic thank you
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very much for the update that was use nic conley in kiev. now looking at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today a scientist who claims to have created the world's first genetically edited baby is has defended his work at a genetics conference in hong kong to hate q. said he was proud of the research he says altered the d.n.a. of twin girls a claim which sparked outrage among other scientists. an explosion outside a chemical plant in china has killed at least twenty two people the blast occurred in the city of java who some one hundred sixty kilometers northwest of beijing several dozen vehicles were destroyed in the blames. and indonesian investigators say a lion airplane that crashed last month suffered technical problems the day before the accident and should have been grounded all one hundred eighty nine people on
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board the boeing seven thirty seven were killed when it crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from jakarta the. european commission is set to unveil an ambitious new climate proposal it wants the e.u. to reduce its net carbon emissions to zero by two thousand and fifty the proposal comes after the united nations released a report warning that the world must triple emissions cuts or faced catastrophic climate change report on the commitments made at the twenty fifteen paris agreement will not be met unless governments introduce additional measures news comes just days before a high level un climate conference is due to start in poland. and for more now on that climate report that we heard about there is one of the report's lead authors it's dr and all hall she's head of the climate resilience program at technical university of denmark and she joins us from paris good morning dr your report
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finds that the gap between greenhouse gas emissions and global targets to limit those emissions is wider than ever and now what does that tell you about our efforts to combat climate change. when it tells us that these efforts that are not big enough i'm not as yet is the at least and it tells us that action is not happening at the pace and and level that it should be your report reveals that greenhouse gas emissions have risen for the first time in four years it's not just that there's a huge gap that we're actually seeing more c o two coming out now can you tell us what's behind that rise. yes we saw an increase in c o two go at the group leveling twenty seven thousand following a period of three years where then state by station on these and of course that spot the hope that we might be seeing the beginning of the peak of global emissions
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and get us some of the main drivers from this rice well actually strong growth economic growth globally and also slow decline and its intensity and especially topping intensity now we're talking about emissions there but of course emissions imply also temperature rise and and that's what were afraid of it and the scientists like yourself tell us that on current trends temperatures could rise roughly four degrees celsius by the end of the century what sort of consequences would that have. ah the report says that big if one is in the crowd and national climate plant is implemented we would be looking at three to three point two degrees global warming in towards the end of the century and it would have devastating effects and it's important to remember that these global and global average use they hide a lot of difference is between continents and countries and also they imply a huge increase in the extreme events and the they're right because you probably
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change that we're already seeing it would have devastating consequences and especially on areas and put elations not already very vulnerable so it's really not know what we want to. pass on to our children and grandchildren and talk to a whole thank you very much for talking with us that was dr paul for the lead author of the u.n. emissions report thank you. yes and football for him now and by munich secured their place in the last sixteen of the champions league with a game to spare after a dominant display against portuguese side benfica half an hour into the match and were already two nil up thanks to a double from ari and robin that set the tone robert never struck twice to make it four one soon after half time and linger on from every rounded out the easy win when he added the fifth with fourteen minutes left easing the pressure on coach
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nico koba church. and a host of other top european sides confirmed their places in the knockout stages on tuesday in buy ins group i.x. advanced after a two nil win in athens and a game marred by crowd violence manchester city came from behind twice in leone to seal their last sixteen spot result means hoffenheim are eliminated roma and real madrid are through from their group meanwhile narrow wins for you ventus and manchester united sold them both advance. well the champions league action keeps on coming tonight with great rivals facing belgian side club in their own backyard i'm honestly the leaders have been. dominant in the season and remain undefeated they only need a drawl to advance to the stages but given the recent run of success we can expect
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that dortmund will be gunning for victory for armed and dangerous it's the only way to describe the current form of the black and yellow their last match at home was a really come from behind victory over the league's defeating champions byron munich dortmund currently top the bundesliga table with a four point cushion in the champions league. and company are in pole position to win their group with a victory over their opponents way west. despite being back at home against a side that has never won in germany coach isn't taking them lightly. in this we need a very good performance. the we remember in the first leg was very difficult for us. for a good drew one all at home against monaco and one for neil in monaco that explains everything and so we have to have
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a very good performance. so far. have blazed the pitch in their home matches in the champions league group stage scoring seven goals and can see the nine no team in the competition has had more different goals scores this season . but now we've got an eye catching castle heard for you know these aren't miniature cows looking at their surrounding one of their freezing friends this really is a bovine bit he malt wow his name is apparently knickers and the enormous steer. lives near perth in western australia he weighs in at a massive one point four tons his owner said he was too heavy to go to the wall and would see out his days in the paddock instead. when want to be kicked by him just remember the top stories we're following for you
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a russian court has jailed twelve ukrainian sailors and paraded others on state t.v. as moscow rejected pleas from the international community to deescalate the crimea crisis ukraine has said the seizure of its ships by the russian coast guard has forced them onto a war footing. that's all you news for now i'm read it will be with you at the top of the next hour or so you get all our latest news and information online any time you want d.w. dot com thanks for being with us. for state schools. or first climbing lesson. or as grandma always arrives. join the ranks you know her journey back to freedom. you know we're interactive documentary tour in a regular returns home. come tanks.


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