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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2018 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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lisa let. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin russia shrugs off international pressure over its flare up with ukraine several ukraine and syria's captured in a neighbor skirmish at the weekend have been detained off to the clash off the crimean peninsula now and. also coming up on the show.
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recruiting the bridge barrier reef australian scientists thomas coren eggs and sperm to receive the areas damaged by the warming sea but can you really turn back the tide on bleaching. and relief for bind munich and the coach in an interactive champions league victory trashmen peak of five one behind have now booked to sponsor the knockout stages of europe's top football tournament. welcome i'm in touch sheba moscow has shrunk off suggestions by european officials that it could face fresh sanctions over the crimean crisis tensions escalated between a moscow and kiev off to russia sees three ukrainian naval vessels in a skirmish on sunday at this a dozen sailors have been detained for trial ukraine's president has warned its
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neighbor is preparing for war and requested help. speaking on ukrainian state television president petro poroshenko said he turned to berlin after the kremlin failed to respond to his request for dialogue it wasn't. immediately that night i ordered a phone conversation with the president of russia vladimir putin. we did not receive any response and i had to turn to the german chancellor so that she could talk to prove on the immediate release of ukrainian servicemen and ukrainian ships . poroshenko also said the authorities would take all necessary steps to release the ukrainian sailors detained on sunday when russia ceased three vessels off the crimean coast captured sailors appeared in a russian court and were charged with unlawfully entering the country carrying weapons they face up to six years in prison. earlier other
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sailors were shown on russian television saying they had deliberately entered russian waters as a provocation kiev denounced what it described as forced confessions moscow accuses kiev of sparking the sea skirmish to boost support ahead of an election. most probably this provocation took place in order to achieve certain political decisions which are beneficial for the current president of ukraine. if. ukraine accuses russia of illegally capturing its ships and sailors of the coast of crimea president petro poroshenko now claims moscow is preparing for an invasion together with the country's parliament he has imposed martial law in the regions bordering russia for thirty days. fundamentally the whole martial law is. getting the resources together. for
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everybody here in ukraine to understand. he's a hero place whence the russians come for. president poroshenko insisted the meshes went into fair with elections old for march but his decree is causing concern and confusion in the capital kiev for ukrainians it's unclear what changes martial law will bring offer a four year sand off with russia peace seems the distant outcome. and he have a correspondent nick connelly joins us now from the ukrainian capital kiev they don't have a pulitzer russia's deploying new surface to air missiles to the crimean peninsula and ukraine's president reportedly said this is a russian to build up at the border what do you hearing there good morning amritsar well yes though that information about russia deploying.
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ground to air missiles crimea that is official we've heard that from several sources in russia today in terms of intelligence provided by petro poroshenko yesterday the that was intelligence information satellite images that he showed ukrainian journalists purporting to show russian tanks massing along ukraine's borders office that's very hard to verify independently but this is definitely worrying we've seen in the past during exercise this kind of thing but given the confrontation we've had in the strait of coaches really the first time that russia and ukraine have faced off against each other directly the conflict that's been going for the last four years is by proxy that's ukraine against russian backed separatists nice the country but this is really the first time that the professional militaries of both countries seem to be standing and standing off against each other in such a direct way and i think we're hearing that moscow's concerns lie over a planned a ukrainian naval base which is being built in the area which moscow feels good threaten its geostrategic interests and russia's holding seven ukrainian sailors
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and refusing to let them go is it known to happen to them. in terms of the fate of the ukrainian sailors they were yesterday most of them given two month sentences for illegally crossing russia's borders. having said that i think you know the legal detail is less important if we get some kind of resolution to this we might see them out through some kind of humanitarian deal equally if the political situation continues to worsen and they may spend a lot longer in detention in terms of those plans by ukraine to up its defenses its naval defenses on the sea of as of i think it's still very unlikely that ukraine in the near future will in any way be able to challenge russia there has been talk from some russian sources about fears that ukraine's might bring nato forces there but there's no real clear perspective of nato offering ukraine any further guarantees so this all does seem fairly farfetched for now and what about the diplomatic front nick what's being done there do on both sides from the brink and
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result this crisis. well it's difficult we heard yesterday from petro poroshenko that over the weekend he tried to call the kremlin to speak to vladimir putin about this and his calls were declined he then went to chancellor merkel of germany who was able to reach putin yesterday we heard from moscow that they were rejecting official offers from france and germany to mediate but it's clear the bilateral solution isn't anywhere nearby they're not talking to each other not picking up the phone so if this is a formal mediation or more informal behind the scenes support this is not going away without the international community right an economy in kiev thank you very much. now look for some other stories making news around the world indonesian investigators say a line air plane that crashed last month suffer technical problems
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a day before the accident and should have been grounded all one hundred eighty nine people on board the boeing seven three seven were killed when it crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from jakarta. an explosion outside a chemical plant in china has killed at least twenty three people the blast took place in the city of cool some hundred sixty kilometers northwest of the capital beijing several dozen vehicles were destroyed in the blaze. the fourth german islam conference has got under way in berlin convened to by the interior minister forced the veil for the meeting will focus on integration islamic and german law opposition members have voiced concerns over say hold for his role he sparked controversy earlier this year for contradicting chancellor angela merkel's assertion that islam belongs to germany. the european commission is set to unveil an ambitious new climate proposal it was the e.u.
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to reduce its carbon emissions to zero by two thousand and fifty the proposal comes off to the united nations released a report warning world must triple emissions cuts or face catastrophic global warming the report found the chocolate set in two thousand and fifteen pairs agreement will not be met undiscovered and introduce additional measures the news comes just days before a high level u.n. climate conference in poland. scientists say one outcome of climate change has been the loss of coral on australia's great barrier reef but an expensive effort to harvest millions of coral eggs could help reverse the damage. at the beginning it's a magnificent breathtaking natural wonder but even from above the surface it's easy to see that all is not well in australia's great
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barrier reef. huge swathes of coral along its two thousand three hundred kilometers have died. scientists blame rising sea temperatures linked to climate change in a process known as koro bleaching or are but now there's hope of regeneration thanks to the annual coral spawning season a strong sporting season by steve means the reef is alive number one you caught spawn you can reproduce no one has six when i did it so this is this is a clear indication that the environmental and the ecological crisis and functions that keep the system working off functioning well. researches planned to grow coral larvae from the harvested eggs and return them to parts of the reef. it's hopes this receding project will reverse the bleaching trend which was particularly bad
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in twenty sixteen and seventeen. that it's not too late for the reef and the reef itself is actually doing its job and is doing well we've just got to be there to help. nothing else happens to it. but even if successful scientists admit it just by time they're adamant that action to reverse climate change is the only way to save coral reefs for the future. brazil has gone back on its plans to host the two thousand and nineteen un climate change conference twenty five the announcement by the foreign ministry cited budget restrictions as well as the government being in transition brazil's new president elect. roh who enters office in january officially supports a weakening of environmental protections including for the amazon rain forest
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resilin has been an important player in previous climate talks and critics and critics say the decision could be a blow to international efforts to curb global warming. i'm the champions league by munich secured their place in the last sixteen of a thrashing the portuguese side benfica five one alina her duckie from the sports desk is here to talk us through all that action welcome believe it now vines not been doing well and they've been a lot of nerves what seemed suddenly that they trashed benfica coach made some very important positional changes but i think the key here was focus i have not seen by a play with so much confidence so much focus in a very very long time this was hard cored ninety minutes fully concentrated of fully concentrated by and make no mistakes no lapses in concentration and unlike on the weekend against doesn't off with a two goal lead not once but twice no repeat of that dutchman i and robin to
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trademark goals with his deadly left foot live on dos he also with a double but consistency is key here and robin himself said that after the match he said this is just one game if need only win on saturday in the business leader we're back to square one we're back in trouble again so relieved by i mean it would just how important was this victory for their coach and this is exactly what he needed i mean it's a morale booster it takes pressure off him and buy in munich sporting director was even asked after the match what do you make of his future and he replied by saying hey look you saw the game the game speaks for itself so does seem to have the backing from top management and by a new unit as well as the players there's a lot of players that jump to his defense after the match saying that we win and we lose together he's one of us and this is all a bit contradictory because only a few weeks ago we heard about all this play out and rest inside the locker room
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and coach himself finally address those rumors let's take a look. from fear and there was talk about four players who were against me but nobody spoke about the others the ones who were on our side that's why it's clear i think there are many like that on this team and that it can look wonderful groups feed into the munch of. so much is. relieved to bind have now made it to the knockout stage as does refute us all the other teams who are also there so i actually also threw it was a bit ending for hoffenheim they eliminated after conceding a late goal and also moving on manchester city and defending champions reale madrid as our roma despite using an italian giant eventis and last but not least really for manchester united they have been struggling but they are through to the last sixteen and again they left it really late in the last minute in stoppage time filling it with a last gasp goal and marino you have to see me his reaction he took a bottle of water bottles of water smashed it against the ground now the big
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question did he do it out of joy out of frustration one never knows joy is it most . of these forces such a pleasure to have you with us coming up ahead how prepared are the u.k.'s banks for a potentially hard breaks it the bank of england knows but it's not telling you. get out it was wrong this is desk has that story and more coming up shortly you're watching the dow good news.


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