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don't expect happy ending. the church. this is state of the news live from acts of premeditated provocation russia's president putin claims ukraine for sunday's naval confrontation and says the crews of the captured ukrainian vessels including two secret service agents are also on the program. as germany brings together political villagers and academic leaders to debate islam and integration we hear from a young german muslim hoping to shape the future of faith and a country. of russia's most vulnerable of victims of a child being serious on the country suffering one of the world's worst h.i.b.
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aids epidemic takes you to an orphanage in the ural mountains region that children infected with a virus that has children what hiv negative. i'm so girl welcome to the program russia's president putin has accused ukraine of committing an act of premeditated provocation in the naval confrontation off crimea tensions between moscow and kiev escalated after russia ceased three ukrainian vessels on sunday at least a dozen ukrainian sailors have been detained pending trial ukraine's president has declared martial law in parts of the country and warn that russia is preparing for war. this is what life is become for many living around mario paul it's the closest ukrainian city to telnet. both of which are now controlled by russian backed separatists since sunday's naval clash with russia ukraine has begun
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to impose martial law in the border regions. so you're the country's president petro poroshenko has warned there could be a russian invasion. these tanks have not yet been removed and they'll they're i don't want anybody to think that those are toys the country is under threat of a fool scale war with russia. and with russia and ukraine have blamed each other for sunday standoff in the catch strait which links the black sea and the sea a result of russian naval officers fired on and seized three ukrainian vessels capturing the crew twelve ukrainians have now been charged with unlawfully entering russia they face up to six years in jail but russian president vladimir putin blames the ukrainian president for the standoff claiming it's a move to boost his ratings because it was it was little it's clearly
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a product of. a provocation are organized by the authorities. i think it was the president himself should head of the presidential election shed yule to be hideous in ukraine. what is it if. international pressure against russia is building with talk of further sanctions u.s. president donald trump has threatened to cancel a meeting shared jeweled with president putin at this week's g. twenty summit. meanwhile ukrainians are preparing for a new phase of war with the conflict showing no signs of stopping. to go through this with cut focus u.s. special representative for ukraine negotiations is also a former u.s. ambassador to nato welcome to and just explain to us what the america's position in this latest outbreak of hostilities is well first off that this is an act of aggression by russia that these were ukraine vessels traveling peacefully seeking to go through the. straits to ukrainian port they were not allowed to go through
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they turned around and. they turned around and they were attacked and then boarded by russians and as we just saw in the report russia confiscated the ships in a rest of the sailors so both really good lacked to begin with and then followed by another illegal act of attacking this vessel so when russia says it was a ukrainian act of provocation the u.s. response is well i'm not sure how this can be a provocation a sovereign state has a navy it's moving vessels from one of its ports to another one of its ports through its own waters the problem here is that russia has claimed has taken crimea has claimed to annex it claims that the waters around crimea are now russian waters and claims that despite a two thousand and three agreement with ukraine russia has unilateral control over access to the sea is over and then fired upon these vessels i don't see anything that ukraine did here that could be conceived of as provocative it is however
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challenging russia's assertions to having taken these ukrainian pieces of territory in water and so the the russian game here is what the vix area of ukraine is of crimea is out there well the first off that is the first thing they say it is there's they're never giving it back they've and they say it's done but secondly it's no matter what they do in this case they've actually fired a ukrainian naval vessels not firing back by the ukrainians by the way then adopted the people they've confiscated the ships and then they blame ukrainians for doing that. so what's the united states going to do about it well i think the first thing is we're coordinating very closely with our european allies and partners we have a robust policy of sanctions in place we work with the ukrainians of strengthening their defense capabilities trying to strengthen resiliency in ukraine and our european allies are doing the same there's talk as we just saw this report about possible additional sanctions from europe we think that's worth considering alternatively there are sanctions on the books that perhaps are not being implemented as rigorously as they could be and that's something else that's on the
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for europe you know as you see the world looks all it says it will have already been applied and russia just keeps marching around the area around crimea and so yet despite the such as this is out this is out we'll have that well and i think i think that misses a couple of things first off i think this could have been a lot worse and i think the pressure that the west has put back against russia for having invaded eastern ukraine in particular and exactions there has created some deterrent effect and russia not wanting to escalate into a full scale conflict not seeking to take new territory i think that the defense of support for ukraine contributes to that as well i also think that there's a lot of discussion in moscow now is this really working out for russia when you saw what happened a few weeks ago with the ukrainian orthodox church for example they're demanding independence from the russian orthodox church precisely because the ukrainian people are needed because of russia's invasion of ukraine and killing ukrainians so
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that they've lost the goodwill of ukrainian people which have been there for centuries so it's a major loss for russia really do you see any role for a military response in this i don't see any any desire by anybody to fight against russia to retake this territory the ukrainians cannot and should not do that there is no desire in the west to do that but what we need to do is to deter further russian advances as being too costly and to you know useless for them in order to create the. dishes for a negotiation to reestablish peace and restore the territory would you think do you realistically expect the territory is a big relief to be stopped if you talk about deterring russia from further expansion. my reading of the situation is that once russia has that bit of ukraine it will be happy that this is what it wanted it's got it now and no i don't think that's right i think a particular if you look at the dawn boss the part of eastern ukraine where there is still active fighting every night this is not territory that is terribly
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important to russia as the territory in itself is because it provides a foothold into the rest of ukraine provides a means of influence the problem is that influence has backfired it has produced exactly the opposite of what russia wanted so there is an incentive for russia to say that you know let's negotiate a peace agreement here and what the minsk agreements actually say is that the territory would be restored ukrainian control and russia is a party to those agreements so it's a matter of finding the mechanisms can we get this implemented so that we can at least establish peace in that part crimea it's going to be a longer term problem in eastern ukraine i think there is some hope good talking to thank you for joining us a. special representative for you could thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world indonesian investigators say the lion airplane that crashed last month that suffered technical problems the day before the accident and should have been grounded all one hundred
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eighty nine people on board the boeing seven three seven were killed when it crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from jakarta. a chinese scientist to claims to have created the world's first genetically edited babies as a second such pregnancy may be on the way agent quaid revealed the possible pregnancy during remarks defending his work he's claimed to have also the d.n.a. to even go to protect her from contracting h.i.v. sparked outrage among scientists. madagascar's top court has ordered a runoff presidential election next month means that and very very early will face off against another former president marc ravalomanana manana neither was it out right to majority in the first round on november seventh the indian ocean island has a long history of political instability. ok of its own islamic integration has begun here in berlin this year's german islamic conference is the fourth since two thousand and six it's hosted by interior minister jose hoffa organizers say the
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invited liberal theologians and scientists responds to criticisms of the events of previously promoted forms of islam that are too conservative if so there are nearly five million muslims living in germany in this report we hear from one young woman hoping to liberalize the faith. understanding how muslims are perceived in germany is the mission for. an author and the daughter of mara can immigrants she was born and raised in germany she comes from a conservative religious home sundays were devoted to learning verses from the koran by heart but at the same time she managed to follow her own interests. when i would have it was a huge deal for my mother that i should be independent there was nothing off limits no sense that you can't do this or that just because you're a girl. with few restrictions on what she could do and must have had an easier upbringing than many young muslims in germany now thirty seven she writes books
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portraying the complex city of muslim life and just keen to dispel stereotypes she says all too often women are depicted as victims and men are unable to show any sign of anxiety or insecurity. and must i believe both muslims and non muslims need to abandon such oversimplified views. it is much much. on the one hand some muslims have a romanticized image of other muslims and ignore anything problematic within their own community all they set themselves against mainstream non muslim society on the other hand you have those who are panicking the islam has almost completely taken over. for many muslims their big to do surrounding religion family and sexuality but instead of breaking down these barriers and muslims says some muslim groups reinforce them she's critical of the german islam
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conference for including in her view to many conservative groups. myself although with. most muslim groups don't believe in equality they are highly patriarchal some are actually reaction or anything and that's certainly not interested in islam becoming more liberal or in advancing gender equality especially good at this point in a fight i won't work in and must trust opinion that's exactly what german islam requires emancipated muslims who are not held back by tradition or the dictates of religion living freely and enjoying equal rights. by mass ratchet's with young women in a burning cafe they too want to see an open minded islam. did abuse just crime was that the conference today was just saw i thought so what was your impression. it was a very good gathering between secular conservative liberal. was limbs you had
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a lot of associations you had a lot of organizations representing different parts of the society here in germany the interior minister talk that he sees that muslims today are part of germany but everyone was waiting that was my impression. if the ministers the who for will say it is also part of germany because he doesn't say islam is part of germany and that's were completely the opposite of what he said muslims he always differentiates and he says muslims are part of germany but is as a religion is not part of germany and that's what some muslims are criticizing because they are said saying if the theory minister is saying islam is not part of germany so how can i be part of germany when my religion is not part of german that's when i talk to the people and also he was very concentrating on there should be debate dialogue there should be a lot of talking some discussions within muslims among themselves because you have
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different organizations representing sudanese shias representing. different different parts of the islam and that's why he said he said they should within their own community start to talk and discuss this conference is a platform for them to talk was was really concentrating also on the fact that how much the dialogue among muslims themselves would affect on integration and what use is a conference like this. let's be very critical it's very good question because you have organizations associations people representing muslims in germany but there is also the fact the majority of muslims in germany are not in associations are not organized in organizations are not members of any any any of these what i mentioned and that's why the question is how to reach these people because you
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could do a conference people coming together let's talk but the question is for who and how to reach these people who are here all over germany specially if the whole point of the compass is integration the support of exactly is exactly. exactly and that's that's one of the that's one of the critical questions because people some of the muslims living in germany are very well integrated even the word integration is being criticized and others don't even know that there is such a conference because they are living in their own bubble in their own communities so you have to address both the ones who are integrated they already know the road they already know the values in germany they already know what's going on but what about those who you cannot reach who are living in their own in their own way of living that's because of that that because he has been out on the streets of the capital asking people what they think a more liberal form a more integrated form of religion might look like. german
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islam is muslims trying to integrate into german society and germans showing them more acceptance. of a good source and wish there are probably as many different islamic believing people as there are differently thinking people in other religions so i'd prefer not to make an overall judgement. we have to uphold our cultural orientation in europe that's our goal and also our values values which we are always talking about and should stick to that has to be respected while at the same time we respect there is germany cited be catastrophic. whichever religion you are from a project like this is going to take a long time yes it's going to take a long time and it was clear today because the secular muslims the conservatives most of the liberal muslims every one of them things i have the right muslim and
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this was like the big discussion and everyone saying we are the right ones and they are not x. expecting and respecting that there's diversity so the german government has a big challenge when they want to talk about islam about which islam are they talking with the liberals are criticizing the conservatives and this is going to be like a very big questions and i think even after two days of conference and even after years they will not be able to know what exactly and who exactly to talk with because this conversation and this discussion and this dialogue has to start within the people who are muslim people in germany and then they have to decide which islam do we want because you have that's very important to mention you have a lot of influence from abroad from saudi arabia from iran and from turkey so even the mosques are some of the most are financed from these countries so every one of them wants their own islam here in germany so starting not having any financial influence any financial support from from abroad could be a first step ok that's what they address today but it's
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a very very very long talk the way we would talk now a lot about this topic which i think you have to stop trying to look very interesting to thank you you're welcome. that russia is suffering the worst i drive a epidemic in eastern europe from central asia according to the united nations more than a million russians are living with the virus moscow says it's achieved a ninety eight percent success rate in preventing mother to child transmission where for children with hiv the outlook is bleak in the third and final part of our series on russia's a jarvey aids epidemic the. reports from a children's home in chelyabinsk youngsters who are positive it with others for h.i.v. negative. it's only morning in children's home. it's the same routine every day.
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the same medicine the same dose every morning. forty boys and girls live at the hope is there between four and seventeen. and to mean a sick little pluses and minuses that's what they call the positive and negative children here. look. at the right is when we open this home eleven years ago hiv positive children lived separately. we had white sofas and no carpets we clean the dishes with a lot of disinfectant ordered never the coo will tell you about. that's what it was difficult to create a tolerant environment for them it took years for all the stuff to accept and respect my children. you have to quietly. today with a little glasses and little minuses play together and they are treated the same. as
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they are all growing up without parents in this children's home in the russian city of chile audience. as. two children have each of infected parents many of their parents suffer from alcoholism to drug addictions and have lost custody of their children. but within the walls of this home with the children are cared for and have. to quit you know. if they learn to live with their edge of your infection confidently. and better than some adults. are the ones we sent the children to summer camp on the first evening one of the carers was bathing the children when the camp's director poked his head in. as if to see if these kids have ears or two heads or something another time care asked me what should i do they brought me a hiv positive boy and i said lock him in the cellar of course she didn't know if i
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was serious so i told her just let him play with the other children. it's a better time at the children so. everyone knows that they're. the same medicine the same dose every evening. but there is a constant worry what will happen to the children once they leave the home. because of their mother's alcohol or drug addiction during pregnancy many of them have learning difficulties and to developmental problems. the hope is that some of them will be adopted. so they don't have to face of their fate. a little hope for the business to the british government delivers
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a stark warning about the financial cost of record that's right. and that assessment essentially backing up well. economists have been saying for the past year or so now but this time we've heard from the british government saying that leaving the european union with no deal would cause the economy to shrink by more than nine percent over a fifteen year period now the report which considered a range of post gregg's it models suggest that even with the prime minister teresa mayes deal britain will end up jura outside of the block and the analysis comes a fortnight before british private m.p.'s vote on teresa mayes divorce deal with the european union you. and for more on this we can bring in our london correspondent now get mass joins us but get a fairly sober assessment there from the british government breakdown the range of possibilities set out there by the british government. well
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first of all it is really interesting that this comes from the british government so not some sort of interest group or lobby group but from the government itself who wants to get a deal through wants to get reasons made to resume a deal through parliament in just a couple of weeks time so it's a range of different scenarios from britain staying fairly close to the where there would be the least disruption in terms of g.d.p. to no deal which of course has been warned by business groups would be an absolute disaster mostly for manufacturing for car manufacturing that's what british business is really really trying to prevent and we see that in this worst case scenario which would really be britain crashing out of the european union with no idea that the north of england where people really did vote for bricks at that they would be harvested so london the more the financial capital would be the least
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affected parts in the north where most of the manufacturing is this is where people really would suffer under get what about those who say that this statement ignores potential economic benefits of breaks that trade deals for example. well i think some traders have been taken into account with big players like to us but of course brick city is arguing that you can't trust these economic forecasts they called project fear they say that also in the run up to the referendum it was warned that immediately after the vote for brics it that the economy would crash and this hasn't happened so it also makes clear that it's a political project it's really not an economic project for people who really want to cut loose from the e.u. they think that maybe a shorter pain would be worth it they think it's worth also for us for sovereignty and for britain to be a more agile player politically possibly opes economically and burkett this
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statement coming ahead of course of that very to now say the commons on the eleventh of december on may's deal do you think that it's going to you are dealing extra blow. everything that's being discussed now is always seen through the lens of the vote that's going to come and a couple of weeks time and we have seen m.p.'s today in the house of commons seizing on this report and they said well we have to just give this back to the british people do they really want to be poor even m.p.'s that are constituencies that voted for leave have said is this really in the interest of my constituents that they become poor or do they maybe need to think again and there have been more and more m.p.'s arguing for a people's vote so for this to go back to the british people and have a vote on the deal do they really actually want to spread it or not our
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correspondent in london burg it must breaking down that british government report on the outcomes of breaks for the economy thank you very much indeed. u.s. president donald trump is ramping up the pressure on american automotive giant general notice after g.m. announced some fourteen thousand u.s. jobs trump took to twitter to threaten to cut government aid for the call maker meanwhile g.m. is sticking to its guns saying the cuts all quote necessary to ensure the company's long term. factories like this one in lordstown ohio were part of donald trump's plan to revive america's rusting industrial base. but now it and four other factories general motors plans to shutter won't be making anyone great again. since the announcement hasn't minced words when it came to g.m. taking to twitter he threatened to cut government subsidies for g.m. including support for their electric car program. and g.m.
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does benefit from a tax credit for electric car manufacturers but it's already due to expire in the coming months and it's unclear what other subsidies if any could plan on cutting. despite the presidential pressure isn't backing down industry experts expect car sales to slump in the coming years and the automotive giant says the closings are part of its plan to adapt to changing consumer demand. and just a moment reminded now of the top story we're following for you russia's president vladimir putin has accused ukraine of an act of premeditated provocation aimed at the confrontation in crimea he says to you cranium secret servicemen from both the vessels seized by russian. news from berlin i'm kind of humphrey sleazy.
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can a little craziness mean more money. made in germany god answers to a crazy number of questions like how much madness do markets needs how do crazy bosses think. and do you have to make out to make something special. prepare to go nuts and made in germany. to.
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enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. this week in a special edition comes a zone is coming to you from the bush policy forum my guest is a veteran of the skinny in chief negotiator saab america. he sees dream of an independent state ever came true what would it look like conflict so for sixty minutes he doubled. anxious leeway to. leaving for a lifeline to syria good morning where are you land u.n. sorry. every call brings them closer together. but it hurts because they feel powerless to help.
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those continues to haunt those who fled from syria. the war on my phone our two part documentary starts december eighth on t w. when it comes to my job i consider myself pretty lucky sure my colleagues can be crazy but crazy in the good sense creativity that helps us thrive in the workplace and for today's episode of made in germany our editorial team decided to investigate craziness at work what makes.


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