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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is a w's lie from an act of premeditated provocation russia's president putin blames ukraine for sunday's naval confrontation and says the crews of the captured ukrainian festivals including two secret service agents are also on the program. as germany brings together political religious not academic the latest to debate a slam an integration between for young german muslims hoping to shape the future of the fight on her country. also coming up in the next sixty minutes russia's most
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vulnerable victims of h.i.v. the latest in a series of special reports ahead of world aids day takes you to a russian orphanage children effects of the virus to live with others what i mean negative. i didn't come for it's written cameroon human rights lawyers are calling for mediators to put an end to executions and kidnappings and i still want to export to what has to happen to end the war. i'm still girl welcome to the program. russia's president russia's president putin has accused ukraine of committing an act of premeditated provocation in the naval confrontation off crimea tensions between moscow and kiev escalated after russia seized three ukrainian vessels on sunday at least twelve ukrainian sailors have been detained a pending trial ukraine's president has declared martial law in the country's border regions and war that russia is preparing for war. this is what life
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is become for many living around mario paul it's the closest ukrainian city to tonet scandal both of which are now controlled by russian backed separatists since sunday's naval clash with russia ukraine has begun to impose martial law in the border regions. so you are the country's president petro poroshenko has warned you there could be a russian invasion. these tanks have not yet been removed from their will there i don't want anybody to think that those are toys the country is under threat of a fool scale war with russia. and the deceased with russia and ukraine have blamed each other for sunday standoff in the catch strait which links the black sea and the sea it was all of russian naval officers fired on and seized three ukrainian vessels capturing the crew twelve ukrainians have now been charged with
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unlawfully entering russia they face up to six years in jail but russian president vladimir putin blames the ukrainian president for the standoff claiming it's a move to boost his ratings. it was a small it's clearly a product of. a provocation organized by the authorities. i think it was the president himself should head of the presidential election to be he is in ukraine just in march of next year a new. international pressure against russia is building with talk of further sanctions u.s. president donald trump has threatened to cancel a meeting shared jeweled with president putin at this week's g. twenty summit. meanwhile ukrainians are preparing for a new phase of war with the conflict showing no signs of stopping. to go through this with. u.s. special representative for ukraine negotiations is also a former u.s.
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ambassador to nato welcome to i just explain to us what the america's position in this latest outbreak of hostilities is well first off that this is an act of aggression by russia that these were ukraine vessels that are traveling peacefully seeking to go through the. straits to ukrainian port they were not allowed to go through they turned around and as they try. they were attacked and then boarded by russians and as we just saw in the report russia confiscated the ships in a rest of the sailors so both lacked it to begin with and then followed by another illegal act of attacking this vessel so when russia says it was a ukrainian act of provocation the u.s. response is not sure how this could be a provocation a sovereign state has a navy it's moving vessels from one of its ports to another one of its borders through its own waters the problem here is that russia has claimed to has taken crimea has claimed to annex it claims that the waters around crimea are now russian
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waters and claims that despite a two thousand and three agreement with ukraine russia has unilateral control over access to the sea it is off and then fired upon these vessels so i don't see anything that ukraine did here that could be conceived of as provocative it is however challenging russia's assertions to having taken these ukrainian pieces of territory in water so that the russian game here is what the vix area of ukraine is of crimea is out there well the first off that is the first thing they say it is there's they're never giving it back they've and they say it's done but secondly it's no matter what they do in this case they've actually fired a ukrainian naval vessels not firing back by the ukrainians by the way then adopted the people they've confiscated the ships and then they blame ukrainians for doing that so what's the united states going to do about it well i think the first thing is we are coordinating very closely with our european allies and partners we have a robust policy of sanctions in place we work with the ukrainians on strengthening
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their defense capabilities trying to strengthen resiliency in ukraine and our european allies are doing the same there's talk as we just saw this report about possible additional sanctions from europe we think that's worth considering alternatively there are sanctions on the books that perhaps are not being implemented as rigorously as they could be and that's something else that some over europe you know it's good to see the world. there's a half. have already been applied and russia just keeps marching around area around crimea said yeah despite the sanctions this is aus and this is ours and will have well and i think i think that misses a couple of things first off i think this could have been a lot worse and i think the pressure that the west has put back against russia for having invaded eastern ukraine in particular and sanctions there has created some deterrent effect in russia not wanting to escalate into a full scale conflict not seeking to take new territory i think that the defense of support for ukraine contributes to that as well i also think that there's a lot of discussion in moscow now is this really working out for russia when you
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saw what happened a few weeks ago with ukrainian orthodox church for example they're demanding independence from the russian orthodox church precisely because the ukrainian people are needed because of russia's invasion of ukraine and killing ukrainians so that they've lost the goodwill of ukrainian people which have been there for centuries so it's a major loss for russia really do you see any role for a military response in this i don't see any any desire by anybody to fight against russia to retake this territory ukrainians cannot and should not do that there's no desire in the west to do that but what we need to do is to deter further russian advances as being too costly and useless for them in order to create the conditions for a negotiation to reste peace of restore the territory would you think do you realistically expect the terrorists there's a big relief to be restocked if you talk about deterring russia from further
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expansion. my reading of the situation is that once russia has that bit of ukraine it will be happy that this is what it wanted it's got it now and no i don't think that's right i think a particular if you look at the dumbass the part of eastern ukraine where there is still active fighting every night this is not territory that is terribly important to russia as the territory in itself. it is because it provides a foothold into the rest of ukraine provides a means of influence the problem is that that influence has backfired it has produced exactly the opposite of what russia wanted so there is an incentive for russia to say that you know let's negotiate a peace agreement here and what the minsk agreements actually say is that the territory would be restored ukrainian control and russia is a party to those agreements so it's a matter of finding the mechanisms can we get this implemented so that we can at least establish peace in that part crimea it's going to be a longer term problem because in eastern ukraine i think there is some hope good talking to thank you for joining us a. special representative for ukraine thank you. as are some of the other stories
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making news around the world indonesian investigators say the lion airplane that crashed last month suffered technical problems the day before the incident and should have been grounded or one hundred eighty nine people on board the bird seven three seven were killed when it crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from jakarta. the chinese scientists who claims to have created the world's first genetically and edited the babies so the second such pregnancy may be on the way the junk way of the field the possible pregnancy during remarks defending his work is claimed to have altered the d.n.a. of twin girls to protect them from contracting h.i.v. sparked outrage among scientists. at least one person has died in two others have been seriously injured after severe storms hit the australian city of sydney. virtuous to stay home and sit near council dozens of flights meteorologists
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a month's worth of rain fell on the city in just a few hours. i guess because top courses orders are run of presidential election next month that means i'm driving around the know will face off against another form president a mark of. manana neither won an outright majority of november's first round indian it's not untie the long history of political instability. a conference on islam and integration has begun here in balad this year's german islam conference is the fourth since two thousand and six is hosted by interior minister jose hoffa the organizers say that if invited liberal theologians and scientists in response to previous criticisms of the event for most forms of islam but it too conservative it's thought there are nearly five million muslims in germany in this report we hear for one young woman open to liberalize the faith. understanding how muslims are perceived in germany is a mission for. an author and the daughter of mara can immigrants she was born and
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raised in germany she comes from a conservative religious home sundays were devoted to learning verses from the koran by heart but at the same time she managed to follow her own interests. when i would have us in law it was a huge deal for my mother that i should be independent there was nothing off limits no sense that you can't do this or that just because you're a girl. with fewer restrictions on what she could do and must have had an easier upbringing than many young muslims in germany now thirty seven she writes books portraying the complex city of muslim life and is keen to dispel stereotypes she says all too often women are depicted as victims and men are unable to show any sign of anxiety or insecurity. and must i believe so both muslims and non muslims need to abandon such oversimplified the us. is much more.
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on the one hand some muslims have a romanticized image of other muslims and ignore anything problematic within their own community all they sent them selves against mainstream non muslim society on the other hand you have those who are panicking the islam has almost completely taken over is. for many muslims there a big boost surrounding religion family and sexuality but instead of breaking down these barriers and muslims says some muslim groups reinforce them she's critical of the german islam conference for including in her view to many conservative groups. to my school although we are with most muslim groups don't believe in equality they are highly patriarchal some are actually reactionary and that's certainly not interested in islam becoming more liberal or in advancing gender equality that's the best i'm going to pattern or follow won't work and must rest opinion that's
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exactly what german islam requires emancipated muslims who are not held back by tradition or the dictates of religion living freely and enjoying equal rights. chats with young women and their parent in cafe they too want to see an open mind it is now. the russia is suffering the worst stage i.v. epidemic in eastern europe and central asia according to the united nations more than a million russians are living with the virus wasco says it's achieved a ninety eight percent success rate in preventing mother to child transmission but for children with a child baby outlook is bleak in this third and final part of our series on russia's h.i.v. aids epidemic yury russia reports from the children's home in chelyabinsk where youngsters who are hiv positive or live with others. hiv negative. it's only morning in about a children's home. it's
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is the same routine every day. the same medicine the same dose every morning. i forty boys and girls live at the hope is there between four and seventeen. and to mean a sick little pluses and minuses that's what they call h. at the positive and to negative children here. at the white is when we open this home eleven years ago hiv positive children lived separately from the divine we had wiped all sofas and no carpets we cleaned the dishes with a lot of disinfectant ordered never the cool was that even though that's what it was difficult to create
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a tolerant environment for them it took years for all the stuff to accept and respect my children. you have the quietly. today with little glasses and little minuses play together and they are treated the same. they are all growing up without parents in place children's home in the russian city of chile audience. at thirty two children have age of infected parents many of their parents suffer from alcoholism to drug addictions and have lost custody of their children. but within the walls of this home with the children are cared for and have a routine. to what you can. they learn to live with their edge and he infection confidently. and ten do it better than some adults . once we sent the children to summer camp on the first evening one of the carers was bathing the children when the camp's director poked
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his head in. as if to see if these kids have ears or two heads or something another time care asked me what should i do they brought me a hiv positive boy and i said lock him in the cellar of course he didn't know if i was serious so i told her just let him play with the other children. it's a better time at the children's home. everyone knows that the. medicine the same dose. but there is a constant worry what will happen to the children once they leave the home. because of their. truck addiction during pregnancy many of them have learning difficulties and developmental problems. that some of them. don't have to face of their fate.
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from the russian foundation for health and social justice and moscow welcome to do w. let's pick up that point what does happen to the children who don't get adopted and have to leave the home at some point. i mean good evening and thank you for a question. but i think to start with the clearing that i represent thirteen is asia which is been labeled by the minister of justice of russian for the ration as a foreign agent because according to the wall foreign agents we need to declare this every time we go to mass media and we got into a question which all the best police kids and i really hope they will be adopted because it's not a secret that. adolescent or from a b no i wasn't orphaned in russia. not not an easy a toll and. also be in an age of
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a positive. would bring a much more difficult is into the life of these kids when they grown up because still unfortunately the stigma discrimination is rising up in the russian federation at all towards people living with hiv so what does that when they grow up and leave. they can face. institutional institutional stigma intercostals dick meyer. they can freeze many troubles. in the. medical facilities and. of course treatment under the royal treatment is useful for in russia. but sometimes people need to fight to get this treatment especially if they are being registered in one part of russia but living in another part of russia and.
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so they can face many difficulties related to their status status intervals of status the number of new infections across europe it is dropping but it's increasing in russia why is that. according to the recent deeds of the forty six percent of the sounds of the new cases being detected service year and russia. could be attributed to the interviews drug use. bottom fortunately the russian government do not support any. programs from. activities been targeted on the. people on the people asians version of people who use drugs. so. now in russia we have a concentrated epidemic among. such groups as a man who have sex with. sex workers and people who is drugs.
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of all though at the same time the. cases of sexual transmission is rising up as well. when we we wish you well thank you for joining us i've invariance of the russian foundation for health and social justice thank you it was a christophe the u.s. federal reserve warning of growing hazards to the financial system. at. the federal reserve has issued a stark warning about the outlook for the u.s. financial system it says historically high corporate debts and trade tensions could cause asset prices to plummet and its first report on the stability of the u.s. financial system the fed acknowledges that regulation brought in after the two thousand and eight financial crisis has made the banking system more resilient but it says increasingly aggressive risk taking could lead to more the nobility.
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for more on this let's bring in our financial correspondent and scored in new york fed chair jerome politest finished speaking at the new york economic club tell us more of what he had to say. well overall he is quite upbeat when you look at the current economic situation some in the united states there are no signs of recession on the horizon yet and at the same time also inflation does not seem to be too high at all and that all sounds a pretty well but maybe just one comment to the debt situation i'm in the united states we see record levels of debt and that is true for consumers that it's true for corporations and certainly that is also true for the government so the fed quite concerned about their financial stability and yet the u.s. economy seems to be in good shape what does this assessment mean for the federal reserve's intention to further raise interest rates it still seems pretty likely
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that we see the fourth interest rate increase and at the last fifty meeting in december it would be the ninth of interest rate increase since december of twenty fifteen but then and that's the important thing a fed chairman. mentioned that looking at next year the course is not set but that they have been in the federal reserve will watch closely at the data meaning how the financial markets are doing how the economy is doing so that sounds a bit less aggressive than but what we've heard recently from the federal reserve and yes before drone paul was able to give a speech and before the fed issued its report president trump yet again attacked the fed and its policy why does he keep doing that. well again and again the president is saying that the policy of the federal reserve is the biggest
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threat to the economy not cherubs not china but the federal reserve well it is true to a certain degree that if you see higher interest rates especially was those high debt levels that we are having if you have higher rates and really become more expensive for to pay for this debt that could be. that could not stop but slow down the u.s. economy is that the president is not entirely wrong on that but the big question is why of the federal reserve is increasing interest rates and one of the main reasons the tx cuts that we've seen here in the united states that does need to or certain overheating of the u.s. economy that that's you need to inflation tendencies and that's the reason why the federal reserve has no other choice but to keep. a route through keep increasing rates but overall yes higher interest rates and could be a drag or for u.s. growth and so now that your own poll sounded a little less aggressive we saw quite
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a reaction here on wall street deborah chips are up by more than four hundred points court in new york thank you. now the economic impact of the trump administration's hardline immigration policies shutting down parts ports of entry at the u.s. mexican border near san diego is costing local businesses millions of dollars hotel shopping malls and street vendors are affected by the most on both sides of the border the country's busiest border crossing was temporarily closed on sunday to stop migrants from entering the united states. crossing from t. one a to san diego is always a time consuming affair and now it's getting worse time to u.s. border controls a slowing everything down dramatically with knock on effects on local economies many tourists for example are opting to holiday elsewhere out of fear that they may get stuck at the border should the crossing be closed again restauranteurs shop owners market sellers everyone here is feeling the pinch. the sunday we lost
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five point three million dollars just from santa seadrill businesses obviously businesses into levis san diego and further away were also affected so although the border has always been a bottleneck the area is usually popular with visitors many just keen to spend their weekends here and take a peek at the other signs. we've had cancellations of more than eight thousand rooms i'd say there are about eighty percent fewer bookings from mexicans and twenty percent fewer from international tourists who want to come here for the weekend you know all of the anglo latino's who wanted to come this all started with the arrival of the migrant caravan. business owners are worried that there could be further temporary border closures more caravan migrants from latin america arriving on. the british
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government is sounding the alarm about the financial fallout from bracks it says that leaving the european union with no deal would cause the. made to shrink by more than nine percent over a fifteen year period record which considered a range of post and model suggests that even with prime minister minister of tourism may's deals britain will end up poorer outside the box you know alice's comes a fortnight before british and please vote on ms maze of those details with the people. back to fill now and more world news. the palestinians chief negotiator saeb erekat has challenged israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu to meet palestinian leader mahmoud abbas anywhere in the world as the erekat issued the challenge during an interview with tim sebastian in a special edition of conflicts of the burden foreign policy forum i challenge mr netanyahu
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officially and he can choose any country any country on earth moscow big london and our bus will meet him we would meet him. yes he would meet them this is a challenge and the clear challenge all right. this is this is not a joke. as i told you no one benefits more and more than palestinians and no one stands to lose more than the absence of peace more than it's a lot for my children and grandchildren i don't want them to be this perfect i need to keep the hope a life in the minds of israelis and palestinians because this variation within this paradox and desperate act means but of policy as an israeli. and you can watch the whole interview here all day w. the anguish on our website at d w dot com forward slash conflicts this is day w. news still to come yon leonardo's an artist whose medium is light and whose blank canvas is docking us we take a look at the world of light os performance photography.
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will have more the say so world news on business and sports on the way. the sea is not always merciful. the southern tip of the americas. circumnavigation has proved a challenge for generations of seafarers. but also a milestone here we are at cape horn. this is a magical moment the legend of cheap horn including findings on taking.
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how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here. at the heart of the european union in brussels you have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of. what it is not so i work at the. continent it's reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their
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visions successes and day to day business the difference. in history in everyone. seems to matter to fisher the. digital africa starts december twelfth w. . the state of the news live from that but i don't feel good coming up in the next fifteen minutes africa's second largest oil producer trying to wean itself off oil and goler in the southwest of the continent wants to diversify its economy how well it will take a closer look. at that we turn to cameron by deadly violence between phone separatists and government troops has been raging for weeks the conflict is rooted in the country's english speaking a western provinces where alvin surgeons are waging war against the government of
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the couple you know one day the separatists wants us to what their own state called . unrest has been simmering since twenty sixteen action demonstrations were met with brutal government crackdown. the crisis has intensified since that is rebel militias are springing up in the country's own regions. i book one caller who is from the southwest province and cameron's uncle from the region is also a human rights lawyer and activist who was at the forefront of the protests when they began welcome to day doubly so what made you take to the streets thinks things for having me from the southwest region one of the two regions that make of this incumbent. to the street because we needed to fight against the marginalization there was an attempt to. come around is a by calderon a badge from our colonial history french and english the official languages and the
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common law under the law but there was an attempt to erode the law to try and to from before nice the anglophones and to ensure that civil law takes dominance over so just for those of us outside if this was in effect a move to make the french superior to the english yet but when the country but you cannot take it in isolation it's been a fifty seven years period of marginalisation on and the law you studied the teachers joined but it was a reflection on of the beaten is the frustration on their pressure on the suppression of the anglophones by the from before and so they just needed a mouthpiece in jordan and a voice of problems and when did. the strike in to about two thousand and sixteen when the lawyers sort of started a strike the teachers joined another aspect of the civil society joined the lawyers and teachers and so how did dad just that which sounds like a civilized response how does that degenerate into war you just said right it was
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a very civilized response we just got caught boycotts a few street protests nonviolent very pacifist but on the seventeenth of january two thousand and sixteen the government arrested. there was a such a general the common unlawful suicide because i myself was the president and all the act. human rights activist to cross to jail charged just research on terrorism and rebellion amounts of dust and fall in the suppressed and that the demonstrators so change from a very peaceful strike and it became very violent so where is this now heading because because i'm going phones and are looking for a separate country yes there's a number which is on going on under phones wondered restoration of the state with some believe that that would be the panacea to the solution so that was only existed before was lost what during the name the name used to be saudi incumbrance always camera number has been the historical name but if you follow the un
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decolonization process it was either saudi incomers or western rule the name was coined by god has been like the leader of them was in a struggle before two thousand and sixty but what is happening today is that the separate is believe that that they need to wrest all the state of saudi income and . or does believe that this should be a restoration of the two state for a show that existed in cameroon so this conflict in positions of anger forms in cameroon ok and now we're seeing the pictures or guns on the streets and people getting shot so it's a slightly naive question but how do you go from where does that where the government gets the guns from but how do you go from from teachers and lawyers protesting in the streets to getting told where those guns coming from well you know when you suppress people when you break into people's houses you burn their villages you rebel wife's you kidnap the actual this is all been happening here the people don't have a choice than to to take arms to to protect themselves is
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a kind of self-defense initially really started as a self-defense you know but i think that after a while also there's been some excesses but they have to protect themselves we have about a thousand on reforms in jail we have half a million internally displaced persons fifty thousand refugees in nigeria more than one hundred forty villages that have been. so the people would not just sit and watch so they have to protect themselves so that is what started that's why what started as a civil protest you know peace was generated in one i'm struggling well we thank you for giving us your insight into what's going on there thanks very much for joining us on both. liberia's finance ministry is reported to have employees from wearing wigs and covering their head when sun had extensions are common accessory for liberian women the proposed regulation has been condemned as discriminatory attempt to police where the new policy supporters say
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some has also not suited for the professional working environment he took a camera on to the streets of the capital monrovia to hear how people feel about this new policy. and how any wetness is up on this night the way we should but you would not know with i think we've. run out well for i had to carry. it would not be. there when he went out wherever they can to make sure. that when this is that we've already given you know you got if you not that what you're really coming you don't want to. be like or you have us all going up like a little for my part as a religious man because. he's also a man. who are you doing want to make them want to reach for the one particular agenda if you do that because this community because you have men every year in the
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obviousness and the black. now oil provides and gold is government with more than ninety percent of its revenues and there's a downside to relying so heavily on just one income stream when oil prices crashed a few years ago the country's economy suffers now the government is looking at ways to reduce its dependence that agriculture looks promising back in the one nine hundred seventy s. and gold was a major export of products like sugar cane coffee and bananas these crops all but disappeared during the civil war that ended in two thousand and two but now the country is starting to harvest its agricultural potential again lots to choose from at this marketplace in angola's capital. but only if you have money. almost half the country lives in poverty the nation's president has promised to diversify the economy to improve things bananas are supposed to help here at this
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plant the best bananas are selected for export and sent to countries up to six thousand kilometers away marked with the words from angola with love the locals nicknamed the bananas green fuel hoping that their sale will eventually wean angola off its dependency on oil revenues this plant also processes mangoes pineapples and watermelons the head of the firm believes agriculture is key to angola's future. will destroy this country has all the necessary conditions for agriculture to be an engine of development. he saw but for that to be possible you have to structure things well if that is typical once you've done that a great industry transformation can take place. that's easier said than done angola went through a brutal civil war that lasted twenty seven years ending only in two thousand and
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two much of its agricultural land is still covered with land mines and can't be farmed. meanwhile oil is still king it accounts for ninety percent of angola's exports and seventy percent of government revenue in the past that wasn't such a problem but four years ago the price of crude oil tanked slashing the money in government coffers many angolans now hope that the nana's and other crops will bring jobs and more importantly prosperity. until there is foam at the top here africa's portuguese program welcome. so how has the financial crisis since the crisis how does that affect said the country. i go to has been going through very tough times for years now and the people out clubbing planing more and more about the rising prices of imported goods and when i speak about imported goods i mean also foot so i'm going to importing nearly everything
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and you can see in the slums of luanda people who can't even afford food for their day to day living one possible solution could be investing in agriculture and not only in oil on the government's aphids a diverse and fixation likely to make much difference you have to know that. this discourse about diversification of the economy is not new even the former president has a lot to do santos sat he wanted to built a great culture economy but he wanted to help the big agribusiness industries whereas. your own audience of that you president wants to help medium size and small pharmacy even told that you want to distribute tools so that they can work in the fields i think this could work out this is
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a good idea and. this could be a good solution and all the other options. of course i'm going to have many many different options think about extract if industries stone's model. granites think about for instance the fishery when you go to the coastal cities like bang galah and tonight meet in the south and you look into the atlantic ocean you see these huge fishing grounds and this could be a good sector to invest in and. for of course you need capital money to invest and know how it's not easy we're talking to thank you for joining us on turner cash cash from the doctor's office portuguese program thank you. the european commission is to invent an ambitious new climate proposal it wants the new to
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reduce its net carbon emissions to zero by twenty fifty a proposal follows the beliefs of the united nations report on the world and needs to triple emissions cuts so face catastrophic global warming report found the targets satisfied fifteen pairs of people will not be matter unless the governments introduce additional measures the news comes just days before high level un climate conference impose. a strain his children seem intent on pressuring politicians for more decisive responses to climate change hundreds of students skipped class to ask for big government for action and federico budget from a social media task has been following the story welcome fed because so tell us more about what the people to do it so some of these children are really young but they're already very engaged and they say that they feel like their politicians are not doing enough with dealing with climate change so they're trying to take things into their own hands and now we're seeing that hundreds of them across australia
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have been boycotting school they've been they've been taking part in rallies they've also being meeting with their local politicians on a wednesday and it was the turn of the capital camera where students gathered outside the parliament house to meet with some politicians there and these students say that they were inspired by a fifteen year old swedish activists who started this kind of protest in this stockholm and we have a message here from one of these young protesters take a listen. you know you. really. have. not and am. at and at a. ok so this season reached the australian parliament it did and there are protesters
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they these young protesters they have the support of the australian green party that has been pushing for these kinds of protests and also that of the senate which on tuesday passed backed a motion and is now supporting the decision of this shouldn't two not to go to school and to hold of these protests across the country on the other side on the other hand the australian prime minister scott morrison he was not too impressed with the protest and he claims his government is taking climates climate change climate change really seriously and he sent out a rather direct an angry message at the students take a listen kids should go to school. we're not we don't support you are. not going to see me white piece of pie things that can be dealt with outside of school reach directed my kids to school and i don't know that means that you know if i go to school but we do not support our schools into policy. so scott
7:45 pm
morrison there just really in prime minister saying that children should focus on learning and not so much on activism ok outside the political sphere what sort of reception is this of course has been discussed a lot on social media as well and there's been a lot of supports those who are critical they argue that a bit along the lines of what the prime minister was saying that these children should not be out in the streets protesting while they're supposed to be in school but in general there's been a lot of support in australia and also outside the country and actually interestingly the protest is now also spreading it has spread also to germany and in fact we have some pictures here from berlin this was tweeted these pictures were tweeted by an environmental n.g.o.s this week children where protesting coal fired power stations in front of the federal department of commerce and more protests are planned this week in berlin in australia so we'll be hearing about these young
7:46 pm
protesters again i'm sure that you you think. what is the. action tonight in their own backyard against belgium bruce the germans have been dominant this season and remain undefeated they only need a draw to advance to the stage. with given the recent run of success. becoming victory. armed and dangerous it's the only way to describe the current form of the black and yellow their last match in the home was a thrilling come from behind victory over the league's defeating champions byron munich dortmund currently topped the bundesliga table with a four point cushion in the champions league. and company are in pole position to win their group with a victory over their opponents way west. despite being back at home against
7:47 pm
a side that has never won in germany coach isn't taking them lightly. we need a very good performance. the way remember the first leg was very difficult for us. drew one all at home against monica and one for nearly in monaco that explains everything and so we have to have a very good performance. so far. have blazed the pitch in their home matches in the champions league group stage scoring seven goals and can see the nine and no team in the competition has had more different goals scored this season. that had to. go head to head in the champions league as to whose party sad face you have in clubs liverpool for a place in the last sixteen let's go back a long way with two following. his expensive p.s.g.
7:48 pm
team to finally make a breakthrough and europe's top club competition. they're back name pay. fit to play against liverpool they're the world's two most expensive players but money doesn't always buy you success p.s.g. dominate their domestic league but have trouble replicating those performances in the champions league i think they're still big big steps to go for us and we have to make a big big step forward the bigger the game the bigger the pressure the pressure the more the focus is important to focus and be relaxed to holland cup go back to the bundesliga it was a book with your daughter moment where both caught the ice of international clubs. cup chose liverpool a club with plenty of tradition and trophies. top and opted for p.s.g.
7:49 pm
a cup with a short history and still trying to prove itself on the european stage paris is not used to that much in the league because. it's and we have to make sure that they are not that dominant against us that we have our possession and we do something small but it's not easy stopping clubs heavy metal football but expectations are high in paris that means that big money players have to show are they worth. in chess magnus carlsen has defeated fabiano to remain world champion after twelve games and in draws of the last three weeks the chess world championship in london came down to a series of quick five tiebreakers on wednesday carlsen dominated the day winning the first three games and the title. so here in the northern hemisphere winter is fast approaching the days getting shorter of the nights longer daucus is encroaching winter is coming and that's
7:50 pm
something else but scott writes from from our culture desk is here to vital things out welcome scott so what if you brought up what if you brought to brighton these dream job i really like your game of thrones reference there because that's how it feels you know hear hear bill led to the door the have is here it's getting dark again up in the dark you going to bed the dark and has a sort of gloom is seems to be descending in so the culture just decided to take a page from good book good to famously on his deathbed screamed out more light and so we what we went to find some artist to deal with with the light find some sort of bright spots. or try to bring a bit more of like to the world quite literally so we've got three things to present but first we start with a photographer who uses light to literally set the night glow what we take a look. yann
7:51 pm
leonardo is an artist he paints with minds is blank canvas this darkness. works with pyrotechnics and. captures his light compositions fruit long time exposures he doesn't use digital a frank some of us see is what actually happens it's authentic. can't see the result until you look at the monitor that's the biggest problem you can't see what you're doing you might compare it to blind painters you could sense what they're doing but you couldn't see it. every. performance. developed what's known as l a p liked art performance for. bed
7:52 pm
involves choreographed movements with lights. to complete the exposures. the light artist has used the technique to make advertising photos from major international companies. is a way of making the passing of time visible it means enjoying the total freedom to make light creativity imagination the pictures in your head visible through long exposures. young leader no no a photographer who doesn't just capture one moment in time going off just the night before our very eyes. it's a pretty cool and. we talked to young lee and out of the artist and he self-taught and he said you can get started if you were an interest in this type of r.
7:53 pm
you get started on your own he gave us a few tips on the materials you can get which aren't that expensive and how you can get started and if anyone is interested they can check that out on our facebook page excellent good good good so i feel the gloom lifting well done what else you have well we've got another photographer he's finished and instead of using electric lights like does. finish a photographer he goes after the natural lights of the aura borealis so he goes up north sometimes spending six hours in minus thirty degrees celsius temperature to get his perfect shots but i think you'll agree they're worth it i mean take a look these are some of the images he's captured of the northern lights. or some combination of a phenomenal and he calls himself a light hunter and he carefully prepares his his his tracks to make sure the conditions are absolutely perfect for clear skies the best chance of getting the aurora borealis out there i mean just on believable.
7:54 pm
so beautiful so that's good that's good yes yes good work to a three so far. now as we move into december. got to presume that there's some some reference to christmas amongst you and your yes it sure is of course christmas lights i mean now i know that the cities of europe are competing almost like my dad and next door neighbors to put up the christmas lights to be the most spectacular most over the top the brightest on the street the brightest look on the cotton and so we will. three spots across europe for some of the most spectacular christmas lights here starting in paris and which has been set afire with red lights that sort of classic french style kick off to the christmas season but over in england they did it one better this is kew gardens their annual christmas show which for me looks like something out of a disney movie i mean laser lights they have a whole lake they're covered in oregon the boats that brightly lit light up and
7:55 pm
literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of bulbs making them breakfast maybe look not that bad paris but my absolute favorite not quite a spectacular but it's in iceland and as i say not quite as big but really lovely it's this. the ferocious you'll catch and by local tradition the yule cat wanders around at christmas time and eats any little children who haven't been given a new christmas clothes so that's the tradition in iceland sweet cute and kind of terrifying kind of yes all right. and also i think about going to be. you get some new warm clothes before you. left that's yes you get to stay. here. closed take a quick look at our top story at this hour russia's president vladimir putin has
7:56 pm
accused ukraine of an act of premeditated provocation in the confrontation in crimea just two ukrainian secret service agents were on board the vessel seems to buy russia on something. that's it you're up to they took most of the top off it out with the french golf going to. move. move move. move. move. move move. move move. move. move move. move.
7:57 pm
move move move. move. move. move move. move. move move move. move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move. move move move move see is not always merciful move on the southern tip of the americas clock circumnavigation has approved a challenge for generations of seafarers. but also a milestone move here we all had to take more more this is a magical. moment the legend of keith horne and fifteen minutes on don't.
7:58 pm
touch of it. sure link to me from africa the world or link to exception stories and discussion from own use as easy it's our website d w that comes much coffee cup join us on facebook at g.w. africa. i know nothing to look at while i get some time down but i stand up and whip it up i'm going to have them think sneak into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes a question that is think is new for the country that i doubt i'm. mean it's a big take for this grandma day out to me it's all about a new i might show join me for meet the jetman from d.w. . post. her first day of school in the jungle.
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first clueless of the. band pandora screen the moment arrives. join during a taping on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour on the right to tame returns home on d w dot com from running a tank speaking rapidly. here in the several ronald's age at the epidemic has been moving to a new phase making me a definitive transition from the so called fall in the rebel groups to the bane of jewish. h.i.v. in russia today on t.w. news.
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this is. president puts the blame on ukraine saying sunday's naval standoff premeditated. mr putin also. saying the crews of the captured ukrainian vessels included two secret service agents also coming up tonight the role of islam in german society it remains a controversial topic in parliament and it's one story of hope faith and shape.


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