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starts december twelfth. russia's president puts the blame on ukraine saying. he says the crews of the captured ukrainian vessels including secret service agents also coming up tonight russia's most vulnerable victims of. the latest in our
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series of special reports ahead of world aids day takes you to a russian orphanage where children infected with the virus lived with each negative . championship has finally produced a winner magnus carlsen has defended his crown by beating. in a series of quickfire. i'm going to have you with us. tonight russia's president vladimir putin is accusing ukraine of orchestrating sunday's naval standoff russia seized three ukrainian vessels and now twelve ukrainian sailors have been detained pending trial he was president. deep can. ukraine's president has declared martial law in the
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border region he's warning that russia is preparing for war. this is what life is become for many living around mario paul it's the closest ukrainian city to telnet scandal both of which are now controlled by russian backed separatists since sunday's naval clash with russia ukraine has begun to impose martial law in the border regions. so you're the country's president petro poroshenko has warned there could be a russian invasion. these tanks have not yet been removed they'll there i don't want anybody to think that those are toys the country is under threat of a fool scale war with russia. for the russia and ukraine have blamed each other for sunday standoff in the catch strait which links the black sea and the sea it was all of russian naval officers fired on and seized three
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ukrainian vessels capturing the crew twelve ukrainians have now been charged with unlawfully entering russia they face up to six years in jail but russian president vladimir putin blames the ukrainian president for the standoff claiming it's a move to boost his ratings it was just a little it's clearly a product of. a provocation. and i think it was the president himself should head of the presidential election to be hideous in ukraine just. what is this additional international pressure against russia is building with talk of further sanctions u.s. president donald trump has threatened to cancel a meeting shared jeweled with president putin at this week's g. twenty summit. meanwhile ukrainians are preparing for a new phase of war with the conflict showing no signs of stopping. well i'm joined now by correspondent david. and he is in the ukrainian capital kiev good evening to
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you david we have these ukrainian border regions about ten of them that are under martial law now and there are reports of increased russian military activity at the border what are you hearing well yes it should be said it's martial law or maybe a better word for it would be war footing it's preparation for what the president has said could be a full scale war with russia as we heard in the report we are hearing of course that there is a build up along the borders this is what the president has said and the russians the interfax news agency said that there's a a s four hundred missile system that has been added to those that are already there three that are already on the crimean peninsula so obviously the tensions are rising the. the fear obviously and here in ukraine is that this could lead to something much larger but at the moment of course nothing like that is happening and what more do we know about lose
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ukrainian sailors who are being held and president putin's accusation that the ukrainian boats were also carrying ukrainian spawn's. well yes. the krooman have been all sentenced to two months of pretrial detention but of course the larger picture of that is that this is a really a pawn they're really pawns between the two governments the mr putin's accusations obviously have. raised a great deal of attention but it should be said that the tensions between ukraine and russia have been rising for a great a long time now since two thousand and fourteen ever since russia annexed the crimean peninsula and in the sea of azoff so actually it shouldn't be of any surprise that there are intelligence agents on either side it should be said in the in the hours of sea or wherever else they might be coming into contact and what
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about. to solve this crisis diplomatically well those are going nowhere at the moment we heard about president trump who sent sort of mixed messages but at the moment is discussing possibly not meeting with mr putin on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit otherwise the the ukrainians have been good have received a great deal of support from their western partners there's talks of increased sanctions there's also talks about there's been a demand from the e.u. to allow free access to the as i see which is actually what the ukrainians and the russians have had in place since two thousand and three but at the same time nothing between russia and ukraine a phone call from mr partial to mr putin was recently rebuffed. or correspondent david stern in the story corps in kiev tonight david thank you well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world
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a democrat nancy pelosi has been nominated for her job as speaker of the u.s. house of representatives well that's despite calls for younger leadership. the seventy eight year old lost the post when republicans took control of the house way back in two thousand and eleven the new democratic majority take their seats in january indonesian investigators say the lion air aircraft that crashed last month had suffered technical problems a day before the accident and that it should have been grounded all one hundred eighty nine people on board the boeing seven thirty seven were killed when it crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from jakarta the chinese scientist who claims to have created the world's first genetically edited babies says a second such pregnancy may be on the way he junk way revealed the possible pregnancy yesterday during remarks defending his work is claimed to have altered the d.n.a. of twin girls to protect them from contracting each id sparked outrage among
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scientists. at least two people have died and two others have been seriously injured in severe storms in the australian city of sydney authorities warned the motorist to stay at home and sydney airport cancelled dozens of flights meteorologists say a month's worth of rain fell on the city in just a few well there's. britain where the government says that leaving the european union with no deal would cause the u.k. economy to grow by almost ten percent less over the next fifteen years then if it had stayed inside the european union the report which considered a range of post breaks it models suggest that even with prime minister to resubmit the deal britain will end up poor outside the e.u. than if it had stayed in the analysis comes a fortnight before british m.p.'s vote on teresa mayes divorce deal with the e.u. today the bank of england also issued its own report and warning
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a no deal breck's it would hit britain's economy hard the bank of england predicts dramatic consequences if that happens. by the end of twenty twenty three g.d.p. is more than ten percent lower in the disorderly scenario compared to that may twenty sixteen trend the bank also said if the island nation has to leave the e.u. and a hard break that the pound could plummet twenty five percent against other major currencies that's a worst case scenario it says but possible if the country doesn't agree to a deal even so it's still far from clear that theresa may will be able to push her agreement with the e.u. through a comeback of british parliament although she's doing all she can to get things a positive spin on what we see behind the analysis that we have published today and indeed the chancellor recognizes this morning is that our deal is the best innovative will the job since our economy that allows us to honor the referendum in
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an area that. the opportunities all right. the analysis carried out by the government also shows britain's economy will suffer even if the deal goes through so the big question is just how bad will the damage be if the deal is passed says the study the economic consequences will be much less drastic shortly before the vote on december eleventh breaks it remains as contentious as ever. russia is suffering the worst of the demick in all of eastern europe and central asia more than a million russians are hiv positive moscow says that it has achieved a ninety eight percent success rate in preventing mother to child transmission but for children with hiv the outlook is bleak in the final part of our series on russia's h i v aids epidemic you don't use your reports from a children's home in show you a bit square youngsters who are each of you positive live with kids who were
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negative. it's only morning in the uk about in children's home. it's the same routine every day. the same medicine the same dose every morning. i forty boys and girls live at the hope is there between four and seventeen. and to mean a sick little pluses and minuses that's what they call hiv positive and negative children here. at the white is when we opened this home eleven years ago hiv positive children lived separately from the divide we had ripened sofas and no carpets we cleaned the dishes with
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a lot of disinfectant ordered never the cool of the year that was that even though that's what it was difficult to create a tolerant environment for them it took years for all the stuff to accept and respect my children. you have the quietly. today the glasses and little minuses play together and they are treated the same. they are all growing up without parents in this children's home in the russian city of chile obvious. thirty two children have hiv infected parents many of their parents suffer from alcoholism to drug addictions and have lost custody of their children. but within the walls of this home with the children are cared for and have a. dark chocolate you can be if they learn to live with their edge of your infection confidently. and handle it better than some adults.
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will move us. once we sent the children to summer camp on the first evening one of the carers was bathing the children when the camp's director poked his head in. as if to see if these kids have ears or two heads or something another time care asked me what should i do they've brought me a hiv positive boy and i said lock him in the cellar of course he didn't know if i was serious so i told her just let him play with the other children. it's a better time at the children's home. everyone knows that they're. the same medicine the same dose every evening. but there is a constant worry what will happen to the children once they leave the home. because of their mother alcohol or drug addiction during pregnancy many of them have learning difficulties and to developmental problems.
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with the hope that some of them will be. so they don't have to face them fate. or defending champion magnus carlsen who successfully defended his crown at the world chess championship in london the twenty eight year old norwegian beat american fabiano caruana in three straight games in the rapid chess tiebreakers on wednesday after no winner emerged in nearly three weeks of face all. twelve games had not managed to produce a winner with all twelve indeed in draws a novelty and a world championship but it wasn't quite unexpected magnus carlsen and challenger fabiano carolina were the two best chess players in the world it's possible
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defending champion carlsen had decided. to paint his fortunes on the quick fire tiebreakers after all that's how he won the title two years ago for his latest triumph the norwegian will take home five hundred fifty thousand euros and it was also a good day at the office for the loser fabiano care a lot of will make only one hundred thousand euros less but it's magnus carlsen who hosts the trophy for the fourth time. they were watching was a you against. the story challenge the story of the first move more toward different perspectives by peter creighton from the east and here.


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