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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2018 11:00am-11:31am CET

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you know we're interactive documentary. the world record ten returns home on t w dot com times. this is d w news live from berlin germany it leaves efforts to deescalate the crimea crisis as russia and ukraine did it russian president vladimir putin calls sunday's naval clash in provocation in turn kiev is preparing the country for conflict over what it calls an act of aggression by moscow. also coming off the
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record truck cold bushwalking whatever because you fear you were fed up of virtual. g.w. meets the armed civilians patrolling the southern u.s. border to defend against what they called invaders this as want to confront a health crisis among stranded central american migrants living in desperate conditions cause. is a whole new really art and who owns it anyway we'll have a report on the fight over the age old of mannheim which was destroyed when the german city is an old art gallery made way for in modern museum. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program. germany's foreign minister will hold talks with the ukrainian prime minister today as berlin becomes the de facto go between
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for feuding russia and ukraine the two countries remain at loggerheads after a naval clash which russia's president vladimir putin says ukraine orchestrated kiev has condemned the skirmish off the crimean coast and is bracing its border regions for war. putting on a show of readiness ukrainian troops dig trenches near the russian border they have been put on alert as martial law comes into effect ukraine's president petro poroshenko visited a military training center urging his troops to get prepared for action even if the moon. will give them no chance to invade into ukraine. that's why today we are doing everything possible to provide extra financing of the armed forces. not to be outdone russia's defense ministry also released a video of training exercises in the south of the country. both sides are blaming
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each other for provoking sunday's naval clash in the carriage strait russian ships fired on and seized three ukrainian naval vessels capturing the crew. of ukrainian sailors have been charged with unlawfully entering russia and of being held pending trial western countries are calling for their release. the united states' special envoy for ukraine told d.w. that further sanctions against russia are on the table and we've tried to ratchet up sanctions gradually in order to create pressure and to indicate that there is a way out that we would like to talk with russia genuinely ending the conflict with throwing its forces real stablish your security and then getting even then screaming some point and then they don't see reestablishing. u.s. president donald trump has threatened to cancel a planned meeting with russian president vladimir putin at this week's g. twenty summit but russia says the meeting will occur as it's too important for both
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sides. let's get more now we are joined by correspondents from moscow and kiev yuri was shadow and david stern welcome to you both first david i'd like to begin with you you're standing by in ukraine we understand that there is now martial law there russian troops on the border new russian missile systems for crimea any idea of where this is headed. good day sarah no idea where this is headed at the moment obviously as we heard from the reports both sides are sticking to their positions and it should be said that the diplomatic efforts are for the moment going nowhere at the same time it is a very worrying situation this is the first direct confrontation between russia and ukraine sense russia's annexation of the crimean peninsula remember that president vladimir putin admitted later that those were in fact russian troops in crimea and of course the two sides have been. have been in confrontation in eastern ukraine of
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western journalists and independent groups have determined that the there are russian troops there but anything between actual russian and ukraine has not been hasn't happened since two thousand and fourteen so it's difficult to say how this is going to develop and obviously people here in ukraine are watching very closely they're quite worried and there's also talk of imposing new sanctions on russia now fully implementing also the existing ones yuri how much could that hurt russia anough for it to make a difference in policy. i don't think so a new sanctions would change the russian policy towards ukraine that much people in the country political elites the leadership in the kremlin are already used to sanctions on this point instead of that the new sanctions could probably bring russia further away from the peace process the peace agreement of minsk might be as good as that and may never have been implemented but all sides emphasized repeatedly that there is no alternative to it however the source of the reason of
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all problems remains that the russian an extension of crimea from ukraine twenty fourteen moscow has seen the peninsula as russian territory for more than four years now the ukrainians see the peninsula as ukrainian that's why a political settlement in a real dialogue between the two countries and perhaps between the two presidents is more needed than any new sanctions i mean time we have u.s. president donald trump saying in an interview let's get angle and evolve across referring there to the german chancellor angela merkel petro poroshenko also mentioning her as a possible mediator david what role could germany play in all of this. well it's difficult to say but obviously chancellor merkel does have. a longstanding relationships with both president bush and co and with president clinton much more the ukrainians president bush and co and the ukrainians say they trust her they trust they think that she understands the situation understands
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russia as well as russians actions but at the same time as i say the the the diplomatic. efforts are going nowhere and it is exactly what exactly germany could bring to the table saying that they have also been involved in the normandy for talks normandy for talks is it is difficult to say you're a how is all of this playing domestically for president putin because we know that the russian president's approval ratings have slumped partially because of existing sanctions is this as coalition in the conflict with ukraine likely to help him get back support from the russian people what you know well in my opinion this story won't actually have a big effect a lot and putin's approval ratings either way either way of course the russian propaganda is trying to still be as everything it can out of the incident for the domestic audience and of course the russians claim that the ukrainians provoked
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them this incident may send you wave of anti ukrainian sentiment throughout the country but on the whole sara russians are too busy dealing with their own everyday problems to care about ukraine and the euphoria over crimea is well and truly over ukraine has been portrayed as the ne me on state t.v. for too long people aren't really interested in the conflict anymore and putin knows that too it's more important to him what the west thinks about the conflict now how the best reacts i think yarima shadow in moscow david stern in kiev thank you to both of you. now in the escalating tensions between russia and ukraine a forum of ukrainian and german business leaders is taking place in berlin speaking a short while ago ukraine's prime minister villota mir grossman said that he hoped that german companies would invest in ukraine despite the conflict he thanked chancellor angela merkel for supporting the territorial integrity of ukraine merkel
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said that she would speak to russia's vladimir putin about the conflict at the g twenty summit in argentina later this week. let's bring in our political correspondent fabienne funded mark who is standing by for us at the forum so if i mean what else did they have to say about the ongoing tension between russia and ukraine. well the ukrainian prime minister he called again and the gresham that could happen anywhere and that it's the ukraine who has to defend its integrity at the ukraine has to defend its democracy what he didn't do is to renewed the requests that was put out by the president poroshenko for ukraine he didn't request to do anything in terms of military from germany from europe or new sanctions on the other hand. she was also pretty clear in what she said she said that the sanctions that are already existing have the right even though here in
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this room there are many business people that are quite critical about sanctions towards russia because of course also interested in business with this important big rich country but actually said well sanctions are not for its own sake they have a sense and it's the duty of germany to defend the ukraine yes she mentioned that she wants to talk to putin at the g twenty summit and yeah that was basically the most important thing and another diplomatic wrinkle five and that we have to mention just briefly here the german chancellor has said that she is committed to the north stream to pipeline in the baltic sea despite tension in the region could this joint project with russia become a problem now for america. it is already a big problem when you see the u.s. is against it many european countries are against it and ukraine is of course also against it has in the course of this crisis now to stop this project because of
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course if the ukraine would no longer be an important transit country it will be a loss would be a lot more vulnerable to russian aggression so what america did she defended the project at the same time she tried to calm the ukraine saying that she wants to do everything that ukraine remains an important transit country even though there is this pipeline this bypass through the north and to the ballot succeed but then she also did something quite interesting for many this name here she mentioned the possibility of cutting the amount of gas that germany takes from russia that this was done before and that this could also be a measure in the course of this crisis and this is of course the strong support that germany holds here in its hand and that's also something that the ukraine might like to hear mark thank you fabia.
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got a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world afghan officials say that an attack on a british security firm in the capital kabul has killed at least ten people and injured several dozen the attack ended early on thursday after eight hours of fighting the taliban has claimed responsibility. a philippine court has found three police officers guilty of murder for the killing of a teenage boy there the first convictions of officers carrying out president romney go to terror taste so-called war on drugs the death of seventeen year old qian lloyd de los santos has stirred on precedented public anger. now to the u.s. mexican border where more than seven thousand central american migrants are living in squalid conditions piles of trash open sewers and the risk of disease are a daily reality authorities say that the camp is on the brink of
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a health crisis the migrants are trying to get into the u.s. but with tight security on both sides their hopes for a better life are on hold and their numbers are growing this week a second caravan arriving in the border town of tia wanna some americans though have little or no sympathy for their plight. and interview correspondent stephens imus met with a group of self-styled patriots who are voluntarily patrolling the border near the border town of camp in california. we're following a member of a private and controversial border watch project called minutemen robert crooks sixty seven year old retiree from las vegas patrols the u.s. mexican border in the campo area about ninety six kilometers southeast ascending cooks has been doing this for months now every day he lives and sleeps in his pickup truck and he patrol swatches and tracks what he calls invaders and enemies of the united states of america that are coming this way and if they do you know of
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your weight for watching. us. robert joined the minutemen project group that many describe as a dangerous militia in two thousand and five he says even back then he felt he needed to help secure the border and fight off what he calls an invasion of illegal immigrants. is my country is your country this is our country you know if nobody takes a stand that we're to have a country he sees himself as a patriot he claimed this hilltop overseeing the border for himself by installing a flexible this is his base he named it point patriot it is here where in his view he served his country at a critical time where he makes a stand in what he calls the epic battle against illegal immigrants this is a defining moment in history right now if we don't do something here today this you know right now. this could be because you're so very dangerous to our nation
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if we started out hordes of thousands of thousand just across the border crusher cities you know it's recipe for disaster it has to stop here. for all of the criminals in tijuana as he calls the caravan migrants from central america sheltered. on the other side of the border robert has this message. we got to stop it discuss that they have to go back or truck flown bus walk wherever they have to go home and they have to work on their own problems if they've got to get elections you know revolution if that's or takes whatever because the american people are fed up americans for the federal agents of the u.s. border patrol do not necessarily agree with any of crooks sentiments however out here in the field they do appreciate him patrolling the area watching and alerting them to suspicious movements from the other side that's enough of a reward for this minute long as this is going on.
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and that report from stephens iman's in a short while ago we spoke with him from tijuana on the mexican side of the border we asked him how americans view this self appointed what are all most americans would disagree with the minutemen then with pretty much anything and everything the protagonist of this piece in our story just said and what you just heard the majority of americans have quite a different opinion about illegal immigration or immigration those minutemen and this project minuteman is highly controversial and most of the people who are in this group or in this project are not just against illegal immigration they're pretty much against any immigration for them it's a little bit about the survival of the the white race against anything which comes into america is trying to get their jobs or is endangering somehow in some watch their livelihood again most of america i would say and be on the safe side with
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this system and it is not to buying into this in this sentiment of the minutemen project. sports news for you now let's tell you about a big night in the champions league in the premier match in europa's and europe's excuse me top club tournament saw paris on german defeat last season's runners up liverpool it took only thirteen minutes to open the scoring but p.s.g. is one for not giving his side the lead his teammate the star player neymar added another in the thirty seventh minute to put p.s.g. in the driver's seat at liverpool close the gap when home is milner converted a penalty kick before half time a parson john managed to hold on a two one when. there were strong words after the game from losing coach you're going club of liverpool the german side said the parson tamanna specially
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neymar spent much of the game play acting and flopping to the ground to draw a yellow card penalties from the referee to not be looked like butros when you look . through yellow costs we had to. go it was clever all of piers you know malvolio specially in bruges book a lot of other players were in dollars. it was really something serious and here's one more shot at the best paid player in the world neymar and his acting antics as they have been called the brazilian became the butt of more than a few posts including this one reference saying that oscar winning actor leonardo dicaprio was at last night's match but that he was not the best actor in the stadium. german court is set to rule today on a legal battle between an installation artist and a museum it concerns the curious question does
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a museum have the right to destroy an artwork that it owns and if so does the artist deserve compensation the case stems from a controversial renovation work carried out at mannheim swer nouns can stop. come visit whole be considered art days or rather was called the age hole of mannheim it was an integral part of the german city's main art museum before its new building was inaugurated earlier this year the holes creator was outraged that her work of art wouldn't survive. the liveness concert mccartney it's not experience you can only understand it when you experience it if you only see photos of it then it would be like seeing only parts of a living thing if you only show one part of your body then you don't get the full picture guys and mention. that it was three years ago i'm this is my new art museum built as planned without the aid. it's hunted system and it's
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a living work of art she wrote that herself and what lives sometimes die is too much in any case a living artwork changes and i as an expert consent leave out for that appeal in its day the age old was a popular attraction. for some mannheim residents the price tag of over sixty eight million euros for the new building was expensive. going to the art museums right when they say that they're the anus of the art installation and his anus can decide what they do inside most of it bottom a whole can be art but a new building is a new building not really brown bobbins demanded three hundred and twenty thousand euro compensation from the city of mannheim the court battle over the age old has lasted for years one thing's for sure the hills time has already run out. of arctic air hard now another pressing matter some breaking news actually coming
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in from the business world and we're talking about concerns at germany's biggest lender once again it's true federal police and tax authorities have searched the offices of doj a bank this morning that's according to the public prosecutor's office that the raid is part of an investigation into money laundering but it's not the first time the authorities have search the premises of germany's biggest lender of the last few years the bank has been involved in and found guilty of financial wrongdoing in cases ranging from market interest rate many places to dubious lending practices during the u.s. real estate prices to breaking international sanctions. now for the latest let's go straight to our correspondent only bazza in frankfurt where george a bank is basically what more can you tell us. well the prompt search was prompted by analysis of data that was with the authorities already but which obviously took some time to peruse and it's from the offshore leaks scandal in the panama papers
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and it's already is now have this is a question that the bank aided customers and money laundering help them establish accounts with money from allegedly illegal activities and tax havens and failed to report suspicions of this laundering suppose of money laundering to authorities at the time and the deutsche bank itself as common it a couple of minutes ago said it it's a knowledge of the search and says it's cooperating with the authorities to share plunged into negative territory immediately upon the news it's losing about three percent so people in the marketing the seriously. we about in frankfurt with the latest there. the u.k. leaving the european union with no deal would have devastating consequences for the british economy that's the consensus of both the government report and then the losses by the bank of england in any case britain would be poor up outside the
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block but reports suggest it is orderly divorce would multiply the negative impact in two weeks from now british m.p.'s are set to vote on prime minister tourism a spreadsheet plan. hard line brick city is would call it scaremongering but the bank of england says the figures don't lie. by the end of twenty twenty three g.d.p. is more than ten percent lower in the disorderly scenario compared to that may twenty sixteen trend. the bank also said if the island nation has to leave the e.u. in a holiday breaks it the pound could plummet twenty five percent against other major currencies that's a worst case scenario it says but possible have the country doesn't agree to a deal even so it's still far from clear that to reason they will be able to push their agreement with the e.u. through a combative british parliament although she's doing all she can to give things a positive spin on what we see behind the analysis that we have published today and
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indeed the chancellor recognise this morning is that our deal is the best deal available for jobs and our economy that allows us to all of the referendum and realise the opportunities of breaks in. the analysis carried out by the government also shows britain's economy will suffer even if the deal goes through so the big question is just how bad will the damage be if the deal is passed says the study the economic consequences will be much less drastic shortly before the vote on december the eleventh breaks it remains as contentious as ever. fun but this is about to kick out safety inspectors brought in after the rama plaza tragedy and twenty thirteen when more than a thousand textile workers died in a factory collapse the tragedy shone a spotlight on the working conditions in the sweatshops of the banking garment industry used by many western clothing brands international pressure forced the
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government safety checks now the international team of inspectors will be forced to leave the country this friday for. worsening conditions for garment workers many are worried that the departure of international safety inspectors from bangladesh would mean just that. the country's high court is objecting them a little bit from that angle dishy government for more control over the inspections the international scene of the regime was put in place after one of the deadliest manufacturing accidents in history. over a thousand textile workers lost their lives on the run a plaza complex on the outskirts of the car collapse in twenty thirteen. labor unions have called it a quote mass industrial homicide. inspectors were brought in to oversee safety improvements in more than twenty three hundred of bangladesh's garment factories many of them are suppliers of close for big global brands like h. and m.
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and prime mark. since then the teams that help identifying fix over one hundred thousand safety issues in the past five years studies show that in the same period yes across the sector have fallen from seventy one annually to just seventeen that the bangladeshi government will take over the monitoring is a cause for worry for many experts they say it's far from prepared to do so south korea's top cold has ruled japanese car producer mitsubishi must compensate the victims of forced labor during world war two it's the second shooting in south korea in as many months talking criticize the verdict saying the question of reparations stemming from wartime transgressions was settled when the two countries reestablish diplomatic relations in the one nine hundred sixty s. for missile base she must apologize and compensate the victims this banner raids
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and south korea's highest court agrees with at least some of the victims of forced labor from japan's wartime occupation of the korean peninsula it's ordered the kamani factual to compensate ten south koreans who had been forced to provide labor for the company but almost eighty years after the end of the war some justice has come to light. but also very sad today. it would have been great if any one of the five deceased victims could see this result but all five of them passed away and only way their children are here to accept this verdict so it's very sad. but japan has been on the moved by the verdict tokyo has called on south korea to reverse it warning it could take quote counter measures to protect its own economic interests . that's if you're up today if you're watching good news we have an update on the
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coming. from the top. model. move it's show time holiday on the ice. the famous figure skating spectacular is celebrating its seventy fifth anniversary with unforgettable moments on and above the rank. we take a peek behind the scenes of the new anniversary show. the odd.
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moment next on. russia is becoming a hotbed of any. company by a lack of information and stigmatize a nation in some cities is spreading rapidly. here in the several involves russia's age of the epidemic has been moving to a new phase making a definitive transition from the so-called fall in the rebel groups to the beijing population h.i.v. in russia. in sixty minutes on d w. actually waiting. for lifeline to syria good morning where are you can't you answer in. brings them closer together.
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the two thirds because they feel powerless to help. the continues to haunt those who fled from syria. the war on my phone our two part documentary starts december eighth on d w. five i want to welcome to another exciting edition of euro max i'm your host meghan lee we're getting in shape before the holidays here's a look at what's coming up. show time holiday on isis celebrating its seventy fifth
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birthday with a new production of. heavy metal yoga a new fitness routine that's hard to come.


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