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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2018 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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other games last night check this out group c. will go down to the last game after napoli beat red star star belgrade athletico madrid did advance thanks to a win over monaco dortmund also made it through despite a draw shellcode lost but still advanced barcelona won and also won their group and tottenham still have a chance. it's at that now you are up to date on deja vu news but don't go away after a short break owen humphrey joins you with more i'm sara kelly in berlin and thank you so much for watching have a great day. william had to be done to go so he knows where lions high you know if i had known them about i would be about small i never would have gone on
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a trip to cuba i would not have put myself and my parents on the ten year old boy out of the theme of the what are you to sleep with. my one phone call because that one there will be an even though i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there with that much i'm going to. want to know their story and for why great stirrer find an interim honorable information for margaret. to do to put the book. more shall bow out towards her bank in this time it's serious prosecutors said one hundred seventy strong that raid seemed to the offices of germany's biggest lender the allegation money laundering on a mind boggling scale also coming up is your call spying on you when china revelations that electric car drivers have the details of their whereabouts sent
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straight to the government. and five years off that textile factory collapse killed over a thousand workers the bangladesh government is forcing western safety inspectors out of the country. they say is your business update on how it all free invited glad. you could join me german prosecutors have raided the offices of the country's biggest lender dodger bank some one hundred seventy police office descended on six of the banks premises in and around frankfurt the rates are part of a probe into money laundering planes implicating bank staff were made in a large state to me could twenty sixteen known as the panama pay this week suggested dacha bank staff helped funnel money belonging to criminals into offshore tax havens today's raid was separate to an ongoing investigation into another money laundering scandal involving deutsche bank and denmark's bank.
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and for more on this i'm joined now by marcus mindset from the tax justice network in my book and all financial correspondent bartz in frankfurt welcome to you both marcus i'd like to begin with you another right now at deutsche bank what do we know about the details in this particular case it concerns apparently the transfer of around three hundred million euros at least to a british. company controlled by the gotcha bank relation to nine hundred clients related to that bang and it concerns the failure to report suspicious transactions related to money laundering with was within those sums that have been transferred so it is a serious allegation it's a serious concern that's might be a factor about quite a first time for. leaks that have come to light through parliament papers for example a serious allegation those shares down really bring us the latest there from the trading floor. now the share is trading at the moment at exactly eight
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euros and forty cents it's a little bit over the low that it reached plummeted after this news but it's still a loss of about three percent it is not good news for the torture bank or its position in the financial markets because the share price level is so low investors surprised otherwise they wouldn't have taken the shares so low and apparently the bank also surprised issuing a statement that thought it had provided all the relevant information necessary on panama papers to the authorities and indeed to call for the boy one of the co deputy c.e.o.'s of the bank just in the past days gave an interview to a newspaper worry was shot himself police and the kinds of progress they had been making and getting done with these kinds of legal conflicts. marcus back over to you add to it your bank certainly has been in a lot of trouble in the last couple of years would you say that this case however
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seems bigger than anything we've seen before. it mocks the first time that we see german authorities take action against the bank for money laundering charges related to any of the leaks and therefore it could be the beginning not only for trouble for the bunch of bank of public at large event but also for other banks as germany appears now willing to finally tackle the money laundering issues that have been brought to light through the various leaks and it might be more serious issue even that can x. and other kinds because it concerns its headquarters. who go now after the bank in the past it's been it's been pretty it's been most teach the u.s. authorities that go off that dodgy bank money laundering charges for example or germany going off the german banks about tax offenses that now this is this is concerns foreign assets that are managed through german banks or in germany banks and therefore it could actually be did beginning off off off the really major.
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creating down to the to the problem of foreign loot being managed in german banks marcus mindset from the tax justice network and off financial correspondent. frank set thanks steve nice thank you. south korea's top court has ruled that the japanese car producer mitsubishi must compensate the victims of forced labor during world war two as the second such ruling in south korea in as many months tokyo criticized the verdict saying the question of reparations stemming from water on transgressions was settled when the two countries re-established diplomatic relations in the one nine hundred sixty s. . mitsubishi must apologize and compensate the victims this banner reads and south korea's highest court agrees with at least some of the victims of forced labor from japan's wartime occupation of the korean peninsula it's ordered the kamani factual
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to compensate ten south koreans who had been forced to provide labor for the company but almost eighty years after the end of the war for some justice has come too late. but also very sad today. it would have been great if any one of the five deceased victims could see this result but all five of them passed away and only way their children are here to accept this verdict so it's very sound. but japan has been on the moved by the verdict tokyo has called on south korea to reverse it warning it could take quote counter measures to protect its own economic interests . well when it comes to electric cars miles per charge used to be the biggest concern for. the family with the car family car becoming an increasingly digital affair data protection is on the minds of early adopters that specially chair in
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china where beijing is expensive surveillance practices mean that when you're out for a sunday drive you might just have the government along for the right. each point is a data set which lets users identify individual cars their location speed charge level and more all in real time. the data is used to monitor traffic flows around the city that's information china's security services can access as well. police departments are prosecuting organisations need to find out the tracking data of a specific car they may seek help from our center ask them of course provide the paperwork that illustrates the request for the use of the data this will mean. a concern development for some electric car owners. so the office of the where i am it was how long i stay there were you go every day who i do want the information to be disclosed. to any given that i never heard of it it can't be true tesla can use the
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data but why do they need to send it to the government it's a double edged sword the digital sensors carmakers used to ensure their latest models run safer and cleaner open a veritable pandora's box of privacy concerns not just here in china but around the world as well. and joining me here in the studio now is mott experience k a cyber security expert tect tactical tech thank you for joining us today i think many people might find this story quite shocking is it a case of i mean surveillance or just simply the data that these costs these future generation calls need to function on is very hard to think of each one is what nowadays i think is both at the same time and pending on the situation that it will ations in response to this happening and so forth so at some point the letter line has been line and it is surveillance for some for some others is
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a necessity for and making a system efficient or sufficient and functioning and so forth so if it's a bloodline and it can be explained away for example as a bloodline as such can we expect other countries or the call makers to do that mean we just in the case that of china but should we expect this not account for all the data is being collected all the time like more and more devices that we have not considered digital devices become digital and we are entering the for everything we do in on the one on the way in the digital spectrum where data is the currency is the business model so that's unavoidable and it is surely third parties in the third parties are governing when they're not that's a different story altogether has already there and in the current situation to be sure are not if government and the government they change well you say it's unavoidable but i don't think many people will like it i mean is there anything that we can do to shore up our data all privacy in a case like this. i think first of all people don't like it from you we like it or
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not but they like you i think they do because it's very convenient to have devices the discipline to give you information that is i would say to that cetera and you can see that we are more and more buying smart devices for home for driving and so forth it's a time that's so applies to institutions they also buy this kind of devices because we all somehow believe in data. do you think that call companies will end up doing something about this i mean this could all i think this could deal a blow to their business model is there anything they can do to. you know what is their business model is their business model selling cars or something they don't know these or is both a bit same time is the car company on the car maker or is a car from by also extremely you know focused on the information they collect and always they got their research they do it based on the beta and be ahead of other competitors and then there's a lot of third parties that entered the system and that they. were more informed now but perhaps not more reassured mark cuban ski cyber security expert at tactical
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tech thank you for your insights thank you. the bank of england's warning of a possible recession in the case of a heart breaks it doesn't move decision makers british prime minister theresa may still will not rule out leaving the european union without a deal she said so as a speaking paul event will micah's a set to vote on a set piece on december the eleventh on the divorce deal that may's government has struck with a u. and no make us from all saw it's that bowing to reject it. no option to still go with position that we were. using to see it more news at the top of the hour on helen home frame by then thanks for joining me.
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it's show time holiday on the ice. the famous figure skating spectacular is celebrating its seventy fifth anniversary with unforgettable moments on and above the ranks. we take a peek behind the scenes at the new anniversary show.
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me a good moment. for me. anxiously waiting. waiting for lifeline to syria. good morning where are you like why aren't you answering. every call brings them closer together. but it turns because they feel powerless to help. doesn't happen to like i'm letting people down and i love to watch. they worry about the morals they've left behind. but. i'm a trying to be strong but deep down i'm broken the law.
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the war continues to haunt comes to flit from syria. i'm trying to reach them but nobody yet since the war on my phone our two hundred three starts december eighth on t w. everyone welcome to another exciting edition of euro max i'm your host meghan li we're getting in shape before the holidays here's a look at what's coming up. it's show time holiday on ice is celebrating its
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seventy fifth birthday with a new production. heavy metal you know got a new fitness routine that's hard to come out.


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