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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm CET

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syria. i'm trying to reach them but nobody hansen's the war on my phone or to her judgment tree starts december eighth on d w. five i want to welcome to another exciting edition of euro max i'm your host meghan li we're getting in shape before the holidays here's a look at what's coming up. it's show time holiday on isis celebrating its seventy fifth birthday with a new production. heavy metal yoga and new fitness routine that's hard to imagine. winter warmer
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a special german dish to warm those polls are not. we kick off today's show was one of the world's most famous ice shows how a day on ice now this year is particularly special because the traveling show is marking its seventy fifth birthday now what began as a small production in a hotel until you know ohio in one thousand nine hundred three has turned in to a major franchise with star skaters i was on hand in the runup to the season premiere to see how things are progressing so far. dress rehearsal and holiday on ice it's not long before opening night and the skaters are still getting used to their elaborate costumes and learning new choreography this famous production is celebrating seventy five years on the ice the new show is aptly named show time to get skaters included two thousand and eighteen
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a limpid gold winners of the onus of shank gold and bruno mars so. i mean basically have those. shows we have no rules so in monday we push more in another way the don't push so it's kind of. challenge you're not the main competition we push more into focus. shows such as we hope and we can execute what we want. they were also free to choose their own choreography for the parts which they skate. the other skaters have only had seven weeks to learn the choreography created for them by holiday on ice and veteran robin cousins to once one olympic gold.
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it was going to challenge for me is just allowing myself to. use my history and for me the most important thing is to make sure that i have. a collaborative team if i'm doing multiple shows what did i do last year what can i change how can i make that fresh who was involved a few years ago that wasn't involved before and it's always keeping the team motivated i'm moving. down ice began in one thousand nine hundred forty three in the united states the costume story ideas and choreography have come a long way in seventy five years over the decades it's grown with new characters and many stars it's also chalked up a number of accolades it's the most visited eye show in the world with over three hundred twenty nine million tickets sold it's also appeared in the guinness book of world records. and.
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olympic skater valentino mark a from italy has partnered up this year with the american and show veteran collin grafton they'll lead audiences through the story of showtime it chronicles holiday on ice his history over seventy five years it's valentino's first time skating in such a production i was a bit afraid i am still because sometimes it's like very hard but we are a beautiful group it's a beautiful family to family and ice and i think robin maybe knew what he was doing when you're sparing us up. we jelled immediately and normally i'd be really conservative about skating with someone who's never done a show ever but i mean valentino just held it so well and we clicked right away and we worked really hard the last couple weeks and i feels like we've been skating together for a long time this is also new territory for the german olympic champions is just one
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chance and i learned to get everything all your life in four minutes and then when they are nice of course i mean you just sink i mean to focus. this would be due but i don't think. its last. meeting. lots of props are being used in show time to tell the full story of how holiday on ice traveled the globe the performers often have to do additional tasks by side skating such as light acrobatics dancing or even acting. for some of them it's their first experience performing in a ny show so they don't know how to wear a show cost you they've never worn weeks they've never skated without being able to see every aspect of the arena so there's a lot of things that you have to get used to but we have six cost members here that barely speak english so it's translation and they copied it watch.
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this years producers have pulled out all the stops for showtime the visuals and the music have also been elevated in a large scale manner colligan i still remains one of the most successful shows of its kind thanks in no small part to the theatrical performances including daredevil probiotics. seventy five years of holiday on ice as with any milestone birthday no expense has been spared for this very special anniversary celebration. well the show opens on friday in germany so we wish all the skaters the best of luck for opening night aren't we turn our attention now to an unidentified collector from the middle east who now owns a piece of the eiffel tower more on that story at the top of today's express.
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a section of the original spiral staircase from the eiffel tower in paris. sold for one hundred sixty nine thousand euros at auction. the wrought iron structure is over four metres high as twenty five steps and weighs around nine hundred kilos it once connected the towers second and third floors but was removed when an elevator was installed built for the eight hundred eighty nine world's fair the eiffel tower is one of the french capital's most popular tourist attractions. the new process gallery in kent in southeastern england has opened with a show of x. ray by photography make the easy. part of the cannery is home to a concrete chain that with easy produces his well i do feel a bit like a performance artist because people come and see me doing it and i can share in the process already enjoy the reaction from the people because like. nick the x.
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ray and his world famous his works have made it onto the cover of time magazine and have been shown in museums like the victorian lp in london. drone we can answer them out of the arab us and design studio is how design presented their flying taxi concept on tuesday on its first public test flight pop up next successfully transported a passenger capsule and returned it safely to the ground in the future flying taxis are to ferry people around big cities. the prototype shown in amsterdam is a quarter scale model the next step will be to create a full sized one. when you think of heavy metal what comes to my head banging and tattoos are what i think
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of and not yoga enthusiasts that's for sure but one fan of both heavy metal music and yoga has decided to combine the two those who like metal can get in shape with envy. ask a toda in her classes it's about everything what. kind of i'm warming up for a yoga session with a difference in hamburg. is it not enough can you hear me. welcome to heavy metal yoga and its inventor saskia told up. now at new york resident saskia grew up in northern germany. right now she's back here to promote her own take on yoga. one of her best love positions is the so-called play guitar. because i think oh my god this is one of my favorite moves because
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we took the worry of for example to play the guitar. pick english stamping on a mix of everything. but sometimes we make real war cries and b.'s how tests and so on. but when else do you get the chance to scream out loud. i. i. i took a course with sask here in brooklyn in twenty fifteen i'm glad she's come to hamburg and i saw her in fact and didn't get to do yoga in front of her. saskia first presenting her workouts here in germany at the heavy metal festival invoking in two thousand and seventeen. mass movement which are times i was really scared to begin with the tent was really crowded and i
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had to get up on stage and try to get everyone moving. i was back to that it was really cool i broke the ice by handing out the mats and everyone joins in. and i realized they were all getting into it. has come just i'm sure. some one hundred festival goers attended saskia as early morning sessions. they proved such a hit that saskia spent the entire summer of twenty eighteen working in europe for instance on a full metal cruise in spain the passengers really got into her workouts berhad bangers. but what does she get from metal yoga. i like the tranquility of yoga and the closeness to nature which is difficult to find in a city like new york. but yoga helped me to commune with nature again even that. she invented it in new york but now as i ask you
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a total is bringing it back to her hi my. middle yoga for europe. ok well time now to get a snit fit into someone's humble abode and today we are heading to the south of france to the port city of set this is where we visit a home that reflects the travels of its owner quite well. on this hill overlooking the city of set in the south of france you'll find the home of. spacious windows graced the entire facade and suggest that there is much to be discovered inside. the same stone framing the extension came from the very ground on which the i team manager at his house built. with morning welcome. in my house. as doing.
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the entrance leads right into the open concept living area. covering one hundred twenty square meters it functions as a sitting room kitchen dining room and. the house is a mix of travel stories and when i travel. a lot of feelings of emotion. and they wanted to put all of these feelings all of the vibes inside in one hundred one place. to business men have the house built to his specifications four years ago. the living room with design classics like this charles ames lounge chair from one nine hundred fifty six and modern.
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from here there's a clear view of the port city of set and the mediterranean. in this region we have almost all the year so the house has to be on the same wave but i wanted to have in this house this plane a spirit. because it is a fan of the spanish island he decorated the bedrooms on the upper floor giving them a typical island style with bright colors give the place a real holiday feel. the room is one of the place you spend a lot of time and the color. make make you happy and. the interior design is a mix of styles. retro accessories design classics and modern furniture.
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while purists might not approve this president clearly feels very much at home here . also has a passion for recycled materials in the bathroom old railway ties serve as a countertop. and the old wooden planks constituting the dining room table were once part of an indonesian fishing vessel. to drink one of the most for my trouble in indonesia. one of many flea market. made. boat. by road by rogue fishermen and they put all the old boats and they can go. it's wonderful for my health.
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the house also has a wine cellar with a small bar. the color scheme of the retro look wallpaper harmonizes with the british colonial style leather armchair a table made from recycled wooden pallets provides the finishing touch it's a home full of memories and atmosphere. so i really appreciate you new here and i think you could by next meet together next time away harry and his house in sept a personal home inspired by very personal experiences. every week we feature at least one female designer or artist who was achieving great things in the creative realm and while we are far from equality with our male counterparts it's not uncommon for women today to be at the top of a field that men ones totally dominated it is easy however to forget the pioneering women who have. pave the way now though an exhibition and resident pays tribute to
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some of those forgotten souls. from graphic designers drafts women and sculptors to furniture makers and interior architects many talented women worked with distinction at her workshops and dresden between one thousand nine hundred and one nine hundred thirty eight. today they and their achievements have been largely forgotten. seen here and in china this is a coveted created by bruno palmer a famous architect and designer. that for decades people were unaware that the inlays had been designed by his wife. so there's one cupboard in the museum labelled simply boon or poet paul's name is completely absent as nobody knew better who's. carl schmidt the founder of the hell or our workshops consciously retreated female artists and designers back then precious few women were permitted to go to
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college but he saw their creative potential the decision to employ women was in itself up on guard. and was off to remember at the time even though women were winning awards and being published and featured in exhibitions there was still talk of them being unable to think three dimensionally and not having a technical mind. and their designs move used as a nice for decorating your home. anything female was dismissed and devalued female us was considered a mature ish at risk by dilettante in the early twentieth century women were expected to be wives and mothers another reason for their often limited period of employment in hell or out after getting married most stopped working while the memory of their creative output became increasingly neglected. one
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of the truly outstanding designers from the dutch of action was get. she had a fantastic body of work but the thirteen hundred sketches she executed had yet to find a home in any collection. the works of deceased female designers are treated completely differently to those of men. and. the exhibition at the museum in dresden is the first to put the female designers from hell or all center stage. to try to yes it's high time and it's a good time to do it but you could also say we're twenty five years to late to get it to speak to this show against invisibility gives these pioneering women the recognition they so richly deserve. on to this week's series now where we're making the rounds to the various christmas markets and this provides us with a chance to taste some special holiday treats from all over the country well today
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we're heading north to raymond we're tail dishes are popular currently carol is considered a super food by some and on today's edition of christmas tree it is the basic ingredient for a traditional german meal. it is the i've been season in with a man and time to visit the christmas markets around the six hundred year old town hall and the flaming world and the hanseatic fifty's landfall. together they've been listed as a unesco world heritage site since two thousand and four. over one hundred sixty stands set against the historic backdrop draw more pleased to see every year many want to try to pickled leaman specialties like peppermint newton and cody kale lehman style i was fond of it's part of the party season especially if you like katia dishes. curly kale is the quintessential bream and we need to get the bitumen packed vegetable grows in the region for instance on the fourth coolest palm. the
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county needs cabbage originates in the eastern mediterranean region where it was grown some two thousand years ago in germany it's a favorite mainly of the north it's also popular in central europe north america and africa holds true it doesn't like to experiment when it comes to preparing it. for me kale grows best when cooked or smoked sausage. but when they start molding kale and they can make a warm hot i'm not so sure i could eat that he does it for us because it's gotta get some frost because then it turns the starch of sugar from the ground. this typical bream in winter days can be found on the christmas market beside the real but these are. a little past the kale for the stand just across the way his restaurant's kitchen he agrees with the farmer about the role of frost. flosses that's a frost is better for the kale and they've always said that kale tastes best once
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it's got a really good frosting and it's all that's what it should be harvested and the bitter compounds are at a minimum with the friends i mean young. the kale has to be washed and the stems removed. what comes next difference from region to region in northern germany. but in breman it goes like this when it's moved and we thought hey the onions in oil and at the kale through then we pour on some broccoli all for such as two or pork broth or cook it for about an hour and i clip and smoke a sausage in the season it with salt sugar a little pepper some nutmeg and finally we add a little mustard. from fifteen forty five there are records of the city of braman holding an official kale feast as a kind of banquet held every february in braman city hold it's an important social event in the region. lehman's histories closely tied to the hands yet to era and
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shipping the christmas markets on the banks of the bays a river with its medieval theme stalls we live this golden age. the stallholders dressed like hands yet technicians certainly know all about traditional kale dishes. on the first thing i'd recommend would be old spice it's typical for kale. after a stroll around the historical old town of the market stalls a stop to walmart they saw just the thing i get a little stand off as genuine plame and curly kale. go to building. a house. the idea behind the canal box is that you can take it and walk around the christmas market with it the advantages are that it keeps your hands warm but you can eat it
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on the run and you don't have to get it all over yourself and pick up the. kale goes with fresh smoked pork chops boiled sausage and potatoes. but how does it taste from the kale box to go. see most of the delicious i think the two can't do without it. obviously. the northern german city of women in winter is a fairy tale come true. and finally before we go we want to let you in on this week's drawing now since christmas is not far off we'd like to hear your version of the song silent night we've put together a medley that will share with you now. we . know.
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ok if you would like to take part in just go to our facebook page and share your version with us and by doing so you'll qualify the women a cd and a wooden christmas carol and with that it is time to say good bye thanks for tuning in to see again tomorrow. next time on your next images spin of minutely and matching paunchy in the sky was a fountain the buildings you can put pianos to pressure. the pianist and photographer has spent a decade visiting the ruins across europe now. he pays tribute to the spoke russian instruments and he's on record for good luck. next time.
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this is d w news live from berlin german prosecutors have braved the country's biggest lender deutsche bank investigators want to know if staff at the bank helped to launder money for criminals the claims were first made in the twenty six thousand data leak known as the path of a paper. also coming up germany's chancellor angela merkel calls for calm in the standoff which.


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