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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin german prosecutors right the country's biggest lender investigators want to know whether stuff at deutsche bank helped launder money for criminals but claims were first made in the twenty sixteen day to late notice on amount paid was also on the program. president trump's former lawyer michael cohen pleads guilty to making false statements to congress the president says mr cohen is lying to get a reduced sentence. and germany's chancellor merkel well calls for calm in the standoff between ukraine and russia as ukraine's president joins his troops in preparing for a field russian invasion and urges nato to intervene. i'm
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phil gramm welcome to the program. german prosecutors of raided the offices of the country's biggest lender back as part of an investigation into money laundering inquiries based on revelations made in the twenty sixteen day to make known as the panama papers which suggest that the deutsche bank stuff had helped criminals follow money into offshore tax havens. police vans surrounding the headquarters of germany's biggest lender if george's image wasn't already in tatters it certainly is now. the banks accused of helping clients hide money and crime the suspicions are based on revelations contained in a set of leaked documents known as the panama paper is. different asked. for submission of rose in the summer two thousand and fourteen
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really not after the federal criminal police office evaluation from the parliament papers on the so-called offshore leaks. bodies are also this evaluation that the suspicions are going to bang was helping clients set up so-called offshore companies in tax havens. for dollars from their money is said to have floated deutsche bank with as the bank reporting any suspicion of money laundering and so i started to. these are the kinds of allegations that is true could bring down an already embattled bank deutscher was quick to present its view of the events. uganda and i live there live on them for we believe we've provided all relevant information to the authorities regarding the panama paper case of course will now cooperate closely with the public prosecutor's office and frank for us it's also in our interest that the suspicious facts are quickly in entirely cleared up attention
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will now turn to george's boss christiane thieving he's only been in the top job since april but he's been at the bank for decades he ready faces the challenge of reversing years of losses now is up to him to address accusations that hasn't only been mismanaged but involved in far shady or potentially criminal business. let's get more from the helena humphrey from v.w. business so welcome however how much trouble. as far as allegations go fail it doesn't really get much more serious than this in terms of banking violations dohrn raids this morning in frankfurt all pertaining to the allegations that stuff bank were involved in the setting up of a separate entity in the british virgin islands a known tax haven to well how's the cash at the assets of around nine hundred clients that shoot off three hundred million euros and or should i say forgotten
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potentially gotten funds through criminal activity so we're talking about allegations there wrapped up with organized crime certainly recriminations that no bank or company wants on their. ok so this is not the first time the doj a bank has been accused of financial misbehavior no it's not the first time deutsche bank essentially can't seem to shake off the problems that it's had the u.s. federal reserve has it on its list of troubled banks the international monetary fund has called it the most dangerous bank in the world two years ago it was fined fourteen billion dollars in the united states for the missing misselling all. of. mortgage backed securities bad mortgage backed securities i should say and the fine that it could potentially face now could run into the medians stall through a found guilty could go to prison the share prices are already plunged the reputational damage could be huge this week despite all that it's still here it's
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still germany's biggest lender its demise has been predicted before so this just looks like another beginning of the end for that let's put it this way often banks to bad practice they're involved in bad practice they all find they pay the fines and then they carry all nuts that business model they've been doing that for decades the difference is this time around what you bank is coming off the back of three years of losses it cannot make up the money fast enough and this cumulative effect is why it could be the critical moment for deutsche bank something that the new c.e.o. coastin saving will have to deal with ok and i have a home for you that i suspect we will talk about this again. u.s. president donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to congress about a trump real estate deal in russia in a new york court mr cohen admitted making false statements to the u.s. intelligence committee about a plan to build a trump tower in moscow president trump has denied working on this plan and says mr
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cohen is lying to get a lighter sentence i have codes already pleaded guilty to other charges and this cooperating with special prosecutor robert moved his investigation into possible russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election. well let's get more on this latest twist in this long running saga from g.w. correspondent my shrader in washington welcome so watch has michael cohen admitted to lying about. so this guilty plea that has been entered phil was specifically about lying before congress and it's in reference to testimony that michael cohen gave before the senate intelligence committee about the very question that you mentioned about trump's possible plans to build a trump tower in moscow based on this guilty plea and we now know that unlike what cohen had previously testified he had previously claimed that trump did not know
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about this that all of these plans sort of fizzled out and fell through around january of two thousand and sixteen long before the u.s. presidential elections really got wrapped up long before president trump was actually the nominee to be president we now know that cohen and trump were in discussions over these plans to build this possible tower in moscow long into when the campaign actually got started and this raises all sorts of more questions about more questions about exactly how much the president knew how deeply he was involved and whether or not these possible financial ties to russia at all in placate him or in any way motivated him to x. or in ways or say certain things about russia. as the president to respond to this apartment a betrayal from someone who used to be one of his inner circle. as we heard
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he very quickly came out and called michael cohen a liar and said that he was a weak person and this is significant because we know that michael cohen was considered one of the president's. men for his aggressive p.r. that he did michael cohen was considered the president's fixer in previous statements that he would take a bullet for the president that he was incredibly loyal to trump and so trump now coming out and saying no all of this is false and none of this is accurate michael cohen is a weak person and basically implicating that he has nothing to do with cohen is really typical trump's is sort of dodging and weaving and denying of any wrongdoing . this is not michael cohen's first guilty plea. indeed back in august cohen and also pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws in direct relation to some alleged payouts that were given to two women who
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have alleged affairs with the president and in that guilty plea he actually implicated the president himself in this misuse of campaign funds much for it in washington so i think you. this is david lean years life from burma and still to come the german multinational pharmaceutical company is to slash twelve thousand jobs as part of a savings and restructuring drive has been under pressure since buying monsanto in june. rogers some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of opposition demonstrations of march through zimbabwe's capital harare supporters of the m.d.c. cues the government of rigging july's election as the first rally since the deadly crackdown on election protest in august. china's government says hold the work of the medical team and claim to have created the world's first gene edited by business the country's science and technology vice minister described the actions
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of the team as illegal and unacceptable chinese scientist he john sparked outrage with his claim that it altered the d.n.a. of twin babies. tens of thousands of farmers from across india have rallied in the capital delhi calling on the government to take immediate steps to solve an ongoing agricultural crisis and their financial burdens on the farmers are struggling with debts and cycles of drought and failed harvests. i'm nato has rejected calls from ukrainian president of petro poroshenko to intervene to ensure the free passage of ships in the us off see the alliance says it already has a strong patrol presence in the region russia denies care of the accusations that it is blocking vessels from entering or leaving ukrainian ports tensions have risen between the two countries since a naval clash off the coast of russia occupied crimea the weekend russian ships fired on and seized three ukrainian naval vessels capturing the crew president
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poroshenko has his military to be ready for a possible invasion and does impose martial law in border regions is also a threat to impose restrictions on russian citizens in his country. d.w. has correspondents on both sides of the i'll say that connally is in the ukrainian port of money and all i'm going to show him is in the russian port of taman address in city of time and the other kids straight so welcome both will start with you nick connolly what does ukraine do now that nato and europe appear to have turned their backs on them. well it never seemed very likely that we'd see nato ships following present person has called in to c.n.n. as of what they did say today was that nato's presence in the black sea was a really significant obviously turkey rumanian bulgaria three major states that border the black sea and that they would be continuing to hold their normal maneuvers there i think this is more about internal politics present poroshenko
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talking to his internal audience and saying that you know he has a good connection to the west essentially this is looking much more like it's going to go in a political direction we heard today from germany from angela merkel who called on both sides to sort of step away from the brink and it seems even though moscow had initially refused the offer of mediation from germany a lot of this communication is now going through germany interesting enough when present person tried to call the kremlin on the weekend when this all broke this news of the ships detained the kremlin didn't take his cool and he had to cool angela merkel to get any kind of communication going with moscow i'm going to share with you know that in russia next to the strait of cash people are saying. well phil i am on i am in the first city which is just at the foot of the current
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strait bridge the crimean bridge. and it's been a bit of a mix on the one hand people are afraid if they of this escalating they say we would be the first people to be affected were right on the but it doesn't seem that people are panicking as yet they seem to think that this conflict will be resolved diplomatically that there won't be a war and they say they very much trust the politicians to resolve to resolve things their kind of sick of the ukraine crisis and they want the politicians to resolve things on this talk about some publishers resolving things you know. states are you creative both mentioned germany as a possible medium so in this crisis the german chancellor believes that talking can help. despite the current situation we all craned to be small arms because we can only result of this in talks with one another because there is no military solution to all of these conflicts and this needs to be said
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clearly. when it is president putin likely to be open to the chance of the suggestions. well it does seem that president putin will be more open to the role of the mediator than to talking to push and go as nic mentioned before the kremlin didn't take the call that place or actually as they said there simply wasn't a call when it comes to america it seems that she would be a better mediator first of all putin has worked with her for many years and also it seems to me that this whole conflict to russia now is more about its international image it's bracing for new sanctions which are being discussed and i don't think that putin is kind of trying to play to the internal domestic audience as he was with the added station of crimea which kind of gave a huge jump in ratings after it happened in two thousand and fourteen i think now
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people are kind of sick of this conflict as i said before the conflict in ukraine and i think that by by escalating this conflict or by pushing this conflict even further russia and putin have very little to gain i think they will be looking to international mediators and could be a very good candidate. called really. affecting very large and ukraine's border regions. briefly if you will we still don't really know to the full extent of how it's actually how it's going to be interpreted here in america. now things have already been pretty strict for the last two years we are directly within about fifteen kilometers of the front line in some regions of ukraine we've heard about restrictions on freedom of assembly demonstrations effectively banned there are new rules restricting basically make it impossible for foreigners to enter crimea legally from ukraine but this still has a whole month to go and seems right now that even the ukrainian government doesn't
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really know what powers that they potentially now have they're actually going to end up using commonly in ukraine emily show it in russia thank you both. of course in the philippines has sentenced three police officers to jail for the murder of a teenage boy the first officers to be convicted for their actions during president rodriguez. drugs received sentences of up to fourteen years without parole human rights groups say the crackdown has led to thousands of extra judicial killings but the case of seventeen year old to kill. president in public on. if they're convicted police officers leaving court. minutes earlier they along with one other had been found guilty of murdering schoolboy last sun toss they claimed the seventeen year old was a drug korea who'd fired at them while resisting arrest in twenty seventeen but
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this is c.t.v. footage showed the teenager being dragged by two offices just moments before he was shot in an alley way in the philippines capital of manila. vicki ends family the guilty verdicts are a vindication. last illness airport i see i am very happy because this is the answer to proof that my son is innocent and has never been involved in drugs to everyone who helped us everyone whose names i can no longer list down thank you very much. when i was a loudmouth a new. key ends murder trigger to wreck protests filipinos took to the streets angry at the rising death toll. police say they've killed almost five thousand people allegedly involved in the narcotics trade since twenty sixteen that was when the country's president rhodri go to attack today launched his war on
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drugs although he promised to pardon authorities involved in his crackdown even he refused to defend the police officers who killed key and. we are very happy that this is done that there is by god not this proves that there is still a plot truth and justice. while the men will serve up to forty years in jail it's a life sentence for the teenager's parents all they can hope for is that these convictions will force the police to think before they kill. it was one of the first one of the most memorable viral videos ever david after dentist features a seven year old boy still woozy from anaesthesia after visiting the dentist.
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yeah. we've all been there since it went viral barely ten years ago the video has been viewed more than one hundred million times and also a kicked off debates when is it ok for parents to post videos of their children on social media especially when posting those pictures it's very lucrative. from a social media desk with a family. facebook series what happened next well it was more of a background video. yeah i mean it turns out that video wasn't actually supposed to go viral at all that was david's first major surgery so his dad pulled out his camera videotaped it and uploaded to you tube so his mother and his family could see it and from there i mean this video really took off it became the second most viewed video on you tube of two thousand and nine and really this family was
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rocketed to stardom you can see them here a t.v. appearances in the u.s. on the today show you see it saw a jimmy kimmel the comedian talking about that video as well but as you mention this video it also started a debate and his father really got a lot of criticism at the time not only for sharing this very private moment publicly but also because they made some money from the video as well so i asked the father david divorce senior about that criticism and here's what he told me for somebody to criticize me without having any perspective on the situation was just frustrating but i quickly learned that criticism and negativity creates more attention so more eyeballs more ad revenue more notoriety than just being nice about something yet terms of revenue actually the family made in the low six figures reportedly from licensing that video also from
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selling some t. shirts and they told me that money came in handy in two thousand and nine in the midst of that global recession and what about david jr the boy in the video how does the how does he feel about this ten years later. i mean a lot has changed in ten years right since two thousand and nine i mean really uploading videos or photos of your kids that's become pretty normal in fact it's become a multimillion dollar industry you see now these parent influencers they make their money by blogging posting photos and videos of their kids even while partnering with brands on social media and kids of course themselves are becoming you tube stars these days so i asked david himself does he think it's ok for kids to become viral stars at such a young age and this is what he said i think there's a point where it gets exhausting trying too hard it's because it's totally different than with me i was viral it was an accident and people can get famous
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which is which is really cool and i life support that but i definitely think like you don't want to take over a person's life. david is now eighteen he's pretty much a normal teenager he's about to graduate from college he says he's still partly david after dentist he does kind of embrace that identity so for him it's not really a big deal if you want to see the full show just go to our facebook page search for d w news and the shows called what happened next. month thank you so much. business news we have had a home for news of some dramatic job cuts the german fascist pharmaceutical giant a . that's right fail twelve thousand job cuts no less there the. fall the giant fire is all part of a massive savings and restructuring drive it says a significant number of those cuts will be in germany now bias says it will be divesting its animal health business to boost focus on its cool pharmaceutical and
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i grow cultural businesses the restructuring comes in the wake of the sixty three billion dollars acquisition of u.s. crop sciences giant one sun this year buy shares have been on the precious and small. life estate based weed killer as which many say may coast. a busy day out the frankfurt stock exchange following it for us is a financial correspondent the first how's that been invested fallout from the announcement of those by a job cuts to come. did they do all of that by taking the share so the buyer share was gaining up until that point and when that news hit the buyer share dropped into negative territory and it's still trading there now just briefly before the trading ends here it's true trading down about one point five percent not
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a great margin but as you mentioned buyer has already lost so much this year it's down for the year already by a boat more than thirty five percent so investors are still nervous and something like this makes them more nervous it's a little bit of a surprise if you're a long time stock market observer often a job cuts lead to higher prices because people think yeah those are necessary measures painful for everyone involved but necessary to increase profitability here they seem to be a reminder of how many risks and challenges buyer has. there at least as cliff as that damage claims talking about challenges another big story today playing out in frankfurt deutsche bank is in serious hot water with its offices raided in a money laundering probe shares fell earlier where all we know really. yeah they're still down there they fluctuated a little they were a little bit better less in the red that means today but now just shortly before the end of the trading they're also down about three and
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a half percent biggest loser here and investors surprise the not taking this news very well they of course immediately thought that there would be a fine involved at some point down the road and of course for the reputation of the bank it does not argue well and since september now it has an official supervisor that supposed to check whether they do everything right legally in compliance wise and investors hate that sort of development a financial correspondent and if he spots for us the front foot stock exchange thank you. bangladesh is about to kick out safety inspectors brought in after the run a pause a tragedy in april twenty third when moved in one thousand textile workers died in a factory collapse the tragedy shine a spotlight on working conditions in the sweat shops of the bangladeshi government industry used by many cheap western clothing brands international pressure forced the government to allow safety checks but now the international team of inspectors
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will be forced to leave the country this friday. worsening conditions for garment workers many are warned that the parcher of international safety inspectors from bangladesh would mean just that. the country's high court is objecting them on the bid from the un goodish a government for more control over the inspections the international sifi regime was put in place after one of the deadliest manufacturing accidents in history. over a thousand textile workers lost their lives in the run applause a complex on the outskirts of the collapse in two thousand and thirteen. labor unions have called it a quote mass industrial homicide. inspectors were brought in to oversee safety improvements in more than twenty three hundred of bangladesh's garment factories many of them are suppliers of clothes from big global brands like h.
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and m. and prime mark. since then the teams of help identify and fix over one hundred thousand safety issues in the past five years studies show that in the same period deaths across the sector have fallen from seventy one annually to just seventeen. but the bangladeshi government will take over the monitoring is a cause for worry for many experts they say it's far from prepared to do so. if you're watching the news from by name got plenty more coming up at the top of the hour and of course you can always get the latest on our web site that is dead up any dot com on and on fran but analysts say you are east.
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a framework for safe orderly and brag to the global migration critics though say a blow me to more mass migration who's right join the discussion here on talk radio shows. sixty minutes on. anxiously waiting. for lifeline to syria good morning where are you why aren't you answering. every call brings them closer together. in the right. words because they feel powerless to help. the continues to haunt those conflict from syria.
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