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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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this. the u.s. president's former attorney pleads guilty to lying to congress over and russia the plea is drawing sharp criticism from the u.s. president is claiming that cohen is trying to get punished will go to washington for the latest meanwhile president has canceled a meeting with russian president vladimir putin over the crimean crisis. she's calling for the president of ukraine is urging nato to intervene militarily but
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that's not going to happen. in the nation's biggest investigators want to know instead. of help criminals longer money. it's good to have you with us u.s. president double drums former lawyer michael cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to congress about real estate deal in russia cohen's old accord in new york today that he had made false statements to a u.s. intelligence committee about a plan to build a trump tower in moscow he's already pleaded guilty to other charges and is cooperating with special prosecutor robert muller's investigation into possible russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election.
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denied working on the play and he says that mr cohen is watching hoping that he'll get a lighter prison sent. it was convicted of various things unrelated that. he was given a fairly long jail sentence and he's a weak person. by being weak i'd like other people that you watch he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's learning about a project that everybody knew about i mean we were very open with. well despite what mr trump is saying michael cohen has not yet been sentence that's not due to happen until the twelfth of december what was going on to our correspondent myers whether she's on the story for us tonight from washington going to be to you miles so how does this affect the more investigation into allegations of russian interference in the twenty six thousand presidential election on lot of dots to connect tonight. well one of the revelations coming out of this guilty plea this
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morning is that looks like michael cohen is in fact cooperating with robert mueller has a visit and his investigation which is something that was not clear beforehand but this guilty plea that was entered this morning really throws throws up the curtain on something else that looks like it was going on during the presidential campaign and we also have to point out that we don't know what moller knows and this is just another sort of a link in the chain another small step forward in this story that's been unraveling that people are expecting to come to a head possibly even before the end of this year. what do we know about these alleged russian real estate projects that mr cohen says he lied about. one of the biggest link in this chain as we've said is that michael cohen was saying these plans to possibly build a trump tower and moscow had fizzled out somehow in january of two thousand and
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sixteen but what we now know is that in fact talks were ongoing and then candidate trumped out president trump was in fact aware of it and in the loop on these real estate dealings that were going on as late as possibly june of two thousand and sixteen that's well into the presidential campaign and it raises all sorts of questions as to what exactly trump's connection with russia is what his financial dealings are because as we know france he has the president has routinely deny that he has any financial dealings any interest in russia. stand by we're going to come back to you in just a moment we're going to talk about the u.s. president now in that g twenty summit now shortly after speaking to reporters in departing for the summit in argentina president trump said that he would be canceling his meeting there with russian president vladimir putin mr trump made the announcement on twitter blaming russia's seizure of ukrainian vessels near russia
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occupied crimea last sunday and here's the tweet based on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned to ukraine and i have decided it would be best for all parties concerned to cancel my previously scheduled meeting in argentina with president vladimir putin i look forward to a meaningful summit again as soon as the situation is resolved of the criminal and says that it has not been informed of any cancellation. that was posted shortly after air force one to call for the some in argentia. as the white house said anything else about the sudden change. in mr trump's calender. we haven't heard anything else yet from the white house per se but what we do know is that trump faced a lot of criticism not just from the usual suspects or his detractors and the democrats but also from within the republican party himself itself after the first
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summit with president putin in helsinki and there were a lot of concerns over what exactly trumps posture towards president putin meant that he was maybe a little bit too friendly a little bit too conciliatory that is possibly just one of the many reasons swirling around as to why this was so abruptly canceled or in our correspondent in washington minus wager on the story for us tonight my thank you. german chancellor angela merkel's says that the russian president mr putin is completely to blame for the crisis the escalating tensions with ukraine and she's called for a diplomatic solution you know what comes after ukrainian president petro poroshenko call the nato countries to intervene to ensure the free passage of ukrainian ships in the as all see the alliance nato says that it is or it already has a strong patrol presence in the region or russia denies kiev's accusations that it's blocking vehicles from entering or leaving ukrainian ports where tensions
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between russia and ukraine have risen since sunday's naval clash off the coast of russian occupied crimea russian ships fired on and seized three ukrainian navy vessels and captured the group president george ingo has urged his military to be ready for a possible invasion even posed martial wall in border regions he's also threaten to impose restrictions on russian citizens in his country. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world china's government has halted the work of the medical team they claim to have created the world's first gene genetically edited baby it's the country's science and technology vice minister described the actions of the team as illegal and unacceptable chinese scientists hate john kwai sparked outrage with his claims that he had altered the d.n.a. of twin babies thousands of opposition demonstrators have marched through the zimbabwean capital harare supporters of the m.d.c.
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party accusing the government of rigging july's election it's the first rally since the deadly crackdown on an election protest back in august. when the germans are reciprocal giant buyer is planning to cut twelve thousand jobs many of them right here in germany the company has come under pressure since that bold u.s. seed company months santa earlier this year it has been fending off a flood of wall suits in the united states which allege that a monsanto weed killer causes cancer. german prosecutors have raided the offices of the country's biggest lender deutsche have begun its part of an investigation into suspicions of money laundering the inquiry is based on revelations made in the two thousand and sixteen data leak known as the panama papers which suggested the bank staff has helped criminals funnel money into offshore tax havens. police vans surrounding the headquarters of germany's biggest
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lender if george's image wasn't already in tatters it certainly is now. the banks accused of helping clients hide money and crime their suspicions are based on revelations contained in a set of leaked documents known as the panama paper is. different after. mission arose in the summer august two thousand to nineteen really not after the federal criminal police officer evaluation from the parliament papers the so-called off shore leaks. bodies are also this evaluation that the suspicions of deutsche bank was helping clients set up so-called offshore companies in tax havens. for dogs from their money is said to have floated tortured bank with as the bank reporting any suspicion of money laundering and so i started talking. these are the kinds of allegations that is true could bring down an already embattled
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bank deutscher was quick to present its view of the events. yvonne i love the live on in from we believe we've provided all relevant information to the authorities regarding the panama paper case of course will now cooperate closely with the public prosecutor's office and frank for us it's also in our interest that the suspicious facts are quickly in entirely cleared up attention will now turn to torches boss christiane saving he's only been in the top job since april but he's been at the bank for decades he ready faces the challenge of reversing years of losses now is really up to him to address accusations that torture hasn't only been mismanaged but involved in far shady or potentially criminal business. are joining me at the big table now is our business like a crystal. you're right there potentially criminal business and some analysts have
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been saying that this today could end up being a mortal blow torch of bacon how much trouble is the vengeance tonight well. these are yet again one might say series of occasions i mean we heard it in the report that allegedly there's a bank staff involved in putting up an entity in the british virgin islands a known tax haven thereby handling the business of three hundred nine hundred times to the tune of three hundred million euros so that's the accusation and the money being handled allegedly being connected to the crime or having been acquired illegally now here's the problem for deutsche bank. payment transfer and handling payments processing payments of clients is one of the last segments that deutsche bank is still a global player so the bank is handing billions and billions and billions of euros and dollars around the world and thereby the one might say a couple of millions that may have been involved here the illegal ones they get
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lost somewhere in the in the numbers nevertheless these are of course allegations that no company that does lawful business want to have on the record exactly mean it's about your reputation and p.r. and this is what happened today was not a surprise and we've known this was coming ever since the revelations in the panama papers and this is not the first time that the bank has been accused of financial misbehavior you and i we have been talking about issues like like that regarding budget bank of the problem is it just can't seem to shake off its past its problematic past the federal reserve had its on on its list for troubled banks the i.m.f. just two years ago called it the most dangerous bank in the world and that it was fined just for the case of selling bad mortgage backed securities in the u.s. seven billion dollars just in that case alone and german authorities just get this installed their own watchdog inside the bank mind you an independent watchdog
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because they have the feeling that the cleaning up of the act does not go fast enough and thoroughly enough and this case you. no the bank is looking at potentially fines and the million staff could go to go to jail if convicted the share price is already at a level that doesn't you know bring joy to anybody and public reputation wise there hasn't been have been few companies that have been battered as but betty as we've heard before that this was the beginning of the end for george bank but it is the biggest bank is deutsche of being in germany so. it's you know is it going to be knocked out by this well it's hard to say definitely but if here's the thing banks have been bending the rules sort of to the point where they've been breaking the rules i mean we've seen that in the past numerous times but they've been able to pay fines and move on. here but the bank hasn't turned a profit in two years and so it's going to be harder and harder to come up with these fines and this cumulative effect could be the crucial point for deutsche bank
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that could serve the final bill that's what c.e.o. christan saving not has to deal with he promised that the bank will be profitable again next year and hard to do you know hard to do just as maybe hard to get but punishment comes easy especially when you're only looking at the bottom line which is what banks do christopher thank you. well the second leg of south america as a top club soccer final will now take place in the dreads. stadium on december ninth the. smash between bitter. rivals river. is the first postponed on saturday after river fans may have seen this pelted the team bus with missiles breaking windows and injuring players then police used tear gas to disperse the crowd but the gas got into the bus and made other bokeh players sick the game was rescheduled for sunday evening but then.
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you're watching the w. news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see it. first cornelius. doors grand moment arrives. join the ranks on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of an orangutan returns home.


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