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lost one nil away at their austrian sister club salzburg frederick gold bronson their goal score there in the sub in the fourth minute are you watching live from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will be back at the top of the hour with more news for to see if. can the flame war. and in the end this i mean you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers what alliances. what's your story.
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i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence in terms of take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. not a visitor not a guest you want to become a citizen. in so migrants your platform for reliable information. hi and welcome to a keno favorite edition on international stars from germany now it used to be when a german actor went to hollywood they had to make do playing the third nazi from
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the right but no longer german formers now are making a big without resorting to tired stereotypes are they show we're looking at seven international stars from germany and at the roles that made their careers we start with a trio who could hardly be more different two women one man three faces of a new generation. it wasn't. it was intentional. in the u.s. science fiction thriller geo storm alexandra maria lara plays a scientist on a space station who tries to save humanity from an environmental catastrophe. was glad that an actor that didn't come from the us was given such a big role. and it's not her first on issue man and with girl next door good looks laura has quietly built up an international career the romanian born german actress is a familiar face on the red carpet acting is in her blood respond that was
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a well known actor in romania. with roles in german film and television. landing the role that would be her international breakthrough. was playing hitler's secretary travel in down fall the role lara noticed in hollywood. on her first english language film she met her future husband sam riley. whether it's u.s. or european films alexandra maria lara is in demand and on the way out. what do you think was a top. that is private property. that's from groups who used to work franka potente or as
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a business minded madam together with tom hardy in the mysteries series to food a good he crossed him drama set in the nineteenth century. is the tempest career took off with tom to it was berlin trillo run along the ground this. overnight franka potente was a star and started playing in the big leagues. with johnny depp in blow. alongside matt damon in bourne supremacy. but tend to also wants to step behind the camera her directorial debut was a silent movie. that's comfortable in the art house world as in mainstream cinema franka potente has found her groove.
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riskiest with angelina jolie made albums deal none in hollywood. there's. this and it's exactly the same professionalism and the same problems come back to the only difference may be the money and that there are many many more people working on set. terrence malick new film radical and deal plays conscientious objector france. how to steal love sick street people who live outside the rules those in a state of emergency he was awarded the german film prize for his first feature film as a passionate computer hacker. if it's worth trying to answer is if you look at what i'm saying. from the very beginning
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it was intensity and characterize ation that made deal stand out at the twenty seventeen berlin he played a young. games. actually. the revolutionary deal and number five. our next german star has had a phenomenal career with roles in some of the biggest blockbusters of the last few years her success story even reads like a hollywood movie the magical moment came when a marvel producer took a chance on florence and gave her a major role in black panther. take it to the people put it in stupid money yes did that. if you were
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allowed to be on this role if it you believe that somebody. then i expect. that. it was marvel films that made florence go soon but no new films like the first avenger simple. and now with the black. since two thousand and one the dancer has been a familiar face in germany working on musical stages and in film and television with black panther the soon but has finally now made it in hollywood are you going to shrink into what i find nice is to see a movie with so many actors of dark skin color who plays positive characters and some of them are heroes and we're seeing more of that i noticed myself with castings which i get from the us that more and more of them are going in this direction and it's good that something is changing. black. gripping and full of spectacle and a massive boost factious florence. making.
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our next star duo are among hollywood's a list of the world's top directors producers and studio bosses are on their speed dial they've also won over the critics winning awards from cannes to the oscars. if you want to make the tonight. to make a deal. christoph waltz plays a sadistic nazi like we've never seen before. oh sure sure. he did and as a bounty hunter who free slaves and then joins them on a rampage they are bigger the reward. was. director quentin tarantino discovered votes for hollywood for his roles he would win best supporting actor twice in twenty ten and twenty thirteen. long under rated
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in germany holds no place in hollywood's big lake it seems the quintessential baddie all psychopathic smog brilliant and bizarre. all of your. peers in contrast in the new manga film alito votes is unusually gentle even kind. for his next act involves is stepping behind the camera to direct. out number to diane kruger an actress who did things the other way around crew got was a hollywood star first before returning home to make a fish german movie and deliver the best advocate the woman's. crew brilliantly portrays a woman who vows revenge off to hospital and son of a murdered by right wing terrorists. and then how you never all really hear the
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stories of the people who were left behind and have to live with what happened and that's what touched me about this film. diandra this performance is authentic and moving and won her the best actress prize in can. prove it was a model before she was cast to play the beautiful helen in the period epic troy and . rode in terror in tinos in glorious bastards ended badly. from the cheesy to lots of national treasure to playing these detectives in the bridge crew that has tremendous trying now she's free to choose her roles and move between hollywood and old europe. our number one german star in hollywood never even studied acting but it was clear from his first role in a small german student film that this guy was going places now he's among the most
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in demand actors in the world starring in everything from studio blockbusters to becoming the first german actor to front a u.s. t.v. series. i'm an atheist. those who are suffering from the mind. only mean. their own true natures. daniel bruel in the alienist he plays a criminal psychologist on the trail of a serial killer in nineteenth century new york powerful and. it's his first big t.v. series but genua brule is already a global star he is everywhere. it all started in two thousand and one playing a troubled schizophrenia. wave then he's international right through with
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a german comedy. it was a time in which i think i could have taken an easier path and maybe made films in my own country that at the time looked more promising but i decided not to because i really wasn't so interested but again she did my best as he said to see to rule something survive languages his spanish was on display in salvador the surface of the consumers. honest open up with a fatality no he spoke french she stood up enough for. us to disagree and play hookey loud up with an austrian accent there's a twenty percent chance like a lot. of you in his private life daniel pearl is more modest berlin fans can often find him working at the bar at his tempest restaurant a global star with a local touch. to news. those who are bangers and seven international stars from germany your favorites were on the list
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if not head us up on email or rice on facebook to give us your opinion we're back next week with the new edition of q no until the end of the at the movies. to soothe. the boob. tube. news. to suit. your dream go international talk show before journalists discuss the topic of. imagery suddenly talking about the united nations characters aims to provide a framework for a safe alternate and regular global migration critics though say it will only lead to more mass migration who's right join the discussion here on talk radio.
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quadriga next on d w. a suit of the sounds of. the mom tearfully. he's a dad finding abandoned ship titles. and treasures . waiting to take one final curtain call. the one. in sixty minutes on d w. actually waiting. waiting for lifeline to syria good morning where are you why aren't you answering. every call brings them closer together.
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but it hurts because they feel powerless to help. continues to haunt those who fled from syria. the war on my phone for two part documentary starts december eighth on d w. a lot of very warm welcome to quadriga coming to you from the house of berlet and this week we're focusing on the growing international route over the united nations migration pact the documented use to be adopted next month aims to provide a framework for.


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