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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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world leaders convene in argentina for the g. twenty summit u.s. president is due to hold talks with the leaders of china and germany over. the global economy. making themselves heard. also coming up ukraine's army steps up its combat readiness following russia's seizure of three ukrainian ships. of military age from entering the country
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and what's wrong with german football. every week that passes result this weekend could be the end of the season. it's good to have you with us we begin in south america world leaders have opened the g twenty summit in two days of talks with a host of thorny issues. topping them the ongoing trade dispute between the united states and china other topics include the killing of salty journalists. in turkey and heightened tensions between russia and ukraine a potential mediator in that conflict. has still not arrived at the solvent plane had to make an emergency landing due to
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a technical people last night. are going to take you now to one is our answer corresponded ophelia harmes is standing by good evening to you a feel you demonstrators are gathering there behind you and they are against the g twenty summit what is the situation right now. i can't really hear you at the moment probably because all the people is coming closer as you see hundreds of people are marching at the moment it's a coalition of labor unions and rights organizations that are protesting against the g twenty and also the austerity austerity measures that have been taken by argentina and by the argentine and government authority measures that are behind combined two of those the money that has been given by them the international monetary fund this people are starting to march towards the congress but we are
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nowhere near to where the leaders are right now we're five kilometers away from the convention center where they are meeting and these people i'm going to get any close to them because the security measures around here have been very tight we have almost twenty three thousand security people watching all over this event and they won't be able to to get to where the leaders are and to to protest and be seen by them. we know that at the west g twenty summit in hamburg germany that security was a major problem many of said the summit ended up being chaos because the measures weren't strict enough are we seeing lessons learned in hamburg being applied in one as ours. will doesn't believe these measures has been taken into account the government has invested almost one third of all the money spent
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for this event only for security that's about forty three million dollars we see that the streets have been blocked days ago there is no public transport today has even been declared as a public holiday so that people won't try to come into the center of the city where we are right now and this is also because the traffic that has been causing this event is terrible in the city and we also so big this dispute on a football game that ended up with people being hurt and they want to avoid this in the during the g twenty here. and what about the people there in argentinian this is the first time we've seen a summit the g twenty summit in south america what do they expect to get all the. people are like i mentioned before protesting against the all star the measures a certain measures taken by the government which they feel are making them well
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they are poor people and there are more people in the streets as was argentinean saying here and they are against all those globalization. politics that have been taken in the reason they also wanted more protection for the environment and that's why they what they are protesting for i don't think they really expect anything to come out of this event except for more training trade agreement. but other countries that might make this country come out of the crisis it is they right now are the correspondent a few harms in what is are is tonight at the g twenty summit a feel you think you. know one of the pressing issues at the summit is the rising tensions between russia and ukraine today ukraine announced a ban on all russian men of fighting age from entering the country ukrainian president petro poroshenko has again presented what he says is evidence of russian tanks massing along his country's border just eighteen kilometers from ukraine
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those things are said to be close to where russia stores its ammunition and weapons systems because that means well as tensions between ukraine and russia melt how is it affecting the lives of people who live near the front line. sure when trouble. of the. bridge. and. it's business as usual for. me she's been a taxi driver for two years in the town of tamanna on the azoff see the population here is around ten thousand and many of them know ludmilla live miller herself moved here from the year olds recently but tells me most people here have relatives across the sea in ukraine she says people usually don't want to talk about politics in her taxi even when it's happening right on their doorstep.
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people on panicking trying not to talk about the conflict. it's so close it's wearing but i'm sure nothing will happen. at the local market people admit they're shaken by the recent clash in the nearby see. me the mine. will be the first affected it's all right near us it's scary. it's not scary i don't think anything will happen. the ukrainians where are we used to live to have us so well. i used to go to ukraine to keep if we were like relatives. it's not for us regular people to decide the politicians there was sorted out it's an unpleasant situation i just want peace and not this. time on is at the foot of
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the crimean bridge tensions have been building here in the as of sea for months especially since the bridge was opened in may lead milam move to tom and to be near the scene she says she sometimes comes here for a break from taxi driving even in the winter the. fifty four year old says her relatives and children back in year are worried about her but she's optimistic about the future of the as of see me all spoke quietly to see calms me down and sometimes when i want an answer to a question i ask. and if the next wave is big that means the answer is yes. i am very hopeful that our government will figure out everything that everything will be fine. and we will listen. here is the of what you do media. it seems to be stormy everywhere it might be apropos for ludmilla to now ask the as op see whether this stormy political situation will eventually calm down.
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well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a court in syria has acquitted a former bosnian muslim military commander of war crimes during the one nine hundred ninety s. nasr or is known as the defender of srebrenica where in one thousand nine hundred five serb forces massacred eight thousand muslim men and boys the verdict has sparked mixed reactions along ethnic lines u.s. officials have issued a tsunami warning following a six point six magnitude earthquake in the state of alaska the epicenter was just twelve kilometers north of the city of anchorage the alert means tsunami waves are expected and was issued for areas along alaska's southern coast a yellow vest demonstration in central brussels has turned violent protesters burning police vehicles and blocking city streets police dispersed the crowd with water cannon and arrested dozens of people armed with box cutters and smoke bomb
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the yellow best movement protesting fuel tax increases began in france last month. well it has been an intense two weeks for germany's conservative c.d.u. party in a succession of regional conferences members have been hearing pitches from candidates who are vying to take chancellor angela merkel's place as party chair how do they choose in the upcoming national conference in december may have a profound effect on germany and europe. america is on her way out. after nearly two decades leading the c.d.u. germany's strongest party. these are the three who want to replace her. they've been crisscrossing the country making their pitch for the leading role migration in the european union have been big issues for the party where do the candidates stand. first up the comeback kid freakish matts he was rising in the
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party until merrill snatched away a key post for herself he ended up leaving politics for the private sector now he's back and it's tough words for germany's asylum laws. but it's long been my opinion that we should be ready to discuss openly this fundamental right to asylum where they can really stay this way if we are serious about a european refugee and migration policy you should. explain it to them he softened his stance in the face of intense criticism but merits remains a migration hardliner party members wanting a younger face for conservative values may go for the new kid on the block yet on the thirty eight year old health minister has given merkel a healthy dose of grief blaming the party's bad poll numbers on her refugee policy ties into the party is for rule of law and domestic security with a public safety in the pox on the streets and also on the boat as. we are the party
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for europe a year to protect and protect itself protect citizens that defends its values a europe that helps us because alone we are too small including germany. but not everyone is out to bury the past those looking for continuity could lean towards the favorite daughter on a great karrenbauer one position she shares with merkel relying less on the us for germany's defense. side over and not the days when we would say to naysay. regardless what's going on around is that the u.s. will have it would send the materials and the people and we just look on from the outside or do little things those days are over. in for five years we have to take more responsibility for our security and that also means spending more money on it. on the one. merits spawn. karrenbauer they've staked out where they stand and now the party gets to choose
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its conferences on december seventh and eighth whoever replaces uncle americal now as party chair may replace her as chancellor candidate in future elections until then the two will have to work together. ard from politics to the pitch byron munich hope to build on a strong european champions league earlier this week but they have that they have a tough task in germany because the perennial bundesliga champions are well off the pace at fifth in the standings the bundesliga weekend seems by you're in trouble to bremen tomorrow and the braman see an opening. lives hardly been a walk in the park for either of the sides in recent weeks braman have lost the early season form which saw them win five of their opening eight is league matches talk of an unlikely title challenge now seems a distant memory florian cofield side have failed to win any of their last four matches nevertheless the bread and coach knows now is as good
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a time as any to face the record champions is shown in the let's move on in recent weeks we've seen byron have allowed space for opposition counter-attacks through a contact this is new it didn't happen often in the past. they used to be extremely well organized we're going to try and play with courage move the ball quickly and try to make things happen. and let's don't tempt worked on sicko. but i have now gone three games without a win and trail nine points behind league leaders brasier dortmund a shadow of their usual all conquering selves. last match stage shock to oregon struggle as just rolled off was the latest in a string of subpar performance is i. fans of demanding more from that stuff was. banned from the coach.
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a match that would once have appeared settled before kickoff suddenly has a competitive add to it the pressure is on ko that she sighed to start delivering failed to get three points on saturday and the man in charge may not make it through this winter of discontent it's all to play for him brennan. back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day tonight special team coverage of the g. twenty summit in argentina. germany to learn german. pollution and. why not learn with him online mobile and free stuff from the w z learning course speak.


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