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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is. the most controversial. bond in friendship but will also bond with the president of. the world markets will take. ukraine's army steps up its combat readiness following russia's seizure of three. ukraine. military age from. the words of the. influx of migrants trying to reach the united states regions and
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stretches the city's. good to have you with us world leaders have opened at the g twenty summit as we've just seen president putin of russia. of saudi arabia well they said a jovial told but there's a host of thorny issues to tackle in the two days of talks among them the ongoing trade dispute between the united states and china other topics including the killing of salty journalists. in turkey and heightened tensions between ukraine and russia a potential mediator in that conflict. is arriving late for the summit following a plane. let's bring in our correspondent.
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good evening to you max what can we expect from this. well the very least you would usually expect from a summit like this is a declaration a so-called communique at the end of the g. twenty. leaders commit to multilateralism where they commit to cooperation in the question of migration for example but all those things are in danger this time because if you look at the participants at the different leaders not all of them really stand for these things for example on multi-lateralism you have donald trump here who has repeatedly said as the us president that he prefers to manage things in a bilateral fashion still he's here then you have the chinese president he she can pin present it was difficult to read in the situation but certainly hasn't always been completely behind the world order as let's say the european countries
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imagine it then you have let me putin here the russian president who's playing his own little games on the east east of the european union in ukraine as we know in crimea as all these things are endangering. a communique of all of them that's to sum it up trade migration is a problem and of course also how to fight climate change some of the sherpas some of the diplomats we have talked to say they've put it very much in doubt that this will actually work in the end they don't exclude it but it's still a lot of work ahead of them. max all eyes were on the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sultan today i mean his first major overseas of appearance since the killing of that salty dissident journalist from all. let's take a closer look. they act like own college these two men often many hit the pariahs of these g.
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twenty summit president vladimir putin is in hot water over russia see sheriff ukrainian ships after a clash in the black sea. crown prince mohammed bin solomon meanwhile is accused of ordering the murder of dissident saudi journalists in istanbul saudi arabia says the crown prince had no role in it the cia says he did and u.s. president donald trump disagrees with his own intelligence agency from tonight talking with the man known as m.b.'s. and that is what they have that he was was. there at the traditional family photo the crown prince cut something of an isolated figure nobody wanted to shake his hand when it came to the clicking of cameras in
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sound than was on the edge of the frame france's emanuel macron was later said to have given him some firm words you can probably expect a few more by the end of the summit. max what do you make of the saudi prince is appearance today i mean he did meet with three major presidents today. yes and it's over he's going to meet with theresa may the u.k. prime minister later on in the evening on friday there are two sides to the story as always on the one side you have the murder of khashoggi just explain terrible cruel and the crown prince might be involved in that some even suspect him giving direct orders so imagine having a person like that in front of you as one of those leaders then you have that absolutely horrible war in yemen a humanitarian catastrophe one of the biggest of the last decades that is you know we have to admit that as as media outlets as well probably under represent under represented in most media coverage helped bring that back into the limelight so
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these are the very very bad things that need condemning and that will probably be condemned by many of the leaders here at the g twenty summit and going to cyrus on the other side you have cheap oil and of course the saudis buy things from the west they buy arms they fuel a lot of money into the economies of the west for example france my craw talking to the crown prince maybe even giving him harsh words but also france is one of the biggest arm experts here as to saudi arabia so that's the flipside of it and that's what makes this situation extremely difficult for the leaders of that explains why he wasn't completely isolated i'm talking about the saudi crown prince here but seem to be more or less part of the group of the g. twenty leaders or corresponding next often at the g twenty summit in bonus artists max as always thank you. that's one of the pressing issues at the summit is those rising tensions between russia and ukraine today ukraine announced a ban on all russian minified age from entering the country ukrainian president
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petro poroshenko has again presented what he says is evidence of russian tanks massing along his country's border.


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