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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CET

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this is the news live from berlin g. twenty leaders meet in argentina managed to agree on a joint communique despite tensions on trade and climate world leaders unite around multilateralism but see the recognize the current treaty shoes between g. twenty nations. the forty first president of the united states george herbert walker bush has died at the age of ninety four to lead the u.s. through the end of the cold war tributes have been coming in from around the world not least from the man who since occupied the oval office. and protesters clashed
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with police in paris thousands of demonstrators take to the streets angry at rising fuel prices and a correspondent is in the french capital. i'm egypt money welcome to the program at first it wasn't clear that be able to agree on very matter told but leaders of the g twenty summits have managed to compromise and produce a final joint declaration in-born us ira's in this statement the leaders discussed around and result global trade tensions particularly those between the u.s. and china but they've pledged to reform the world trade organization other topics getting a mention include a vow to tackle the source of refugee movements all the us reaffirmed its commitment to withdraw from the paris climate accord. bringing did up the corresponding map. hoffman who is in buenos aires for us so max
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it seems getting this communique done was hard work what else does it say. you know was hard work we talked to one of those. who was crucial in negotiating all this he said he hadn't slept for fifty hours so that gives you a sense of how long they've been struggling for this communique but now it's here and it's a door spy the leaders of course it's not really comparable to the communiques and declare a sins of the past because it's more about trying to save as much as possible from the status quo of the past is not a real endorsement of multilateralism it's just states that it acknowledges that the multilateral trade system was responsible for a lot of the wealth it had benefits in the past and while most of the member states here said that they still indorsed the paris agreement and that was irreversible right in the chapter beneath you have the u.s. restating that it was pulling out of the paris climate agreement so it shows you
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how difficult this was and the german chancellor herself acknowledged it used to be easier but still she said there are a lot of countries that are fighting at the side of germany for the. lateral trade system in the world and speaking of the german chancellor she did confront that the recent russia ukraine escalation was discussed by the leader as what does she have to say. yes either especially of course with the russian president vladimir putin meca didn't say that much at the press conference probably the most important part was that they would meet again in the so-called normandy form not the leaders personally but on a lower level diplomatic level ministerial level we're not sure about that yet just a reminder norm of the format includes ukraine russia france and germany the former that was established to talk about the crisis between russia and ukraine that has escalated in the past days and mackel and the french president who also met. the
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russian president vladimir putin on friday have both insisted that they were very unhappy about the situation as it has unfolded this week. and max macaluso made a very personal statement about the passing of the late president george h.w. bush want to shift saying. yes she said that she might not be standing here in war desires in front of the journalists if it wasn't for george bush who back then of course was somebody who made it possible that the wall came down who made it possible especially that germany be unified and i got a backhoe is from eastern germany so that liberated her that liberated all her fellow countrymen back then and she called george bush a great friend in the white house who somebody whom the germans back then could trust a sharp contrast baby grace heard american president we have hear them over the borders hours max often with the very latest in point us ira's thank you.
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tributes are pouring in from around the world for former u.s. president george herbert walker bush who has died at the age of ninety four the forty first president of the united states served an eventful one time in office seeing the collapse of the soviet union and the fall of the berlin wall bush sr will be remembered here in germany as one of the aca tests of reunification a second look back at his life and legacy. this was one of george bush's last public appearances and surely one of his toughest to make it was his wife barbara's funeral in early twenty eight hundred. he did found to have up to seventy three years of marriage. the couple married shortly after the end of world war two george was a who he right. he was the youngest pioneers in the u.s. navy. bush flew dozens of missions in the war he was shot down at sea then rescued at the last. minute and became an instant legend.
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he returned to texas where he founded an oil company then he turned to a career in politics joining the republican party he became the u.s. ambassador to the united nations then the u.s. top diplomat in china then head of the cia. in the one nine hundred eighty s. he became vice president to ronald reagan. after two terms as vice president he then decided to run for the white house himself. and he was. purser wrote then defend the constitution of the united states was. and nine hundred ninety nine the berlin wall fell and with it behind curtain.
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bush cautiously and calmly weathered the transition he worked hard to develop a good relationship with the leader of the soviet union mikhail gorbachev and campaigned heavily for the reunification of germany. bush is also the president who led the usa into its first major military operation in the middle east as i report to you air attacks are underway against military targets in iraq. bush launched operation desert storm against iraq's dictator saddam hussein after he had attacked kuwait. after the first gulf war president bush the prove origins went through the roof but that didn't last long many americans became unhappy with his domestic policies because of tough economic times he was forced to raise taxes it was a broken promise and the perfect ammunition for bill clinton bush next democratic opponent clinton won the one thousand nine hundred two presidential election and
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after his one term in the white house bush called it quits. he focused his efforts on humanitarian activities and his family which in two thousand and one once again broke history as bush son became president. police and protesters have filled central paris with smoke and tear gas in a third weekend of clashes in and around the shows and he say demonstrators from the yellow vests movement said cars and a bank on fire police responded with gas and water cannon more than eighty people are reported to have been injured while more than two hundred have been arrested the protests were prompted by fuel tax increases but many are also angry at other reforms being carried out by president emanuel mccall. earlier i spoke with our correspondent lisa lewis in paris and i asked her why people are demonstrating and why they are so angry. lots of different things radio
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busy it was triggered by these few tax rises that announce for next year but they're also asking for example to bring down the taxes for other taxes for everybody to increase the minimum wage increase pensions basically what unites them there is this anger this this fury with him i'm a car the president who said that he would reform france and make it a better place for everybody and they feel that he just doesn't understand actually what they do for these people need it who actually are having difficulties making ends meet every month i've been speaking with a few of them. out of ireland agree to pay taxes but i want to my money was good loser well use this time yeah it's ok i'm pacific i'm good we just are. the first we sort of are going to have enough we are we have the stuff but it's just a step we don't come to be like in america we don't want to be like in england it's
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france to you know have a good school to be just to be services and we want to keep them. fed up that's what we are here today just don't tell me contradicts what matters to. the problem to. us a little room where. the females head. of the side and talk to the reality of the pool it was a problem back home in france the political system is it's based on business and. i don't know if my fault if it simply today so i think the first thing he told to me before this office i mean i think the first the first thing to do the toughest. thing about you know you have to you have to consider first then. of course there's a new office and you got to you know look what you think. then we'll see what's
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going to go to the first come back. so these are the people you've spoken to clearly frustrated and they're calling on mccord to listen to them but who could he talk to do they have a leader or a representative. well that would be a problem this movement is leaderless as they have been saying from the very beginning actually there were a few attempts this week to talk to certain spokespeople say to say by the government but these attempts didn't really work out either the people didn't show up or they even received death threats from other members of the movement so it will be very difficult to negotiate and also what you're seeing today these violent clashes is actually an indication that they're getting more desperate the numbers of protesters has has been going down over the past three weeks and they these people here today think that they have to show you know to clash with the police so that people are still looking that they're still making noise and getting attention
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from other people but it's very difficult to see how this will all end where this will lead how the government will find people to talk to and actually find a solution to this conflict. in paris thank you. in football serge gnabry was the hero as by an unique return to the winning ways in the bundesliga now bruce called both goals in bias two one win a bit of play men elsewhere don't mind extend of their lead at the top with a two no win over five hit a billion closed in on the european places by beating one over. climbed off the bottom thanks to victory over oxburgh now mind speed dusseldorf on friday off and a cut currently in action and there are three more games to come on sunday and monday. the sport of boxing is in danger of being withdrawn from the twenty twenty
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some olympics in tokyo the international boxing association recently elected a new president who was allegedly involved in major international drug syndicates organizers of the game have launched an inquiry. for boxing world champions like to say while the olympics have always been the first step to superstardom the w.b.c. world heavyweight champion won bronze at the beijing olympics in two thousand and eight before his professional career. one gold at london two thousand and twelve and now holds three world heavyweight titles in november controversial is big business man for rocky move was elected as the new head of the be a despite warnings from the i.o.c. they would cut funding if he was appointed it is also alleged that was match fixing up fights during the rio games now with remember a panel of the i.o.c. is investigating the association but it doesn't want athletes to be punished for decisions outside the power we want to have. to.
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make all efforts to have. a positive outlook from the i.o.c. which may set up its own separate olympic boxing association other olympic disciplines allow professional athletes to compete and with the b.a. in disarray this could be another alternative the full i.o.c. membership next meets in june. and remind all of the top stories we're following for you the forty first president of the united states george herbert walker bush has died at the age of ninety four. coming in from the men who have seen him in the oval office. with case bush as president in one thousand nine hundred two says he will be forever grateful for their friendship. central paris filled with smoke and here gas demonstrators that caused a blaze and set up roadblocks in the third week of protest against fuel called.
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you're watching the news live from berlin wall coming up the top of the hour with my colleague on your group as mccain and in the meantime you can get all the latest news and information around the clock by simply logging on to our web site. but also on social media follow us we are at the news i need to thank you for watching . we make up over a week watch as old as the end of the two pilots we all deserve the surface of. the month for continence future. part of enjoying some stars mostly share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent plus one for sure.


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