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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CET

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i'm trying to reach them but nobody ever since. the war on my phone or two part documentary starts december eighth own d w. this is the w. news live from berlin a security crisis in france president in my new iraq phone chair as an emergency meeting a day off to fuel tax protests turned violent heat as ministers debates whether to impose a state of emergency to prevent a reoccurrence of the was civil unrest in more than a decade also on the program un try mitchell open in poland with calls from urgent
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action experts warn that's not much time left to stop runaway global warming. and the german national team are drawn in the same year a twenty twenty qualifying group as the netherlands a million photos for you here live side of. i'm on your ship as mckinnon welcome to the program. french president emanuel markhor has ordered his prime minister to hold talks with political leaders and demonstrators after fuel tax protests turned violent on saturday that haunt shared a crisis cabinet meeting our first sesay in the damage in central paris protests that started over fuel tax increases slated for next month have turned into what some are calling an insurrection against. the president had
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come to see the damage to the city but he was faced too with the damage to his reputation. call resign they shouted their cool written also when they are to triomphe. this was central paris on sunday morning. mccrone called a cabinet meeting amid rumors they might impose a state of emergency. yet who from saturday's sea of yellow vests coming from an invite to negotiate the movement which filled central paris at the weekend has no leadership they seem united only by anger. for me the problem is that michael loves the powerful the big bosses the big financier's he loves the very rich but he doesn't care about the people he despises them mr mr merkel you asked us to come and see you we are here come to see us don't
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send your delegates it's the people who are unhappy. discussions happen online this woman wrote those who absolutely want to break something choose your targets act constructively see you on saturday whereas this commentator said the real violence is nine million in poverty it's eighty billion in tax evasion that's violence not three cars burning in an expensive neighborhood as paris licks its wounds from this saturday's riot the clock starts counting down to the next one. ok let's cross now to our correspondent lisa lewis has been following events for us in paris and across france hi lisa. i held an emergency meeting with several ministers today can you tell us any more about that. while the president hasn't talked since then he hasn't given many interviews but we have heard that he has
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taught is interior minister to consider actually to review the security measures that would be put in place for a possible next day of demonstration that is already planned for next saturday he is also talking about gathering the heads of the unions and the representatives of the yellow vests move and to talk to them and they are fast track trials that will be put in place and he is calling upon additional judges to see all these about three hundred eighty people that are in preliminary custody that are waiting judgment and these people could go to see the judges from tomorrow and you know under these systems that are called combined showing you that they will be judged within a few hours or you know one of two hours really so the government is trying to react to what happened what we don't know yet is what the president will do to turn around the mood and to bring people back on his side. lisa give us
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a sense of how difficult this situation is for the government to tackle how big of a crisis is this. it's quite a big crisis really i mean if you look at the numbers of how many people went out to protest it's not amazing it's like one hundred thirty thousand people across france but according to polls from a few days ago about eighty percent of the french support and movement this is the expression of and anger feeling of anger towards the lead towards politicians in paris all these people fear that in our my car is doing politics making politics for the rich and not for those people who are need who are actually struggling to make ends meet obviously these fuel and diesel taxes are just the trigger but they symbolic really because many people who are drawn and demonstrating and blocking very imperfect about participating in marches in paris or elsewhere they are saying you know we need our car to get to our workplace because we are really live there
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is no public transport so you really don't understand what we need president macand that's why they're so angry about this specific measure but they feel that in general many measures measures that are actually not in favor of them but only in favor of the rich are at least the u.s. reporting for us from paris and much. representatives from hundreds of nations have begun crunch un climate talks in poland the climate summit comes against a backdrop of dire environmental warnings and a call for action to counter the threats posed by flyman change delegates will seek ways of implementing commitments that were made in the twenty fifteen paris tracie to limit the rise in global temperatures. this is where delegates from nearly two hundred countries will be scrambling over the next two weeks to reach a deal that can save the planet the meeting in qatar at the heart of poland's coal region comes three years after the line not paris accord the envoys gathering at
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copper twenty four aims to produce the rulebook to flesh out the broad details that were agreed in paris limiting the rise in global temperatures to between one point five and two degrees celsius the sense of urgency is palpable. these he says very very important conference that takes place also in scenario where we have a clear signals about the urgency with which we need to address the issues of climate change the effects that are happening are being are affecting communities around the world casualties destruction in so many places. i in brussels tens of thousands of people demonstrated to raise awareness of climate change and the protestors have a message for the delegates gathering in poland. piers if you like ten years was very much
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a window of opportunity that we need to regroup and there and every i think it weighs our plan of action how like their grandchildren ice our chances our way so it may decide how it is in fact. and time is of the essence to keep global warming well under two degrees experts say emissions must drop by up to seventy percent over the next three decades but global emissions rose in twenty seventeen and are on track to do the same this year. have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world seventy nine cities in china including beijing have issued ad pollution alerts that's according to state media a blanket of smog over a large chunk of the country is largely the result of coal fired heating systems and switched on the wind. a far right party has won seats in an election in spain for the first time since the end of the military dictatorship there in one
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nine hundred seventy five the anti immigrant vox party is set to enter the parliament and alysia could end up as a kingmaker in the country's most populous region the governing socialists secured thema seats but they fell short of a majority. in. georgia thousands of opposition supporters have protested against the results of the country's presidential election the demonstrators are accusing the government of voter fraud and demanding a rerun earlier this week salome surreptitiously was declared the election winner she'll be the ex soviet nation's first woman president. a senior taliban commander has been killed in a u.s. air strike in afghanistan. has been described as the militants shadow governor in helmand province died in the attack late on saturday the taliban confirmed a man's death valid it would not affect them military operations. now
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fifa is investigating claims of sexual abuse inside the afghan football federation the a.f. ath some former and current womens play is on the country's national football team made the allegations the f.-f. rejects all of the claims one of the whistleblowers paul has told me she's been waiting since april fifth to take action. the women's game in afghanistan is in trouble several players have come out exposing alleged sexual abuse inside the country's football federation a poem a woman's executive team member and captain says she witnessed firsthand the sexual harry smith of members on the national team back at a training camp in jordan to may represent or drum to one of their players who tried to touch their body pal said she immediately complained to the federation's president but instead of getting fired the two men we're promoting it we found out
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that one also. those man. became their head of legal community oddly got the part of homes that were. not the other becomes the one of the to responsible persons loaned us seventeen months now to the afghan football federation has denied all the allegations and him to pull pal had an axe to grind. for the hope powell was team manager everything was fine but after she was sacked then the women's team becomes bad and abusive resurfacing of about me pal was so concerned that she contacted. i report it and in and krell. two thousand and eighteen. it took like florida we want to put pressure on the file to start investigating to see two zero zero zero zero to help the victims. says it has
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a quote zero tolerance policy on such matters and has reported even involve the united nations as some aspects of these allegations involve sensitive topics linked to the protection of those involved we have sought support from relevant parties who willingly offer to support to people. a scandal of this magnitude threatens the development of women's football in afghanistan. dublin played host to the euro twenty twenty qualifying draw on sunday with a pick of the group's featuring fierce rivals germany and the netherlands after a disastrous world cup and the way phoenicians lee campaigns germany knew they'd be drawn against a difficult opponent. germany germany you can see the netherlands a special word for coach you can learn its notebook in dublin smiles nervously after all it was the dutch she relegated germany in the nation's league last month
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if i mean that when you go to get my heart and i'm looking forward to playing against a strong opponent i think that's a good enough incentive for us. to know each other very very well. if you play germany you know for the fray for it because they have a big big story and they showed us the last time that they will come back. isn't taking germany's other opponents lightly either take for example northern ireland a fast improving national side and the top two teams in each group will qualify for the tournament finals and stony and better reduce round out the rest of the group to largely unknown as for germany it was a matter of course to do our homework in the weeks to come it was not played these teams before. the qualifying matches will take place between march and november next year two games against the netherlands is sure to be the trickiest of the bunch the rest on paper should be winnable. here pin
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football's governing body has confirmed it will launch a third club competition from twenty twenty one the new competition will follow a thirty two team group stage format and will be played alongside the champions league and europa league you a fan has run three club competitions in the past but the cup winners' cup discontinued in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the working title for the new format is europa league two. dutch football i and robin has announced to leave by a new deck at the end of the current season the thirty four year old says he's ready for a new challenge after ten seasons in the area during his time at the club by and won seven titles and four german cups robben also scored the winning goal in the twenty first game champions league final. against fellow bundesliga side or should don't mind. of missing a show is coming up after a short break with former but as they commit failed michelle didn't say as all special guests will be discussing the debates over monday night games and we'll
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also check out the best of some day's action which featured three of the league's top five sides. that's all coming up in just a moment and then i'll be back with a roundup of the latest news at the top of the ella thank you very much for joining us. her first day of school in the jungle. first clueless of the. doris grand moment arrives. join the ring on her journey back to freedom.
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