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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin a matter of life or death u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorist says the world is not moving fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change calling efforts so far way off course we'll have the latest from the u.n. climate conference in poland also coming up. a surprise announcement from tops are they don't state is withdrawing from the opec oil cartel that's been a member for nearly six decades so what's behind the move. and progress
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on peace talks for yemen as the u.n. evacuations wounded with the rebels iran says it will be back to go see asians due to begin soon in sweden. also coming up over the next sixty minutes to want moves migrants away from the u.s. border city officials say unsafe conditions mean their massive camp on the u.s. mexican border must be shut down but migrants fear authorities have an ulterior motive. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show the u.n. secretary general says that the world is way off course in the fight against climate change on tony harris was speaking from the polish city of kut of each where the most important talks on global warming in the years are now underway the conference has officially opened the terrorist told delegates that mankind must
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drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avert runaway global warming. now these talks aim to produce key guidelines on how to implement the paris climate accord which comes into force and twenty twenty one of its main goals is keeping the global temperature rise to below two degrees celsius that by the end of the century the un says greenhouse gas levels are once again at a record high if the current trend continues the world may be headed for a temperature increase of three to five degrees now to keep warming below that crucial two degree level countries will have to cut carbon dioxide emissions by twenty five percent by two thousand and thirty and by twenty seventy five those emission levels must be brought down to zero well the u.n. secretary general open the conference with this urgent warning we are deep trouble
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with climate change climate change is running faster than we are. and the much catch up sooner rather than let it be forty two stalling. for many people regions even country these is already a matter of life or death and this meeting is the most important gathering on climate change since that there is agreement will sign. if these overstates the urgency of our situation today correspondent irena reeses at the kind of future conference arena is this the make or break conference for action on climate change that so many are calling. yes. what we are experiencing is a crucial moment for climate action at that global level three years ago leaders had made on keeping global warming there to a degree says just about. but now this year they have to decide how they actually
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going to manage to do that for instance showing the countries how they're going house or how to report on their climate protection efforts it's also very important year to highlight the importance of facing out particularly here in poland which is a country. now in the run up to this meeting we saw a number of studies showing that we are heading towards was being called a critical point when it comes to c o two emissions where are we right now. well the situation doesn't look very well so we are not that great situation right now a recent report from the united nations environment program shows that there is a huge gap between where we should be right now and where we are in themselves and if we keep the way we are doing now by the end of the century we may end up having three point two degrees. we should
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reduce emissions by. twenty thirty or what the same. our efforts. those are goals but the united states has pulled out of the paris accords actually investing heavily in new fossil fuel projects how much is the paris accord being hollowed out right now. well some experts say that that's actually very bad news and that the fact that trump is pulling out of the paris agreement will have consequences for the fight against climate change most of anything because he will keep supporting fossil fuel projects in the u.s. which is one of the largest emitters already and other countries may also follow his example such as russia or turkey so this will be very bad news but on the other side we have still very ambitious. climate action from look at those on the civil
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society and i was talking earlier to this you of the world bank and she also highlighted the fact that see these businesses are acting on their own and taking the lead on climate change so we'll have to wait until the end of this conference to see also how much of the pressure of the u.s. is making in this climate change fight. thank you very much for that. now for some of the other stories making the news today. french ambulance workers have joined anti-government protests blocking roads near the national assembly building in paris riot police preventing the paramedics from getting anywhere close to the parliament building protests against changes in working conditions follow days of civil unrest in france. a sri lankan court has issued an order preventing mahinda rajapaksa from acting as prime minister until the legitimacy of his appointment has been reviewed the south asian country plunged into political
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crisis in october when the president sacked the former prime minister and put rajapaksa in his place. a russian made soyuz rocket has successfully launched into orbit carrying crude three the two men and one woman took off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan for a six month mission to the international space station this is the first manned voyage to the since a soyuz rocket failure in october. of stephen's here now is a look at qatar in that surprise announcement we've been talking about that's right brian of course qatar is leaving opec that's what it just announced and opec is the cartel of oil producing nations that has a large influence to say the least on the prices of oil globally and that's after almost six decades as a member country says it wants to focus on developing its exports of liquefied natural gas but many analysts of course see a political motive behind the move. as far as break ups go this one was abrupt and
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seemingly as if the blue here's how qatar's energy minister delivered the news that his country's fifty seven year membership of the world's most important group of oil producing nations was coming to an end the state of qatar has decided to withdraw its membership from the organization of petroleum exporting countries opaque if the. january twenty ninth. this decision was communicated to us this morning opec is made up of fifteen countries it was founded in one thousand nine hundred sixty with the goal of helping members benefit from a steady rise in oil prices so just how big a role does it play globally at present opec nations hold almost eighty two percent of the world's reserves qatar by itself controls one point seven percent of the stockpile it might not sound significant but for a country of just two point seven million it punches above its waist the decision
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to withdraw from opec will enable the country to increase production outside of the cartels constraints but it's also being read as a slight to the group's leading member saudi arabia which last year instigation a boycott of qatar accusing us of supporting terrorists qatar is energy minister denies there's a political motive it has nothing to do with. if you look at the. status of. if any country wants to withdraw. what it has to do is basically put in its request. a decision to withdraw. in the next calendar year qatar is decision to leave opec may not cause major damage to the group but it certainly calls into question its reputation for pushing shared economic interests above politics. and staying on the topic of oil
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royal dutch shell has bowed to investor pressure and will link executive pay to meeting binding targets for reducing the company's carbon footprint the oil giant says it will set binding three to five year targets which will also encompasses the zero two emissions made by millions of drivers the targets will be revised annually and the first will be published next year shareholders still have to approve the link to executive pay but that should be a formality with over three hundred investors high in the scheme. and will go back to brian now in a political shake up in spain i believe that's right stephen certainly is one a far right party has won seats in an election for the first time in spain since the end of the franco dictatorship the anti migrant euro skeptic vox party overturned decades long rule by the socialists in and alysia now its leader says he hopes to put together a coalition with the center right citizens party. europe's
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nationalist wave has arrived in spain. the vox party secured twelve seats in andalusia a region with a high rate of both unemployment and migration the party's president is confident they can now take their regional games to the national level. and the rotation of a month and delusions once again have made history they have shaken off thirty six years of socialist regimes paving the way for the rest of spain by saying that it's possible. to do the same and the rest of the country are equal much but he doesn't know that i feel the election has severely weakened the governing socialists although they secured the most seats they fell short of a majority despite this their valley to stop the rise of the far right. taken and alternative for andalusians does not mean that our government will become
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a reflection of this right wing party office which is xenophobic and justifies violence against women and among citizens. ever since the end of francisco franco's dictatorship in one thousand nine hundred seventy five the socialists have dominated spanish politics but sunday's election has shaken the status quo the ballot was the first major test for prime minister pedro sanchez who leads a minority government and with a host of elections coming up in twenty nineteen spain socialists face a crucial year give us gauge the spanish of the threat to the spanish socialist right now to do that i'm joined by did abuse pablo foley ileus in madrid hello there pablo the far right vox party expected to do well in this election but it outperformed expectations in this very key regional vote what was behind that. you're absolutely right it's being described here as a meteoric rise up fox and of course that's not forget that on the roof is the most
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populous region in spain so it's come as a major shock and here in may in spain and for many spaniards opportunity the government has resigned just to two main reasons that vox seem to have appeal to many voters in the south of spain is immigration let's not forget that on them sia is the main entry point for many of the migrants arriving on to grasp on the shores and seems to be one of the topics that worries people them there at quite a lot and also let's not forget that the catalan independence question has also sparked the sort of wave of new nationalism we'll say and this new sentiment in spain or renewed sentiment over the centralization of the country and that too much power has been handed over to the regions in spain spain of course and is made of very similarly to many other federal countries such as germany divided into autonomous regions and i'm c.l. also has one other major crisis which is of course very high levels of unemployment
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they still stand at over twenty percent and vox seems to have that struck a chord with many of the voters who have blamed the spanish government for all those issues that i've just mentioned before ok problem with these three points of mind do you think we could be looking at a far right surge in spain at the national level. well as i said before it's been a major shock and if you actually look at the latest figures coming from the social sociological research carried out in spain every few months by a public entity and vox actually only has one percent support nationally now saying that going into these regional elections and on that it was expected that they would only have about four or five percent and it appears that many voters were hesitant to say that they would actually vote for vox because of the reach of the. the fact that they're so blatantly i'm t. in the print and also have some. real say policies that would be deemed ultra
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conservative so it'll be interesting to see how they fare in the regional elections which are going to be taking place in many of the times regions next may in particular a big election year in spain pablo foley ileus thanks very much for that. well iran says it will be supporting the peace talks aimed at ending the war in yemen the talks could start as early as wednesday this development comes after the saudi arabian led coalition fighting inside yemen agreed to fly out fifty wounded who the rebels these rebels were supported by around and the medical evacuations part of confidence building efforts ahead of those peace talks the fate of who the rebels was a major stumbling block in previous efforts to start talks. all international groups are trying to bring an end to this conflict which has pushed yemen into famine we have this look at a school in the capital sana that's simply trying to feed its students. five
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hundred bread rolls for the i'm honey girl's school in santa two for each student the recess and first meal of the day are highly anticipated. apart from here at school many children have next to nothing to eat. and have realized that my father doesn't have a job anymore i'm very thankful to the school for the food and that's the situation i was in we had i don't need as parents who are impoverished by the war the school's director says many children are suffering because of the saudi so many students lost their parents through bombs and rockets into houses factories and shops. after that many empty hospitals can't cope there's a lack of medical supplies children are especially hard hit according to the ngo save the children tens of thousands have died from nutrition and infection eight
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million yemenis are just barely surviving now with the help of outside aid. and the sustained war causes more deaths every single day. back at their own honey girls' school in santa lentil soup is on the menu for lunch . it's funded by the german charitable organization future for kids. and if and then as a man hand it poverty is spreading medicines and only and we used to give a daily meal to thirty to forty girls now it's three hundred to four hundred and that's me out of the army and. a bit of hope within the misery that these children are learning and have a warm meal every day but only as future and that of many other children in yemen is unknown because there's not yet any sign of an end to the war. let's bring in reich transvaal political analyst specializing in yemen from the for university of
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berlin thanks for being with us with this a rainy announcement hopes are much higher now for the planned peace talks in sweden what do you think their chances of success are. i don't think we can expect a comprehensive solution coming out in the east i think it's a success if the who is easy go to sweden and the english and then i think the chances are pretty good after we heard steps today that un agreed to evacuate fifty insurgents would be fighters to all my young a what's the significance of the evacuation of the fifty who are the rebels being taken out for medical treatment well of course there was a previous attempts to who are going to have talks in geneva in the early september two thousand and eighteen and these times period because the movies did not come to an event that ultimately it was because you handed not every interview that's just
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us ships and certified terrorists and un also could not guarantee that with this it would be able to meet our. so and now into the peace and instead of the movies that i did to put you back you beat us and it is a significant message to build trust as you mentioned. so i did the millennium of what is to go and. it will be a first exacts to see the peace talks in syria max became reich of the recent murder of the u.s. based saudi dissident journalist jamal khashoggi in turkey has created a completely new dynamic in the united states regarding yemen especially in the u.s. senate. absolutely it's both the u.s. senate and the u.s. congress we're now pushing. the u.s. to with a job from the word in yemen and of course there's still resistance but also u.s.
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secretary of defense mattis has caused by a cease fire and then and has also announced that the peace talks will be happening in sudan so these are all positive have positive momentum for the peace talks in yemen. but we're also seeing a momentum in europe we're seeing that countries are suspending their at arms exports to saudi arabia so this is putin now and your situation and u.n. special envoy to yemen i think that is using the cement and other to the by trying to convince the court it's a participate in these make more sense so just to see these negotiations happening and looking at success and then who will be able to see whether these western powers really you know he has about making at peace and yemen and whether the two are able or willing to change their policy it's ok and on wednesday in sweden we should know more if the process will begin right the transfer of for us thank you
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so very much. well mexico and three central american nations have agreed to work on a development plan aimed at reducing the number of migrants leaving the region the move comes as mexico shut down a major migrant shelter close to the american border some six thousand central americans were how's that center in the city if you want correspondent stephan simmons was there and sent us this report. after getting soaked the day before another night of heavy rain finally sealed the fate of the benito who are to shelter in downtown to one of. the six thousand plus migrants housed in the former sports complex did not stand a chance against the downpour. only the children still manage a gentle smile the adults are mourning their tents floating in ankle deep muddy water their clothes and other belongings trenched ruined for many
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a total loss. and amid appalling cemetery conditions city and mexican federal officials finally decided to shut down the shelter. buses arrive and open their doors their promise to bring these people to a better safer place years are not hard to find within hours nearly a thousand migrants are willing to make yet another journey. taking with them the little they deemed worth saving they arrive fia. a form of bus parking facility and concert venue about twenty kilometers from downtown and far away from the border for some two one of migrants this new shelter seems to bring some improvements. here the ground concrete you know it's mud that's bad but the most important thing is to have
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a roof over our heads that protects us from the cold. others. see the benefits of the new shelter but are wary of its location. but it's the real reason the police have brought us here is that they don't want to close to the border now we need to spend one hundred pesos to get to the border for asylum pipework we don't have the money and it's going to take its whole day to get there. this stuff you know it's even more difficult for us to get into the united states a dream is to be that. meanwhile back at the shelter in downtown to the line for the buses even longer now more migrants seem to be willing to leave for the new shelter sooner rather than later a look inside the old place may reveal the reason you don't get more you know not. yet when i was a little girl she sinks i knew only the beautiful under us but as time passed by
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and i grew older i understood i should not loftus let. the set strikes a nerve with many on this day as they continue to harbor their dreams of a future in a better place my little is seeing. the w.'s stuff on seymour as they're reporting for us from the us mexico border. it's to egypt now where a revealing dresses landed an actress there in very hot water run your use of has found herself having to apologize after appearing in a film festival and a lacy somewhat see through gown and she could even be facing prison time with me is our new social media editor gerrard. much ado about a dress in egypt what exactly happened this is all about ryanair yousif the perience of the cairo international film festival last week where she really did steal the show and we can look at the dress that's caused all of this fuss we can
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see rania here on the red carpet in a blue. back embroider see through that we can see he has exposed most of her legs now just by wearing this dress rania was accused of violating egyptian morals and values this is group of lawyers in egypt to go off to celebrities about perceived immorality and now rania is has been charged with inciting debauchery and she could face five years in jail if she is convicted of that she's apologized sentence. she's apologized saying she does value egyptian morality and i guess needless to say she wouldn't have worn the dress if she'd known it would of course there wouldn't be the type of response what would have been some of the reactions out there is anyone stepping up and her defense she writes stop with the coward he had cowardly headlines what she did in cairo is not controversial it's a crime cold violating public morals she and whoever allowed to appeal like this
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should be investigated but others say this is about control like the egyptian american feminist mona eltahawy she says prosecuting quote more crimes and nigel's conservative regimes and news societies to congratulate themselves on their ability to control women ronnie apologized like i said one of her fans wrote back to her you don't have anything to apologize for what you wear is a personal choice a choice that for her and others like here in egypt does have pretty severe consequences potentially with the one person in the first one a good one to see the supporter investigated for for boarding rania you know sending a celebrity to jail because she's allegedly or according to law there promoting a debauchery immorality is this something new in egypt well yes and no it's not uncommon and that's because a lorry exists that allows individuals to file lawsuits against others for
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perceived immorality and that's how these lawyers attacking here's a court. and. here's another example of something that caused a big fuss last year at this music video from singer. and it's a bit racy she was found guilty of inciting debauchery and immorality and she was sentenced to time behind bars i have to say these laws these public morality laws have existed for a long time but under the rule of president c.c. there's been an uptake in people being prosecuted under them and of course brian there's more on this on our website w dot com people get more there thanks very much. this is the interview news live from berlin still to come on the show it is the biggest swan lake ever a new production of these celebrated ballet has just had its german premiere where else here glenn but it has a twist culture editor robin mera will tell us what makes this one like different
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from all the rest. that much more straight ahead. fighting for freedom fighting for the moment. as a young child or military was sold by her family as a house slave. twelve long hard years later she regained her freedom now her memory is her power in the struggle against served. which she's turned into an international campaign. in forty five minutes. later we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listening. to.
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a news alice to see what's going on since. the call to take heads up to this concert who voiced such bugs. play. the play put big dreams on the big story. movie magazine on d w. a continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers its. true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business to present. its. history you know everyone. seems to. be pushing
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the. digital africa starts december twelfth w. . welcome back your deed of news live from berlin one of our top stories right now representatives from around the world are meeting in the polar city of kut of each other to discuss ways of curbing climate change u.n. secretary general tony guitarists says the world is not moving fast enough to prevent catastrophe. both saying with climate change families here in berlin are taking part in a project to find out how they can reduce their carbon footprints and lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle you visited one participating family who are finding out it's not that easy. it's the start of the day
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coming bees and her husband have to go to work on a who's five and me of a who's three have to go to kindergarten and nico who's nine is off to school they all lead busy lives but they're taking part in a special experiment they're one of ninety households trying to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions over a period of one year a project conducted by the potsdam institute for climate impact research. what are you doing what's going on. for them biking is the best form of transport. to get to work and school rain or shine. driving produces too many greenhouse gases. take a bike if it's snowing or i see so long as it's safe for the children. let's go girls. they're trying to reduce c o two but even if they only shop organic
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this isn't easy. i mean we're not perfect i tend to drink water or juice but if the children want to soft drink. we're not always as consistent as we'd like to be. it's about finding a balance they try to buy fruit and vegetables grown in germany but are still willing to compromise for example when it comes to bell peppers from spain. i like happy. yellow and red i like both. peppers are quite healthy there's a lot of earn in them and because we didn't eat meat we eat more vegetables in autumn and winter pepper from spain isn't ideal but it's better than putting salami on a pizza. the whole family eats vegetarian they know that
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a kilo of beef translates to twelve kilos of c o two emissions sunday evening is set aside for the weekly c o two calculations they figure out how much c o two was admitted through the use of electricity their transport and food what's the result for the whole year likely to be. yes not bad twenty five point one eight tons as a family that's five tonnes per person. if they continue living like this they'll go beyond the forty percent goal and reduce their carbon footprint by fifty six percent. this would be a great success says henry who was quite skeptical at the start. of all this is changed over the years because he has become more ambitious and try to improve things that. we have quite
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a high potential for saving on emissions without restricting our quality of life drastically for sport and so. one of them so i would say that i'm satisfied. holidays are also part of the experiment now calmly and basic calculated that less carbon dioxide is emitted when driving to saxony then when taking the train to visit relatives. coming days it wants to live in a society where everyone tries to offset their carbon emissions as much as possible ideally it would be a climate neutral society there's a long way to go but she and her family have made a good start i'm joined now from cut of e.g. by george marshall founder of climate outreach is an organization working to widen engagement with the topic of climate change thanks so much for being with us we
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just saw one family in our report trying to reduce their c o two emissions but they're part of a very small minority now when we look at the hurdles we just saw in that report eating a vegetarian diet not flying on vacation are you surprised that so few people are so ambitious. the really essential thing is when people have to see themselves in the story of climate change in the family that you showed a very committed they they can see themselves in it of course they're being followed by the pottstown institute. that feeling when excitement of engagement and i think the big problem for most people is very simply do not see themselves in the story they they think that climate change is a long way away that it affects other people that maybe it belongs to people with different politics maybe environmentalist or people of green and i think the real challenge we have is how do we make this something which is central for people so that everybody feels
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a sense of collective involvement and it's not just of course about what people do in their own lifestyles it's about every level of society working together as part of a contract because this is who we are this is what we care about and we're all working together and we're not getting that central message we tend to point the finger and say no it's your fault your fault your fault you do this we have to find that central narrative i think ok looking for that central narrative as you do that how do you challenge people and persuade them to to change their their basic behaviors . well it's important to say you know as i as humans it's not scientific information that persuades us you know here in this conference center here we have millions maybe billions of pages of scientific data that is not how our brains work what works for us is a sense of identity of our values of our community and who we are so the way but we engage people has to be finding ways of ten climate change into something that
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speaks to them whoever they are and we need very very different ways of telling this for christians might be one thing for muslims another for conservatives and not a football fans another each group needs to see themselves need to see themselves in this at the moment we just have it's very monolithic you must do this it's the end of a well because of united nations says so we have to find a way but it's much more. disaggregated but it's something which is much more owned by people but also they can see a way that we're all working together and at the moment we don't have thoughts at the moment we're just trying to beat people over the head with the information it's hasn't worked for twenty years that's the problem ok well good luck to you know efforts and thanks so much for being with us george marshall founder of climate out restraining us from kind of. sir. and china agreed to a ninety day truce in their months long trade dispute the dow up four hundred
3:38 pm
points on opening a few minutes ago the truce came after the country's leaders met on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit in argentina this weekend what are they actually agreed to take a look. for months there was little or no less up in the trade dispute between the world's top two economies no wonder then that this handshake which took place on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit made front page news in both countries the deal the leaders struck a ninety day pause on u.s. plans to raise tariffs from ten to twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods in exchange china's pledge to buy more u.s. imports and according to u.s. president trump to reduce or scrap tariffs on u.s. made cars news of the breakthrough spread fast in the chinese capital beijing. trumps vision might be america first but china's is world first we're going disagree over this but i believe there is more than one way to promote global
3:39 pm
economic development. deescalation comes as a relief to u.s. farmers affected by chinese tariffs on key crops like soybeans equally promise to hold off on further tire of eases the pressure on china's already slowing economy still analysts say this is a pause a not a resolution to a complication. now markets are following this news very closely and so is our paul christiane brits in frankfurt paul key tell us how are investors there reacting to this ceasefire as many are calling it. that was the sound of a global sigh of relief and that's essentially how investors are taking this this news has sparked quite some optimism here in europe the german blue chip dax is over two percent in the plus another european markets similarly and that's this by
3:40 pm
let's look at very clearly there's not a step forward is just it's not going to get any worse for now with this truth even though there are there are no specific numbers that are given out this is a time of relaxation at least a little bit for investors and let me ask you real quick car companies are also optimistic about this why. that's because donald trump has claimed that china is going to drop the forty percent tariff on on cars made in the u.s. imported to china and that's brought up shares of car makers of g.m. pretty trade but also of german carmakers b.m.w. in the lead in who's producing a lot of cars in the u.s. and then shipping about twenty five percent of the into china especially as the ease and luxury car so these will benefit if that's true it will benefit from dropping these these tariffs if that's true enough the question is with more
3:41 pm
concrete answers paul chris young brits there for us in frankfurt thank you. and over to spain now where madrid has just been most older model and diesel cars from the city center measures intended to improve air quality in one of europe's most polluted capitals it was controversial and critics say there are too many exceptions for it to really make a difference. madrid is putting the brakes on city charm. vic and it looks like this new traffic markings on the roads and traffic signs they're calling the scheme madrid central according to the plan only residents and cars with a special dispensation will be allowed to enter the city center and downtown is completely off limits for older models and diesel cars. which. i think it's good and will help reduce air pollution. but the air quality improves it will be good for pedestrians it's a real pain for anyone from outside the city. monitoring takes place with the help
3:42 pm
of cameras these notes license plate numbers people found violating the new rules have to pay a ninety year old fine electric cars or cars using natural gas or hybrid motors are exempt from the rules and madrid sidewalks are being expanded smaller roads have had their speed limits reduced to thirty kilometers per hour. and. here you need want to special about madrid central is that it incorporates two initiatives to improve air quality we're keeping most cars out of the city center and the ones that are allowed to drive there have to be more modern cars. taxi companies are also temporarily exempt from the restrictions until they can relocate their fleets and delivery services will need to make logistical changes to all of which has drawn criticism from business people and company owners.
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small business owners that have businesses in the city center like a small restaurant or a bar or shop for example what will they do. just like residents because we also have to spend a lot of time downtown we also want to be able to drive and park their stuff. but in the town hall they want to allow as few exceptions as possible boy a bass cat is what madrid natives call the smoke that regularly covers the city perhaps with madrid central it will soon be a far less common occurrence. football now sunday's bonus league is saw two teams near the top of the table facing off as leipzig moved third by beating second place barista glaude bok all the movie from the sports desk is here to tell us all about it all it is getting exciting good day to you at the top of the top four spots as if it really is and this was certainly
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the game of the weekend from that point of view those top positions as well i have to say i was a bit surprised by this result. in such good form lately especially in attack tangles in the three games leading up to this one so to see them kept to zero shots now is a bit of a surprise but we have to remember the very good saints say and when and the like and you line up you're always going to be a danger to every side in the division of the highlights from this game so let's take a look at exactly how they did it. back from injuries just in time for this tough match the midfield trio of combo and sabates and much else obviously played a part in leipzig surely starts in the second minute one two with t.-mo vanna and the germany international one marked in front of the goal one nil for the hosts both teams were on the attack creating a chance after a good half hour but no problem for leipsic keeper paid to go she or
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a break came out called out today. at the other end posed just slick threat in the glove box box but tobias' strobel prevented him from hitting that charge it. in first half injury time leipzig won the ball and we're off to the races use of pulse and weave through the gladbach defense and the nimble vanno was there to finish the job. in every game he scored this season he's gone on to add his second . leipzig up more defensive after the restart kept pushing but lacked imagination. two organizer with a chance with just over an hour ago. towards the end of sportsmanlike play i wasn't bowing down to go up to seventh clean sheet of the season he was tying his shoe for him i remain unbeaten at home but failed to score
3:46 pm
a goal for the first time since april i tell it will start about some other teams and talk frankfurt they're also in the chase for the top four they had a rough time against spurs sunday night what happened there yeah this one was a real shock for me i thought frank that would have whitey much valse but the form that been in recently but as it turned out they just weren't at the races and this game on sunday it's turned out to be done you didn't check the votes but striker he was the key player in this one he's set up i'm a macmini for that goal we just saw there the opening goal and then in the second half he added a second goal for both but it turned out to be the winner as well he's been a really useful signing for a few involvements already this season now frank did get back through what a season he's having by the way tangles already in this bruising a campaign but it wasn't enough for france on the day and this is a real surprise because they've been getting into gear and adi has a recently that really kind of comes together under this new coach often by munich
3:47 pm
in the summer after a difficult start to the season so this is a real setback for them and they've got to react we're looking really strong you know in the state so we have another game tonight in the united states monday night football is huge but german football fans do not like these monday and i matches today they do not certainly german football fans are quite traditional when it comes to football quite conservative and i hated these monday games ever since they were brought in to the top division losses we've actually had protests pictures here protest losses and now this is a mites and as you'll see just now and three toilet paper is a patient that i would describe as the gang incredible saints just as. the d.f.l. how strongly they feel about this frank that tennis balls thrown on to the pitch to the same end and you know the reason i hate these games is because it's a difficult the match going fans to get to an away game on a monday night it's going to a monday and then you go to weapons these days well every difficulty is going to get across the country than a lot of german fans want to be there physically they don't want to go watch on
3:48 pm
t.v. it's a big part of put a lot a lot of football in germany isn't it ok great thanks for those insights ali a moody from sports for us there now big a word in football is of course a prestigious bottle door award it will be handed out tonight to the top men's player of twenty eighteen is voted for by journalists now there are also two new awards for best young player and the women's. men's favorite mohd rich followed champions league success with real madrid with a fantastic world cup campaign leading croatia you'll recall that final in russia great game in the young player category of france world cup winner killian. is expected to take home the trophy trophy while the barcelona strike a leak of martin's leads the running for the women's prize.
3:49 pm
you are looking at an extract from the shanghai delis new production of swan lake it has just had its german premiere here in berlin and this particular co-production has caused quite a stir in the ballet world to the uninitiated it probably looks no different from other versions of swan lake at least at first glance but this is so very different robin merrill from the culture desk here now to talk about that day to you what's so very different about this one like well it's being billed as the greatest swan lake in the world and it's simply because the size of the cost if you like hold a cord of by the way normally the cole is sixteen swans if you like sixteen dollars big productions sometimes have twenty for this one believe it or not has forty hits for stage at any time the entire cost is
3:50 pm
just below one hundred in the company itself i mean we can see behind us there they are actually posing for photographs of the boat a museum it's a magnificent images and yeah it is fabulous and it's all being choreographed by the british choreographer derek dean now he's done a number of swan lakes but never on a scale like this it must been quite a challenge for him but i also think i mean i know he relished in it he said he's actually registered it so let's have a look at it a bit more and find out well from derek dean him self. is a swan lake of mammoth proportions it features not sixteen not twenty four but forty eighth's ones don't seem to be tchaikovsky's time in the school scene he attache case in bunnings board a museum. the production is the brainchild of celebrated british choreographer derek dean it is the biggest. i mean there hasn't been this one make of this size
3:51 pm
in a proceeding field or. you know the paris opera of the war the care of the bolshoi nobody has ever created something like this so be very interesting to see audience reaction. to this i got a tsunami of swans the all and therein lies the test so many swans on the stage at once is a logistical challenge the forty eight dancers must move in perth thanks synchrony even the slightest mistake would ruin the illusion the production is a particular challenge for the soloists they have to navigate around twice as many fellow dancers as usual on the new stage all the while making it look as if there's nothing to it. but they don't says could hardly be in safer hands derek dean made his name as a choreographer of a large scale ballets to prepare for this production he studied the history of swan
3:52 pm
lake from its premier eight hundred seventy seven to its present day incarnations. no words well it was first performed it was a disaster i mean everybody booed at the performances everybody said the music was trying to dreadful the choreography was appalling and they had to put the production away for many years and then it was rethought and redone with the same music and through the years it became this one believe. critics feared quantity could take precedence over quality in the production but those concerns proved unfounded. derek dean and the shanghai ballet swan like has already received rave reviews from. derek dean and the shanghai ballet just doing a great job there it's interesting to hear him talk about it now but but but more largely what is it about swan lake that has made it this perennial favorite in the
3:53 pm
repertoire yeah i mean i first and foremost one has to say tchaikovsky i mean tchaikovsky one of the greatest composers who ever lived and certainly one of the greatest ballet composers i mean after this he did sleeping beauty and he did the not crack and these are three of the greatest ballets in the genre really i mean with one let it be dare i say it it's got those hit choose we already heard. of the people. that's the most not one then there's the the dumps of the cygnets old little swans that we most probably know is de dum dum dum the you know that everybody does these jeans and apart from the hip shoes it's the classic timeless love story with the prince and the princess there's magic in there the sorcery i mean it's a mixture of cinderella or on one side the prince is such ng for his his great love you know and then then there's the sort of romeo and juliet bit where the course of
3:54 pm
the tragedy of the great love they you know they drown in it in the late the tragic ending nonetheless it does have that incredible appeal for young people you know for adolescents and for children now now this version. version it has a different ending it does a date i hope this isn't a spoiler alert because people know the borders or the spoiler alert know because they they don't diet but it isn't the first time it's been done to be very old to sit has been done before that they've had a happy ending this is a happy ending as opposed to the tragedy ok that i think will even broaden the. it's a pill more when it is it's going to be touring around the world well it's being it's already been in the netherlands has been in belgium is now right here in berlin for two weeks then it goes to vienna of course the problem is five big fish it's big enough to take it off to off to vietnam for christmas to go back to shanghai and people if they want to see it just look locally or look on our website
3:55 pm
at coast to find out where it's going to be they are looking it's going to go on and on this is big had tremendous review looks fantastic robin as ever thanks so much for coming and talking is all about this. stirre viewers reminder some of the top stories we're following for you today representatives from around the world are meeting in the polish city to debate ways of curbing climate change the u.n. secretary general and tony who terraces the world is not moving fast enough to prevent catastrophe. and the gulf state of qatar has announced that it is to pull out of the oil cartel opaque on january first of next year guitars energy minister says the country will be leaving so qatar can focus on liquid gas production is the first time a middle eastern nation has left the cartel. this is the t.v. news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks so much for being
3:56 pm
with us.
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more. fighting for freedom fighting for the women ahead hot. as a young child dari was sold by her family as a house slave for. twelve long hard years later she regained her freedom now her memory is her power in the struggle against served on which she's turned into an international campaign. in fifteen minutes.
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. playing. this is it every news live from berlin a matter of life or death a secretary general antonio good at it says the world is not moving nearly fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change calling efforts so far away off course we'll have the latest from the annual u.n. climate conference in poland also coming up progress on peace talks for.


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