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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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check in with the web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. this is did every news live from berlin a matter of life or death. we are in deep trouble we've climate change the u.n. secretary general antonio good at it says the world is not moving nearly fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change we'll get an expert's view from the u.n. climate conference in poland also coming up. progress on peace talks for yemen as
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the u.n. evacuees injured rebels iran says it will back negotiations due to begin soon in sweden and a surprise announcement from qatar the gulf state as we're drawing from the opec oil cartel it's been a member for nearly six decades so what's behind this latest move. down little rock is great to be with you all everyone all right well we start off with some stark warnings about the dangers of climate change you want secretary general antonio witnesses the world is way off course in the fight to deal with global warming he was speaking in the polish city of kut to beach where the annual u.n. conference on global warming has begun a witness told delegates delegates that humankind must drastically. reduce
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greenhouse gas emissions to avert runaway global warming for some countries he said it's even a matter of life or death while the conference aims to produce key guidelines on how to implement the paris climate accord which comes into force in twenty twenty one of its main goals is keeping the global temperature rise to below two degrees celsius by the end of this century now the u.n. says greenhouse gas levels are once again at a record high if the current trend continues the world may be heading for a temperature increase of three and even five degrees all to keep warming below two degrees countries will have to cut carbon dioxide emissions by twenty five percent by two thousand and thirty and by twenty seventy five bring those emissions down to zero right here is what un secretary general antonio with data said as he officially opened the conference take a listen we are in deep trouble with climate change climate
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change is running faster than we are. and we much catch up sooner rather than before it is too late for many people regions even countries this is already a matter of life or death and this meeting is the most important gathering on climate change since the bears agreement was signed if these are to overstates the urgency of our situation. the u.n. secretary general there opening the conference and after talks on climate change is george marshall he is the founder of climate outreach an organization that aims to widen engagement with climate change i want to welcome you sirrah hardly a week goes by without another stark warning about global warming why are so many
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or so few people willing to make sacrifices for the environment well as in the first thing to say governments of signally failed to engage people across their populations the vast majority of people are still not involved in climate change is an issue they know very little about it you know the conventional that was signed over twenty years ago it requires every government to educate and inform the people they failed to do about i think that politically scared of the issue and they haven't gotten involved with it so we're constantly trying to catch up people need to be aware of the scale of the problem but they also need to see themselves in the story and that's the other that's the other failing i think is what people think it's all about big business all that it's all about government action they don't see themselves in it it doesn't speak to my values their identity what's important to them so mr marshall what can people do concretely i mean how can individuals make a difference. the most important
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thing for people to do is to actually to talk about it i mean of course we all have an impact in our lives in the way that we live. but the thing which is going to move us forward on this is when people say to governments i'm not going to vote for you unless you take action on me so i say to a business i'm going to buy your product unless you are taking action on this and for that to happen people must be really engaged with it and that means we need to talk about it you know the vast majority of people don't actually think or talk about climate change from one year to the next so if a critical emphasis now has to be on reaching people as you are on this program same with this is important also saying get out there talk about it think about it discuss it in your workplace in your church with your family and i think we have to break his silence because we've been quiet about this for too long over twenty years now we haven't talked about this now family people in my world there's a real problem here maybe it's too late and it isn't too late as long as we're
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starting gauging with it actively all right now there is this relatively new concept of living c o two neutral meaning that humans we've as little impact on the planet as possible and you think that that's taking it a step too far though. i think we all need to take action in our own lives but again it's very important that people do that feeling of that's who they are and what they are again it has to be something which speaks to people's values for a sense of who they are if we just say to people now you have to give everything up not surprisingly a lot of people say no don't take this away from me why should you are i've worked hard for this i think the important thing is what we have a sense of collective action we're all in this together that means sure we all individually do things in our lives but also we demand business takes action we demand the government takes action we need to see action at all levels and this is like this like being a collective struggle so if we just say it's your fault you really have a consumer must do something that's possible to buck basically people need to feel
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part of a shared endeavor and then i'm confident yes people will take that action right and then it's also less overwhelming for many people as well now when you walk out of this conference in q reads time one kind of message would you like to take to your children for instance. well the thing i would say to my kids is what this is the biggest issue of our time and actually if you want to be involved in the most exciting and most important issues of your time getting involved with this think about this and your career and your life choices and i'm certainly hugely inspired by the protests would have been happening started in sweden have been happening right across australia where young people even refusing to go to school and saying no actually off future is even more important than going to school so i'd really encourage especially younger generations but everybody at all levels all classes all politics to stand up and say you know we demand action on this now we've been waiting too long actually only i will make my sacrifices but i'm demanding a business and government much is that we all work together on this like it's on
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that now to george marshall founder of climate outreach thank you so much for weighing in. here in berlin some families are making their contribution to limiting climate change they're taking part in a project to find out how they can reduce their carbon footprint and lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle and you got me here is visit one participating family who are finding that it's not always easy. it's the start of the day cutting bees and her husband have to go to work on a who's five and me a little who's three have to go to kindergarten and nico who's nine is off to school they all lead busy lives but they're taking part in a special experiment they're one of ninety households trying to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions over a period of one year a project conducted by the potsdam institute for climate impact research.
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what are you doing what's going on. for them biking is the best form of transport to get to work and school rain or shine. driving produces too many greenhouse gases. by if you take a bike if it's snowing or icy i'm so long as it's safe for the children the let's go girls. they're trying to reduce c o two but even if they only shop organic this isn't easy. it is not only when those perfect i tend to drink water or juice but if the children want to soft drink . we're not always as consistent as we'd like to be. it's about finding a balance they try to buy fruit and vegetables grown in germany but are still
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willing to compromise for example when it comes to bell peppers from spain. i like happy. yellow and red i like both right after the public has had peppers are quite healthy there's a lot of fun in them and because we didn't eat meat we eat more vegetables in autumn and winter pepper from spain isn't ideal but it's better than putting salami on a pizza. the whole family eats vegetarian they know that a kilo of beef translates to twelve kilos of c o two emissions sunday evening is set aside for the weekly c o two calculations they figure out how much c o two was admitted through the use of electricity their transport and food what's the result for the whole year likely to be. yes not bad
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twenty five point one eight tons as a family that's five tonnes per person. if they continue living like this they'll go beyond the forty percent goal and reduce their carbon footprint by fifty six percent this would be a great success says henry who was quite skeptical at the start. this is changed over the years because he has become more ambitious and try to improve things. we have quite a high potential for saving on emissions without restricting our quality of life drastically. so i would say that i'm satisfied. with. holidays are also part of the experiment how calmly and basic calculated that less carbon dioxide is emitted when driving to saxony than when taking the train to visit relatives. coming days a wants to live in
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a society where everyone tries to offset their carbon emissions as much as possible ideally it would be a climate neutral society there's a long way to go but she and her family has made a good start. all right this for him to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. a far right party has won seats in an election in spain for the first time since the end of the franco military dictatorship in one thousand nine hundred five the anti immigrant vox party is set to enter and a loose is regional assembly the governing socialist secure at the most seats but may lose control of the regional government after the center right citizens party ruled out a coalition. thrust a russian made so use rocket has successfully launched into orbit carrying a crew of three and the two men and one woman took off from you know baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan for a six month mission on the international space station is the first manned voyage
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to the i asked since a rocket failure back in october. a university founded by the hungry an american billionaire george soros says it has been forced to leave budapest for vienna a central european universities move it ends years of wrangling with hungry is conservative prime minister viktor orban who accuses soros of encouraging the mass migrations of muslims to euro. now could talks to end the conflict in yemen start this week iran has said it will support the peace talks which could start in sweden as early as wednesday iran's move comes after the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen agreed to fly out fifty injured who is the rebels the rebels are supported by iran in the medical evacuation is part of confidence building efforts ahead of peace talks the fate of who with the rebels was a stumbling block in previous efforts to start talks. well international groups are
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trying to bring about an end to the conflict which has pushed the country into famine we have this look at a school in the capital sanaa that is trying to provide food to keep its students alive. five hundred bread rolls for the i'm honey girl's school in santa two for each student the recess and first meal of the day are highly anticipated. apart from here at school many children have next to nothing to eat. and have a nice took my father doesn't have a job anymore i'm very thankful to the school for the food and that's the situation i was in we had. no money as parents were impoverished by the war the school's director says many children are suffering civil society so many students lost their parents through bombs and rockets into houses factories and shops. after that really empty hospitals can't cope there's
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a lack of medical supplies children are especially hard hit according to the ngo save the children tens of thousands have died from our nutrition and infection eight million yemenis are just barely surviving now with the help of outside aid. and the sustained war causes more deaths every single day. back at their own heinie girls' school in sana lentil soup is on the menu for lunch . it's funded by the german charitable organization future for kids. i can and then as a man hand it poverty is spreading and medicinally and we used to give a daily mail to thirty to forty girls. now it's three hundred to four hundred and it's me out of the army and. a bit of hope within the misery these children are learning and have a warm meal every day but only as future and that of many other children in yemen
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is unknown because there's not yet any sign of an end to the war. our atlas brand now micah turns felt a political analyst specializing in yemen from the free university in berlin a very good day mr chance fell to hopes are very high for these planned peace talks what are the chances of success. it's a present and difficult it's not i know how success of these talks. but at this point it is already a success to just bring peace and the international recognized government to sweden and to the negotiations and i doubt that we will see a comprehensive solution come out east immediately i believe that the situation on the ground was close to a stalemate so both of the parties are still to have got to make the real
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compromises even though both are ready for the. political negotiations at the same time there are. artists of the conflicts we're just not at that you know which is a senior u.n. and african work ok so there are still some outstanding issues to be resolved before these peace talks get underway on wednesday tell us about the significance of these fifty who feel rebels being evacuated for medical treatment. this is very significant and this is the reason why it's more likely that the practice of peace and the talks in early september two thousand and eighteen the u.n. convoy that he tried to work in stocks but it failed because the u.n. could not reach the condition of the of these to evacuate the city individuals to online and they're doing this not and this is an important trust building measure
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and not just for the charts between the internationally recognized government and the movies but also to build trust between the police and the u.n. either it's because u.n. mediation was in the past and perceived by the with these as being biased and. not of our show all right now let's talk about the murder of saudi journalists. which has changed the dynamic about saudi arabia's role in the war in yemen particularly in the u.s. do you think that this could be a turning point. and it isn't turning when but we have to wait and how serious western powers are and how to change the policies towards saudi arabia effect. or even a political solution and yemen but certainly. that's murder.
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and. change the tide against saudi arabia and wasn't in the west up to the reality in yemen and we are now seeing the u.s. congress and the u.s. senate trying to push the u.s. to withdraw from the war and also your powers. will suspend reassess our situations. there also reassessing the situation on the ground thank you so much mike a transfer we unfortunately have to leave it there specializing in yemen from the free university of berlin thank you for your insights all right and we're going to have some sports for you now football's prestigious about on dog awards will be handed out tonight to the top men's player of twenty eighteen as voted for by journalists and there are also two new awards for best young player and the women's vote on the all men's favorite luke follow champions league that success with real madrid with a fantastic world cup campaign leading croatia to the final in russia in the young
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player category france the world cup winner. is expected to take home the trophy while barcelona striker martens leads the running for the women's prize. our video replay is coming to the champions league the u.a.e. five executive committee announced on monday that video assistant referees commonly known as var will be introduced into europe's top club competition starting with the round of sixteen next february it's part of you waif plan to expand the use of the replay technology including for the euro twenty. twenty finals. and it's bound to cause a lot of controversy all right stephen is here now with a historic development at the opec oil cartel protel and of course the qatar here they couldn't help. it is the original parts of many oil producing nations it's
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been a member for almost six decades now says it wants to focus on developing its exports of liquefied natural gas but many analysts also see a political motive behind the move as far as break ups go this one was abrupt and seemingly out of the blue here's how tars energy minister delivered the news that his country's fifty seven year membership of the world's most important group of oil producing nations was coming to an end the state of qatar has decided to withdraw its membership from the organization of petroleum exporting countries opec effective january twenty ninth team this decision was communicated to operate this morning opec is made up of fifteen countries it was founded in one thousand nine hundred sixty with the goal of helping members benefit from a steady rise in oil prices so just how big a role does it play globally not present opec nations hold almost eighty two percent of the world's reserves qatar by itself controls one point seven percent of
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the stockpile it might not sign significant but for a country of just two point seven million it punches above its waist the decision to withdraw from opec will enable the country to increase production outside of the cartels constraints but it's also being read as a slight to the group's leading member saudi arabia which last year instigation a boycott of qatar accusing us of supporting terrorists. qatar's energy minister denies there's a political motive that has nothing to do with the ok. if you look at the. status of the opec if any country was to the rule. what it has to do is basically put into i think it's a request all its decision to withdraw and it basically was it was in the next calendar the. qataris decision to leave opec may not cause major damage to the
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group but it certainly calls into question its reputation for pushing shared economic interests above politics and over to europe now where germany's government says it will pump nearly one billion extra euros into the fight against air pollution chancellor angela merkel said the funding will help us apologies tackle pollution from diesel cars or government wants to avoid any more bans on older diesel powered vehicles being implemented in cities where high pollutant levels have been recorded. the german government is under pressure to prevent the thousands of premature deaths diesel fumes are alleged to cause each year now chancellor angela merkel has announced a boost for plans to improve equity in german cities. instead of one billion it'll be one point five billion and on top of that the government will provide another four hundred thirty two million euros for retrofitting smaller trucks. to fall the knuckles government has been
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struggling to deal with the fallout from the auto industry's diesel gates emissions cheating scandal however a string of course imposed diesel bans for some in a cities has now prompted some swift responses like the new funding the bans have outraged diesel drivers so is throwing an extra billion euros at the diesel emissions problem enough. of. the financial subsidies for municipal vehicles and buses only impact about seven percent of the end though to emissions the majority of emissions are of course generated by cars. no modern. city mayors and local authorities want copper juices to be held more accountable to offer trade and bonuses for baez of new cars and to retrofit older vehicles they say they're not responsible for the diesel
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dilemma right now they're having to bear the costs and the inconvenience. of a little deeper into this story with paul chris just brits our financial correspondent and frankfurt paul a hefty amount of taxpayer money going into this problem was essentially created by car companies or german auto makers really getting off this easily here. yeah it sure does look like it for over a million diesel owners private diesel owners also who won't be able to drive into cities such as frankfurt here or berlin bonn hamburg said gard and there still isn't a solution from the side of car makers that will really tackle this problem one of the possible solutions that carmakers like is replacing older cars by new cars with trade in incentives that of course means they will sell more cars the other retrofitting older vehicles. problems one is that the acknowledge isn't ready
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yet and it's certainly not ready to be certified by the government and actually approved and the second one is that carmakers aren't very happy about this solution some have outright said they were not supported like b.m.w. and others like folks not in settle they'll only take part and pays in a row if you're. one of those let's look at actually one of those car makers briefly while we have time volkswagen l signaling that the fallout from the scandals is affecting them or what he told us briefly about the. folks are going to . the head of compliance just said that it's actually going to face the worst year ever in twenty nineteen the company has already paid twenty eight billion dollars in fines but the problem isn't so much the amount it's that there are cases in over fifty countries that the company faces just here in germany there is now a new class action lawsuit against
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a company that will be difficult to to unravel ok so obviously car companies thinking that they're already paying a lot there for us in frankfurt thank you. well giant royal dutch shell has bowed to investor pressure and will link executive pay to meeting binding targets for do sing the company's carbon footprint. shell says will set binding three to five year targets which will also encompass c.e.o. two emissions made by millions of drivers the targets be revised annually and the first will be published next year shareholders still have to approve a link to executive pay there should be a formality with over three hundred investors one hundred times. and that's it for us you're watching the news from berlin we're coming to top the hour thanks for keeping up with us.
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in korea and i want to find out what this maybe world heritage status is it seems the famous just ensure every can be looking at what else you can experience here in the run up to christmas.
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