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tv   Close up - The End User - Yemen and the Global Arms Trade  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2018 2:15am-2:46am CET

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in march twenty fifteen a saudi led coalition launched operation decisive storm in yemen more than three years later the campaign drags on while coalition forces including egypt sudan and jordan continue as strikes against toothy rebels there have been signs of other interventions behind the scenes work had a lot about the europeans that actually we. don't want to stop offering to do sometimes yemeni fighters sell their weapons or i mean. look this is so-called leakage of a type a weapon handed over to a resistance faction in time is then passed on to al-qaeda in a general by that that. the presence of these arms has complicated the situation politically and on the ground so that escalating the humanitarian crisis some of those weapons were originally sold to gulf states under subject to international
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norms known as end user agreements the prohibited transfer to a third party. egyptian journalist mohammed abu every it and the arab reporters for investigative journalism. spends a year tracing the origins of weapons that have fallen into the hands of various yemeni groups. the country's third largest city lies in the southwest and was renowned as the capital of yemeni culture it has been turned into a battleground dies doesn't have any real equipment the security operators were systematically destroyed when the city was conquered by the who the militia. in the absence of state power new players came on the scene. kadir.
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in january twenty sixth seen the terrorist group published footage of some of its members holding german three machine guns. it was not limited to this type of gun all the city of time is suggesting wider matic abuses m g three isn't there like a what experts call flag items. that are relatively easy for. crack have a strong indicator of possible diversion or possible supply. conflict after the conflict began. just three months after the start of operation decisive storm germany was the first european country to officially question saudi arabia about whether it had passed weapons to a third party. to trigger this video showing who these receiving g
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three assault rifles that have been air dropped into yemen. saudi. with a special license from the german company. the company. different types of weapons appear in dozens of video. the company did not respond to questions but the german federal ministry. general. the federal ministry for economic affairs and energy has no valid evidence that military equipment exported from germany is being used in yemen exported military equipment may not be passed on to other countries without the consent of the
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federal government. the federal government. regarding noncompliance with the very seriously and initiate investigations into the matter in such a case. human rights groups say illicitly diverted weapons compose great risks once they leave the certified in jews or in the spirit of the risks that diversion brings particularly true on authorizing the use of such as armed groups that mortar very weak to quote control. in january twenty sixth seen the same month in which german weapons were spotted in the hands of al qaeda a warning was issued by the un security council's panel of experts on yemen have. discussed that some forces or groups are committing acts contravening human rights
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laws and are not controlled by the yemeni government who have been there receiving military support which includes weapons that might end up being sold on the black market or be handed over to entities on sanctions lists. to investigate whether arms were being passed to an authorized end users created social media accounts with fake yemeni names in order to contact underground illegal trading networks virtually anything is for sale on the net or each document to dozens of german assault rifles and machine guns being sold in some cases the sellers were at pains to emphasize that the arms were brand new and had never been fined. someone's resistance fighters are not given their monthly salary. we heard although without concrete evidence that they then sell the weapons they
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received. or each posted a request to buy an m.g. three machine gun and quickly got some office they asked for photos of the weapon serial number. and gotten. then they contacted the german government and requested that they track the serial numbers there was no response. in february twenty seven thousand people in ties took to the streets to protest against the killing of a banana vendor during clashes between armed groups belonging to the popular resistance i added that they are above the law no one can stand in their way. they hurt a lot of people not only my son but her but he did anything. let it be. there
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was still a very heady act. the demonstrations in ties will remind her of the spirit of the yemeni revolution that had swept through the country six years earlier. president ali abdullah saleh he stepped down after more than twenty five years in power he was succeeded by his vice president a bit rather than months well heidi but certainly sought to reclaim power by force and formed an alliance with his former enemies the who things which marks the beginning of the civil war. here. what's happening today is just one link in a chain that started in twenty level. with nationally like other yemenis i dreamed of bringing down the system and building a secular state with equal rights for the people that was. in september twenty
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fourth teen to who see rebels took control of the capital sana'a. president hardy's government. fled to the southern port city of aden making it to provisional capital. saudi arabia accused the who sees of receiving uranium support and formed an arab military coalition to support hardy. according to u.n. estimates the country's inhabitants possess forty to sixty million weapons. diverse armed groups known as the popular resistance committees quickly formed to fight against the alongside the saudi led coalition.
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the other brigades were on their side. in the swat guys one group on the other during clashes going to help all started running and my son was standing next to this door he took a bullet to the side of his head and it came out the other side. who are now bass brigades are among the most controversial groups in the popular resistance the salafi militia was founded by shaikh abdel abdul fatah also known as abu allah but who has been accused of having links to al qaeda. because security headquarters were attacked a security personnel were killed in cold blood the wounded were denied and the people who carried out the operation were carrying black flags people recognized them as members of al qaeda but they were fighting with apple says forces. that he . has been involved from the beginning in the battles to liberate ties
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everyone knows this and all factions deal with them with me one delegate recently visited ties members of al qaeda attended and had photos taken with them. other evidence was found linking the up will of us brigades to act. in march twenty sixth ina al qaeda published a video showing an r.p.g. thirty two for the first time. the r.p.g. thirty two is a modern laser guided weapon assembled in jordan in partnership with russia. the company says it explodes the anti-tank rocket launcher only to the united arab emirates. then this type of weapon had only been seen in the hands of the us brigades and no other faction in yemen. we were not responsible for handing over any
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of our weapons. so no weapons were handed over by us. in fact if you looked at our arsenal. we do not possess any weapons prestigious enough to be passed on to others. the same outrage video featured another weapon the f.n. mini me machine gun design for the belgian company f n have started. many yemeni factions including the us brigades have been spotted with these machine guns in their possession. entire other weapons and ammunition appeared bearing belgian export data. the other you should journalists and tracking requests for belgian guns or dental fighters being in the position of fighters or up for sale in yemen but the company did not respond.
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the office of the belgian prime minister replied that he didn't grant interviews. the team found evidence of another western made weapon in an area close to where the belgian was spotted. this with h.g.h. five hand grenade was found in the position of a fighter. against. this is an assault that we use and a sound grenade. contacted the swiss manufacture them to trace the grenade. they received the manufacturer wrote. three dash six can clearly be allocated to a delivery to the u.a.e. from two thousand and three. when the saudi led coalition were passing weapons to third parties in yemen they claimed no knowledge of the matter.
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responded saying it had launched an investigation based on the information provided writing. each export of weapons to a state entity requires an end user certificate which includes the obligation not to pass on the receiver weapons without prior written authorization from swiss authorities switzerland is not aware of swiss weapons being used in the conflict in yemen the competent authorities are currently assessing the information provided by . the other side of the conflict iran was accused of violating the u.n. arms embargo against humans who the rebels a un panel was set up to investigate. there are new missiles that were not possessed in yemen before twenty fifteen and their presence is considered a violation of the un security council resolution twenty two sixteen. there
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are also other weapons that our team collected data on including drones and materials used as fuel for missiles. from four or five countries and exported to iran. that's what. the panel also documented human rights violations by the who sees however at the same time it highlighted the role of the us brigades in time. to get help. in the beginning of the war there was a special committee in saudi arabia responsible for supporting the resistance and ties. money was sent by the committee to brigadier general. us and a list of other faction leaders who should receive the money from him. with. the
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same happen for weapons. would receive it and give a specific amount to other factions according to a list. in december twenty fourth teen saudi arabia and the u.a.e. he had signed the gulf memorandum of understanding with qatar ushering in a brief period of rapprochement. this was reflected in an agreement between the us brigades and a leader of the muslim brotherhood party shaikh hammoud afy. in february twenty sixth teen chaffee received members of the popular resistance battalion who were returning from training. members of the battalion were armed
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with austrian shy out. a respotted hundreds of this type of rifle as well as the s.s.g. sixty nine sniper rifle in many locations in yemen including a province controlled by so-called islamic state this weapon was for sale in markets and even got into the hands of children interestedly this type of gun was also spotted in the possession of saudi soldiers before the war in yemen began the journalists asked the austrian manufacturers how the weapons had ended up in yemen but received no response from them all from the austrian government. brigades advanced with the help of the armored vehicles given by the arab coalition . member twenty fifteen the other one a bus brigade received three u.s. made m. a.t.v.
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armored vehicles. a few days later the vehicles were spotted in the streets of thais sporting both u.a.e. and yemeni flags. were also spotted in other parts of yemen. from the stockholm international peace research institute shows that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. purchased more than two thousand six hundred armored vehicles of this type between twenty eleven and twenty fourteen. a year later the fundamentalist islam is chaika nuns rick was photographed inside an advantage yes if you mine clearance vehicle manufactured in the united kingdom. the vehicle was clearly marked with saudi army insignia. the same type of vehicle was also spotted in other provinces. if we're talking about the twenty two meter brigade it should have vehicles armored
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vehicles and armored personnel carriers and should spearhead attacks but this big a does not have any vehicles. in the second year of the war in yemen two new forces were formed the security beltin agent and the hydra me elite forces in hot remote these groups are made up of supporters of the separatist southern movement who demands a session of the south to form an independent state. the two forces raised the south yemen flag on another type of u.s. made armored vehicle to be a each amun. according to the stockholm institute the u.a.e. bought five hundred of these armored vehicles in twenty fourteen. in the south the u.a.e. is the one providing support to resistance forces and is in control.
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of the security belt the head dreamy elite forces and the elite forces originally had an important role in fighting terrorism and insurance security in some areas. unfortunately they broke international human rights laws and committed disappearances and other actions that are eligible for sanctions. but the arab coalition beg to differ. the coalition welcomes the report. part it has reservations about some of the paragraphs of the how which are not based on evidence of the. outreach approach to u.s. and the u.k. for their response in the u.s.
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the pentagon confirmed that washington is committed to strong end user agreements and was investigating claims that its weapons had been diverted to other parties in yemen the defense spokesman added that the u.s. believes restoring stability to yemen would require political as well as military action. as for the u.k. graeme jones the chair of parliament's committee on arms export controls declined to discuss the matter entirely stating the main problem is the run game and not the west to yemen and he accused of having a political agenda the u.k. department for international trade said companies didn't need permission to export mine clearing vehicles but he didn't address the legality of their transfer to a third party without informing the u.k. . since sunday the coalition has not facilitated any humanitarian movements into or out of yemen kerry while the un was warning of
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a huge cholera outbreak in yemen and the danger of the world's most serious famine factions supposedly on the side of the saudi led coalition clashed. fighting erupted between the u.s. backed southern forces and the saudi backed presidential guards. there says the u.a.e. has entrusted yemen and there might be errors committed in the fight with the help of. however saudi arabia is the leader of the coalition and it will not allow any country to tamper with the situation. forces will soon be under the control of a legitimate government that knows. how to. entice the other one of us brigades known for their ties to the un we were clashing with the salic brigade and other groups linked to the muslim brotherhood islamic party which has ties to qatar. this coincided with the internationally
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recognized saudi backed government in yemen issuing orders to merge the popular resistance forces into the national army however these integration efforts soon faced a real test. in june twenty seventh team the gulf crisis erupted with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. opposing qatar it had a knock on effect in yemen. and disagreements between factions members previous affiliation of surface. in october twenty seventeen the other one a bus brigade reached the peak of their international fame the us saudi arabia other u.a.e. put the group on a terror watch lists they justified their decision by saying that the brigades were giving support to al qaeda. you know very but again it is strange for an entity to be classified as
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a terrorist group while being funded by voters who classified it as such. brigades also claim that being branded terrorists didn't affect their deals with the saudi led coalition. nothing happened. the group was invited to a meeting in saudi arabia with the leaders of ties. things changed. the ones in financial support are still the same as before. it seems increasingly clear that weapons bought for one country's armed forces are being passed on to other parties for political reasons most of these weapons come from western countries that are subject to domestic and international legislation the house of lords this practice. saudi arabia
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and the u.a.e. did not respond to repeated attempts to contact them but a senior yemeni official confirmed that the arab coalition knew its weapons were being passed on. to question was started by the coalition about the leakage of a weapon that was handed over to a resistance faction in ties that was linked to al qaida in aden this is confirmed by the coalition. we have transparency in the coalition to say yes although it is partial and not influential. the yemeni situation is stressful and there are clashes between parties and tribes. there are parties allied with the coalition who deal with the who fees in one way or another. but the situation is almost completely under control. in twenty eighteen germany approved four hundred million euros worth of arms sales to saudi arabia but has now put the exports on hold. in june belgium
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announced the withdrawal of the license from a belgian company to export to saudi arabia. into. international human rights organizations have welcomed the moves but say more should be done and sphere international has for many years now campaigned for a complete in fargo on its truth the saudi led coalition for use in the yemeni conflict. to get. any support to the province of ties should go through legal institutions of the national army we believe in establishing a national army and the support to go through its leadership or more guys get their . arms are still being exported from a string of western countries even though there is weighty evidence that the end users are not the armies of saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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entires son ayden shop wa and other provinces the people of yemen are hoping for a new era in which their republican loan is the end user. instead weapons are being passed to various splinter groups in yemen for the yemeni people the results are catastrophic. blogs the be.
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