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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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not only with russia but with china as well is this the best the true approach at this point to guarantee not only american and european security but the alliance security as well so for for the ass and for russia it could be a strategic benefit to include china because they also having i.m.f. relevant missiles but that makes it even more complicated especially for europeans because it's crucial to their security but partners of those treaties are russia yes and maybe china are so it makes it really really. difficult for for your pains to uphold that treaty ok so that would be a bad idea in your opinion no it would actually it could be a good idea or another idea could also be to limit i n f only to europe so that russia and us would be allowed to develop those weapons but only for you this outside of europe that could be maybe a more more viable way to do it because at some point it would be very difficult to include china because they wouldn't have any interest to to limit themselves at
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what would be russia's interest in creating a new approach to the are enough so russia in fact. is not as strong economically as the ass is so at the moment it's in their interest because it's a strategic benefit for them because they have those i.m.f. relevant missiles and yet doesn't have but in the longer term russia is not able to compete with us in terms of an arms race because they just have a much smaller economy they have their life ways worse ways worse off in terms of technology ok also on the agenda in brussels today is a potential flashpoint between the west and russia ukraine do you see nato stepping in as some point in guaranteeing ukraine security you know that would that would be a higher risk of a military confrontation between nato and russia which both sides want to the point what we will see is maybe or and what they at least will see is unworkable. support
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for ukraine in condemnation of russia's action we may also see air patrols less likely sanctions that's what the u.s. is pushing for but the european partners they want to they want to postpone it to have more and more room for leverage for negotiations with russia on diane f. treaty briefly if you could with ukraine out there with the i n f all but dead are you concerned about a new arms race a new nuclear arms race yes i think most most people are because if i if is is not able to or is not not being uphold will definitely see an arms race in terms of intermediate missiles that we still have a new start in place which limits strategic missile iles but they may be connected so if we see i n f going down the drain not may also have problems for long you start it could on rival other agreements yes it beginning of that or at least are a pagan from the german council on foreign relations thanks for being with us
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welcome now for some of the other stories making news around the world first of those charged with rioting in paris over the weekend have appeared in court in a fast track proceedings any company by family members fifty seven suspects face a range of public water charges stemming from those protests the third round of yellow vests anti-government protests on saturday's spiraled into some of the worst violence in central paris since the one nine hundred sixty s. . israel's army says it has started destroying tunnels built by the hezbollah militant group tunnels are said to snake into northern israel from lebanon on shia militants in political organization hezbollah has launched attacks from lebanon against israel in the past often with the support of iran's. president trump and his wife have paid their final respects to former president george h.w. bush bush's life state at the u.s.
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capitol building in washington the president in the passes clashed with the bush family but will attend the funeral service on wednesday. correspondent reports from washington president bush leaves and enduring but complicated like. the sun sets on one of the last days in washington for president george bush as dignitaries gather in the capitol building to say their goodbyes the u.s. prepares for a week of mourning. it's the end of an era in the united states but the passing of the last of a political generation of george h.w. bush leaves a complicated but enduring legacy as we've already heard from political opponents and friends alike he was widely admired on both sides of the aisle for his statesmanship and diplomacy the capitol building is taking the extra step of staying open twenty four hours a day thousands of well wishers are expected to pass through the rotunda these
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people have been waiting in the cold for hours already to pay their respects. because he seemed like a very decent man and i think a lot of that that's not a minute. thing i was really inspired by the fact that he jumped out of airplanes on his nineteenth birthday and that sort of thing. you know a real stand up guy. an officer and a gentleman and president. he chose when he graduated from yale to serve in our nation he was a true war hero and yet he was a humble servant leader. i think it would be with the wall in berlin. that with the end of the cold war that was one of his greatest legacy and i think that the world will always know that george bush bring that wall down people from across the country will come to capitol hill in the next days for
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a last glimpse of a president who helped define a different time in american politics. well world leaders attending the u.s. annual climate summit heard new warnings about humankind's failure to tackle climate change at the conference and kind of deja poland on monday u.n. secretary general antonio guitarist said the world is way off course and preventing irreversible damage he also scolded the countries most responsible for greenhouse gas emissions for failing to meet the two thousand and fifteen climb record delegates from some two hundred countries also address the economic implications of phasing out also fuel. climate change is not only affecting humans wildlife is also at risk of course warm winters in the arctic circle are threatening the survival of reindeer live there for centuries this report takes us to northern norway. it's early morning three hundred fifty kilometers north of the arctic circle reindeer heard
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a rave alexandersson is on his way to the mountains near trum south it is here in the arctic where climate change is happening much faster than anywhere else in the world and he's responding by doing something that reindeer herders here have never done before he's feeding his herd roaming freely in the wilderness on not a good not to it's nature doesn't provide enough food for the animals during the whole year they simply have to be fed by us so we can live off of them. but it's crazy providing concentrate so that we can eat meat it doesn't make sense. but we have no other choice. first centuries reindeer were able to find enough to eat in the mountains even in winter they can find grass and moss several metres under the snow it sounds paradoxical but the increased temperatures make it almost impossible for the reindeer to find food grave alexandersson
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explains the problem. here we can see it very clearly. this is the ground here. the snow is very wet but the ground should be frozen. it's very easy right now to just stick your finger in there and touch soil in december. that's far from normal. being in the summer in the log. it becomes problematic for the animals when it gets colder the wet snow turns into a hard layer of ice and blocks access to the ground the reindeer can no longer reach the plants with their hooves. they need to move on and find new grazing areas elsewhere but this would mean that a grave and his family could lose their herds and thus their livelihood climate change is impacting the alexander since on yet another level to produce sustainable electricity one of the biggest wind parks in europe is being built here with the
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help of german technology and investment the goal is to have sixty seven wind turbines. on that if i don't have other grazing areas besides these. i don't know how.


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