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someone this is. ten million people in the world this think they have no nationality and a total made up alone and. that everyone has the right. to everyone has the right to say. this is the w. news live from berlin nato urges moscow to comply with a key cold war arms treaty the alliance says
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a new russian cruise missile violates an agreement that has guaranteed european security for more than thirty years as nato foreign ministers discussed the issue in brussels fears grow of a new international arms race also coming up. the euro gets more muscle to tough out future crises that as finance ministers back sweeping reforms for the current state of find out what they have planned. and how climate change is affecting reindeer in norway and threatening the way the people of the north have lived for centuries. plus it is one of thailand's most popular sports like kick boxing also gives birth children a shot at a better life doctors though are warning that young people are paying too high a price to succeed the visitor jim to see how dangerous this sport is for the young .
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us. new tensions between russia and the west are set to dominate a nato meeting in brussels today the us six is expected to use the gathering to increase its pressure on moscow to comply with a one nine hundred eighty seven treaty on nuclear weapons washington accuses russia of violating what's known as the i.n.f. treaty by building a banned cruise missile moscow's dies the client for now europeans have persuaded the u.s. to delay plans to withdraw from the treaty but as the w.'s teri schultz reports fears are growing that europe's security could be under threat. european leaders know the moment is near when the i.n.f. nuclear agreement between washington and moscow a traditional safeguard of their security will be declared dead we all know that
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the time is running out. but this is not tenable but we have norms we're told agreement which is all respected by one part of nato secretary general u.n. stoltenberg emphasizes the dangers of the missile russia has developed which goes beyond i.n.f. limitations on flight ranges it is hard to detect it is nuclear capable and it could reach european cities with little or no warning time numerous u.s. briefings have convinced european allies that moscow's missile arsenal makes a mockery of the treaty but even as europeans acknowledge that some are doubtful killing the i.n.f. willing crease their security this of course is of concern to europeans because the europeans are in the line of fire they're in the line of fire between the russian cruise missiles and of the united states decides to bring back was missed on the european continent who would be the first target europe so this is the interest
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friends secretary of state might pompei o shown here visiting nato in april was expected to formally announce i.m.f. withdrawal this week in brussels which would kick off a six month period until the exodus final but european leaders wanted a two month delay and their last minute interventions appear to have won out the announcement is now expected in february the german marshall fund bruno lettuces europe needs to act now and examine his wider security as the i.n.f. is just one of the former pillars now crumbling the question for europe and the nato allies in general is do we want to try to save those three days of the ninety's that no longer work do we want to try to save and change them or do we want to get rid of all the structures of the ninety's and come up with something new the problem here however is that there is nothing new on the table and this is perhaps something that the nato ministers should really start thinking about especially because there's no sign so far that russian president vladimir putin is
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thinking about changing course. so what's nato likely to do for the outlook this morning let's go to w.'s teri schultz in brussels good morning terry what can we expect today at this nato meeting will the u.s. delay pulling out of the ion effete intermediate range nuclear forces treaty yes i've heard from several sources both inside and outside nato that less meant last minute discussions with european leaders at the g. twenty convince president trump that waiting a couple more months until the february defense minister ariel wouldn't be so bad it would give more time to put pressure on russia it would ease european allies concerns that not everything had been done diplomatically to try to bring russia back into compliance with the treaty before a six month period starts after which the treaty is defunct ok now president trump was tweeting yesterday that he wants new arms control talks with russia and with china what do nato foreign ministers think about this approach well i'm sure that
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will come under discussion today when the meeting kicks off in a few hours but this in fact was one of the reasons the united states said it wanted to pull out of the i.n.f. treaty it said russia had already gone ahead with this missile this banned missile and that china of course was putting a lot of money into its military so the united states says why should it feel constrained by limitations on the range of missiles when these two other proliferator is are running ahead so if president trump really did enter arms talks that included both russia and china i think europe would feel reassured but at the moment there's no guarantee that would happen whether china is willing to play that game and whether russia in fact after the u.s. pulls out of the i.n.f. will be willing to enter back into multilateral negotiations on arms control but i certainly don't think any european would be against that ok now i know these discussions come a time of rising tensions of course a potential flashpoint right now for nato and russia is ukraine could we see the alliance offering ukraine any security guarantees. well ukraine has already been
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a flashpoint of course since two thousand and fourteen when russia annexed crimea. move the nato and other international organizations don't recognize but ukraine is not a member of nato and so nato says quite often that you know we only offer territorial article five guarantees to members but ukraine is a strong partner of nato it's also on the path to membership and nato has been protecting ukraine and helping ukraine improve its armed forces there are joint trainings with ukraine some that happened just not long ago nato vessels including by nato allies themselves cruise around ukraine in the black sea so i think nato would say that it offers a lot of security to ukraine no guarantees but a lot of security and i know that there have been discussions about stepping that up but at the moment it doesn't look like there will be any strong measures taken militarily at this time ok terry's not only russia's new ballistic missile you also
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mentioned china's how concerned is nato that we are now entering a new international arms race. well it depends on who you speak to nato there are twenty nine members one of them being the united states of course which has the nuclear umbrella that has protected europe all this time so i think that the united states would say that this is not an arms race that russia is already way out ahead and we simply feel that it's and our and our ally security interests that we catch up and there are plans for missiles that are in drafting phases in the united states which doesn't violate the treaty but nato members if you take germany and france they very much are against any moves in and the arms control framework if you talk to states like the baltic states they say look we're already in the line of fire maybe it's good for us that the united states advances along with russia so there's it's really a polarizing issue inside the alliance and i think we'll see some some pretty
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serious discussions on this today ok and we'll find out later today from brussels from teri schultz what those discussions are looking like thanks very much from outer. check in with some the other stories making the news this hour french government will reportedly suspend the planned fuel tax increases in the wake of the violent protests that we've been seeing against. an unnamed government sources prime minister edward philippe will announce the suspension layers during. israel's army says it has begun destroying tunnels built by the his block militant group the tunnels are said to sneak into northern israel from lebanon she had militant and political organization has won has launched attacks from lebanon on on israel in the past often with the support of around. president trump wife lonnie and have paid their final respects to former president george h.w. bush bush's line stayed at the u.s.
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capitol building in washington the president's house in the past clashed with the bush family but will attend the funeral service tomorrow. well delegates attending the un's climate summit heard new warnings about the failure to tackle climate change at the conference and color of each of poland u.n. secretary general antonio terrorists of the world is way off course in preventing irreversible damage he also said the countries most responsible for greenhouse gases are failing to meet the goals of the paris by record. delegates from some two hundred countries also address the economic implications of phasing out fossil fuels. or climate change is not only affecting humans animal life is of course also at risk of warm winter in the arctic circle for example or threatening the survival of reindeer and a traditional life way of life in norway. it's early morning three hundred fifty kilometers north of the arctic circle reindeer heard
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a rave alexandersson is on his way to the mountains near trum south it is here in the arctic where climate change is happening much faster than anywhere else in the world and he's responding by doing something that reindeer herders here have never done before he's feeding his herd roaming freely in the wilderness on not a good no two in its nature doesn't provide enough food for the animals during the whole year they simply have to be fed by us so we can live off of them. but it's crazy providing concentrate so that we can eat meat it doesn't make sense. but we have no other choice. first centuries reindeer were able to find enough to eat in the mountains even in winter they can find grass and moss several metres under the snow it sounds paradoxical but the increased temperatures make it almost impossible for the reindeer to find food grave alexandersson
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explains the problem. go on here we can see it very clearly. this is the ground here. the snow is very wet but the ground should be frozen. it's very easy right now to just stick your finger in there and touch soil in december. that's far from normal. things in the log. it becomes problematic for the animals when it gets colder the wet snow turns into a hard layer of ice and blocks access to the ground the reindeer can no longer reach the plants with their hoofs they need to move on and find new grazing areas elsewhere but this would mean that a grave and his family could lose their herds and thus their livelihood climate change is impacting the alexander says on yet another level to produce sustainable
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electricity one of the biggest wind parks in europe is being built here with the help of german technology and investment the goal is to have sixty seven wind turbines. on that if i don't have other grazing areas besides these. i don't know how it's going to be. i have friends who breed reindeer in sweden. they say reindeer just don't live in when parks they disappear. if the animals see wind turbines leave me to give out and i get on. as always hope to pass on the herd to his children just like many generations of sammy people have done before. but now he's skeptical he doubts that the reindeer will exist in the region when his children are grown up. what now in gems and health clubs around the world a modified form of type boxing has become
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a popular way of getting in shape but in thailand it is also very serious business especially for children and teens from poor families the goal to turn pro and make it big but it is a dangerous path recently a thirteen year old boxer died of a brain injury he wus boston hardish takes a look at the high risk world of tired boxing children. run on the last training session before the match is only thirteen years old but he's already a fighter. ma'am i never scared i always hit hard i like to use my knees that's my main weapon i'm good with my knees so i got. like many at this gym in thailand's poor northeast has a troubled family background his parents are divorced his grandparents can't take care of him that's how he ended up here he eats sleeps and of course trains here in
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return he fights for money i love. our boxes are taking part in a lot of fights. part of the money they win goes to the gym. that's how we keep things running. and how we take care of the kids. my time or type boxing is a national sport in thailand it's hugely popular also among children but the risk of injury is high recently a thirteen year old died after being knocked out in a fight many parents downplayed the risks involved. in the move and i think there's very little effect on the brain. is there was brain damage i would know from the behavior change after the fight.


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