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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is d. w. news live from berlin on the retreat in france as president mccall is set to suspend controversial increases to the fuel tax the move comes after parents would know some of the worst violence in decades the demonstrators took to the streets to protest the measure. also coming up nato says a new russian cruise missile violates an agreement that is guaranteed to europe's security for more than thirty years as the alliance as foreign ministers discussed the issue in brussels and fears are growing up a new international arms race plus. as
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tensions rise with brussels over italy's budget businesses say they're worried about the government's ability to keep the economy afloat. and it's one of thailand's most popular sports kickboxing also gives four children a shot at a better life the doctors are warning that young people are paying too high a price to succeed we visit a gym to see how dangerous the sport is for you. or. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us the french government will reportedly suspend an unpopular tax on fuel that's supposed to go into effect next month and unnamed government source says the announcement will be made later today now that. comes in response to violent protests that have shut down central paris
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officials are trying to quell on rest that was sparked by president nikon's policies and economic conditions the so-called gallow vast protests began in mid november and have since appalled into a wider revolt against michael demonstrators accuse them of favoring the elite three people have been killed in the violence. let's bring in correspondent and elizabeth matteo in paris for more on the story analysts with if you can hear us now this tax reportedly being suspended this fuel tax what can you tell us that you're hearing there in paris decision was actually called for last week by several major leading m.p.'s within merkel's own baltic so that was something that was not unexpected and the feeling in paris is that this is what was demanded by the demonstrators and probably would have gone a long way to stop protest if he'd done it three weeks ago but it lasted too long
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and so while it certainly is opening the possibility for negotiations there still remains the problem that the movement is a grassroots movement and they don't have a knowledge leaders and whenever somebody says there's the spokes person the at least several parts of the movement say no you do not represent us so it probably should tone down the tape the demonstrations that are planned for next saturday but it doesn't mean that it's over analysts if explain to us who these protesters are and what exactly they're calling for at this point. the protest of people who do not live in major cities in france they are the the working class and the. the sort of the the lower middle classes and they are people who have seen essentially that they are loses in the globalization they do not live in large cities they do not have jobs that can travel they have fewer and fewer public services and one of the reasons why people got so incensed about
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a fuel tax result if you do not have a car even if it's an old beat up in the provinces you cannot take your children to school because the local school has been closed and it's been regrouped in a different dell you cannot go to hospital you cannot look for a job you cannot hold a job and if you live in a small town and the chief employer in that small down has closed up shop then your next job is thirty miles away forty miles away which they feel that in paris the president and the people who live in paris and in large cities are completely disconnected from the reality of their lives and they've also expressed the feeling that there was such that was content from paris to the provinces this is a very old french road we've had revolutions before the french revolution about exactly the difference between paris and the provinces but these people are really the people of a place that in america you would call fly over country these are in america people who voted for trump in britain people who voted for bracks it in italy people who
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voted for matt there was no beanie and finally this is coming to france yeah analyst but one of the criticisms of present micron's that he's waited too long to address this anger how much has this protest movement really affected him. oh politically i think it is almost iraqi repairable his poll numbers are now lower than those of us were told which is bad but also the distrust and the distrust is something that's much more entrenched because a general distrust of the man is that once again the french elected someone and he looked knew there was a misunderstanding last year the misunderstanding was that because michael was new and he had barely been a minister for under two years and he was young and just his candidacy annoyed all the other candidates lots of the more moderate populist vote vent went to him because he was the one who could kick out all the incumbents but these people who voted for him the first time now realize that it was really written it was obvious
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that he comes from the same upper reaches of french civil service he's a technocrat he's a complete insider he's not an outsider so they feel that they they deluded themselves into thinking that this man would be different from the others right analysts but with the latest for us from paris very good to talk to you hugh and. now some other stories making headlines around the world a top official at the european union's highest court has advised that britain can't unilaterally change its mind about leaving the e.u. the u.k. parliament will today start a five day debate over briggs it theresa may is expected to push lawmakers to approve her latest deal in a vote scheduled for next week. israel's army says it has begun destroying tunnels built by the hezbollah militant groups the tunnels are said to sneak into northern israel from lebanon on the shiite militant political organization hezbollah has launched attacks from lebanon against israel in the past often with the support to
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our view ron. and u.s. president donald trump in his wife melania have paid their respects to former president george h.w. bush bush is lying in state at the u.s. capitol building in washington trump has in the past clashed with the bush family but will attend the funeral service on wednesday. a major arms treaty is under threat and today nato foreign ministers are fighting to salvage it the alliance says a new russian cruise missile violates a pact that has guaranteed europe security for more than thirty years the kremlin denies it has breached the agreement fast the us is threatening to withdraw from the so-called i n f treaty signed by moscow in washington in one nine hundred eighty seven it bans nuclear armed missiles with a range of five thousand five hundred kilometers as our next report shows the tension between russia and the west has reignited fears of a new arms race. this is what the drama is about medium range
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nuclear ballistic missiles that have been on a self imposed by the u.s. and russia since the end of the one nine hundred eighty s. that may be about to change u.s. authorities believe russia may have developed a weapon systems like these in breach of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. we're not going to let them violate a nuclear agreement they go out of their weapons and we're not allowed to we're the ones that have stayed in the agreement and we bonded greatly but russia has not done fortunately on to the agreement so we're going to terminate they way but we're going to pull out. the kremlin has denied trumps allegations saying it has not produced any missiles that are prohibited by the i.n.f. treaty the i.n.f. treaty was seen as a major breakthrough in nuclear security when it was ratified by former soviet president mikhail gorbachev and us president ronald reagan in one nine hundred eighty seven it came after a tense period of confrontation in the heart of europe. with very short flight
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times nuclear annihilation of european capitals was only five to fifteen minutes away trump has said the u.s. will start developing these capabilities again if russia and china don't agree to stop have to develop those weapons unless russia comes to us or china comes to us and they all come to us and they say let's really get some. let's none of us develop those weapons china is not a signatory of the pact and has been investing heavily in land based missiles now some observers fear it could be joined by russia and the us in a new arms race. all right so can this treaty be salvaged at this point let's bring in t. davies teri schultz she's standing by for us in brussels hi terry good to see you so there is news about the u.s. and now saying its intentions to pull out of this treaty it still though seems to be undecided the secretary of state might pump aoe is speaking what more can you tell us the united states says it is pulling out of the treaty what it hasn't
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confirmed yet is exactly when it's going to do that and that's important because once the u.s. announces its formal exit from from the accord there's a six month period before it becomes final and that's a period that could be used european allies hope to convince russia to come back into compliance and that would require destroying the missile which russia has already acknowledged that it is build but simply says that it didn't breach the ranges that were mentioned in that story so that europe hopes is that this added pressure on russia which you will be hearing out of the nato meeting today all of the all twenty nine allies will call on russia to abandon this missile program and come back into compliance in the hopes that the united states would say then that it won't abandon the i.n.f. on the other hand on twitter we saw president trump say yesterday he was making a pitch for a new arms control for new talks with russia and china what do other nato members
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think about approach. for europe the russian missile missiles are the ones that are the most crucial because when the u.s. and russia discuss the intermediate range missiles it's europe that would be the battleground it's europe that they would be targeted at and so of course the europeans very much wanted the i.n.f. range missiles to be included in any accord now what the united states has said is that china is investing so much in its military that it too needs to be bound by an international treaty so if the trump administration truly did engage russia and china in an arms control negotiation that could come up with binding limits i'm sure europe would be all in favor but that remains to be seen and again if the united states pulls out of the i.n.f. as it says it is going to do european leaders worry that it will be very difficult to convince other countries to enter into an accord with the u.s. because again it's pulled out of the iran accorded pulled out of the paris climate deal so europeans are asking the united states to think about this when it now also
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abandons the i.n.f. teri schultz for us in brussels thank you very much. sports now and luca motorists has been awarded football's prestigious or journalist vote for the prize and it's the latest in a string of awards for the midfielder she helped real madrid win the champions league this year before leading croatia to the runners up spot at the world cup he becomes the first player other then christiana rinaldo orlean and messi to win the men's award since two thousand and seven in the new young player category france world cup winner killing him back bay took home the trophy leone striker of norway won the inaugural women's prize after starring in the champions league. he was asked by the host whether she wanted to tour after picking up or award the comment by d.j. martin soul that provoked plenty of reaction on social media take a look at british tennis star andy murray writing on instagram that it was another
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example of ridiculous sexism that still exists in sports the two time wimbledon champion also asked why women still have to put up with this sort of behavior another user points out that in two thousand and eighteen a woman finally gets a ball and or and it's first winner eight ahead coburg has to face this nonsense did this man ask if motorists can twerk as well and another fan posted something similar on instagram commenting it's sexist it's humiliating and it ruined her incredible achievements now to the final game of match day thirteen in the bundesliga buyer leverkusen were held to a one one draw a norm for hardcore fans of the home side state out of the stands for the entire first half as part of a nationwide protest against the scheduling of matches on mondays but it wasn't just the booze that risk drowning out the football. to bring the rainy euro back had left the pitch at the stadium looking bad playable but the referee song no
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issue and the game went ahead in front of the empty seats of home fans protesting monday fixtures labor queues and served up some slots the conditions were already taking that. in the thirtieth minute the visitors to delete thanks to cut i haven't seen the nineteen year old's fourth goal of the season keeper fabio bred low could only punch a fall and cross as far as habits his feet and the youngster made no mistake. slave appears in what dominates but some sloppy defending allowed margaret to equalise for nuremberg in the fifty sixth minute. the weather playing a role in based. on the bulky pitch. rescue when robbie was streaking towards goal but couldn't get a shot. so it stayed. and unspectacular and to
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a curious monday night in europe. now in gyms and sports clubs around the world boxing has become a popular way to get in shape a modified version of it but in thailand it's serious business especially for children and teenagers from poor families the goal is often to turn pro and make it big but it's a dangerous path recently a thirteen year old boxer died of a brain injury. and heartache takes a look at the high risk world of type boxing children. but one of. the last training session before the match is only thirteen years old but he's already a fighter. playing out i never scared i always hit hard. i like to use my knees that's my main weapon i'm good with my knees so i got. like many at this gym in thailand's poor north east has a troubled family background his parents are divorced his grandparents can't take
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care of him that's how he ended up here he eats sleeps and of course trains here in return he fights for money i love. our boxes are taking part in a lot of fights. part of the money they win goes to the gym. how we keep things running. and how we take care of the kids. why time or thai boxing is a national sport in thailand it's hugely popular also among children but the risk of injury is high recently a thirteen year old died after being knocked out in a fight many parents downplay the risks involved. in moving the ups and i think there's very little effect on the brain. is there was brain damage. from
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the behavior change after the fight. but i've never seen before. that's because the biggest danger is not immediately visible these practices are pretty hard in a real fight boxes like gum that there were about twenty or forty of these to their opponent every round and each time the brain suffers a minor injury over the years those injuries add up and back and have devastating consequences. doctor. has been studying the effects repeated punches to the head have on children's brains. the mechanism is closed repeat the injury it caused the brain and he. has. memory function. and is this. because he can't go to school. play and nobody look from the outside not know that he has
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brain injury all the parents all claim that they don't see any thing wrong with their kids she's calling for banning fights for children under twelve and no full contact before they're fifteen. but in reality kids even younger excite the crowds all over thailand. my time is a deep rooted tradition here and one that's not easily changed. it's fight night for god. if he does well he hopes one day he can make it big in boxing the capital bangkok. where the money is but first he has to win here. oh but it's not going so well for him. after five rounds his opponent wins on points. can. my arms
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weren't strong enough to simply better i'm very sad i have to train harder. come back another day for him like for many youngsters in thailand boxing is a shot at a better life. one that could come at a high price. for a time for business news now with monica and monica it's a big day for the euro reforms to toughen up the currency after i think sixteen hours of negotiations all night through euro zone finance ministers has agreed to invest more in a fund called the european stability mechanism that helps country struggling with debt problems now it's the main outcome of marathon negotiations in brussels the ministers say this will leave the single currency better equipped to deal with
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future crises but the agreements for shorts of france's proposals to appoint a finance minister and introduce a common euro zone budget there was also no consensus on integrating the blocks banking system with countries agreeing only to discuss the matter again next year. all right for more insight let's cross over now to g.w. is georg mathis in brussels gail need a result after sixteen hours of a war of negotiations so what do you make of the reform deal. i say the perception of finance ministers here was rather different here monica so for finance ministers they were rather upbeat if not to say positively ecstatic about what they've achieved in regarding reforms of the eurozone so they agreed to expand the responsibility of the european stability mechanism and let me translate that for you it means firefighters in case of a debt crisis in the eurozone will now be better equipped and german finance
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minister shots was rather happy about that result all right but what about the sticking points that are also mentioned already for example the common eurozone budget what's happening there. i think and a number of points and also regarding the budget we're looking at a scaled back version of what my car suggested the fire fighting the the let me know when we see you've called it a crisis fighting budget so we're looking at a scaled back version here ministers agreed on a mechanism how to create that budget but they didn't agree on how much money the budget contains so some discussion is yet to come and that also applies for instance for the sticky point of the digital tax they agree they will push for this that idea on international organizations like the g twenty or the o.e.c.d. countries and if that doesn't work out they unilaterally want to push ahead with that idea from two thousand and twenty one on what's ok sounds a little bit like a sort of pushing the can down the road for
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a little bit longer what does that deal mean for italy. well we asked the german finance minister in a press conference and he said that he met constructive italian counterparts they carried all the compromises that were struck in this long night forward and when we asked whether there was a deal so that italy gets easier can conditions for their own budgets and by and in turn they carried out these reforms he said no that was clearly not the case but of course some people here say it's only has now only a couple of days to hand them basically a reform approach and we're waiting for that here by the hour that italy has something in because their budget is not in line with the regulations of the e.u. and intense negotiations going on behind the scenes. reporting there from brussels thank you so much. and as garrick just mentioned everybody is waiting for italy
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and italian prime minister just ethicon to actually announce that he will present a new budget proposal in the next few hours the new proposal aims to avoid a disciplinary procedure from brussels this after his coalition partner deputy prime minister indicated he was now willing to tweak his plans to increase spending on social programs while italian yields already dropped sharply in recent days on hopes that italy finds a compromise with the e.u. on its budget plans. the netto home to venice is one of italy's riches regions in the north of the country so i mean he has many supporters here but as the right wing populist continues to tussle with the union budget around one of the venetian businessmen driving into leeds economy is getting consent. program the man who is or who sounds the world famous murano glass believes that the government has not been acting in italy's best interest.
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go back to my loser says he can't yet tell how his business will be affected but one fear that he shares with many businesses in the north is that the country's debt crisis has made tensions with brussels even wise and will harm all of it to lee in the long run experts are worried as well. and just north of bennis entry visa where the region's largest companies operate it
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seems the bigger the business the bigger the warri. go who runs a packaging company says entrepreneurs here have lost faith in him to leave political leaders across all party lines. i think we will have the same. is a government that governs badly they would bring prosperity they weren't increased productivity. go believes both governing parties are more interested in their own political pujas and success at the ballot box than the country's economy. this government has. at. the net as businesses are hoping an agreement can be reached one that satisfies both rome and brussels and is effective in boosting economic growth for the sake of
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italy's economy and the whole euro zone or just enough time for this outrage all the maker of marlboro cigarettes is in talks with a canadian can of these producers over a potential investment in the company while smoking tobacco has become less popular in the u.s. several states as well as canada have legalized marianna now try out wants to diversify with a possible takeover of canada group the company is not the only one in the market coca-cola and the corona brewer constellation brands have also made billion dollar investments in the cannabis market. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. after an eruption off of violence in paris the french government is set to announce that it is suspending an unpopular tax on fuel the so-called yellow vests protests began in its november and has since evolved into a wider revolt against president mccall three people have been killed in violence.
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and the u.s. troops said to use a nato meeting in brussels today to increase pressure on russia to comply with eighty nine hundred eighty seven nuclear arms deal the u.s. has accused moscow file ating the treaty by building cruise missiles banned under the cold war era of programs. you're watching t.v. news live from berlin what coming up at the top of the hour left you then. a. look at the.
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life flexible and peculiar construction normally take on their real form once they're filled with. weather and drama or in the country bank change the landscape and provides for. temporary structures by trust fund dusty. zero max next tuesday on d w. because. the league leaders are flying super sub sub helps to overcome flight sensing that i'm not the wreck of. the
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reigning champions take off again a brace from sears konami helped buy into a down brain. anxiously waiting. waiting for lifeline to syria good morning where are you my aunt uns hearing. every call brings them closer together. because they feel powerless to help. continues to haunt those conflict from syria.
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the war on my phone our two part talk human tree starts december eighth on t.w. . move. on max merrill welcome to another week of europe max is a preview of what's coming up in today's show. supersized ballet shanghaied ballet companies they just. lake and live. inflatable spaces to build and base complex design portable routes made of plastic. and fluffy delights and they have a yeah it's a sleek speciality from the front. we
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stopped on the big stage with what many regard as the epitome of classical ballet swan lake when it was first rehearsed and eight hundred seventy six its original choreography felt the ballet was undone simple since then it has developed and found success all over the world but directed derek deane decided to make things a bit harder with the shanghai ballet company he brings forty eight instead of the usual sixteen swans on to the stage this sensational production is currently in berlin and we went by to see how the dances afforded ruffling feathers on the crowded stage. first six then nine then twenty four in the end forty eight swann's downstairs a press call in berlin's border museum it's one lake on a scale never seen before staged by celebrated british choreographer derek dean. it is that it is. i mean there hasn't been this one leg of this size in
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a proceeding in theater and not even you know the paris opera the wall ballet the kirov the bolshoi nobody has ever created something like this so be very interesting to see odeon three action to this i call it tsunami of swans the forty eight swans epitomize innocence and beauty but a cheesy there seeming ease requires perfect technique the smallest mistake would destroy the illusion. just how to really pick her up in the spotlight as soon as she starts to believe ok the dances movements must be strong yet smooth and sensuous dean strives for perfection in that shanghai ballet we were very much on the emotional side of the downs not just forty eight girls being in line being in the precise place we very very much were on the quality of the movement and the emotion of the movement as well. for the two soloists in particular performing on
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a completely new stage requires a great deal of concentration they have to find their way through three times as many swans as usual yet make it look as easy as if they weren't there at all. i'm a bit nervous it's my first time on the stage and i'm still a little jet lagged or we're all really excited. but with derek dean there in the best of hands he's made his name choreographing productions performed in huge arena. yes dean has studied stagings of swan lake throughout history from the primary nine hundred seventy seven to modern day performances he says there have been major changes. you know what's what it was for us before it was a disaster i mean everybody booed at the performances everybody said the music was trying to dreadful the choreography was appalling and they had to put the
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production away for many years and then it was rethought and redone with the same music and through the years it became this legal trial the fairy tale about prince siegfried desperate attempt to save swan princess or death from the spell cast by an evil sorcerer is a perennial favorite when derek dean first staged swan lake in one thousand nine hundred seven in london princess diana was among his most ardent admirers. she would come. she would turn up unannounced she would come and have lunch she would just come and sit with announcers and she was terribly easy and very comfortable and there was no sides to her she wasn't performing she was of being the princess of wales she was just being a person and it was wonderful to see that side of her but had connection with that it was tremendous these ballerinas hope to find such an enthusiastic response in
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berlin as well at the press conference of the board of museum they demonstrated an impressive talent the youngest dancer is just seventeen. that howard and this is my very first show i just graduated from dancing school. the most challenging part for me is to dance in such a big group there's a big difference between twenty force ones and forty eight. but is it quantity over quality on the contrary.


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