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the people who carried out the operation were carrying black flags people recognized them as members about qaeda but they were fighting with us is forces. that we. are has been involved from the beginning in the battles to liberate ties everyone knows this and all factions deal with them with me one delegate recently visited ties members of al qaeda attended and had photos taken with them. where all . other evidence was found linking the abu allah bust brigades to work. in march twenty sixth al qaeda published a video showing an r.p.g. thirty two for the first time. in the r.p.g. thirty two is a modern laser guided weapon assembled in jordan in partnership with russia. the company says it explores the antitank rocket launcher only to the united arab
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emirates. then this type of weapon had only been seen in the hands of the past brigades and no other faction in yemen. we were not responsible for handing over any of our weapons. so no weapons were handed over by us. in fact if you looked at our arsenal. we do not possess any weapons prestigious enough to be passed on to others. the same outrider video featured another weapon the f.n. mini me machine gun designed by the belgian company f. and have started. many yemeni factions including the us brigades have been spotted with these machine guns in their possession. entire other weapons and
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ammunition appeared bearing belgian export data. the other you should journalists and tracking request for belgian guns or dental fighters being in the position of fighters or up for sale in yemen but the company did not respond. the office of the belgian prime minister replied that he didn't grant interviews. the team found evidence of another western made weapon in an area close to where the belgian. five hand grenade was found in the position of a. brigade. this is an assault that we use and a sound grenade. contacted the swiss manufacturer to trace the grenade
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case they received the manufacturer wrote. three dash six can clearly be allocated to a delivery to the u.a.e. from two thousand and three. when the saudi led coalition were passing weapons to third parties in yemen they claimed no knowledge of the matter. responded saying it had launched an investigation based on the information provided writing. each export of weapons to a state entity requires an end user certificate which includes the obligation not to pass on the receiver weapons without prior written authorization from swiss authorities switzerland is not aware of swiss weapons being used in the conflict in yemen the competent authorities are currently assessing the information provided by . all the other side of the conflict iran was accused of violating the u.n. arms embargo against humans who the rebels a un panel was set up to investigate. and there are new
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missiles that were not possessed in yemen before twenty fifteen and their presence is considered a violation of the un security council resolution twenty two sixteen. there are also other weapons that our team collected data on including drones and materials used as fuel for missiles. from four or five countries and exported to iran. that's what. the panel also documented human rights violations by the who sees however at the same time it highlighted the role of the us brigades in time. in the beginning of the war there was a special committee in saudi arabia responsible for supporting the resistance and
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ties. money was sent by the committee to brigadier general. and a list of other faction leaders who should receive the money from him. with. the same happen for weapons. would receive it and give a specific amount to other factions according to a list. in december twenty fourth teen saudi arabia and the u.a.e. he had signed the gulf memorandum of understanding with qatar ushering in a brief period of rapprochement. this was reflected in an agreement between the us brigades and a leader of the muslim brotherhood party shaikh hammoud afy. in
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february twenty sixth teen i'm a traffic received members of a popular resistance battalion who were returning from training. members of the battalion well armed with austrian. respotted hundreds of this type of rifle as well as the s.s.g. sixty nine sniper rifle in many locations in yemen including a province controlled by so-called islamic state this weapon was for sale in markets and even got into the hands of children interesting latest type of gun was also spotted in the possession of saudi soldiers before the war in yemen began the journalist asked the austrian manufacturers how the weapons had ended up in yemen but received no response from them all from the austrian government.
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that there would be out a while abbas brigades advance with the help of the armored vehicles given by the arab coalition. in november twenty fifteen the other one a bass brigades received three u.s. made m. a t.v. armored vehicles. a few days later the vehicles were spotted in the streets of thais sporting both u.a.e. and yemeni flags. are also spotted in other parts of yemen. from the stockholm international peace research institute shows that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. purchased more than two thousand six hundred armored vehicles of this type between twenty eleven and twenty fourteen. a year later the fundamentalist islam is chaika nun's rick was photographed inside an aardvark g.a.'s if you mine clearance vehicle manufactured in the united kingdom. the vehicle was clearly marked with saudi.
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the same type of vehicle was also spotted in other provinces. if we're talking about the twenty two brigade it should have vehicles armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers and should spearhead attacks but this does not have any vehicles . in the second year of the war in yemen two new forces were formed the security belt in agent and the hard drive me elite forces in how to remote these groups are made up of supporters of the separatists movement who demands a succession of the south to form an independent state. the two forces raise the south yemen flag on another type of u.s. made armored vehicle to be a each amun and rap. according to the stockholm institute the u.a.e. bought five hundred of these armored vehicles in twenty fourteen. in
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the south the u.a.e. is the one providing support to resistance forces.


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