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close with no. design highlights you can make yourself. tips and tricks that will turn your home to special. upgrade yourself with d w's interior design channel on you to. look yummy to you are you horrified. personally i love a good steak and i love it rare but i don't want to know how the animal was slaughtered i don't want to think about what goes on but i would like to know that it's all humane because the media industry can be
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a beastly business mccartney once said if slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian or at least they might think about the value they put on meat some of the prices i see here in supermarkets are startling the cheap considering all the work that goes into raising an animal feeding it and then all the rest of what it takes to produce a cut of meat. meat production has become a global industrial enterprise animals are slaughtered on mass on assembly nine humans are eating more meat than ever before. and for less money. rice is a primary factor with a lot of things but if you think about it it's a shame because it probably means that you're supporting factory farming when this is just it's slaughtering animals for two or three euros that's appalling stories
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it's all about convenience and that's a huge problem the supply is there it's cheap and we just help ourselves but we have no idea what results our actions ultimately have an effect on luncheon. have we forgotten the value with me and of the lives of animals bred for slaughter low cost meat comes at a high price for the animals animal welfare activists regularly record and report on shocking conditions at factory farms this film footage was shot in secret at a pig farm in germany the animals are kept in tiny pens with minimal but unity for movement their own able to even turn around let alone go outside the animals seem apathetic many have injuries in germany for example farmers are allowed to keep pigs in pens measuring just one square metre. activists from a german animal rights group by determined to raise awareness among consumers while
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campaigning for the factory pig farms to be shut down so. our ultimate objective is for there to be no more factory farming no livestock industry no more animals being exploited purely for human consumers. people no longer know where their meat comes from how the animals are bred and kept and that there's a life involved in providing that made me actually cost a lot more. she has decreased over the decades to practically nil on. this traditional but to shop in berlin takes the view that its customers are aware of the value of meat it offers premium makes crafted into a variety of products here meat is a luxury to be savored. and it's produced using traditional methods for example the sausages a still stuffed by hand that requires more time and manpower than industrial production so the end product is more expensive than in supermarkets the owner
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a master butcher trusts his suppliers and the conditions that. you call for help such that most of our meat comes from traditional farmers this is a small scale operations that we know very well. the meat has a far you fear taste so intense that some people might not even recognize it and the tenderness has a completely different quality that's hard to know. until a few decades ago meat was at best a weekly treat for most people in europe but that changed with growing prosperity in the one nine hundred sixty s. . and fighting the slimes it's known as cups interested in the early twentieth century factory farming and the livestock industry simply didn't exist on the scale we have today and that's the biggest problem today meters available in such huge quantities and at such low prices because factory farming clearly puts profits over animal welfare. people all over the world are eating more meat notably in china and
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indonesia worldwide consumption now amounts to forty five kilos a year per person in germany the figure is sixty kilos as production increases prices go down and demand rises even further with the animals paying the ultimate cost and to keep up with demand production has to become more efficient global meat production has more than tripled in the last. fifty years and currently stands at three hundred thirty million tonnes a year. but in some parts of the world like here in germany demand for higher quality meat products is growing in fact overall meat consumption in the country has decreased in recent years. i would appeal to consumers to consider eating meat one or two times less per week and they could pay more attention to where their meat comes from the conditions the animals are kept under. perhaps be willing to pay more for their good will. even if we haven't lost our appetite for
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meat it would behoove us to reassess the true value of what we are eating the choice is ours. the economic and ethical concerns over mass produced meat aspiring more and more research into synthetic meat grown in a lab startups see what's called clean meat as a juicy business opportunity but they still facing huge challenges. that cost three hundred thousand euros in two thousand and thirteen and a birch tree in the netherlands produced the world's most expensive burger made of cultured meat locker in me just made of thousands of tiny muscle fibers each just a few millimeters long they're grown from stem cells taken from normal cow now
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startup companies around the world are working to grow so-called clean neat adding lab grown fat cells to provide taste and color their goal to revolutionize the global meat market no animal needs to be slow to it no risk of pathogens in the meat. grizzle but scientists have yet to reproduce the typical meat texture. and they still need to work on the flavor testers say it's pretty poor and what's the point of a burger that doesn't taste good. point what about chicken one of the world's most popular meats can you taste the difference between the mass produced stuff and organic although certainly a huge difference in terms of price and principles our reporters have a serious visited a pair of very different kinds of poultry farms and came up with this tale of two chickens. these are broiler chickens type raw seven
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o eight. bred to produce as much meat is possible the chicks were delivered to farmer entrepreneur go eighteen days ago. he expects them to put on one hundred grams of weight every day. to. gain in proportion to the body weight is very fast a good beginning. goes down for a while. but in the final feeding week they gain nearly one kilo. if a person were to grow that fast as a baby they would weigh around ninety kilos on their first birthday. because chicken farming conditions are often under fire from critics it's unusual for reporters like me to get a chance to film here. the farmer buys the chicks for thirty six euro cents apiece after six weeks when they're ready for slaughter he sells
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them for two euro's fifty each. on average i guess i make eight to ten cents profit on each animal things are ten cents that doesn't sound like much but he said he has no very very little but with a large number of animals i can own a decent living. all our eight times eight is sixty four so six thousand four hundred euro zone that are all six thousand four hundred euros per bottle. for his business model to work he needs broiler chickens with large amounts of breast meat . they're small now but once they're bigger things will be much more crowded here veterinarians tell me the weight and lack of movement often leads to deformations of the legs animal rights groups point to another problem chickens without chest feathers as in this picture some of been spotted in the stall to. chest feathers is it bred that way. it's not. personally these are young birds whose fathers are
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still developing. and they have been warm from below all their lives. so they don't need feathers to protect them from the cold with. feathers that don't develop because of the temperatures in the stall sounds hard to believe. but are there alternative ways of raising chickens only one percent chicken meat consumed in germany comes from organic farms to find out how the meat can be produced in a more humane way i hate to carsten bugs farm the extra costs start right from the beginning organic chicks for example are more expensive. instead of thirty six cents for a chick he pays more than triple that price these chicks come from an organic poultry breeder a look at custom box grown animals gives me an idea of what organic farming means the chickens get to run outside every day but contact with nature also means that
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they're more likely to be infected with germs and die that means higher potential losses for the farmer but his chickens have intact feathers and can run around without difficulty. it was not enough before the first requirement is given that we humans raise animals to eat that the animals be treated well as we raise them i and that has to include the ability to walk properly all animals should be able to move naturally. the broiler chickens here grow more slowly than with conventional farmers. and they live longer than six weeks. long how long will this one grow up in the stall up to twelve weeks by then they'll weigh this much two and a half kilos. and with that they reach their slaughter weight. the two euros fifty that the conventional farmer gets for his broiler chickens is
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too little for the organic farmer he sells them for nearly ten euro's a piece that's up to raising them with organic feed for twelve weeks conventional farmer on fun who go can't wait that long he says speed and efficiency are needed to meet growing demand for chicken meat he says his birds are also more economical with feed as the only consume half what it can a chicken seat. on the desk so this is what your chickens eat all day long with either the think this is around four point one kilos a feet. by three holes and at the end your chicken weighs this much two kilos there's so much ivory kilos roughly. so these chicks have a lot more growing to do over the next few weeks. meanwhile organic farming is expensive and sales are only growing slowly. a dirt cheap grocery bill can be so when sizing but there's usually
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a catch consumers can get chicken from europe for an absolute bargain but it's decimating the local industry the country's president says it's partly why so many africans have been migrating to europe they can't compete so who's to blame the european union and its lavish agricultural policies african states and their lack of action for you the shopper i decided to find out. i'm here for like fifty. this is where most of it arrives port in the capital accra as europeans prefer the breast of the chicken the leftovers end up here shipped in refrigerated containers
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halfway around the world. on our way from the harbor we visit the cold stores that sell that they tell us they only stock what customers want and the local farms couldn't meet the rising demand. these boxes have just made the journey from the u.s. state of georgia where the modern chicken industry was born these are from the netherlands belgium more than they can get their hands on. this customer wants his chicken even cheaper florence forty cooma she wouldn't even make a profit. with. the u.s. and brazil have also discovered the market for surplus legs and wings but europe is the top exporter to africa last year the e.u. dumped one hundred thirty five thousand tonnes. frozen chicken on the market alone for prices below the cost of production the equivalent of one hundred twelve
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million birds an oversupply that gutted the domestic sector. this is the local competition and this is overseen alan kohler one of ghana's last farmers. he started with two hundred birds. now he's got twenty two thousand the little ones aren't a hassle it's when they grow up. the . oldest and shows us a little trick for wayne their hands. and their pelvic bone keeps them quiet. but catching chickens is the least of his worries. compared to that is the problem. because of the. imported chicken.
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which is in this very high and then there is a complete with. a decade ago produced eighty percent of those themselves production plunged with the foreign competition to less than five percent poultry farmers say one government after the next has let them down. the problem is augustine's chicken costs double the price of the cheap imports although he has one of the few large scale operations left in ghana it's nowhere near as efficient as its overseas rivals and like other farmers augusten doesn't have the infrastructure . bogus since customers are his neighbors and friends. thank you so very definitely think this one is for some even.
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if. you. like. next day it's off to the market we'd like to know if there's a difference in quality between mass produced chicken from abroad and the local variety. it tastes good and is being fair and hard to use incentives. for a while and. see. i guess it's also thoughts going in. that. i wouldn't you know call one of our money. focused and says the only way he stayed in business is by diversifying he has his own feed plant. cause little bits so that there will come.
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across dollars a little reasonable price feed is the biggest cost for farmers europe subsidizes it giving its farmers an advantage. and the human has a raft of free trade deals with africa that gives both sides free access to markets but african companies are too small to compete with dr jeff and i know you. never read government think that my dog i met them was something that much they look i want so that we would listen. and we. i think to me. the government has announced new import restrictions and says now local producers need to step up to the plate but which produces there are hardly any left. there where god.
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wanted to get up with my family so if you were pinned in put a chicken split in business or collapse it i don't know what i'm going to do to my family. i don't know what to do. now this might not be any good for the livelihoods of farmers like augusten but what about giving up meat altogether vegetarians like to sell themselves as the super heroes of the world they eat no meat and so have a reduced footprint but is that really true and avocado can actually do more damage to the environment than a steak environmental vegetarianism fact or fiction. abstain from meat and save the world forget batman superheroes are vegetarians they're really doing something to help the environment right whether classic vegetarian vegan or fruitarian more and more people all over the world are giving up meat. vegetarianism has even become
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a status symbol in many countries but are they really making a difference. let's look at the data of livestock farming has a terrible carbon footprint and look at that one billion cattle worldwide. and raising them produces vast clouds of greenhouse gases twice as much as a minute by planes globally. and the industry also uses an immense amount of water around three thousand liters of h two o. go into the production of a single beefsteak enough to take a shower every day for three months. and raising animals for meat takes up a lot of space if we all stopped eating it tomorrow it would free up an estimated thirty million square kilometers. that's an area roughly the size of africa.
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in all those ways meat really is terrible for the environment but it's also relative for example buying an avocado that's been shipped half way around the world is worse for the environment than buying your steak from a local farmer not least due to the transport involved. so it really makes the most sense to ask where is my food coming from. since local free range animals fed largely on grass hovan rich the soil with their manure. and that's good for the environment. oh my goodness even claimed that free range cattle could actually help slow local warming. water consumption in every area of agriculture depends largely on the farming methods being employed in the arid regions of chile for example where many avocados are produced it takes around three hundred twenty liters of water to produce
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a single fruit and that's not exactly low impact agriculture. in other words to make a difference you should eat things that are in season and that come from your region so consume less meat and when you do eat it check its origins maybe it's time to come up with another category of environmental hero no less meta theory on. even though meat is a prime source of protein for many people in the world for most of us eating less meat is undoubtedly a good thing it's not always so easy to give up thought what about the traditional sunday roast welfare op plenty of meatless options my colleague mr schmidt gave it a try and went in search of the can holiday roast to serve up to his family. so the time. for many begins this is a brilliant invention it's the stuff of meat free christmas dinners and other festive roasts even if to the uninitiated it looks more like chewing gum.
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christmas my family everyone. even the vegetarian would sit because it tastes so good. so could a meat free alternative be just the ticket here in this spot three to begin roast is chiefly made up of gluten and we protein which best imitate the consistency of meat. good game. gluten forms this elastic structure. like if you were to take raw bread dough and pull it apart like this you'd have the same effect as with our meat substitutes. for the. the company boss spent years working on the consistency to get it just right. he uses the same machines as the meat industry. and most of the operators here are butchers by trade the parallels with meat and meat production are everywhere. and.
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that's because consumers are still used to meet. or they were used to me. many of our regular customers haven't actually eaten meat in my years but i still often hear oh finally there's a meat free this or that i've waited for that for fifteen years that's how long they've been vegetarians but they still miss meat at times eating habits can be very deeply ingrained. in. the vigen roast saw first steam cooked and then smoked. a growing number of people around the world are opting for a begin life style with big in supermarkets restaurants boutiques and shoe shops. and now for the moment of truth the proof is in the pudding as they say so it's time to sample the reagan roast served with all the trimmings of a traditional meat roast it cost almost as much as the meat equivalent twenty years
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a kilo so how is it. it's not that bad. but the taste of meat is much better. this is a new experience for me. but i have to be honest it doesn't really taste of anything i'm definitely missing the flavor of meat. the children don't even want to try it no matter what dad says. i think that's want to give it a try. no not each again. look at the so dad has to polish off the plate himself next time it will be back to meet. i'm with milk has kids a vegan holiday roast is definitely not for me what do you think of the meat eating and the meat business by looking forward to hearing from you write to us at our website or a twitter see so for. the
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be. the be. good.
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enough for my. morning. digital morris. women for internet activists one mission. the ten feet to go. against progression and violence in detroit the colors of social media. their messages for saddam like model fire because they are women and more to change the world to. digital morris and in fifteen minutes.
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kill me and it doesn't entice the entire screams of jurors or dealing with anything at all i killed many civilians i mean the irish coming committing my father. says i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself latisse the totally but suddenly life became alledge a kind of sob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines would be fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the words of one here's what's coming up. on the talk on g.w. the latest the still superhero on a mission to change attitudes smart women spy smart talks smarts to the
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legend there's a fine no movement out of brain creasing wings dangerous stunt. double made for modern. anxiously waiting. waiting for lifeline to syria this morning where are you a quiet and humanitarian to. every call brings them closer together. the right. to. go to church because they feel powerless to help. but feel like i'm letting people down or that is what. they worry about the ones they've left behind. but you know i'm a trying to be strong but deep down i'm broken. the war continues to haunt those flip from syria.
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i'm trying to reach them but nobody answers the war on my phone or to call him in three starts december eighth on t.w. . the body of former u.s. president george h.w. bush has arrived in houston church where he will lay in repose over night. earlier friends family and foreign dignitaries packed the washington national cathedral for the state funeral former president george w. bush was among those who delivered you lodges in honor of his father bush sr will be buried thursday. a delegation of who he rebels has arrived in sweden ahead of peace talks with yemen's government the talks are being brokered by.


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