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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin trouble on the horizon for the trade war truce between beijing and washington the global corporate officer of chinese telecoms giant holloway has been arrested in canada she now faces extradition to the u.s. for allegedly violating sanctions against iran also coming up. peace talks between yemen's warring parties are set to get under way today in sweden delegations from the saudi backed government in the booth the rebels come together for the first time in two years is an end in sight to the world's worst humanitarian crisis.
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and it's on the macro's last day on the job as the leader of her conservative c.d.u. party to stay on as counselor to step down as party chair after eighteen years at the helm who succeeds or could mean a new direction for germany's conservatives. and a final farewell to a former american president world leaders attending a state funeral for george bush sr will be buried in his home state of texas later today. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us canada has arrested one of the biggest names in china's business world war two is the daughter of the founder of chinese to. comms giant holloway and one of its top global executives this arrest
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is linked to alleged violations of american sanctions against iran she now faces extradition to the united states beijing is demanding her release and stock markets have tumbled on the news. she's the chief financial officer of one of the biggest telecommunications equipment companies in the world now it's emerged that man wang ju has been in custody in canada for days u.s. authorities appear to be seeking her extradition on charges of helping qual way violate the u.s. trade embargo against iran further details of the allegations against her are still unknown but her arrest comes as weiwei faces increasing scrutiny from abroad. in the past u.s. lawmakers have described the company as a threat to national security saying its technology could be used for spying. other countries like australia and new zealand share those concerns and have ways
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equipment from being used in their high speed five g. mobile networks. way has repeatedly denied those claims when news of meng's arrest broke china's embassy in canada have released a statement saying is firmly opposes i'm strongly protest the move the arrest comes at an especially sensitive time in u.s. chinese trade relations last weekend the country's leaders agreed to a ninety day truce in their months long trade dispute the u.s. decision to target one of china's most important tech giants is only likely to reignite tensions let's get the very latest on the story now and bring in business correspondent linda hong joining us from singapore linda what's behind the accusations that main wash you violated u.s. sanctions against iran. well this accusation has been ongoing since around april already and the sanctions as it should be unfolding u.s.
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authorities have been putting qual wake which is the wall blah just tell compete with then make up for allegedly shipping us everything products that iran and other countries in violation of u.n. . sanctions all they have actually been is that the gating this case and this issue people quite a while already ok so not just the united states a number of western secret service is accused telecoms giant wall way of spying for the chinese government what does they say beijing has been doing. well they are actually saying that because holly is actually pretty closely connected with the government take note that the sound. someone told father is actually a former officer of the people that the nation. me as well as an elected member of the communist party so they're quite close the relation as this has got to do
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that geopolitics and take that while we actually go along money could develop five g. networks and we all know that five g. is coming wireless network and quality is also one of the largest ones so there's a actually quite a bit of concern that folly of my actually be having doing some so-called spying for people for china on the rest of the government ok now what have been the reactions in beijing to this arrest and and how's it going to affect trade towers. well there actually is a kind of tension that we have actually seen shoes. all fall we have a few fall then off the news it's very much to do with the the fall on behalf of the chinese government they actually need to. have discussions and negotiations with the u.s. on the concrete and they actually called off a big off pension all reunited pension definitely could mean i could go on.
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particularly for chinese because they keep it there that he no confirmation or he killed on the challenger or what he's being tochtli or go at this definitely going to be reigniting over this trade country is going to feel like you know for us and singapore thanks very much u.n. brokered peace talks between yemen saudi backed government and who the rebels aligned with iran are set to start today in sweden now these talks marked the first meeting between the two sides since two thousand and sixteen in the rain that ending four years of war today's discussions are expected to focus on confidence building measures we drove in the brought to sweden by the u.n. the delegation of the rebels say they strive for peace that's set to negotiate with yemen's government for the first time in two years as. i think the delegates want to pray to framework for negotiations we hope to leave sweden with
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a final untruth solution to end the conflict in yemen so that all yemenis no matter of their political opinion can live in peace. un officials don't have such high hopes that the talks to be held at this cost outside stark home they don't expect a political settlement but at least steps towards deescalation. four years of conflict in yemen have left thousands dead and created what's been described as the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history. with the country's economy crippled more than fourteen million people many of them children of facing starvation. there is only one message to those who are gathering today. that is the message of peace for this brutal war the brutal war on children raging
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throughout the country for too long for that war to stop now. with the conflict blocked and stalemate many hope the talks will result in a cease fire allowing food and aid to reach those who need it most. now from his with a think tank european council on foreign relations he's covered yemen as a journalist speaks to us from beirut good morning our talks set to begin today in sweden what are you expecting will we see deescalation truce what's likely to come out of them. i mean at this point what's on the docket interest series of discussions on our yes so things like prisoner exchanges potentially the reopening of sun air force we're also looking at potential issues for in the financial sector so it's not going to be from zero to one hundred and here it really is starting at zero if not last this is the first set of u.n. back tops that it managed to tick off for two years ok we've already seen
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a prisoner release we've seen wounded who he's been flown out of the country with these kind of confidence building measures already in place could we see food starting to move to those who very much need supplies and that that's part of the end of easing up some of the blockages but then what's also important. in a lot of cases even though you're dealing with underpriced the third is there it's a matter of the fact that you can use that as their answer as the special cities people just can't afford it. you have sky high unemployment rates and when you're dealing with the crisis that is when you know you know eighty percent of yemen is in need of humanitarian assistance that's something that even long cadsoft you really need some sort of structural changes which will only come with you also ok the easing of the conflict this is very much a proxy war between saudi arabia and iran are they in some way in the background
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these talks would start today. now you even in saudi arabia are certainly playing it be an exaggeration suits very much a proxy war although now there certainly are rolled up essent there is certainly a strong domestic logic to a lot of its violent that being said you certainly know strong a strong chance that. you know if they don't like the way things are dying you can see the controllers are the saudis have said this out of the pollution so that they are on top fully other means to be seen with that watched me obviously you still have military moves are earning on the ground and certain things particularly a move towards or to create it could really potentially. throw the talks off ok so there's a lot and a lot still moving in the background there and i'm baron for us from the european council on foreign relations thanks very much. now for some of the other stories
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making the news at this hour a rainy and state media say at least three people have been killed a number wounded in a bomb blast in the southern port city of taba harm reports indicate a car bomb detonated near a police station more details on this developing story as they come in. a former australian archbishop found guilty of covering up child sex abuse the catholic church has had his conviction overturned an australian court ruled in favor of philip wilson's appeal and freed him from detention. wilson was the world's most senior catholic clergyman to be convicted of hiding abuse which was committed by a pedophile priest in one thousand seven. five u.s. marines are still missing after two american military planes crashed off the coast of japan during a refueling exercise the planes base that you were cooney were carrying out scheduled training when they collided in midair off japan's southwest coast two
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marines have been rescued. or here in germany in iraq draws to a close today is chance for all of acol steps down as leader of her conservative c.d.u. party whomever is elected to replace her at a party conference getting underway in hamburg today could become germany's next chancellor we have this look at merkel's eighteen years at the helm of the christian democrats you know what i'm going to merkel's announcement in october came as a surprise europe's longest serving elected leader is aiming for something no modern day chancellor has managed before a controlled exit from politics to meet in business but i thought that so i won't run again as party leader at the next e do you party conference in hamburg. this is fourth term is my last chancellor of germany. macko became the first woman at the. top of
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the c.d.u. in the year two thousand surprising nearly everyone the newcomer from the east led her party's break with its political idol helmut kohl over party funding scandal in the core was her mentor the determination and power instinct the party saw there was also what it would get over the next eighteen years. those who refused to accept that the c.d.u. was no longer gentlemen's club soon learned the hard way one by one her competitors had to go. after becoming chancellor two thousand and five machall took a c.d.u. party on a political journey many criticized as a shift to the left setting conservative benchmark policies like military conscription and performing a u. turn on nuclear energy over the fukushima disaster in japan. by then her vaal as party leader and her role as chancellor had long become inseparable merkel's political brand as the one who guarantees stability was born. in the midst of the
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greek debt crisis she defended risking billions of german taxpayers' money by claiming there was no alternative. there is no alternative to supporting greece to secure the financial stability of the euro. vision merkel's no i'll turn to reasoning also you saw her keeping germany's borders open during what became known as the migration crisis in twenty fifteen the political challenge that still defines her leadership. yes get caught if we were to make to it that we can do this considering our european responsibility our humanitarian responsibility and our responsibility for germany then we wouldn't be the christian democratic union of germany but we are and that's why we can do this. america herself was long seen as a conservative party leader without an alternative to replace the fact that there
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are now several credible candidates is also fueling speculation over how much longer she can remain chancellor. so let's look at some of the alternatives more on this let's bring in to be a political correspondent kate brady in our parliamentary studios here in berlin good morning kate all of machall stepping down as party leader but she says she'll be staying on as german chancellor until twenty twenty one cannot work. it certainly could work but things could become problematic depending on the party selects to morrow in hamburg as her successors the c.d.u. party leader and that could become particularly difficult if one of those candidates friedrich maps is elected as the c.d.u. party leader he currently heads is from the center ground of germany's political spectrum where we've seen move the c.d.u. over the last couple of decades so that could then certainly prove to be
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problematic for all and live machall should maps be elected as that would then question as well. as the chancellor. what about the two other contenders for party chair with a signal as well a new direction for the conservatives. we could certainly see a little bit of change there are two of the main front runners as we have he's young just thirty eight and also we could see with him if he were elected as the c.d.u. party leader we could see the party moving in a more conservative direction he's a very vocal challenger and critic of merkel particularly when it comes to migration policy and then at the same time you also have an uncritical karrenbauer who is has at least been dubbed here in germany in recent weeks as a mini machall or even the current for the leadership over the seat of you but even for her this is the label of being a mini machall is something which she tried she's tried to distance herself from in
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recent weeks during this leadership race so we certainly could see a shake up without doubt within the c.d.u. party but it just depends as to how big that change and that shift will be ok no matter who is going to be this is the beginning of the end of the machall euro. it certainly is she's been at the helm of the c.d.u. for eighteen years she's been chancellor of germany for thirteen has an entire generation here in germany that has known no other chancellor now of course it is business as usual for macros she's hardly made a dent in her current and final term in office as chancellor and the still to be done particularly when it comes to international relations but of course already media both here in germany and abroad and world leaders over to get into and visit imagine even prepare for war a europe a world without muckle on the world stage might look like kate brady in our parliamentary studio thanks very much to the u.s.
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now where a state funeral has been held for george bush sr a former president a war hero and the man who led america as the soviet union collapsed in the cold war drew to a close. former president george h.w. bush returning for the final time to the houston church where he was shaped. and where his final funeral service is to be held. earlier on wednesday he left washington for the last time. the bush family there to see him off from the u.s. capitol rotunda. inside the national cathedral it was a who's who of world politics as bush's son george w. bush greeted three federal former presidents and the current commander in chief donald trump. german chancellor angela merkel was there as well as other world
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leaders in tributes bush's military service in world war two was celebrated as well as his sense of humor he never slowed down. on the primary campaign trail in new hampshire once he grabbed the hand of an apartment store manik and asking for votes . when he realized his mistake he said never no got asked. george w. bush to leave at the main eulogy a moment unique in american history a former president telling his father also a president goodbye and we're going to miss you your decency sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. so through our careers let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you are great and noble made repose in church before final farewells then the forty first president to be laid to rest and with him the ever he represented. moving on to more news now in sports usa
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gymnastics has filed for bankruptcy to help pay lawsuits linked to the sex abuse scandal which is envelop the governing body for that sport in the united states former national team doctor laurie nasser was jailed for sexual abuse earlier this year after more than three hundred fifty women testified against him last month the united states olympic committee started proceedings to disband the usa gymnastics. spectators and athletes attending the twenty twenty tokyo olympics may have to set their alarm clocks early with organizers proposing dawn the starting times to negate the city's intense summer heat temperatures in tokyo hitting over forty degrees this year organizers have requested events like the marathon start as early as five thirty am the expected high temperatures have been an ongoing issue after a solution of introducing daylight savings time was squashed earlier this year.
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mark is here now we're looking at the risk of oil prices headed higher right right now they're heading lower but that's ahead of a crucial meeting brian because opec has made a plan to concertina oil output effectively conditional on the contribution from non opec producers and that is russia that's according to opaque delegates who are in vienna for the oil producer cartels latest biannual meeting us president to donuts trungpa saudi arabia opaques de facto leader to refrain from output cuts in order to keep oil prices low but that's not in opec's interests. goodnight through drivers but countries relying on oil exports to finance their economies on top be about current price levels for the last three months oil has been heading steadily downhill at the start of the toba a barrel of north sea brant crude stood at a respectable eighty six dollars. by the end of november it was struggling at fifty
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seven dollars though it stabilized for now at sixty that's causing oil producers a lot of financial problems so much so that the organization of petroleum exporting countries has put production cuts high on the agenda of its latest vienna meeting. what you need to have in fifty's what. would you say what you mean you should be tied to. economics one zero one output and supply falls prices rise the u.s. is by far the world's largest oil producer at fourteen percent of output russia is the second largest candidate is way behind all three are not opec members uniting fifteen countries opec is responsible for forty two percent of global oil production giving it the main sway over pricing the organization is most important
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single member is saudi arabia which alone pumps thirteen percent of the world's crude supply but not everybody is happy about the idea of falling supply and rising prices least of all us president donald trump he appealed to opec on twitter not to cut output at the same time though nano tech member russia said it's ready to implement output cuts as has opec heavyweights saudi arabia the talk in vienna is of a one percent production cut and financial markets are certainly keeping an eye on vietnam pakistan but it is our man at the frankfurt stock exchange opaque is aiming to cap the output do you think they'll do it even against the will of donald trump . well the question is is it really against the will of donald trump because certainly low oil prices would appeal to his blue collar voters as it's good for factory production but on the other hand the u.s. as a whole does feel the pinch when the oil price drops too low because it is
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a heavy oil producer and higher oil prices would definitely benefit the u.s. economy. higher oil prices also a prerequisite for hydraulic fracturing or fracking as we know it to to economically. produce oil without getting in trouble ok so. it's sort of the mixed back certainly and then of course there are stocks that we know that are tumbling today following that. story that we've covered already that's adding pressure on us china relations i should think then we have breaks it here in europe nobody quite knows how that plays out i mean this is he said turbulent times how investors coping. there are so many things going on in politics right now you mentioned the u.s. china. and you think that investors would suddenly you know start panicking that's one thing the one thing they could do or they could just take
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a step back and relax a little and watch it play out and that's exactly what is happening here in frankfurt people aren't to panic there are sales people are trying to get out of risks where they can but there isn't a panic level yet the dax the butcher been attacks reach a level of eleven thousand today but that's more of a psychological barrier and that wouldn't be too bad if we dropped to ten thousand eight hundred then we'd see more sell offs traders are telling me that that's unlikely to happen today all right but it's there reporting from the front that stock exchange thank you so much. a little bit more about oil now lava jato or cod walsh is the. name of a years long investigation into corruption at a prosperous state owned oil company turns out the more they wash away the more they see how dirty the. latest revelations implicates three of the largest commodity traders in the world who have paid bribes to petrol price.
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handle about nineteen million barrels of oil and petroleum products a day more than ten percent of global demand even a small change in price like a few pennies quickly adds up. or. giant companies with revenues higher than. if practiced crimes in more than one hundred sixty operations with more than thirty million dollars in bribes the current investigations are only revealing the tip of the iceberg remember. the three companies are suspected of paying bribes and exchange for better trading contracts authorities say the top executives were fully aware of what was going on . the type of operation that was performed here resembled negotiations at the stock market because the members of the criminal organization
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above all the public brokers they go shoot at prices daily they price the products that they want to sell directly to the representatives of the foreign companies. they would you w. news live from berlin what coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can get all the latest news around the clock online at. csub.
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entering the conflict zone confronting the powerful. over the course of his short life judgment is far right if he thought he was going to have it so good my guess is weak here is good news because he's defeated gail because fifteen. what kind of proxy is the a.f.p. going to be. some. delicious. through a child time. three children document their daily find for survival on our. air strikes the traumas and the desperate hope. for help from.
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yemen begins in the home. in forty five minutes on d w. anxiously waiting. waiting for lifeline to syria good morning where are you why aren't you answering. every call brings them closer together. on hurts because they feel powerless to help. used to call those who fled from syria. the war on my from our two part documentary starts december eighth on d w.
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over the course of his short life germany's far right a.f.d. party has never had it so good more than ninety seats in the federal parliament and representatives in each of the sixteen regional assemblies my guest this week here in berlin is the party's deputy leader georg. what kind of party is the a.f.d. growing up to be.


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