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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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biala guest trends. managed by from. business d w news live from berlin a stark warning to yemeni delegates at un brokered peace talks to give their dad during those few years ago some photos of most of the troops i've read most of whom are you know. the saudi backed government and who the rebels sit down together to seek ways to hold a devastating civil war. also coming out. a top global executive
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a chinese telecom giant huawei has been arrested in canada she now faces extradition to the u.s. for allegedly violating sanctions on iran. also its i love michael's last day as the leader of germany's conservative c.d.u. party she's stepping down after eighteen years as party chair of well her successor set to be chosen tomorrow let merkel see out her term as chancellor. and shattered dreams after a video of a soccer crazy afghan boy went viral his dream came true when he met his idol when all messy but it two years later he's the face of afghans who have lost everything to the taliban. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us there is a catastrophe. the unfolding in yemen and we have to stop it those were the words
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from sweden's foreign minister as she opened talks aimed at ending the war in the un brokered meeting is taking place in a remote location outside stockholm and it brings together yemen saudi backed government and who the rebels aligned with iran it is the first time the two sides have come together in more than two years the conflict has triggered a massive humanitarian crisis with millions of people suffering from severe hunger that's the un's envoy to yemen martin griffiths outlined what is at stake over the coming days that's a spear in there that yemen's future is in the hands of those posts in this road. the country's institutions resist the fragmentation the country. is enormous and so. we must work no before we lose control of the future if you haven't. so what prospects do these talks have of success let's bring in his
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see he's a political analyst from yemen he is currently in cairo good to see you so the fact that these rival sides actually came to sweden that scene that's seen as an achievement what do you think the outcome is here that the u.n. is looking to see or actually that they're really very good months don't they did not come to see her for the very first verbier gridlocks that sort of thing who are holding direct talks that are dog really dealt with your huge milestone earlier you were looking at basically creating a framework that you're great for the road to peace talks these are all of the perforations but are going to remain issue here as are the blueprints of our own search towards peace. ok so that would definitely be a successor saying his show on but just before these talks got underway we saw both sides making demands the who the rebels threaten to block un access to the airport in sanaa the yemeni government called on rebels to withdraw from data could that
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with could these demands then actually do rail any progress no not really because they are currently then the. deal their base basically creating a framework so nothing that happens on the ground whatever they say on the media starts of our lives on it is just not going to do real process ok him as both sides are working on a framework the u.n. is warning that millions of people are at the brink of starvation in yemen are both sides willing to make concessions to alleviate the humanitarian crisis on the ground in yemen because there are. huge international momentum or under pressure from the concessions whether they like it or they don't . look the working article rather that people are paying the prices and even don't like the factions they're not realizing that what they don't go on forever so they
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do need to make concessions all right his family might see a political analysts analysts from yemen speaking to us from cairo thank you very much. now beijing is demanding that canada release men one jew one of china's top global executives men as the daughter of the founder of chinese telecommunications giant while way and was detained last week in vancouver her arrest has been linked to alleged violations of american sanctions against iran and she now faces extradition to the u.s. asian stocks have tumbled on the news. she's the chief financial officer of one of the biggest telecommunications equipment companies in the world now it's emerged that men who has been in custody in canada for days u.s. authorities are seeking her extradition on charges of helping huawei violate the u.s. trade embargo on iran allegations that have prompted an angry response from beijing
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. china has expressed its serious position on this case to both canada and the united states. we are demanding the reason for her arrest to be clarified immediately. demanding meg's release and for her rights drizzles don't to be safeguarded. meng's detention comes as huawei faces increasing scrutiny from abroad. in the past u.s. lawmakers have described the company as a threat to national security saying its technology could be used for spying. other countries like australia and new zealand share those concerns on to bond ways equipment from being used in their high speed five g. mobile networks. delicious allegations from the united states have emerged as an especially sensitive time in the chinese u.s.
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relationship last weekend the country's leaders agreed to a ninety day truce in their months long trade dispute the u.s. decision to target one of china's most important tech giants is only likely to reignite tensions. erin tilton from v.w. business is here to break down this story for us erin this is a complex story tell us more about what is behind these allegations well right now it does seem that huawei has been accused of violating american sanctions when it comes to delivering american develop technology to countries most specifically iran and this has been an issue of contention regarding huawei and other chinese providers for quite a while now remember earlier in the years e.t.e. which is also a large manufacturer of electronics in china was also accused of violating u.s. sanctions and actually led to punitive measures from the u.s. government which also almost resorted in the company being completely dismantled and holding their business and it actually took the intervention of donald trump directly to allow them to continue to do business in the world market so on the one
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side does seem to be concerned about how chinese manufacturers are using american technology abroad but on the other side there's also kind of this looming accusations from the many chinese telecoms and telecommunications providers regarding espionage on the international scene here when i ask you that because western governments have actually said that using weiwei technology poses a national security risk because of espionage as you said what is behind that fear well those accusations have been surrounding huawei pretty much from the beginning you have to remember the founder of qual way was actually a. former engineer for china's military so there's been a connection between the military and huawei from the beginning and we've seen in the last several months actually kind of those concerns get much more intense i mean recently i'm not mistaken new zealand was actually banned its telecoms from using hallway technologies saying that they could potentially those chips that they were using their computers could be funneling information back to china now when i
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was working at a tech start up earlier we also had similar concerns many of our developers that they wouldn't use one way technology because they didn't know exactly where their data was going and also it's not just not just as you know in between in terms of the different governments it's also espionage on the industrial scale we've seen many governments express concern that chinese companies were attempting to funnel. american and western european technology back to china to help their country get a leg up on the competition so these are pretty serious allegations what do you see happening next then escalation well that is the big question now we've seen calls from the chinese embassy to release mismatching we've also seen of course dementias from the from huawei saying that they have no evidence and they've seen no evidence that she committed any crimes or that their companies committed any crimes but this comes at a really really sensitive issue for time rather for the u.s. and china i mean if you think about it we've just seen kind of
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a deescalation when it comes to the looming trade conflict but we really don't know where this is going to come sort of just a very very bad time for both parties to have the honest all right aaron tilton from good of you business thank you very much thank you. now here in germany an arrow draws to a close today as chancellor angela merkel steps down as leader of her conservative c.d.u. party a party conference is getting underway in hamburg today where delegates will elect merkel's replacement and possibly germany's next chancellor let's take a look now at merkel's eighteen years at the helm of the christian democrats. are going to merkel's announcement in october came as a surprise europe's longest serving elected leader is aiming for something no modern day chancellor has managed before her controlled exit from politics in the dark it's i won't run again as party leader at the next cd you party conference in hamburg. this is fourth term is my last as the
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chancellor of germany. merkel became the first woman at the top of the c.d.u. in the year two thousand surprising nearly everyone the newcomer from the east led her party's break with its political idol helmut kaur over party funding scandal in the core was her mentor the determination and power instinct the party saw there was also what it would get over the next eighteen years. those who refused to accept that the c.d.u. was no longer a gentlemen's club soon learned the hard way one by one her competitors had to go. after becoming chancellor two thousand and five machall took a c.d.u. party on a political journey many criticized as a shift to the left setting conservative benchmark policies like military conscription and performing a u. turn on nuclear energy over the fukushima disaster in japan. by then her vote as
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party leader and her role as chancellor had long become inseparable merkel's political brand as the one who guarantees stability was born. in the midst of the greek debt crisis she defended risking billions of german taxpayers' money by claiming there was no alternative. there is no alternative to supporting greece to secure the financial stability of the euro. zone. merkel's no i'll turn to reasoning also you saw her keeping germany's borders open during what became known as the migration crisis in twenty fifteen the political challenge that still defines her leadership and yet if we were to know that we can do this considering our european responsibility our humanitarian response ability and our responsibility for germany then we wouldn't be the christian democratic union of germany but we are and that's why we can do this. america herself was
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long seen as a conservative party leader without an alternative to replace the fact that there are now several credible candidates is also fueling speculation over how much longer she can remain chancellor. so what is next for the chancellor and her party let's bring in our political correspondent kate brady for more on the story hi kate so as we heard the chancellor will step down as party leader but she does want to stay on as the german chancellor until twenty twenty one can that really work. well that is indeed macro's plan the question then really is will she be able to do depending on which candidate her party the c.d.u. decides to vote in those her successor come friday this idea of macros to stay as on as the chancellor until twenty twenty one really could become quite problematic particularly if the one of the front row has friedrich met actually is
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voted in as her successor as the party leader now matts is quite well known in the german political stage for being much more conservative than merkel so we could see him indeed taking the c.d.u. costy in a much more conservative direction and away from the sense of ground which we've seen merkel move the conservatives towards over the last two decades at the top of this you do you see i am of course as well the coalition at the moment is already very fragile it's a coalition between germany's conservatives macro's conservative policy and the social democrats so any kind of friction that between maps if he was to become the party leader and in the position of chums that could spell real trouble for germany's government ok so they could have a tough time working together what about the other two contenders for the party chair would they also signal
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a new direction. well i think whichever candidate comes out on top on friday is certainly going to change things within the party as the other two front runners are thirty eight year old son who you know as the as they get kind of a shift politician on the scene but over to you a lot of people all ruling him out and saying that maybe perhaps in ten years time he might stand more of a chance but he is a very vocal critic of marco particularly when it comes to migration policy i'm so we could definitely see him to moving the party back to its more traditional conservative roots then we also have emigrated. who for a long time was seen as the heir apparent and a favorite of holes to fill her shoes she not as conservative as matt. but at the same time she is certainly more conservative and holds these conservative traditions and values much closer to a hot particularly when it comes to politics than for example malco so we will
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certainly see a more conservative a shift to the right and more conservative direction regardless of which candidate becomes macko successor c.d.u. party leader the question then is to what extent and how conservatives. will extent this party will move in that conservative direction. kate brady for us thank you very much. now to some other stories making headlines around the world in iran at least three people have been killed and twenty four wounded in a suicide bombing and gun attack in the southern port city of our authority said the attackers tried to storm a police headquarters officials blamed terrorism but so far there's been no claim of responsibility. five u.s. marines are still missing after two american military planes crashed off the coast of japan during a refueling exercise the planes base that cooney were carrying out scheduled training when they collided in midair after pan southwest coast two marines have
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already been rescued the search is continuing for the others a former australian archbishop found guilty of covering up child sex abuse in the catholic church has had his conviction overturned and australian court ruled in favor of philip wealth of the peel and freedom from detention wilson was the world's most senior catholic to be convicted of hiding abuse which was committed by a pedophile priest in the one nine hundred seventy s. to sports now in usa gymnastics has filed for bankruptcy to help pay lawsuits linked to the sex abuse scandal that's envelop the governing body for the sport in the us former national team dr larry nasser was jailed for sexual abuse earlier this year after more than three hundred fifty women testified last month the u.s. a limpid committee started proceedings to try to disband usa gymnastics. now you might remember this little afghan boy from
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a couple of years ago mortaza mahdi hit the headlines after being pictured wearing a little messy football shirt made out of a plastic bag now though internet fame has given way to the harsh realities of life in afghanistan his family's been forced to flee their home because of the taliban it was a story which captured the hearts of millions. when pictures of mother you wearing a makeshift little miss you should fashioned out of a carrier bag uploaded to facebook it was quickly a viral sensation. his dreams of meeting his idol then became reality when he was invited to lead barcelona for a friendly match in qatar a magical moment for the football mad five year old but two years on those happy times are distant memory after taliban soldiers attack their afghan village moataz or his family were forced to flee their homes what's more than our seven year old international fame has brought unwelcome attention back home.
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some men were chasing us saying ever since our son became famous our family has become rich because messi gave us money. we didn't care but when the taliban got closer to our place then our lives are in danger. now living in kabul with his mother but taza dreams of being reunited with his hero a world away from war torn afghanistan. i like messy a lot i want to live close to him i want him to take me out of this place. one of more than three hundred thousand afghans that fled their homes due to violence since the beginning of twenty eighteen alone murtaza story isn't unique but the boy dubbed mini missy by the media provides a recognizable face for their plight. ok and i guess here with business now and
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we're looking at the risk of oil prices heading higher right now they're actually very low they're even lower than they were yesterday but sumi opec has made a cut in or oil output effectively conditional on the contribution from non opaque producer russia that's according to opec delegates who are currently in vienna for the all produce a catalyst the latest bi annual meeting now u.s. president on a trend saudi arabia to refrain from output cuts in order to keep oil prices low but opaque levels for the last three months has been heading steadily downhill at the start of october a barrel of north sea brant crude stood at a respectable eighty six dollars by the end of november it was struggling at fifty seven dollars though it stabilized for now at sixty that's causing oil producers a lot of financial problems so much so that the organization of petroleum exporting countries has put production cuts high on the agenda of its latest vienna meeting.
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what we need to be of interest to. say for you or me should be tied. to much of this in. economics one zero one potent and supply falls prices rise. the u.s. is by far the world's largest oil producer at fourteen percent of output russia is the second largest candidate is way behind all three are not opec members uniting fifteen countries opec is responsible for forty two percent of global oil production giving it the main sway over pricing the organization is most important single member is saudi arabia which alone pumps thirteen percent of the world's crude supply. but not everybody is happy about the idea of falling supply and rising prices least of all u.s. president donald trump he appealed to opec on twitter not to cut output at the same time though nano tech member russia said it's ready to implement output cuts as has
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opec heavyweights saudi arabia the talk in vienna is of a one percent production cut. or i'm told the latest let's cross over to our manager frank that stock exchange but it's pulp is expected to cut output do we know what's on the table. yeah we do it's about one million to one point three million barrels per day but that very much depends on russia still and if you need any more proof that opec doesn't have the same power it used to here it is opec is waiting for the russian energy minister to fly to moscow speak with putin and possibly bring up the amount of oil. that russia will cut down on saying it is harder for the country to cut down because of the winter the upcoming winter and whether but it does show that since two thousand and sixteen when opec united with what is called opec plus other opec countries most
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significantly russia there is more dependence in that market on the other players and it doesn't make sense to find consensus among them because. make sure that everyone profits from rising prices in days just this have anything to do with the fact that the german dax has dropped to below the eleven thousand model is there something else that's putting pressure on it. might be playing into it but the most significant issue probably is the way of rest in canada and the problems that spells for the u.s. china trade relationship it doesn't bode well exactly and so worries have come back out after the optimism earlier this week and now with christmas coming up and no sign of a christmas rally people would rather take out some risk and make sure they have enough money in their pockets to buy presents ok well that's not a bad idea then. thank you so much. in
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uganda tensions have been growing between small ugandan traders and chinese business operating in the country the growing competition has stoked local resentment including protests now ugandan soldiers have been deployed as security guards and chinese businesses in the wake of a spate of robberies. chinese hotel yeah you've been has lived in uganda for fifteen years been says uganda's government has assured himself to call for his business all this time not only in the ex and i must i wouldn't promise and . then you're gonna when you met the factory and i could afford your kind of people i know a lot of your kind of people can look at the chop i'm not dissing me your hair people can develop saw in future you don't worry i'll buy the factory the
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safety. but not all the chinese nationals in uganda i like being. the police see that cases of fixed at chinese owned businesses of lately increased . this has forced uganda's president you were in was seventy to order for military intervention there have been some threats by criminals on on on just as this is an acceptable under steps being taken to assure that. investors the local or international protected. or chinese friends have raised the concerns and. we've responded to them. with seventy sees the chinese of created many jobs for ugandans and he cannot risk frustrating them i'm going to jail three million. dollars he should not be the case we.
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all do prayers. to me. for uganda granted. over fifty thousand chinese live in uganda many are engaged in construction mostly funded by the government others are in trade and manufacturing but have often clashed with locals especially in running small scale businesses. the military deployment is primarily to crack down on robotics but might as we'll see if the chinese are against locals. all right today is a favorite day of the year for kids and adults alike many countries the six of december is st nicholas day that's the figure on which santa claus is based and here in germany it's known as nikolaus and it's celebrated with a frenzy of sugary gift giving throughout the country now the confectionery
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industry here has produced one hundred forty five million chocolate santas this year for the festivities at slightly more than last year two thirds of that will be sold by retailers here at home and the rest goes to export worldwide the amount of sustainably produced chocolate santas has been expanding rapidly in recent years in two thousand and eleven only three percent of them were sourced sustainably and last year that share had grown to fifty five percent and of course making exquisite confectionery is also hard work and to do it the sector employs a total of around fifty five thousand workers so wherever your munching your chocolates and the business team wishes you all a happy necklace and this is news live from berlin wall coming up at the top of the hour.
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enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. over the course of a short life judgment is far right if he thought he has never had it so good my guess is we here in the process deputy to jail because they're asking. what kind of property is the a.f.p. going to be. like so for.
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me the style of. your lomax still looks. up to some englishman concepts. and outstanding architecture. flair and style essential. to your folks in sixty minutes w. a continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business to present. its.
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history in the in from one school. he seems to. be pushing. i. did you tell africa starts december twelfth w. over the course of his short life germany's far right a.f.d. party has never had it so good more than one thousand seats in the federal parliament and representatives in each of the sixteen regional assemblies my guest this week here in berlin is the party's deputy leader georg. what kind of party is the a.f.p. growing up to be.


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