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eyes. digital africa starts december twelfth on t w. this is d w news live from berlin tonight the eve of what will be one of germany's biggest political changes in decades. prepares to relinquish the chair of. merkel has led the conservative c.d.u. for eighteen years tomorrow there will be a new leader who may once merkel's chancellor to also coming up
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human peace talks begin in sweden and government and rebels agree to an exchange of prisoners but the u.n. is warning not to expect too much from the negotiations and a shocking arrest a top level executive of chinese telecoms giant way way is detained in canada she now faces extradition to the united states for allegedly violating saying she was on iran. also coming up tonight shattered dreams after a video of a soccer crazy afghan boy with his dream came true when he met his i don't know messy but two years later these the face of afghans who've lost everything so. i'm bring good to have you with us tonight. an error is drawing to
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a close here in germany on friday chancellor angela merkel will relinquish the chair of her conservative c.d.u. party she'll continue as chancellor for the time being which makes her a political disruptor in germany the leader of the main party in government is almost always the chancellor and that means the person who replaces miracle as party chief will also have his or her eyes on the chancellor. before it kicks off the boss takes a look to make sure everything is set up this tour has become a tradition at the c.d.u. party congress it will be until america's last one. has to do so on those things i am quite grateful i was the party leader for over eighteen years that is a long time that america will be treading a fine line at the party congress for goal is to unite the party and yet share the power she is wielded as party leader and his chancellor achieving party unity will
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be both the linchpin and the litmus test for her successor. but the chancellor has yet to make an endorsement of two thousand and three to get this is an important duty for the thousand and one delegates to set the tone for the future team that will lead the party with one tough which is why i am looking forward to tomorrow and of course i am just as anxious as everyone else that it is democracy in its purest form but there is a range of candidates to choose from everything else will be decided by the delegates in time it will be a tight race tomorrow but for now magical can relax. because today st nicholas day a chocolate farewell present for the c.d.u. party leader but for the candidates vying for her position the sack of presents won't be opened until tomorrow. it's hard for this now we want to get our political correspondent i was. told was so today is the last full day of.
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being the head of the c.d.u. after eighteen years i mean this is the end of an error isn't it. it is indeed an end of an era you said it yourself brand i'm going to go has been the leader of the c.d.u. for eighteen years since he was elected in that pot congress in the city of s. and in the year two thousand and she has had a very significant impact on her party shifting the party from the right of the political spectrum to the center right of the political spectrum that has been a key move by i'm going to go in these eighteen years and i would certainly say just as you have said it that this is the end of an era as merkel as the leader of the c.d.u. she will visit still continue. but it will be a very difficult task for her a very difficult challenge for her to combine these two elements because she has always said in the past that these two positions chancellor and leader of the party should be in one pair of hands or a stand by we're going to take
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a closer look at the three candidates who are vying for miracles mantle as she do you chief. least of the three candidates want to replace uncle america let's see you party leader they've been crisscrossing the country making their pitch for the leading role migration into the european union have been big issues where do the candidates stand first up the comeback kid. twenty years ago he was the rising star of the party until markel snatched away a key post for a self he ended up leaving politics now he's back and as tough words for germany's asylum laws. that. it's long been my opinion that we should be ready to discuss openly the writer's side where they can really stay this way if we are serious about a european refugees and migration policy. politike. he softened
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his stance in the face of intense criticism but now it's remains a migration hardliner party members wanting a younger face for conservative values may go for the new kid on the block inspan the thirty eight year old has given me a healthy dose of grief blaming the party's bad poll numbers on the refugee policy . the party is for rule of law and domestic security we are for public safety in the parks on the street and also on the borders we are the party for europe and europe that protects and protects itself protects its citizens that defends its values a europe that helps us because germany alone is too small. everyone is out to bury the past those looking for continuity could lean towards the favorite daughter and a great come come power position she shares their us so sense the materials of the people and we as germany look on from outside or do little things those days are over. we have to take more responsibility for our
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security and that also means spending money where they stand another part. gets to choose that it's conference on friday where every place is on glenn medical now as party chair may replace a slick on the do it in future elections until then the two will have to work together. so it's almost there we have it we've gone to the woman known as. the favorite of the german chancellor we've got a marriage returning to politics and considered the unlikeliest of the three is there a favorite among these three candidates you said it again brant obviously if you look at a young spawn he's seen as someone who doesn't have many chances of getting the top job but the race is a very close race i don't think anyone here in the north even in hamburg would say for sure who they believe is going to get post tomorrow in it seems that it will be
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a very close race between onic that come combo a.k.k. . mattson whoever does get that post will certainly have a very big influence on the c.d.u. in the next few years whether it is remaining on that course in the center of the political spectrum that will be something for example for on a great come cotton bar or they will be turning again the c.d.u. back to the to the right of the political spectrum something that the free to mass could possibly also do so this is a position that is very important not only for the c.d.u. it's also important for devon politics as a whole body will also influenced by the way the job that i'm good at mco has asked chancellor in the remaining years before twenty twenty one or political correspondents from a sparrow in berlin on the eve of a major political change here in germany for most thinking. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in france and teenage protesters have blocked access to hundreds of schools across the country and
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clashed with police in several cities it's part of ongoing demonstrations against a raft of education overhauls and it comes in time government yellow vest protesters plan to rally again this saturday in paris we learned tonight that officials will close the on full tower on saturday as a precaution for want as high court has cleared opposition figure the end of charges of insurrection in forgery she was jailed last year for allegedly submitting forged documents in her bid to unseat president paul. a three judge panel ruled that all the charges against her were baseless. former u.s. president george w. bush is being laid to rest today in texas over a thousand mourners gathered in the city of houston to pay their final respects to bush you died last week at the age of ninety four work he will be buried later today in a private ceremony to share. well there is
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a catastrophe unfolding in yemen and we have to stop it those are the words of sweden's foreign minister today as she opened talks aimed at ending the war in yemen over the u.n. brokered negotiations bring together humans saudi backed government and who the rebels who are aligned with iran this is the first time that the two sides have come together in more than two years before the talks begin the sides agree to a prisoner swap now this conflict has triggered a massive humanitarian crisis millions of people are suffering from severe hunger. newborns fighting for their lives their mothers are too weak to help them. every day up to one hundred twenty babies are brought to this clinic and sunna fairmount nora's weak sick many are so far gone that doctors can no longer help them. and that's when it's not their fault these children shouldn't have to suffer like this
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we all suffer prices have skyrocketed diseases are rampant children are malnourished even children at school and in madame's. according to the u.n. three million women and children are in danger of starvation eight million people are dependent on aid rural districts including those who are fighting has stopped or difficult for the aid organizations to reach them or has already cost thousands of lives. today at the start of the yemen peace talks the world health organization says this loss of life must stop it's a manmade conflict it's making many people millions of people hungry and the only thing that we need is peace because it's not sustainable i mean to to continue assisting and having half of the population of a country relying on external support millions of people are waiting for their hunger need and sorrow to come to an end but more than anyone else the youngest are
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running out of time. or earlier we spoke to britain's ambassador to yemen michael aron he is at the peace talks in sweden and we had a list of expectations but his boss agreed said this morning we should have high. we all have high ambitions in these talks and we hope the progress will be made first of all on his framework for the process a kind of gateway to the negotiations which sets out how he sees the negotiations unfolding over the months to come he is also sets out a number of confidence building measures because one of the results of the fighting and the absence of direct contact over the last two years has been a lack of confidence between the parties. he's identified some confidence building measures as you say agreement was reached on one of those exchange prisoners already. hopeful that there will be progress on others and thirdly he's looking at deescalation reducing the violence bringing the conflict to an end so i think in
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all those three areas he wants to see progress during the week the week is going to the week and maybe longer to come is not going to solve the problems but it is a beginning and it's fundamental you can't get anywhere without a beginning and that the parties need confidence in each other in the international community and in their friends to move forwards towards these and that was britain's ambassador to yemen michael baron speaking with us earlier tonight beijing is demanding that canada release maine one jew one of china's top tech executives main is the daughter of the man known as the bill gates of china the founder of chinese telecoms giant way way a me was detained last week in vancouver she now thinks his extradition to the united states for alleged violations of american sanctions against iran. she's the chief financial officer of one of the biggest telecommunications equipment companies in the world now it's emerged that man manjoo has been in custody in
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canada for days u.s. authorities are seeking her extradition on charges of helping highway violate the u.s. trade embargo on iran allegations that have prompted an angry response from beijing who've only june you're going to he don't let it go china has expressed its serious position on the if case to both canada and the united states. we're demanding the reason for her arrest to be clarified immediately. also demanding men's release and for her rights results don't to be safeguarded. meng's detention comes as huawei faces increasing scrutiny from abroad in the past u.s. lawmakers have described the company as a threat to national security saying its technology could be used for spying. other
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countries like australia and new zealand share those concerns and to stand trial ways equipment from being used in their high speed five g. mobile networks. delicious allegations from the united states have emerged as an especially sensitive time in the chinese u.s. relationship last weekend the country's leaders agreed to a ninety day truce in their months long trade dispute the u.s. decision to target one of china's most important tech giants is only likely to reignite tensions. in kristoff will be a leader with more on that rest in the economic ramifications are you may remember the images of a little afghan boy from a couple of years ago. he made headlines after being pictured wearing a messy football shirt which was made out of a plastic bag now the internet fame has given way to the harsh realities of wife in afghanistan his family have been forced to flee their home because of
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the taliban it was a story which captured the hearts of millions. when pictures of the wearing a makeshift little missy shirt fashioned out of a carrier bag uploaded to facebook it was quickly a viral sensation. his dreams of meeting his idol then became reality when he was invited to lead barcelona for a friendly match in qatar a magical moment for the football mad five year old but two years on those happy times with distant memory after taliban soldiers attack their afghan village moataz or his family were forced to flee their homes what's more than our seven year old international fame has brought unwelcome attention back home. jennifer about some men were chasing us saying ever since our son became famous our family has become rich because messi gave us money. we didn't care but when the taliban got closer to our place then our lives are in danger.
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now living in kabul with his mother but taza dreams of being reunited with his hero a world away from war torn afghanistan. by like messy a lot i want to live close to him i want him to take me out of this place. one of more than three hundred thousand afghans that fled their homes due to violence since the beginning of twenty eighteen alone but tells a story isn't unique but the boy dubbed mini missy by the media provides a recognizable face for their plight. all right now art in the man he says that he can't think of anything more exciting than the surface of things that's a rather modest view of his own work by the american artist alex cuts but others beg to differ many in the art world see him as one of the most important precursors
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of pop art and modern real as a now ninety one year old constance come to germany to munich for a major reference spec to bring fog it's that special light that hasn't chanted him ever since he was a young artist. who got into the state of painting we were both fully connected to what i wanted to do and i was determined to fool around with perception of different once i wanted it with new uniforms the painting. alex katz an artistic legend from new york has come to munich for the opening of an exhibition dedicated to his work the painter known for his powerful brush strokes has been active for over seven decades and at ninety one he's hardly slowing down. seven days we put the painting pattern through regular before i do a large painting i might do it in one month and do another one the next the. cats
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began his impressive career back in the fifty's in new york city if you like the bohemian life his friends included poets and dancers and he often frequented jazz clubs he helped pave the way for pop art while preserving his own unique style. con has been devoted to representing the here and now off and making his creations vibrant and large scale while incorporating human perception and daily life. will no one else who. is one reason with those fresh. and it was bringing together different to make a penny look new with the idea of painting just says that my time my clothes so there we were with a lot of people drinking and smoking because as with. much of katz
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a success could also be because of ada his wife his muse his love and his model he's been depicting her for more than half a century. she's even there for the interview near his side composed and strong. signal to anything but he just says good sounds like. the flow but the it's more than that it's going to do with what. will. and you can certainly see that in cuts this works the experienced pro looks at the beauty of life and then transforms it into art. all right modern realism to modern business christopher here now with the rest of the chinese tech executive may huang's you and that is spooky investor talking about quite an impact here brand equity markets around the world are tumbling after
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the arrest for ways chief financial officer the case is stoking fresh fears that the economic truce between beijing and washington will only be short lived the sell off hit all major markets starting in asia spreading to europe and then across the atlantic to wall street. for more on the stock exchange to dell quickly set around three points on news that the united states was seeking the extradition of a high profile huawei executive. the u.s. reportedly accuses the company of violating the iran sanctions the drop extend the deep losses from earlier this week a recent all gains made so far this year. investors feared the move could reignite the smoldering trade conflict between the u.s. and china just as it seemed that the free trade campaign begun to make some headway . on saturday it was a c.f.o. the rest of the very day that donald trump and. paying agreed their truce.
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along with the brags that were. playing out right now and. probably heighten over the weekend and so it was a similar scene in england as the london stock exchange dropped some three points in germany frankfurt's dax exchange dropped below the psychologically important eleven thousand point mark bringing it to its lowest point in over two years. all in all a bitter day for investors around the globe. all right let's get more on the story with our correspondent is standing by on wall street yes it looks like the truce between beijing and washington is over before it even really started. then clearly the news of the arrest took investors here on wall street off guard at some point for a second consecutive trading day of blue chips are lost almost eight hundred points in value and it is hard to imagine that this event that the arrest is not going to
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be heard for on trade talks are between the u.s. and china we have two big concerns here on wall street and one is that we might be as a cooling of the konami growth next year and the second one is an escalation of the trade tensions between the u.s. and china and this event certainly is not helpful at all even if we still have to wait for official statements from the white house and we also have to see what happens on friday if as she will be sent to the u.s. if there might be a bail and now and saw the whole story is still developing and let's look at the bigger picture here way is a technology leader particularly when it comes to five g. connectivity now the company of their equipment are seen with much suspicion in the united states could other companies benefit from that. theoretically you could imagine that some u.s. companies who are all still betting on the five g.
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might take some share away from you or why but on the other side you also have some us chip makers who are actually suppliers to a why and they might be impacted negatively but there's no doubt about it that twenty nine thousand specially when it comes to five g. could be here really a huge year all the connectivity it was the much a foster service called jim see a breakthrough when it comes to connecting homes cars a business and so on and so forth so overall i'm not quite sure if it's really going to be that helpful for the. for the whole industry was all the events going on why at this point yes go to new york thank you. let's take a look at equities here saudi arabia says it's quote not confident that an agreement on oil output cuts can be reached the country's oil minister said ahead of the
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latest bi annual meeting of the oil producing nations cartel opec that members have not yet been able to decide on possible production cuts opec countries will meet on meet on friday with russia to negotiate its position u.s. president donald trump has urged saudi arabia to refrain from lowering output in order to keep oil prices low. the decisions made by these people will be felt by anyone with a car at the petrol pumps the opec oil ministers and representatives meeting in vienna are focused on one subject output cuts for crude oil the idea is to drive the price for oil back up after three months light during that time the price of a barrel of crude has fallen from eighty six dollars at the beginning of october to around sixty dollars now that's hurting countries that rely on oil revenues to finance their economies we hope to come up with a whole. new series would contribute with. equal cut across the
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board. so far from my consultations with colleagues we have not reached that. iran could prove to be a stumbling block for years sanctions on the country meant it couldn't export anywhere near as much oil as it could have done and no sooner were the sanctions lifted from the us reimposed them. on. your own people not to accept any. for itself. and therefore we expect our position we don't share your school look at that we accept the from any. reports say that apart from around there is general agreement on the necessity of cuts for the time being it's just not clear how large they'll be opec is still trying to coordinate that with nonmember russia. and a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you have the. last day as chair of germany's conservative c.d.u. party is meeting in hamburg to elect her successor as party leader although this
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battle is staying on as chance. after a short break brant will be back to take you through the day to.
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quadriga international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week. by nations as warning of climate chaos with millions of dead and refugees coming climate conference on how to reach out to find a way out of this dire scenario that's our topic this week with me brian tom a spot on. quadriga in sixty minutes on t.w. . anxiously waiting. waiting for lifeline to syria. good morning where i can apply and humanitarian aid. if we call brings them closer together.
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but in terms because they feel powerless to help. hasn't happened feel like i'm letting people down or that. they worry about the morals they've left behind in. a really i'm trying to be strong in it but deep down i'm broke. the war continues to haunt us flit from syria. i'm trying to reach them but nobody answered the war on my phone or to put him in tree starts december eighth on t w. her name is joe one of china's top tech executives and she could face criminal
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charges in a u.s. courts on allegations that her company y. way may have violated u.s. sanctions against iran canadian police arrested her the u.s. wants her extradited and the gress of move that could blow up any trade truce between washington and beijing the news today wife gains on wall street for the year i'm bored off in berlin this is the day when will it all.


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