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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin and the race to replace you about goal is all merkel has led germany's conservative c.d.u. party for eighteen years today the party election their leader and whoever that is could end up becoming the new german chancellor. also coming up the eiffel tower and other parisian landmarks prepare to close as french authorities brace for more violence this weekend. protesters are planning more rallies despite the government's u. turn on a controversial fuel tax. and asian investors put on
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a brave face says the arrest of a top executive at a chinese telecoms giant. threatens to torpedo efforts to ease u.s. sino trade tensions also on the program it's a man versus beast in a nice sport in eastern china kong flu bullfighting puts a non-lethal twist on a traditional practice but animal rights activists have been voicing concern. well i'm sorry march and good to have you with us germany's conservative c.d.u. party elect a new leader to replace uncle americal at its annual conference today mackel plans to remain chancellor until the end of her term and twenty twenty one but whoever takes over the helm his party chief will be ideally position to become. chancellor
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some day and could even push medical out of the job before her term ends the race for party leaders is expected to be close with three main candidates vying for the position the winner will be chosen by city representatives from all over the country of the polls ninety degrees is an important duty for the one thousand one delegates to set the tone for the future team that will lead the party which is why i am looking forward to this and of course i am just as anxious as everyone else to it is democracy in its purest form when there is a range of candidates to choose from everything else will be decided by the delegates and china. chancellor merkel there the leader of the c.d.u. party for now but that's all going to change today the w.'s verio nina is here to tell us all about it good morning nina morning so this is a crucial moment for germany's conservatives the party leadership is up for grabs what can we expect today well the conservatives to minnie's biggest party still
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have to decide what to do with legacy and where they see the policy in the future where they want to go many people criticized angola machall that she moved out of the party too far to the center opening a big gap that was filled by the right wing populist safety of the people said that she modernized the c.d.u. and the main candidates who are vying to become her successor stunned for different interpretations of what it means these days to be conservative so that is very interesting to watch and of course the party chief of germany's biggest party has tremendous influence on gemini's politics as a whole as you mentioned there are three candidates who are vying for the leadership here for medicals mantle as if you chief of state so take a closer look at that. least of the three candidates want to replace uncle america less c.d.u. party leader they've been crisscrossing the country making their pitch for the leading role migration into the european union have been big issues where do the
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candidates stand first up the comeback kid replacements twenty years ago he was the rising star of the party until markel snatched away a key post for self he ended up leaving politics now he's back and as tough words for germany's asylum laws he's been shown that. it's long been my opinion that we should be ready to discuss openly the writer's silence whether can really stay this way if we are serious about the european refugee and migration policy. politike. he softened his stance in the face of intense criticism but matts remains a migration hardliner party members wanting a younger face for conservative values may go for the new kid on the block inspan the thirty eight year old has given me a healthy dose of grief blaming the party's bad poll numbers on the refugee policy . the party is for rule of law and domestic security we are for public safety in
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the parks on the street and also on the borders we are the party for europe a europe that protects and protects itself protects its citizens that defends its values a europe that helps us because germany alone is too small. but not everyone is out to bury the past those looking for continuity could lean towards the favorite daughter and a great come come power position she shares with merkel relying less on the us for germany's defense. deep inside opened not too obvious a days when we would say to nato or us so we have a sense of the materials of the people and we as germany look on from outside or do little things those days are over here toward another we have to take more responsibility for security and that also means spending money for it to do it over in this near good in the eye no one needs. leadership mounts. and
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agreed to come come by our they staked out where they stand and now the party gets to choose and its conference on friday where every place is i'm glad america now as party chair may replace chancellor counted in future elections until then the two will have to work together. so those are the three candidates vying to take over michael's job as chairman or chairperson of the c.d.u. conservative party what are the main differences between those three you know like i say they stand for different interpretations of what it means to be conservative and where the c.d.u. needs to go some people have clearly criticized c.d.u. has almost become something like his social democratic party and that it is too far in the center and some people want to simply because he stands full almost neo liberal economic positions other people are saying that the cause is correct we
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just need to stress conservative values small and those people would probably vote phonic that come combo who would very much stand for a continuation of machall in style if he does represent a bit of a conservative more conservative approach that in spawn is not really seen as somebody who can take over quite yet but many people say he has been one of michael's most vocal critics within the party and he has helped the party actually get into this debate which people are appreciating that the party is debating its positions on how to deal with on glum eccles legacy exciting day indeed from our political desk thank you so much. as mentioned earlier the new city leader will be chosen by around two thousand delegates gathered in hamburg it's uncertain how they will decide but we do have some polling numbers on who you supporters want to see
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in charge they were surveyed in recent days by pulling company in for test the map for the new a r d deutschland trend survey here in germany and the winner of that poll is clear forty seven percent of seaview party members prefer a mic that cotland bawa thirty seven percent want if they mess to succeed merkel's party leader and only twelve percent with opt for the health minister yes. well for more on what all these numbers mean we have slim cut with us now is director of the in protest team up holding institute that produced those numbers higher on heart your poll numbers show the c.d.u. members want to see i think they'd. win the vote today do you think your result will be echoed by the party delegates and hammer. well you know polling place is nothing to do with thinking imagining we have the numbers when to be honest the c.d.u. members trying to find out what they think they have the other hand it's quite
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interesting that come as a clear majority when it comes to women it's more than half of the women are telling us fifty three who said we want to have a. rival the biggest rival miss them out comes only with twenty three percent for the women he's a man kind to date so let's see what's going to happen i think we all know these party great congregations have a special have a special issue you see if matz delivers a good speech he has a good chance let's wait and see if you. now you are new a survey about how it also shows that the c.d.o. and its conservative sister party the c.s.u. together have gained in popularity again after a recent slump in the polls if elections were held across thirty today this is how things would stack up looking at all the main parties in germany chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.u. c.s.u.
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alliance would get thirty percent of the vote that's up four percentage points from a couple of weeks ago social democrats on the other hand junior party america's coalition stay at port team percent no change there as do the far right if the party fourteen percent of them as well and the free market f.t.p. are also holding steady at eight percent the left party would get eight percent down one percentage point it's the greens top drop slightly to twenty percent that still keeps them ranked as the second strongest political force in germany according to this new in for a test poll but today we're looking very much at the conservatives at chancellor merkel city you party what do you think is behind the jump in the polling numbers for chancellor michael's conservatives. yeah that's very interesting number one we now have a clear majority in germany who say america should say on for the rest of the election and what we see is that after the elections with the c.d.u.
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losses and the green green party again it's interesting that the this is the direction it has judged around it's up with the c.d.u. and down with the greens and the green also have a power little problem because some weeks ago they started to advocate for free income basic income for every germany if it doesn't work go if you work if you doesn't work that should matter. is a threat to people who moved from the cd you to the region party that's where the action is between these two parties now another big question that does come up with chance america right now is whether she will stay in office for the full length of her term which is supposed to end in two thousand and twenty one the question of will or should she leave earlier people are wanting oh well this is what the latest
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survey that you conducted showed just clear viewers and there's a clear majority fifty seven percent who want markel to stay in office for the full term thirty nine percent want to make way for new leadership and leave earlier. and what i think of america has been chancellor for nearly thirteen years now why do you think so many people want her to complete her term isn't there a desire for some new blood in the chance for e. well at the moment. it's like a little feel like a feeling you know farewell hood's when you see all the good reports mark is getting from all countries around the world people who simply don't know what's going to happen i think it's good that she steps out of the party leader as a chance the moment she's very popular. not only within her
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own vote with the voters but also with the green party for all of us who like politics concerning immigration it's interesting that the germans do think let's keep as long as possible i thought thank you so much for that analysis that was hustling that that director of the in for testing polling institute speaking to us from our bonn studios. of course we are closely following the race to succeed limitless c.d.u. party leader and we will have full coverage of the vote when it happens later today will also have michael last speech as party leader that's all coming up a little later today on the news. now moving on to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today yemen's government and rebels traded occupations as they sat down for peace talks in sweden one key issue is expected to be the fate
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of the rebel held court of data it's a key entry point for food a to the country u.n. brokered talks are the first since twenty sixteen. the aquarius migrant rescue ship has ended its operation it's the charity that ran the bessel blames a smear campaign by european governments. was the last charity run a rescue ship operating off of libya and save tens of thousands of migrants from drowning in the mediterranean. police have given the all clear after a bomb threat forced the evacuation of cnn's offices in new york officers searched the time warner building after a man phoned the broadcaster and said bombs have been placed inside the building broadcaster is now back on the air after its program was interrupted. in france more than seven hundred students have been arrested and hundreds of
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schools disrupted as protests unleashed by the yellow best movement escalated in marsay thousands of high school students marched to demand the government stop planned changes to university fees and entrance exams police fired tear gas on protesters as anger boiled over or similar scenes of violence in several other cities. the french government says an extra twenty five thousand police personnel will be mobilized this weekend in key landmarks and paris will be closed many fear another weekend of riots triggered by stagnant wages and rising living costs. to get. relying on food banks for his daily bread. he is an unemployed former soldier. although he feels he's hit rock bottom left behind by the system a feeling propelling many of the yellow vests to protest his regime i told myself
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why not join this cause who were to salt our mind because if we don't act nothing will change in the shop was struggling to pay the bills he wants to see fundamental reforms basic to state docs lower texas texas only profit the state that way people could breathe a bit creased people's buying power because the minimum wage is to learn they should increase it cool and of course they should stop making poor people poor and rich people richer it only surely wish. the government's retreat from a planned fuel tax hike is too little too late like for many yellow vests although their movement was sparked by that tax hike it's grown into more widespread anger at the government. darrius groups and making myriad demands with some resorting to
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violent attacks on the very symbols of the french republic. its home president emanuel michael the target of much of the anga. just on it is just to stay involved until mr mccraw groups says i won't stop protesting i'm ready to do anything quote i'm even go into police custody for my cause my clothes with online clothes for further action france is bracing for more protests and perhaps more violence. little sports news of a kind it's one of ice hockey best love fest of traditions and now the sport's oldest team set a new record for we're talking horse about the teddy bear toss when ronnie barber of the hershey bear us fired in his team's first goal of the night and showered the ice with thousands of cuddly toys look at the rain down there nearly thirty five
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thousand of them rained down in total smashing the previous record by almost six thousand it's all for a good call it's the toys are collected up and donated to children's charity that's . now bullfighting started in spain but it's also a traditional sport in china's north west however the chinese version differs from its counterpart by merging column food with the sport like in spain no killing is bald despite that act animal rights groups such as peta object to the practice. this is ren rouge and he's a kung fu bull fighter the objective of this extremely unique sport to wrestle the bull to the ground within three ish unship is more friendly that's how it's inside the ring i see the ball as my adversary but outside the ring i trade him like a friend or a fellow warrior why because we are often together performing together on the same
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stage. yet to. the performance has an audience albeit small even if the aim is in to kill the bull as it is in spanish bullfighting animal welfare groups object paid to says that any form of animal performance for entertainment is cruel and unfair. so yes it's true that there is blood and gore in spanish bullfighting and it certainly very violent. but in chinese bullfighting we cannot deny that during this process the bulls also experience pain there are certainly physical and psychological effects on them. rain says he's aware of the cruelty concerns but is convinced that his bulls are well looked after one of only
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four trained fighters in hopes to improve his skills in more people take up the sport. business now with kristoff and more fallout from the arrest of a high profile chinese executive. that's right terry china has called the arrest of the tech giant who are ways chief financial officer a quote despicable role action beijing also expressed concerns over reports that japan plans to ban government purchases of telecoms equipment from one way and another chinese company. after her arrest on saturday on charges of violating u.s. . man one joe is due to appear in a canadian court later today. in a few hours time men wangs you will find out whether she'll be extradited to the united states or set free canada as arrest of one of the highest ranking executives that huawei has placed the country in the middle of a complication dispute between the u.s.
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and china. i can assure everyone that we are a country of an independent judiciary and the appropriate authorities took the decisions in this case without any political interference as must be the case but political involvement from washington is exactly what many in china suspect is behind men's arrest. china's economy is becoming stronger and i think the united states is unhappy about that so they've done something to harm china's interest i think the rest could be related to box. to the right wing see. maying was reportedly arrested on the same day that chinese leader xi jinping dined with u.s. president donald trump at last weekend's g. twenty summit in argentina that meeting was held today in the united front of a ninety day truce in their trade disputes it now appears to be on shakier ground than ever for more on this. is the director of the center for international
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economics he joins me from munich welcome to the program. it looks like the economic truce between washington and beijing is over before it really started. yeah looks like it of course we don't know what will happen today and we also have seen yesterday that the chinese leadership has tried to calm markets were nervous yesterday so let's hope that something survives from this steakhouse truce a week ago now china says miss mines arrest is an attempt to curb ways rapid expansion is that plausible. that is possible and we need to understand that why is the symbol of the technological catch up of china it is it firm that metes for new technologies for five cheap telecom infrastructure has it is also the best hope for the chinese to develop a own cheap industry which they still do not happen which makes them dependent from
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us supplies so in a way why is at the center of the stick a logical struggle for supremacy between washington and beijing so would it be fair to say that this dispute that we're seeing between the us and china may be less about trade but rather more about technological leadership. i would say so yes we hear a lot about the trade balance of course and it is true it's negative and massively negative but it's also true that the united states and china fight and follow you to acknowledge these and we will see more of that for decades coming this is probably a struggle that will define the next decades of the episode living through today just to tells us how important that this on both sides of the trade stories of that is only one part of what we're talking about you know the role of the leader of the
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world of tomorrow and that battle is going on so we'll be very interesting to be very interesting to watch what's going on now gabriela many countries see our way and it's a technology with a lot of skepticism rightfully so yes there are two issues i think one is the true sation that the whole way. is based on unfair practices of infringement of copyright and trademark and patent rights that's one thing there's some evidence to that even if i think the united states are sometimes exception aerating the case and the other thing is that there's a little lack of transparency we don't know really the involvement of the chinese state and why since well why is this applying the world with critical technologies there is an issue if the chinese state is very very present in the firm again there are think legitimate worries about the state involvement in that for that is impact on security concerns not only united states but also in europe. director of the for
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center for international economics thank you very much. crude prices have been slumping as oil producing nations and the opec cartel failed to reach an agreement over whether or not to curb output the group is continuing its latest bi annual meeting on friday a member states want to meet with russia to negotiate its position u.s. president trump has urged saudi arabia to refrain from lowering output in order to keep oil prices low. now let's bring in our markets correspondent paul christo brit's year paul christian what do people on the fred for trading floor made of make of the fact that apparently opec nations have to rely on a nonmember russia to find and agree investors and traders here in frankfurt are very much aware that opec no longer has the power it used to have some point back to the seventy's when opec effectively dried dob german gas stations by cutting production output that kind of power no longer
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exists and it's not just russia that us gained power over the cartel it's also the us the booming us shale has made us basically the most the biggest producer of oil in the current environment and these are mostly independent producers so they don't care about politics they will just undercut the rates they were on their cut undercut the production volumes that opec sets and thereby make them irrelevant paul christo brit's in frankfurt thank you. venezuelan president nicolas maduro says he has signed deals worth six billion dollars with russia they are said to include investments in the oil sector and gold mining minister made these statements after a visit to moscow aimed at seeking financial help for his country's crippled economy falling oil prices mismanagement and u.s. sanctions have been as well of economy to freefall food and medicine are in short
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supply and the international monetary fund is expecting inflation takes ten million percent last year. and a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour germany's c.d.u. is electing a successor to uncle americal as party leader at its annual conference three contenders are in the race the decision is likely to shape german politics for the next generation. you're watching news coming to your live from berlin and we have more coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime and forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on the website. for now thanks for watching wherever your.
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dream go international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic. the united nations is warning of climate chaos with. refugees coming climate call for. it's an economy job find a way out of this dire scenario that's our topic this week with me bryan thomas on laundry. quadriga next on d w. overwhelmed with coins all bills in some countries cash is becoming a thing of the past. what's it like when money has no material form.
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book risks and benefits come with digital payment systems. and who stands to profit from a world without money. in forty five minutes on. gemini with. any time any place. the news media and event as. they have i think the benefit of pop. songs to sing along to download it is to come from super. to do a. very huge cost is put it into active exercises are you talking about that deep down
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you don't come slash dungeon and i'm on facebook in the uk still. blend jam in fifth grade with the devon you. cut. a load welcome to quadriga the international talk show coming to you from berlin i'm brian toms with the world scene more and more extreme drought supercharged hurricanes and catastrophic floods millions around the world want to see action on coping with climate change among them of course the protesters are taking to the streets demanding governments and corporations do something to prevent the worst the u.n. climate summit in the polar city of kut to reach out is a step.


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