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cannot thank you enough for all of the help that i've had not just in choosing not party slogan for each party congress all of us would like to thank you. if. this wasn't what you heard john had to do and been able to do in the party headquarters is something i experienced for twenty years first as general sexually then i say chair and i experienced how good you are at your job me every day. thank. you been climbing up on the line i am sure it is among quite the show i just let you know as i would like to thank klaus surely as well as the treasurer who with only a brief break has also been in his job for over twenty years. thaksin
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and let's not think you are not in their last six weeks he has organized regional conferences with many participants he just created them himself he prepared this planet to come to our standards and institution and our so you do i want to thank you and all of his team and everyone else involved from the bottom of my heart. thank you. they were. mostly kind of i almost want.
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my stuff. in the office of the party chair in the condo i didn't have in my house. i want to thank you for your skill and for your effort for your kind it wasn't all bad. and what you have done for the young c.d.u. i will never forget. thank you donk off i also you don't want to thank all of the members. committee and the presiding committee since the f.e.c. thousands of basically everyone who has offered their support constructive criticism their ideas and their commitment thank you thank you before i look for in the friends i talk to most of all the research so i had to give you. these donations affairs
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and then they also lowered to just two thousand and it was let's get down to. that took quite a while to get used to where's the money and i'm so going nowhere where does it say future was no way i. didn't talk about the values. so as a security just said let's get down to business too but that's how it started just typical america cannot get down to business dry as thank you were vote . doesn't work that's all but it. really what it was about the time on the c.d.u. is that it's not so new and. oh yeah the money lie. saying that we've never
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recovered and there is a donation interest. and this is why i want to say with all do you seriously just isn't the times we find ourselves in today challenging without a doubt the facts but i country for the big tent party for the c.d.u. in this you're absolutely. right a f t two and i'm right with the polarizing issue in society even what amounts but let me say with equal seriousness is when you cannot say that this is really the crossroads and i see it in the experience that eighteen years ago this was getting. of. donations when the city was politically morally and financially facing. its denies but. just as it would have predicted from the tally. we had to give up
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no we kept a cool head you could be focused on our own history. played to our strengths and we showed the world what you know about when we overcame all of the consequences in the part of the nation scandal even with financial ones we found our way back to business. thank you and enough to value dialogue and on. election day it's all night tonight and i began our party over a long for the renewal process in our party we intensified this process eighteen years down the line. won the seventy two elections on a regional national and european level and i have left out the by election see. seventy two elections later in seventy two election eve. where we
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worried when we used celebrated now. bringing together it was coming together my last year. as chance to see you again typical america where does it say germany no where where does it say future nowhere. where does it talk about shaping things about value about security you know where. you could read it differently. maybe all of this is represented by this slogan that we need to look to the future. not following another's footsteps. but really is a few focusing on being together. bringing together and coming together leading together. in the land of storage what else can we do as germany i think you know as the generation of the older and the young eastern and western germany. and the
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stronger of the world and the urban i don't see the new comers and the original population what else can we do as the c.d.u. except bring together indeed to have thanks to some and and bringing them together. if not the christian democratic union of germany just to do that. with roots in the christian over to christian social liberals in the world. in our name a christian understanding of what it means to be a human being and aiming to be the popular party in the center of germany c.d.u. and c.s.u. together right. city what we have seen where and constant struggle of and by and fighting leads to see do you see a seems to me all to you need me so much
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thank you notes i need and yet we have also seen one theory where unity leads the studio and you see that as soon as the book nearly seventy years of the federal public of german history fifty years we have this consul in which to present to the german chancellor fifty years the other parties on the twenty most thanks. and that's also moved on from fifty years of all leadership in the government to know that this is the last beyond this current term of office that is what this party congress is going to decide to do thank you does syria want syria and wants it the fact that seventy years is
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a federal crime because germany the c.d.'s yes you have been in the government stores fifty years is not something we need to be proud about it should be a cause cause to think it was for thought about him oh my gosh humility is important and we only managed it because we looked at both shaping policy on the basis of our values on the one hand but also with a willingness to listen and look around at what else was happening at the same time because we understood that we have wealthy flaunt monopoly on wisdom and that it can well be worth seeing the world from the perspective of the others as well because we nearly always manage to resist the temptation to come up with simplistic responses instead of actually looking at says. dana. taking the time because we understood that life isn't black and white but has many shades of
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grey is very diverse one has other colors because we believed in the strength of a good compromise where the advantages outweigh the disadvantages because we always knew that the word conservative doesn't mean conservative in a bad but rather changing what gets in the way and keeping the values that help was in today's world to thank you both is awfully good and i answered phones because we always knew that every single individual from being talked level of leadership to the most recent member because we know that a single vote can make a difference a single seat can make a difference between victory and defeat as was the case in question where folk above. had exactly one seat majority and now can continue his work
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with the green party in the coalition that thank god is. despite. the disappointment of the losses of the studio there was a candidate in august still very grateful you know at the same time we always knew that this person isn't one individual alone that it comes down to every member of the local branches the regional branches federal government government and they state government hand in hand and friends it's not long ago that we experienced what. dynamism we can unfold and when the wind is blowing in our faces think of stalin time over. what is your percent. were were
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we so i'm going to watch list which i think she is the closest i come slight chance really. back to go into. whether we were going to ananias and north rhine-westphalia. we. the social democrats and the greens back into the opposition were. were were you the evil white man i'm fina friend. that was as you see do you all of us together i'm sure is that we have the strength into a new term in trying to ram to win elections if you join forces and fight gather five thousand like we did in my two thousand and five days because time in north
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rhine-westphalia wasn't. the end of the social democrats when you're flying high treason and it's twenty seventeen on when we put all our strength in tackling a very complex and surrounding a month's time and state elections in style and change across our north rhine-westphalia. was stopping the coalition of the social democrats if you can't see. the left. even when the month when the friends i think you know you talk in preparation to this party congress is august i asked myself five question this is often the first . i thought it was when me. for the what is it. that brought me together with you me as party chair eighteen years ago at this jet
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fuel for the parties i don't ation scandal it was a bit of a risk you took our global sweat it was a deep feeling of your own faith in the future. that brought us together. and my first speech to. the year two thousand when i was scammed running as candidate i talk to you about how i found my way into a policy that made in one nine hundred eighty nine. and perhaps you will allow me to quote from this speech then i said nineteen eighty nine really started a new path for me and my colleagues set out i wanted a new democracy. that's. for all of us this was an unbelievable time and after the fall of the berlin wall we were so curious about the future. i wrote to
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a friend of go into the open road what does that mean you know into freedom and to a new age. our future i said. two thousand depend exclusively on our own strength. we have the strength in our own hands or you want to become the driving force in germany you know we want to be number one again what's going on see the social democrats and green party that are dressed warmly because we are getting down to business in germany for the people who live thank you why not why no job there and i think we can safely state that some of these enemies we have achieved and we can be proud that. all of us can be proud of what he's achieved together. and then i asked what are we. doing in khartoum when i have so many days and nights thinking through negotiating and drafting. the
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guardian and thinking. about how best to adjust the most difficult questions facing . for noise policy programs. motions for example we supported the shoulder of governments. reforms income support system responding to what was not. lloyd at the time and now we can be so good that we have so few. job seekers. thank you so much. we gave a clear response to increasing sovereign debt. shielding a balanced budget is the right response. just between the generations of sustainability in the future we can be proud of the fact that this has been the case now for
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a number of years thank you america i'm for game of i had a clear response to the change in international defense situation not in twenty minutes at a party congress but after a long process of discussion across all of the regional socio should we start mandatory conscription and decided to have a professional army this was the right statute sometimes it was a hard step to go towards a professional army that's that's that's that's small i mean. you see what in fact the number of people clapping is actually more than the number of people who decided that vote it was a very childish one. another highlight i remember is bringing together the christian democratic workers and. developing our own on. a minimum wage showing that we can indeed cooperate across the different wings in
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our party this was an important achievement. we gave so clearly responses to the question of us can solve any doubts we have a clear response to you all to the wishes of being better able to reconcile in work and family commitments through. a mother's having home the only benefit for families and children better to get it back to the parental leave etc then we had the pre implantation diagnostic debate at one of our party congress which also was very important in moving forward. but only had major challenges facing two thousand and fifteen a humanitarian. disaster. story giving many people security and safety just remember though the e.u. turkey agreement this was part of our aim to regulate our response to this
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humanitarian disaster and even find out about the brands that's actually has developed step by step we've had partner of foreigners you know we have expanded the option of five members to get involved we have tackled the digital challenges of a changing world and we've looked critically at what we're doing that so we made. ourselves work hard i made you work hard but i think i can allow myself to say that during the course every now and then it happened the other way i want to thank you so thank desire to do so i love to use them but how could you know any different for we are family and we did all of our conviction that that was the only way we could achieve progress and development. on the basis of mutual trust and for that particularly
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for that allow me to thank you thank you. but i'm yours for and then i asked myself what did we do without done it before and i did it without nothing i thought intensely about it and i couldn't think of a single thing i had to tell without you know but. so much english the stiff didn't show off of the really. start you know from certain that attacks. just about their political. when you would ask why i know that that was very hard for you to have to. go back in such a thank you thank
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you to. one. of the now why are we fighting wait a second. it is not. parting ways because you do you i don't have to be party to have strong ties to this party and it's also happening to me still the german child. thank you it's my fashion as i don't it comes from the way i understand myself as chancellor of germany share the c.d.r. that democracy lives from the jar to knows that those who serve food in the interim government must do everything they can to foster cohesion. and that we need to look long and hard at what they can do nothing. can invite us to this and you know the
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results and i think you want to talk in this matter which is why this party congress in hamburg we are going to be choosing a new leadership one noise this new leadership as well as the process for a new policy program and off the cd and is going to be focusing on the time after only it is a matter that goes to my heart and the last term of my political office or so that i contribution to ensuring the new successor. whilst on the same time maintain ning responsibility nation in the government this is how we can set the course for the future thank you both for that as i did to come first to goa stuff and most influenced by this is a future of awful lot of challenges the polarization of our society which far too often
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the most radical tone in most other ones who are heard to be the aging of our society which puts the social security system that action against a whole new challenges whether it be i'll tell you no logical fundamental change which offers great opportunities for medicine and some ability to make energy transition but also asked the question. about human rights for example of dependence on algorithms even that research a very serious whether it is the balance of power in the world us or in the region also catching up and even overtaking. increasing turning away from multilateralism a withdrawal and seeing nation in. international cooperation and down to just threatening trade wars or deal making. for the terrorist attacks starvation. that have driven north people from their homes and i have seen more in migratory
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flows since the second world war testing and if you are definitely a hybrid of the destabilization of entire society through. be it the future of our european union the single currency a single security and defense policy or breakfast which is a watershed moment for the extreme of on climate change which if we cannot keep it under control and will change. the plastic waste in our oceans which is bringing creation to the. abyss. this and many other challenges. of the. reason for us as the christian democratic union in germany to show what we're made for the points again . so i forced you to show that in troubled times like these we want to defend
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liberal values i lifestyles we want to defend these both within germany and without thanks but time. is just a little hard still. view. individual as having. a party that works for the kenyan country and started it when i was that first you have to make and where you can just forget it as a party gives a clear commitment to the transatlantic so i don't. see a lot you can order that we not only top the top but you walk into an arsenal to you is the define your seat are you then it was in two thousand and this is really . thank
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them you said it wouldn't be all scientists of two thousand. years not to look to the past to focus on the fortune with new high and new. news. yet but with the same values. thank. you one and this is why brendan. let me complete with the last question what do we wish for one another i mentioned you know if you want to give me what i wish for all of us is that even an eye doctor. no matter how down the challenges no matter how strong the attacks outside that we never forget what christian democratic attitude is. thank you thank
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god. democrats. never exclude anyone even if. you say thank you democrat christian democrats and this. we certainly do that but we never hatred and we never put other people to. hear them or call christian democrats are not to distinguish between and dignity of other human beings and we never play one group of people off against another. thank you because they will cotton fine your engine democrats do not
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navel gaze and they are selfish and looking at ourselves we serve the people who live in this country. to come once i look up follow the future will demand everything of us everything we have to preserve our. values and we can only shape the future well if we are not suspicious and pessimistic but are positive and optimistic and i like this is how i have tried to be in my life in east germany and certainly even more under the conditions of liberty of wireless it is this sense. that i want to have for the past so i receive thank you.
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and then. question democrats will bring together and lead together for the benefit of our country for the benefit of the people for germany and for europe. going on when france. the day before yesterday i was in washington a funeral service. for the former american president george bush i sensed again when asked. what joy it was that on the night to not eighty nine this man was the president of the united states of america.
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and sidon installed in this decisive historical moment that he had the courage. to. call to foxhole trust germany and to trust the then chancellor of germany. thanks i don't know it and shine it in victor that's not because by doing that he paved the way to much german unity in the unity. justice and freedom for the german fatherland image i had a sense of what it means if you have someone heading a country that you understand the job as serving the whole that in the greatest hour of triumph of the west the victory of so i can name one liberty over the berlin wall and.


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