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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is the debut news live from berlin and emotional farewell for anglo-american lets you address this first cd you party for the last time as its leader. and song i mean you can sing moment thank you care for a party unity and receive a lengthy and detailed picture later party delegates will vote on a successor to follow america into the chancellor. also coming up friends to security ahead of more weekend protest the eiffel tower and other parisian
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landmarks and prepare for more yellow dress rallies despite the government's climb down on fuel tax rises. and asian investors put on a brave face says the arrest of a top executive at a chinese telecoms giant far away threatens to torpedo efforts to ease u.s. china trade tension. or not. i'm sorry so much going to welcome to the show on the back row has been an emotional farewell to delegates as she steps down as leader of germany's c.d.u. party in her speech as she defended the core values of her a christian democratic party after appealing for unity within the party there was a long standing ovation for the veteran politician would be successors made their final appeals to the congress ahead of the vote which will happen at any moment we should how the results shortly i'm sorry the markle has led the party for the past . eighteen years here's some of what she said during her goodbye since they view
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this album funny this moment. is just one feeling. that i have and that is to feel his gratitude it was true joy it wasn't to honor thank you thank you very big changes there in hamburg we have our correspondents covering the story peter cravenness here our political correspondent here with us in our studio and we have simon young over in hamburg a covering the party conference he's disappeared there but i'm sure he can hear us if you can hear us let's start there with you you were listening into the speech it was pretty emotional there something like nine minutes of standing ovation for the chancellor really giving us the sense that this is the end of an era isn't it. well that's right sumi the child slur look back over the eighteen years and older she's been running the c.d.u.
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from a time when she said it was almost finished in the wake of the party funding scandal that helmut kohl had left behind but they kept their heads and turned things around that showed they could bring new themselves and she said that you know divisions within the party are you know a very bad idea they know what the results of that can be so unity very much of the messages in all the speeches being made today very important thing as the party contemplates how it's going to go forward after this search for a new leader but i go to medical talking about how she had. a party in a place where it could do with the global challenges. because the threats to multilateralism and of course the migration issue she managed that as well big challenges that still face the country and the party but she said it's time for her to move on and she said the oval. feeling for her was that sense of gratitude that
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she had the chance to do this important job for so long here so a poignant farewell speech if you will from the chancellor to her party what's that out there to you is there that there was a there's a strong sense of loyalty in the party to anglo-american and to her grace because i mean it's no it's a difficult thing to win for elections in a row and she has done that and they know that i thought the year the speech itself was was very very interesting it was almost like a world according to the world according to michael americal there was one wonderful phrase she described the strength of a good compromise and she said that that was you know someone talked about the slush fund that the c.d.u. slush fund back in the late one nine hundred ninety s. when she took over in two thousand how she's led the party since then she's developed that method of using compromise compromise constance you ality and she seems to be that's the message she's passing on to her protege. it's the woman she wants to succeed her. c.d.u. leader on a growth. you know we're going to talk more about the candidates simon coming to
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you again of the voting for chancellor merkel successor will soon take place what do you expect there. well that right she's holding up absolutely we are just hearing the applause told the final of three three candidates in the end it was only three candidates huge has just finished speaking the youngest of the candidates in the one he's considered to have the least chance of taking this vote he referred to that speech he said a lot of people had said why don't you just give up for you you don't have much chance of winning but he said you know that's not what people in the c.d.u. do and he made a passionate case for for instance the need for the c.d.u. to attract younger voters before him though he spoke both and a great character from current. he's generally considered to have the best chance of winning this. rival phaedrus merits and both speeches clearly
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had got some support from different sections of the whole here so that was interesting in itself and but i would say for my money and a great campaign had a more measured unifying. she said that the party needs to have courage as it goes forward and it can win elections around the country and at national level it was almost a speech looking forward to a chance leadership role that perhaps she has arroyo on for the future all right well all three front runners there have spoken simon and peter and we've heard the names now i think that come our mats and also yes spawn let's take a look at to get a get to know these candidates a little bit better. lisa other three candidates want to replace uncle america let's see you party leader they've been crisscrossing the country making their
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pitch for the leading role migration into the european union have been big issues where do the candidates stand first up the comeback kid. twenty years ago he was the rising star of the party until merkel's that way a key post for self he ended up leaving politics now he's back and has tough words for germany's asylum laws. that. it's long been my opinion that we should be ready to discuss openly the right to silence where they can really stay this way if we are serious about a european refugee and migration policy. politike. he softened his stance in the face of intense criticism but matts remains a migration hardliner party members wanting a younger face for conservative values may go for the new kid on the block span the thirty eight year old has given me a healthy dose of grief blaming the party's bad poll numbers on the refugee policy
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at times in the party is for rule of law and domestic security we are for public safety in the parks on the street and also on the borders we are the party for europe a europe that protects and protects itself protects its citizens that defends its values a europe that helps us because germany alone is too small. but not everyone is out to bury the past those looking for continuity could lean towards the favorite daughter and a great come come one position she shares with merkel relying less on the us for germany's defense. steep side than there are now to view the days when we would say to nato and the us so ever since the materials of the people and we as germany look on from outside or do little things those days are over. nothing. we have to take more responsibility for security and that also means spending more
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money for it. and agreed to come come by our staked out where they stand another party gets to choose that it's conference on friday where every places are now as party chair may replace the chancellor candidate in future elections until then the two will have to work together. all right peter let's start with you look at these three candidates what sets them apart from each other and perhaps the chancellor well i think you know you can spawn i don't really don't think he does have a chance in this room in this race but i think it is important to mention that he has put down a market that's been very important and he went into the health minister he's a popular helpmates he's viewed as doing a pretty good job but he sometimes you desire again to his do in his general political persona he's come across as much more light likable and he's definitely put on a mark of a future races of this kind and for his ambitions to become a future german chancellor as regards. k.k.
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as a pretty calling her a nigger come. i think the did the distinction of the important distinction is of style for just minutes is much more confrontational much more sort of straight talking shop talking almost aggressive some people might say come come and go is more of a consensual or bridge building kind of a figure she emphasized in her speech the political record she's been a minister at the local level she's been a state premier at the local level she's been a secretary general for her party she's got a lot of political experience and lots of it has been very successful through judgment has much less experience that was part of the message she was putting across for just minutes talked a lot about foreign policy. help us a little bit of a statesman towards the u.s. must be strength rather than weakness we must walk to we must walk tall in our dealings with the u.s. so that was quite an important moment and i thought it was interesting the three just met so i get really in there we're going to mix things up that was very interesting i think all right so some differences in policy certainly differences in leadership style simon let's come to you we were trying to replace chancellor
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merkel as the head of the c.d.u. . you know that's very hard to say sue me as soon as you find a yes man supporter you'll also find an a k k supporter the sponsor polities is more difficult to come by and that really is borne out by the polls that we've seen of c.d.u. supporters there is as. slight tendency in favor of any great courage partly i think because she could be the candidate to unite the party more successfully after this show sometimes sort of bruising leadership campaign and she and her speech show also shades that you know she doesn't recognize wings within the party she doesn't see to conservatives all the liberals for her it's all one party and she also said that the christian element of the c.d.u. the christian democratic party that's an important foundation for her so you know
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that may be the sort of talk unifying tool that brings people behind her in the end but merits has definitely got his support any year he galvanized the audience to some extent with by saying you know the economy's doing well but the big parties in germany not least this one of been losing supporters over recent years and he said if we don't communicate clear policies that trend is going to continue so a warning from him of what might happen if the party doesn't change in the right direction all right as i'm in there in hamburg and peter here with us in studio let's listen to what one cd the c.d.u. parliamentary leader earlier said about this big vote today. so with me is rough bring house the leader of the c.d.u. in parliament. is the big house everyone says this is going to be a close vote today how close do you think it's going to be i guess is the most
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exciting party convention we ever had in the c.d.u. and it's so close that nobody knows what will be the outcome in this afternoon ok a lot of people are saying it comes down to a choice between friedrichs mets and a great kemp current power and there are camps within the party now do you think that the party is more divided as a result of this process of choosing a new leader. i guess the party is excited but not divided as a shadow will be after this vote that everybody sticks together and that we will be close was in the next week and the next month but i am very optimistic that we get this cross we have a new spirit of democracy was in our party because everybody know has the shorts you know you can't deny that there are camps there are people within the party was saying we need friedrich met somebody who's going to stir things up and change the course of the c.d.u. and others who are saying no we should stick with something
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a little more like angle americal here but i think that it's a competition we had and we have. is the reason that the party is moving so it's independent of the who wins us vote as a party is moving into a good direction into the direction of a discussion of open discussion and to this is very good not only for our party but also for democracy in germany. all right that was a simon young speaking to the city of parliamentary leader link house a little bit earlier we are of course following the story for you very closely and simon and peter will be back for a little bit more analysis later in the show for now though let's move on to some other stories making news around the world yemen's government and rebels traded accusations as they sat down for peace talks in sweden one key issue is expected to be the fate of the rebel held port city who data it's a key entry point for food aid to the country the u.n. brokered talks so the first since twenty six to. the aquarius migrant rescue ship
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has ended its operations the charity that brand the vessel blames a smear campaign by european governments and the koreas was the last charity run rescue ship offeree operating off of libya and save tens of thousands of migrants from drowning in the mediterranean. a u.s. bid to get the united nations to condemn hamas has failed the resolution proposed by u.s. ambassador to the u.n. the key haley's fell short of the required two thirds majority it would haue formally condemned the palestinian militant group which fired more than three hundred rockets into israel last month. and u.s. comedian kevin hart test stepped down from hosting the oscars just days after being named to the shop the thirty nine year old drew criticism after anti-gay comments he made in the past resurfaced heart apologized to the l.c.p. kiku community in a statement and i'll say his decision. the eiffel tower and the
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louvre museum are among the landmarks that will be closed in paris this weekend as france braces for a repeat of last week's violence and rioting but police efforts to control the violence have also prompted criticism of this video shows high school students being arrested in a town near paris hundreds of students were arrested around the country after protests disrupted will close many schools now across french cities and towns students walked out of their classrooms in anger at government reforms to university fees and entrance requirements. non looks like a city at war rioting vandalism car set on fire and tear gas. at month fifty kilometers northwest of paris cars were burning here too and one hundred forty six people were taken into custody and fires in bordeaux in the south of the country and marches this banner reach a high school is angry wherever you look in france the scene
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a similar high school and university students who've joined the yellow vests demonstrations to protest against the rising cost of living and against the government many are also demanding the country's president to resign. also we support the yellow vests we have a common colas it's about the future so it's obvious that will take to the streets we're here to support this movement and for people to pay more attention to us. and what do the teachers say if there's no more security than your taking the risk in the past few days there's been rioting i saw a bus stop shelters being manned lines to a car windshield smashed with a mother and three children inside the car these are things we've never seen before and are difficult to control. there's no sign that high school and university students or the yellow vests are planning to stop their protests however not all the french think that should include violence when she's got a solution that is not a solution no solution at all you can demonstrate without being violent just like
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the law states that if i will. the government wants to show it's ready to negotiate however the concessions it's willing to make don't satisfy the yellow vests in the upper house of the french parliament the prime minister appealed to the demonstrators in the middle of one hundred minutes with the minister of the interior asked those who were planning to come to paris on saturday to demonstrate not to do that they should distance themselves from the violence this is not about prohibiting freedom of expression it's simply good advice so that you don't get swept up in the violence thousands of security personnel will be deployed this weekend across the country the prime minister said that those who take part in writing will be arrested and brought to trial the government wants to show it won't put up with any more violence but that's not likely to stop the protests. ok monica you're with business now and there's been more fallout from the arrest of a high profile chinese executive right there have been words of warnings to me the
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european union should be worried about way and other chinese companies especially technology companies because of the risk they pose to the blocks industry and security that is the word from technology commission and step today japan the latest country reportedly planning to ban government purchases of telecoms equipment from coal way and another chinese company. over security concerns and meanwhile among one shoe the why c.f.o. was arrested last week and is to appear in court later today. in a few hours time and one jew will find out whether she'll be extradited to the united states or set free canada as arrest of one of the highest ranking executives that huawei has placed the country in the middle of a complicated dispute between the u.s. and china. i can assure everyone that we are a country of. the appropriate authorities to the decisions in
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this case. interference that must be the case but politics isn't ready at the very center of this case man was arrested on charges of helping huawei to violate u.s. sanctions on iran allegations beijing tonight. as one of the permanent members of the u.n. security council china over strictly and earnestly implements the resolutions that pos is for. china also opposes any country imposing unilateral sanctions on others outside of the u.n. assays framework. this isn't the first time huawei has come under scrutiny from abroad in the past u.s. lawmakers have described the tech giant as a threat to national security saying its technology could. be used for spying other countries including australia new zealand and japan if you're to share those
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concerns and despond or are mulling bans on huawei products but the timing of this case is especially sensitive just last week the chinese the dish easing ping and u.s. president donald trump agree to a ninety day truce in their months long trade dispute it's now looking on shakier grande than ever. china says menkes arrest is an attempt to curb while a rapid expansion well earlier we spoke to got i fed them i had a rector of the center for international economics in munich and asked him whether the fears about four ways technology were justified i would say so yes we hear a lot about the trade balance of course and it is true it's negative and massively negative but it's also true that the united states and china fight a proud proud new technologies and we will see more of that for decades coming up this is probably a struggle that will define the next decades of the episode we're living through
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today just to tells us how important that is on both sides of the trade story to that there's only one pods but we're talking about you know the role of the leader of the world of tomorrow in that battle is going on so we'll be very interesting to have very interesting to watch what's going on there. i fed them i have the director of the center for international economics talking to us and the financial markets anxiously awaiting a decision on whether or not opec will cut oil output a cartel of oil producing nations has been resuming its latest bi annual meeting in vienna news agency reuters reports that iran has meanwhile given opec the green light to cut all output by a round north point eight million barrels a day opec is also trying to convince nonmember russia to commit to significant reductions u.s. presidents don't have trump had urged saudi arabia to refrain from whipping output in order to keep oil prices no. so and for the very latest let's bring in our
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market correspondent but standing by for us in frankfurt paul what's happening any movement there and what do people think in frankfurt i mean will this be a result today. or people here in frankfurt are still fairly optimistic that there is going to be a deal just simply because opec does have to do something the oil price dropped over thirty percent since october and they need to move in order to to prop it up so the question is how much if they do too little then they will not be able to bring it back up and they will lose money on that if they cut it too much then they will lose even more market share to players like maybe russia and in the specially the u.s. which is now actually as of last week become a net exporter of oil now when we look at the situation would you say opec is still a united front. no there is an internal crisis going on
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and it's been brewing for a while since two thousand and sixteen when. russia sort of kind of joined forces with the opec and opec plus smaller members have wondered whether they are losing say in the situation qatar has just decided to get out iran is looking for an exception and right now what they would need is unity but they're not going to get much of that in the future looks like either because a new president or for peg is a venezuelan and he's a close ally to my doro and that might even spell more diplomatic controversy if especially with the u.s. you know have most inputs in frankfurt thank you so much all right more business later in the show first back to me and an interesting i t story from south africa and that's right monica in south africa then usual success story of two former gangsters who've given up their life of crime and they are now finding prosperity helping others to transform their fortunes in the street . as teenagers seal
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a chapel music always. they were gangsters firelands was just part of a normal day and that's not unusual here in the pool area on the outskirts of cape town youth unemployment is running at fifty percent it's practically impossible to stick clear of crime they say. business properties and highest jobs and. for two years being involved in car i was able now to own two cars in various rent an apartment in tal with expensive designer clothes i end up know my lesson for the other side. of the roll because more of the way people that. is part of the infamous cape flats the slum at the foot of table mountain. it's like a war zone every month around seventy people are killed. dozens of gangs are
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fighting for dominance and control of the drug trade the cape flats are one of the most dangerous places in the world. champ a lot ended up in prison eleven years behind bars but he emerged a changed man prison cannot claim that it have changed to be. what they give to the prison gave me time time to reflect on the life that i was living and being able now to have also ample time now to develop and build on the life that i want to live moving forward. jabba lolo wanted to start a computer school. dream but today it's a reality so sponsors on board he managed to get banks and business people fired up about his idea students come from the slums and classes of free of charge creating
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websites developing apps. teaches these skills but he himself is self-taught. the only definition of success data they can be able now to see which is truckload thinking status you know so for me it's very much in portland to be able now to give them hope you know to also now being able not to connect with. thirty hours they look at where i am so anything is possible. link i'm a seeker is one of the students for years she dreamt of writing software. and i knew that i would actually dow be in that. they care how they get it and how to create such like with. and things. book but you know it's not in is it because as much as it's for everyone it doesn't mean that anyone can do it
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. has found a way out of poverty is a computer teacher. now he can drive around the smart car just as he did before when he was a gangster but driving through town he sends out a message of hope back in language township a picture nation has arrived at the computer school. pallets of machines. and his business partner music move these valuable assets into a secure room the two x. constance recently had a taste of their own medicine they were robbed twenty two computers were stolen and tudor was wounded by gunfire. it was a. template to swallow. because. i said to myself. yes i've done these things but i didn't notice that this thing can happen to me.
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chipper lerner's built a traditional thatched huts in his mother's garden using his first legally earned money he knows how much worry he caused in his old gangster life. sit down with the children when i asked them what they would like to do in the. war in the future as them those who are and then for no they had dreams if you follow their dreams those children would never overall. and silage tshabalala calls on the family ancestors asking for their support for a prosperous future free from crime. you're watching news still to come belgium reopens it's a revamped a royal museum for central africa called coral for europe's one time colonial powers to return looted art and artifacts to their countries of origin.
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but let's return to our top story now here on g.w. angle america has addressed her c.d.u. party for the final time as leader she urged the party to remain on the course she had sacked and received a lengthy standing ovation well the later party delegates will vote on a successor as party leader. of the end of michael speech was clearly an emotional moment for her as she said farewell to the party leadership after eighteen years let's listen to what she said. well it is not . my parting ways to see do you i don't have to be party chair to have strong ties to this party and it's also about mounting me still being german chancellor you see do you is going to be focusing on the time i have to be it is a matter of the close to my heart and the last term of my political offshores that i contribution to ensuring the new success of the studio and whilst the same time maintaining responsibility nation to do to contain the governments this is how
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we can set the course for the future. all right setting the course for the future we have our correspondents back with us peter craven here in the studio simon young in hamburg peter also with you this time how could the party the c.d.u. the conservatives and perhaps also the country change under new leadership. of course was over for additional negative come come boy who's going to you know the two alternatives if this election c.d.u. party leader i think in relatively quick time there's going to be real frictions with angela merkel they go back an awful long way and there's a relationship between the two based certainly on fridges met inside to a certain extent say inside is one grudges that he holds from way back when about you know the way i'm going to be in two thousand and to force him out of high c.d.u. office in parliament so i don't i'm not sure that they would be able to work very well together and that would mean quite possibly and there is talk of this snap elections sometime in the new year so that's what the country could be looking
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forward to it through just mats as it is voted in a c.d.u. secretary general on the other hand on a great come current power the lead every likelihood that they would she and angle america would work together as a tandem for the coming three years and i'm going to would stay in office and things in terms of the broad leadership of germany and europe would in the first instance say the same but we're already beginning to see a sense that i'm going to medical is a bit of a lame duck and she would become more of a lame duck if she had a a want to be chancellor sitting beside her in the in or on the town and so that there's a two prospects in terms of you know whether where where where this goes in the next three four five six months well let's look at the shorter term with you simon now you know we are waiting for this very important vote as peter was saying so much hangs on this vote take us through what happens next that the three candidates have spoken what is happening now and what's that to happen the coming hours. here
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just right now we're being treated to an unusual question and answer. members of the c.d.u. are queuing up at microphones here in the conference hold to put questions to the three candidates and they've been on a range of subjects such as. ethical questions like the terminations of pregnancy or indeed practical questions like who. each of the candidates would choose to be on their leadership team if they won so you know that we're going through a number of concerns the individual party members have when that process sees over we will move i think to the vote and. there will be an initial round of secret voting one thousand and one delegates are called upon to make their choice they are representing the various local associations of the party. and if no
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clear leader emerges from that process they'll be a runoff between the two leading candidates and only then. in a perhaps an hour or or a couple of hours at the most i just think we will have the name of who will lead the christian democrat party going forward and who will have to work alongside anglo-american as chancellor i thought could be a long day and perhaps evening ahead simon as we mentioned all three candidates have spoken to the delegates we talked already about come our let's listen to what she had to say during her speech. this isn't this is another this is a very special moment of a very special day to stand on this stage and contest a senior leadership title for it's a day i never saw coming when i joined this policy in one thousand nine hundred eighty one because after. nineteen when that island after in the apartheid i get to be. right peter you didn't talk
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a little bit about and it got come coven power a.k.k. which is much easier. a little bit earlier but damn she's been dubbed the many mackle what kind of leader could she be for the party and let's keep in mind this is someone who could very likely be the future german chancellor for the country's wotton she would certainly then be the front runner to become the future german chancellor been awful long way to go there are theater she says she's come out this evening and in the last couple of weeks she's she hasn't just been talking about social issues she's been talking about foreign policy she talked in the address earlier this evening about. a more consolidated european a european army for example that was quite an interesting initiative as she talks about tax cuts cuts to bureaucracy things like that. she's talked very tough on law and order she's saying that she's going to be you know listening to people's concerns she's going to be listening not just to immigration she doesn't want immigration to be the oh the the single issue in german policy of the dominant and issue in german politics she wants to talk about you know real problems that
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people have like care for the elderly like housing like the digitalisation of the economy and what that means for people's which is going to be addressing those kind of issues and she's going to try and be an inclusive a bridge building kind of a leader in the sea c.d.u. which is quite important because i think if prejudgments were solutionis votes today there would be a there would be a. tendency perhaps for a significant number of similarly minded c.d.u. men especially leave the party and they would obviously after the good mood that they've created in the last couple of weeks with this big discuss it process they will be wanting to avoid them to talk costs that's an important point neither of these are delegates as he said it very much support max we also have some a clip i believe a fetus math speaking a little while ago during his time let's let's listen and. your thoughts organs are wired to lincoln's all who are we can only succeed in persuading them to do so if we are prepared again to argue with a political opponent of the people's party of the center we must bring the
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political debate to this political center main opponents to say loudly and clearly not the populist from right and left but the bubble the s.p.d. the greens and the f.t. . and even if we are no different in coalition with the s.p.d. still different from the others is pretty ok simon that was matt speaking a short while ago i do just want to mention that it does look like the delegates have begun voting i don't know if we can bring up some live pictures but it appears that process is taking place right now so i mean if i can ask you about fish mess this is someone who is also seen as a somewhat polarizing figure in the party but one who could bring the party back to its more conservative roots but tell us what chances he has today and who supports him. well he's seen by many as a man of business indeed that might be his downfall of course he went to work for
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black rock a big asset management. and you know people have noted that he's a multi-millionaires so you can either say he's a successful businessman or you can say that he's lost touch with ordinary people but as you say he's a man who's as he comes back into politics after more than ten years away he has wanted to pick up the flag of the but the baton and wave the flag for the ordinary person he was saying today too many hardworking ordinary people teachers and nurses and so on have been left behind by politics and that he said was what explains the rise of the populists he wants to holler for the votes of the far right a f d by communicating a clear message and he said all people of conservative values whatever part of society they come for almighty however much money they may have on the day i should
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be welcome in the c.d.u. he wants the cd you to carry that sort of conservative right wing stamp it means a socially conservative one although he himself he's pretty moderate on these things and he said he gave a really a rather inclusive speech as well and a name check tease opponent a cake kerry thanked her for the work she's done as general secretary and of course he thanked as all the candidates have done angle a miracle for her long years of service and did simon and as you've been speaking just a letter but viewers rather know we have been looking at live pictures there of the delegates voting if you're wondering what those funny thing those individual who's got their own private little ballot box so that i can cast the secret ballot indeed as a simon has been saying all day long they are casting a secret ballot which makes it even more exciting and i understand they had to build those little boxes themselves so that was also a challenge but we were just talking about you and spawn we saw him in those pictures there voting let's listen to what he had to say
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a little while ago. so. in the last few days and in the last few hours many people have given me their advice don't be so impatient. don't be an overachiever why don't you withdraw your candidacy. you don't have a chance anyway. and moreover. you have so much time. sight i've. asked myself isn't that how we do you do things that. i know a good future needs a good future needs and sometimes impatient. peter what did you make of that statement he's very much looking to the future because he hasn't given been given much of a chance in this yeah it's thirty eight years old which in political terms is very young. it's talking about impatience i mean maybe not so much impatience in his
3:41 pm
case is anger of the brawl that he has cast himself in in the last couple of months of the last year or so has been the angry young man. questioning he's seen that he's seen that you can do this without going to market you can get up in parliament and you can question how you can get up at the policy meetings and you question he's been doing that since she's actually that's the reason why she drew him in the into the cabinet to have him closer to her so that she could sort of watch his next move as it were i think that's a fair assessment of what was going on there yeah he's he's he's young and he'll get another chance but it's not all in the summer yet and we are still looking at these live pictures of voting taking place right now simon if you could again explain to our viewers what's happening and when at some point we can maybe expect a decision of some sort. yes well indeed the as the voting has now begun there you can see anglo-american ourself obscured by one of these sort of
3:42 pm
personal voting booths. and when so that process is now underway and obviously it's not a very complicated ballot paper just three names on it and i guess you just make your across against one of them or there are a thousand and one. voting delegates and so the counting process shouldn't take all that long and now as i mentioned earlier if if none of the three obtains an absolute majority in the first round it'll go to a second round and that will be a straight runoff so we'll have to go through this little process again then you can see somebody collecting the ballot papers already so i don't know half an hour three quarters of an hour maybe an hour it might even come quicker than that but i think a lot him people here want to savor this moment this little exercise in democracy at least within the party and they know that the eyes of the world are on this
3:43 pm
process is free to commit some sort of said in his speech people are really looking at this bit of german political theater here today because of course it does mean the beginning of the end for angela merkel and everyone i think around the world in one way or another is asking themselves what comes after her and so many going to we were talking you were talking about the mathematics of the vote in the candidate has to get fifty fifty plus one percent of the vote and thankfully to two to win here this evening in hamburg of course you would ask me about bond and his chances he's going to get the backing of a certain number of delegates we don't know how many delegates that is and he's obviously not going to go to those delegates and say i would like you to vote for in a certain direction or in the other direction. that's not going to happen but i think those those delegates could prove to be almost the king makers this evening because you know the they're going to swing one way significantly and there's every
3:44 pm
likelihood rule that we know that they're more likely to swing towards if it comes to a second round certainly looks like it'll be a tight race that's what we're hearing at least and also what simon's been saying we also heard simon thank you no one's watching because this is essentially the beginning of the end for chancellor merkel we've talked a lot about the candidates what about the chancellor herself i mean what does the next few years of her leadership look like especially when you're seeing a change in name leadership at the top of the party because remember we have to remember in germany leaders really gain their power from a party don't they yeah but i'm going to go to an international standing she's the most powerful woman in the world she's been declared that once again in just the last forty eight hours or so so i'm going to merkel has got a lot of company and i'm told by people you know journalists and people on her staff member of traveled with her in recent times when she's been traveling to foreign capitals there's been no sense whatsoever of this woman is no longer a woman to be reckoned with in international political and diplomatic because of
3:45 pm
what's happening at home quite the contrary people are still sort of largely in or if i'm going to michel although there's the proviso of course that there are a lot of people around europe who resent i'm going to medical because of the my great migration policies and because of the you know the debt crisis financial crisis all of these austerity yet we've seen i'm going arkell herself just casting her ballot we'll be keeping a very close eye on what is unfolding there our correspondents peter craven and simon young for us and hamburger thank you both we'll be talking to you both a little bit. for now though let's move on to some other news there is the catastrophe unfolding in yemen and we have to stop it those were the words of sweetens foreign minister as he opened talks aimed at ending the war in yemen the u.n. brokered talks bring together yemen saudi backed government and who the rebels aligned with iran it is the first time the two sides to come together in more than two years before the talks began the two sides agreed to a prisoner swap now the conflict has triggered
3:46 pm
a massive humanitarian crisis with millions of people suffering from severe hunger . newborns fighting for their lives. their mothers are too weak to help them every day up to one hundred twenty babies are brought to this clinic in sanaa fairmount nourished weak sick many are so far gone that doctors can no longer help them and not tell it it's not their fault these children shouldn't have to suffer like this we all suffer prices have skyrocketed diseases are rampant children are malnourished even children at school and in the beds. according to the u.n. three million women and children are in danger of starvation eight million people are dependent on aid rural districts including those who are fighting has stopped or difficult for the aid organizations to reach the war has already cost thousands of lives. today at the start of the yemen peace talks the world health organization
3:47 pm
says this loss of life must stop it's a manmade conflict it's making many people millions of people hungry and the only thing that we need is peace because it's not sustainable i mean to to continue assisting and having half of the population of the country relying on external support millions of people are waiting for their hunger need and sorrow to come to an end more than anyone else the youngest are running out of time. are tougher business that with monica and more on all those falling oil prices falling all prices which have already led to the economic demise of venezuela of course falling prices mismanagement hyper inflation all of that venezuela's finances two million people have already fled president nicolas maduro now says he has signed deals with billions of dollars with russia he announced the move using social media . this is the video venezuelan president nicolas maduro posted
3:48 pm
online you know sort of you all of you who have signed contracts today to guarantee investments of more than five billion dollars with our russian partners and joint ventures to raise oil production. we are also guaranteeing an investment of more than one billion dollars for mining mostly in gold all russian investments we also have signed a contract to guarantee all the wheat six hundred thousand tons of wheat for the people of when this way it is all guaranteed for twenty one thousand and beyond where you must. we contracts are as important to the venezuelan people as any economic deal food shortages half left people hungry with shelves empty and stores closed the has been under arrest in the streets and many have fled to neighboring colombia. the crisis in oil rich minnesota ala once one of the
3:49 pm
wealthiest countries in south america started with falling oil prices mismanagement and u.s. sanctions intensified the problems the international monetary fund is expecting inflation to hit ten million percent next year. when israel has long enjoyed close ties with russia moscow is now a key lender for the cash strapped country but mother rose government is struggling to repay its debt the meeting in moscow was the second in the month in november the head of russian oil company rosneft was in caracas to press module over the late oil shipments aimed at repaying loans. for years the made in germany label has stood for quality manufactured products but german companies aren't immune to price pressure many have shifted production lines to low cost countries in asia particularly to china well now some of them are bringing them back home again and that's thanks to automation. here
3:50 pm
a vacuum cleaner rolls off the line every fifteen minutes the german family business electro star is back in production on german soil soon electra's star hand in hair dryers will also be manufactured here again managing director roman gora by is banking on the value of products made in germany he wants to have all production removed from china and returned to germany. twenty years ago when we began producing experience was positive we have been producing high quantities at reasonable price and quality but the time has changed and we are now forced to produce smaller batches. individual products. not only are niche markets becoming more and more important but most of the electra stores customers are in europe. from china it can take up to eight weeks for deliveries to rife but from here it only takes a few days. the model train make american has
3:51 pm
also brought its manufacturing back from china. the reason it's easier to produce small quantities in higher quality from germany. the televisual ninety three i think it's very important that the trains our engineers develop and design can also be built directly here at the same place. and we are now able to optimize the process through automation and create ideal conditions for producing our trains stumbled most of them for a. lot of nation is helping able to return of domestic manufacturing robots to the record work at mclean replacing much of what the workers in china did they drill mill and file away irregularities and the company saves on labor costs. then the detailed work can be done by skilled workers. in a few weeks alecto star plans to move its vacuum cleaner production into
3:52 pm
a new building the company needs more space after their withdrawal from china here to technology and automation are expected to ease the manufacturing process. the workforce will become more efficient and one person will be able to produce more on board due to the help of its religion to systems or partly ultimately very soon. so i think in future we will have more or less the same amount of work force but richer but it will be much more productive for every german company that moves its operations abroad to are now coming back i trend that is set to continue . that's all for business now time for a little bit of sports in me thank you monica in a football news and limbs premier league has its first austrian manager after southampton hired former rb like the boss ralf has until the fifty one year old is the fourth former born as leader coach now in england's top tier it's
3:53 pm
a tough job though southampton is one of the early season favorites for relegation . ralph pozen hopes all enjoyed a big reputation in german football the austrian guiding abhi like seek to a second place finish in their first ever been in this league campaign he is an unfamiliar names are many premier league supporters those who don't mince is a small heart. so. this is more hard for a bit when you want. ralph rabbit hutch as the name translates will have his work cut out at new club southampton who currently light eighteenth in the league winless in eleven games he wasted no time getting to grips with his squad taking his first training session on thursday former bundesliga coaches are all arranged in the premier league right now. asked while prosy of dortmund and bind coaches yogen club and pet quality ola are doing battle at the top of the premier league with liverpool and manchester city while clubs former right hand man at dortmund
3:54 pm
david wagner's won plaudits last season by keeping an unfenced huddersfield side in the division. in the short term housing one hopes to emulate wagner's achievements with southampton. i know there's no guarantees for winning so the only chance we have is to work on on chances to get to rise if we want to have guarantees you have to buy a washing machine. not not in football there are no guarantees anymore pozen hurtles high intensity coaching style and a passion for developing young players could make him a good fit at struggling southampton the post one of the country's best you to cademy is. the biggest south american club soccer game in history is still two days away but hordes of argentinians have already descended on the spanish capital of madrid for the match the copa leave and throw it is final between bitter bueno side his rivals river plate of boca juniors had to be moved to the other side of the world after bolkus team bus was attacked by river fans last month. river plate's
3:55 pm
team arrives progressing lee at madrid airport they believe the copper lead by their daughter's final should not have been moved from argentina but decided to turn up after an official protest was ignored it's the latest twist in a long running saga it started when river fans pelted the bucket scene both of stones last month before what was meant to be a reverse home second leg. barca players were hurt and the game was initially postponed by a day it was then we showed you all for europe because of fears of further support of violence important as it is river checked into their madrid hotel with fans already gathered outside many supporters live in spain but thousands of also travelled from argentina even though kick off is not until sunday. your son's in the main those and it's a weird feeling it's a little bit sad because a south american final should be played at home against our eternal rivals. but
3:56 pm
everyone is paying for them. stakes of a few people. killed by the. current star striker carlos tevez happy to be in madrid just like their fans with the tie it to two they hope poker and now favorites given river have lost home advantage. i just spoke with my girlfriend and told her i haven't comprehended yet that i'm in spain to watch boco for a copilot or to daughters final you just can't explain it to an impersonator of boxers great just have a player diego maradona has even turned up madrid has a rich footballing history of its own but it's never seen anything quite like this . another. now it's one of ice hockey best loved festive traditions and now the sport's oldest
3:57 pm
team a seven new record for it we're talking about the teddy bear toss when riley barber of the her she bears fired and his team's first goal of the night fans shot with the ice the thousands of cuddly toys nearly thirty five thousand of them brain down in total smashing the previous record by almost six thousand it's all for a good cause the toys are being collected and donated to a children's charity. or. now to art and the man who says he can't think of anything more exciting than the surface of things that's a rather modest few of his own work by the american artist alex katz but others spec to differ many of the art world see him as one of the most important precursors of pop art and modern real was i'm now ninety one year old katz has a major retrospective of his work on display in new nick. he loves capturing the transition between day and night like when there's moonlight or morning fog
3:58 pm
it's that special light that hasn't chanted him ever since he was a young artist. oh poor us and then to the state of canadian were felt fully connected to what i wanted to do i was determined to fool around with perception of different wants to live with what you've seen of uniforms the painting. alex katz an artistic legend from new york has come to me unique for the opening of an exhibition dedicated to his work the painter known for his powerful brush strokes has been active for over seven decades and at ninety one is hardly slowing down. seven days a week he'll put the painting patterns are irregular if i do a large cleaning i might do it in one day but i'm not going to do another one he likes the. cats began his impressive career back in the fifty's in new york city if you like the bohemian life his friends included poets and dancers and he often
3:59 pm
frequented jazz clubs she helped pave the way for pop art while preserving his own unique style. con has been devoted to representing the here and now often making history ations vibrant and large scale while incorporating human perception and daily life. world no one else who don't is one reason for those fresh. and bringing together different to make a penny work move with the idea and painting just says that of my time my clothes so there we went over a lot of people drinking and smoking because those with a. much of katz a success could also be because of ada his wife his muse his love and his model he's been depicting her for more than half
4:00 pm
a century. she's even there for the interview near his side composed and strong. signal through anything. is good it sounds like a lot of blah. blah but there with more than that i was going through the.


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